Dell Consulting: Reduce Desktop and Data Center Complexity


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Dell Consulting: Reduce Desktop and Data Center Complexity

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Are you spending the majority of your IT budget maintaining existing systems? Reducing the effort required to keep systems operational while delivering a competitive advantage has always been a difficult goal. In today’s challenging environment you are expected to spend less and do more – how can you protect your environment and grow to meet the changing competitive environment without increasing budgets and creating more complexity? Dell can help. Dell consultants can help empower your team to streamline IT operations and implement changes that can result in freed up resources, increased productivity and IT innovation. Take your organization to the next level, reclaim IT resources and shift from maintenance to momentum. IT SIMPLIFICATION WORKSHOPS HOW TO GET STARTED WITH DELL From the desktop to the data center, Dell Infrastructure Consulting addresses IT simplification. Dell works with you to develop action-oriented plans that can deliver specific, predictable and measurable outcomes. The process starts with a half-day workshop to explore best practice and discuss Dell’s point of view. We map potential scenarios to your environment using the experience and benchmarks gained through many customer engagements to provide you with targeted recommendations to simplify IT management. What to expect? A half-day, Dell facilitated session to address your key IT-based technology and related business challenges. Dell consultants work with you to determine potential solution or technology areas that can yield measureable results with predictable outcomes, pricing and timelines. The result: we can help you make more informed and confident decisions on where to focus your IT resources. The first step is scheduling a workshop to address your IT concerns.
  3. 3. WORKSHOPS THAT FOCUS ON DATA CENTER EFFICIENCY Half day workshops are available that focus on the data center to help optimize daily operations, simplify storage, virtualize servers and ease new technology transitions. Data Center Optimization from Dell provides IT capacity planning to help ensure that you can meet the needs of growing processing demand and data storage. The Dell workshop process focuses on key challenges at a high level, to identify areas that could benefit from a detailed assessment of data protection, data availability, capacity, data management, server optimization as well as power and cooling efficiency. DATA CENTER OPTIMIZATION WORKSHOP “With our new virtualized Dell Explore the short and long-term capacity, power, space and cooling issues infrastructure, administrators no experienced in your data center. The deliverables are a gap analysis and a high longer spend most of their time putting out fires. The IT staff has level plan for potential remediation. the time to explore innovative new initiatives, such as collaboration STORAGE SIMPLIFICATION WORKSHOP and productivity tools, that will Help determine where your existing storage and backup environment can be have a big payoff for the company improved and/or simplified. This workshop has been designed to help customers down the road.” identify key challenges and map these to the data center storage environment. — Jim DiMarzio, VIRTUALIZATION SIMPLIFICATION WORKSHOP CIO, Mazda North American Identify how your server environment can be consolidated and virtualized to help Operations you unlock the potential of virtualization. THE WINDOWS SERVER® 2008 WORKSHOP Help quantify potential gains from adopting Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V®. SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP Designed to help identify key systems management areas to address as well as provide an overview of Dell Management Console and our capabilities with Microsoft® Systems Center.®. ORACLE WORKSHOP Provides a forum to discuss the benefits and features of a Dell/Oracle database solution and establish the business value of implementation or migration to a Dell solution. UNIX TO LINUX WORKSHOP Focuses on the business benefits of migrating to Linux, the operational cost of adopting X86 hardware and Linux as well as recommendations that could drive more cost effective operations. HPCC WORKSHOP Explores your HPCC needs and possible scenarios while providing best practice examples of current Dell enabled HPCC implementations.rrent Dell enabled HPCC implementations
  4. 4. WORKSHOPS TO ENABLE COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION AND BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION Reliable email and data sharing is expected in today’s business environment. Dell consultants can provide best practice experience on the adoption of Microsoft® Exchange Server® and Office Communications Server® to enable the access your employees want, with the security and operational ease required. Dell’s collaborative solutions focus on improving how people work together. Our solutions can provide an efficient way to store and share information, collaborate effectively, find and access the relevant data needed to make timely business decisions and proactively alert users to critical changes in the operating environment. EXCHANGE SERVER AND UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS WORKSHOP Dell helped us address our Can help you work through your communications challenges and understand smallest problems to our largest the benefits of Exchange 2007 and Unified Communications technologies in challenges. We received a great deal of personalized attention and your environment. everyone at Dell understood what we were trying to do.” MICROSOFT OFFICE SHAREPOINT SERVER® 2007 WORKSHOP — Kathleen White, Designed to explore the benefits of using SharePoint to create intranets and extranets, enhance collaboration, enable enterprise search and manage content Information Technology Customer Services Manager, in your environment. Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (2008) BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE WORKSHOP Explore ways in which state-of-the-art Business Intelligence solutions can be implemented. Help organize a wealth of data into actionable information through the use of dashboard and key performance indicators. ENTERPRISE PROJECT MANAGEMENT (EPM) WORKSHOP Determine how EPM can help manage project workflow and resources in an efficient and effective way, create a collective portfolio of projects throughout the organization and avoid managing each project individually. MICROSOFT DYNAMICS® WORKSHOP Helps find business processes in need of optimization, recommends improvements, review best practices and provides key customer case examples.
  5. 5. WORKSHOPS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR END-USER COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT Dell has a range of offerings for optimal end-user computing that includes end-user infrastructure planning, migration, deployment and on-going management across distributed, mobile and virtual flexible computing platforms, to help simplify your desktop infrastructure. Our consultants can help you optimize end-user computing architecture aligning to requirements for cost reduction, security, productivity, efficiency and compliance. FLEXIBLE COMPUTING WORKSHOP “We scheduled three days for Explore how different Flexible Computing scenarios can solve business and the implementation, but we only technology challenges. If you need assistance determining the right strategy needed a day and a half. The plan that Dell Services proposed was and implementation approach, a Flexible Computing workshop is the first step thorough and straightforward, the to adoption. hardware arrived ready to go, and the Dell consultant was efficient APPLICATION MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP and knowledgeable. The entire Helps determine how to simplify the deployment of applications in your end- system worked perfectly on the user computing environment through Application Lifecycle Management. first try.” — Joe Walling, CLIENT ENERGY SMART WORKSHOP Network Administrator, Gallup (2008) Demonstrates the benefits of Dell’s Client Energy Smart solution and provides a forum to review Dell’s approach to Green IT. Explore your current situation and provides an overview of Dell Client Energy Smart solutions. DELL OPTIMIZED DEPLOYMENT WORKSHOP An overview of client deployment optimization using Dell Automated Deployment (DAD). Minimize technician intervention, increase technician productivity and reduce time spent on client deployments. IMAGE DEPLOYMENT WORKSHOP Explore and evaluate your client image creation and management processes. Topics include build documentation, image creation, image maintenance schedules and processes. CLIENT LIFECYCLE WORKSHOP Review and evaluate your client lifecycle processes from deployment and upgrade through recycling. WINDOWS CLIENT WORKSHOP Provides a forum to discuss and evaluate your readiness to migrate to the latest Windows operating system (Vista / Windows 7) and helps establish the business value of an implementation.
  6. 6. DELL PROCONSULT SOLUTION LIFECYCLE Workshop Assessment Design Implementation Manage/Support Including Direct Rapid Deployment, From Dell factory Optimization and Training integration as needed Unlike traditional IT projects that are accompanied by lengthy and expensive consulting engagements, Dell ProConsult services leverage the Dell ProConsult Solution Lifecycle — a targeted consulting methodology based on experience gained through customer engagements, to deliver predictable outcomes on defined timelines. By pinpointing areas for improved efficiency and presenting recommendations and solutions that include hardware, software and services, Dell can help you quickly realize the cost benefits and reduced burden by simplifying IT — from the data center to the desktop. Dell consulting services begin with half-day Workshops to help identify and prioritize key IT challenges and best- practice solutions for your organization. The Assessment provides an in-depth, collaborative examination of a key area identified for improvement. This phase is designed to provide recommendations for consolidation, optimization, performance improvement, and migration as well as an approximate TCO and ROI. During Design you will work with Dell consultants to create the solution architecture, determine new processes for managing IT tasks and create an implementation plan including Direct from Dell factory integration as needed. Dell consultants will assist with the Implementation phase, rapidly deploying and optimizing your solution, and helping your employees become experts in its use and support with tailored training programs. Ongoing management and support is offered with Dell ProManage and ProSupport services. SIMPLIFY IT, THE DELL WAY. The Dell ProConsult Solution Lifecycle is: Collaborative: You will work closely with Dell ProConsult experts to assess your business needs and collaboratively design an IT solution. Rapid and Predictable: Provides a measurable and tangible analysis and solutions at an affordable price point. Solution Oriented: Dell works with you not only to assess your current IT environment and provide recommendations, but also to build, implement, train and support a customized solution for your IT needs. Comprehensive: Dell solutions will combine hardware, software, IT recommendations and service solutions. Battle Tested: Dell solutions are based on the combined experience gained from thousands of customer engagements and over a decade of creating leading hardware products designed for the large enterprise.
  7. 7. DELL PROCONSULT SERVICES ENABLE IT SIMPLIFICATION Dell ProConsult services utilize skilled solution architects, innovative tools, automated analysis and our own intellectual property to give customers rapid insight into what is driving unnecessary complexity. We are focused on providing practical action-orientated plans that deliver specific, predictable and measurable outcomes. We seek better answers than traditional service models, based on our belief that solving problems should not need armies of people working for indeterminate periods of time. Our strategy is to help customers quickly identify high-impact, short-duration projects that deliver ROI and free up resources to obtain a competitive advantage. We work with you to automate, standardize and reduce complexity wherever appropriate and possible. We believe in utilizing the right balance of people and technology to get the job done more efficiently.
  8. 8. GETTING STARTED WITH DELL Get started with a Dell facilitated workshop session to help address your key technology and business challenges. Contact your Dell representative today to schedule the first step in simplifying your IT environment. DELL PROCONSULT SERVICES SIMPLIFY YOUR IT MANAGEMENT AT DELL.COM/SIMPLIFY © 2009 Dell, Inc. Microsoft, Outlook, and Active Directory are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Specifications are correct at date of publication but are subject to availability or change without notice at any time. Dell and its affiliates cannot be responsible for errors or omissions in typography or photography. Dell’s Terms and Conditions of Sales and Service apply and are available on request. Dell service offerings do not affect consumer’s statutory rights.