Unlocking IT Investment for Innovation - Dell World 2011


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Overview of Dell World 2011

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  • Thanks again for being here. As this is our first breakout session, I’ll provide a quick orientation on what to expect over the next day and a half. The Dell World agenda was organized to provide you a truly immersive experience. It starts with keynotes, where some of the industry’s most prominent leaders share their vision for technology in our organizations.We then move into smaller groups – these Idea Sessions – to dig into those ideas, share best practices and discuss the possibilities. Then we bring it all to life in the Solutions Showcase expo, which you’ll experience later today. Now, let’s jump into your first Idea Exchange session!
  • Questions to jeff_s_johnson@dell.com
  • Unlocking IT Investment for Innovation - Dell World 2011

    1. 1. Keynotes<br />Hear the vision<br />Idea Exchanges<br />Discuss the possibilities<br />Solutions Showcase<br />Experience the solutions<br />
    2. 2. Dell on Dell: Unlocking IT Investment for Innovation<br />
    3. 3. The line between the business and IT continues todisappear<br />Data Tsunami<br />Analyze and monetize the massive growth in business data.<br />Increased Enablement<br />Deliver services and applications anywhere through the cloud.<br />Regulation Reality<br />Ensure compliance with an increasing number of complex regulatory bodies.<br />Increased Threat<br />Secure the network AND the data.<br />True 24/7<br />Deliver access anywhere, at any time. On any device.<br />
    4. 4. The Status Quo is not sustainable<br />?<br />Outcomes and ROI are not adequate or predictable<br />Strategic investments <br />limited to running the business <br />Demands on IT <br />continue to expand<br />Budgets are flat <br />to down<br />4<br />
    5. 5. The first step to IT efficiency is<br />challenging the cost of running IT today<br />Value Creation<br />Customer Connection<br />Strategic Alignment<br />Business Results<br />End-User Productivity<br />Keeping the Lights On<br />Technology Change<br />Regulatory Compliance<br />Security<br />Business Up & Running<br />20%<br />50%<br />On innovation<br />On innovation<br />Start<br />Goal<br />
    6. 6. An inside look at Dell<br />65 Customer interactions every second – 5.4million every day – 2B every year<br />Fortune 500<br />companies <br />using Dell<br />years of commitment to industry standards<br />25<br />95%<br />#1<br />110,000<br />CALL <br />CENTERS<br />iSCSI STORAGE <br />SOLUTION PROVIDER<br />44<br />CLIENT SYSTEMS<br />7.5M<br />Security patches <br />per year<br />TONS OF CO2 AVOIDED<br />BY CUSTOMERS USING <br />DELL SOLUTIONS<br />1B<br />40M<br />People connect via Dell servers every day<br />#1<br />300 <br />Newsweek greenest company of the year 2010<br />Terabytes in <br />Data Warehouse<br />188<br />Countries with operations<br />3.5B<br />Pages served online quarterly<br />22<br />15M<br />SALES OFFICES<br />Emails received<br />86% emails filtered as spam<br />4<br />Regional <br />Data Centers<br />17M<br />Inbound toll calls <br />per month<br />company to <br />Offer free consumer <br />computer recycling <br />worldwide<br />1st<br />
    7. 7. Current globalfacilities<br />Regional DC (4)<br />Manufacturing & Merge DC (11)<br />Dell Call Centers (44)<br />Sales Offices (22)<br />Acquisitions (12)<br />Hosting DC (2)<br />Total = 95<br />Finland<br />Norway<br />Sweden<br />Frankfurt<br />Denmark<br />Poland<br />Amsterdam<br />Hang Zhou<br />InSite One, CT<br />Belgium<br />EMFP<br />Guangzhou<br />Equalogic<br />Prague<br />Scotland<br />Beijing<br />Twin Falls<br />Boomi<br />Chengdu<br />Toronto<br />Dublin<br />ASAP<br />KACE, CA<br />Bratislava<br />Dalian<br />Shanghai<br />Limerick<br />Everdream, CA<br />Otemachi<br />Bracknell<br />Silverback<br />Delhi<br />Scalent, CA<br />Halle<br />Paris<br />Kawasaki<br />Everdream, NC<br />OKC<br />ZING, CA<br />Madrid<br />WS1<br />Miyazaki<br />Chandigarh<br />Italy<br />Athens<br />Florence<br />Reno<br />Ocarina, CA<br />Morocco<br />Xiamen<br />Geneva<br />Nashville<br />Shenzhen<br />Perot Systems, Plano<br />Taiwan<br />Montpellier<br />Puerto Rico<br />Philippines 1 & 2<br />Austin/RR<br />Hong Kong<br />Mohali<br />Chennai<br />Mexico City<br />Singapore<br />Columbia<br />Cyberjaya<br />Penang<br />Panama<br />Bangalore<br />São Paulo<br />Porto Alegre<br />Sydney<br />Chile<br />Hyderabad<br />Argentina<br />South Africa<br />
    8. 8. Dell IT challenges<br />Global footprint, <br />regionaldeployment<br />Inconsistent spend<br />100K CIOs!<br />
    9. 9. Transformation Of Dell IT<br />2002<br />2008<br />IT Simplification 1.0<br />The drive to reduced TCO<br />2010<br /><2% of Revenue<br />ApplicationsIT Governance<br />Portfolio Rationalization<br />Standardization<br />IT Simplification 2.0<br />The drive to agilityand innovation<br /><1.5% of Revenue<br />Infrastructure<br />Data Center Consolidation<br />Dell-on-Dell x86 Architecture<br />Virtualization<br />Applications<br />Business Architecture Led<br />Enterprise Architecture Foundation<br />Shadow IT Elimination and Rationalization<br />Infrastructure<br />Global Processes (ITIL-based)<br />Further Consolidation & Virtualization<br />Green Data Center<br />
    10. 10. Basic methodology to drive cost savings<br />Strategize<br />Plan <br />Implement<br />Manage<br />Monitor<br />ITIL governance / services-enabled <br />
    11. 11. Application reduction efforts<br /><ul><li>Unknown cost of “shadow IT” can be as much as 2X the “known” IT budget
    12. 12. Duplicate reporting between org structures
    13. 13. Each application means more complexity, more interfaces required, more points of failure
    14. 14. Simplifying the application space enables infrastructure simplification</li></li></ul><li>A very real example . . . <br />Dell Manufacturing/ODM/Re-manufacturing/Warranty<br />Order Processing<br />Online Sales<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />DOMS<br />WTCS<br />REMAP<br />OMEGA<br />SMARTS<br />ION Speedway<br />B2B<br />Premier<br />Partner Direct<br />Global Portal<br />Dell.com<br />FDL<br />O2 (ODM)<br />P2M/WIPS/CIMPLICITY<br />OFS<br />JP<br />JP<br />JP<br /> Epitome/ MSS/ IRIS<br />DRAGON / FIMS/ REMAP<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />Offline Sales<br />Services<br />Plan & Procure<br />Design<br />Accounting<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />nVISION<br />DPS<br />DCSS<br />Symphony<br />GEDIS<br />SMARTS<br />DELLSERVE<br />DOMS<br />???<br />I-Drive<br />SCDH<br />NOVORA<br />DISCp<br />Glovia<br />Agile<br />JP<br />JP<br />Windchill<br />CPTK<br />SCP<br />JP<br />JP<br />JP<br />eReq<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />Common Services & Integration Platform<br />Product<br />Asset<br />Customer<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />Enterprise Business Intelligence<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />Master Data Management<br />Teradata<br />JP<br />JP<br />JP<br />BIL<br />Publish Part<br />Config Product<br />SKU Creation <br />Cust Registry<br />Acct Hierarchy<br />SDR<br />Profile/Prefs<br />Merchandising<br />Part Creation<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />
    15. 15. Why “rationalize the core”?<br />Dell Manufacturing/ODM/Re-manufacturing/Warranty<br />Order Processing<br />Online Sales<br />Accounting<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />Dell.com<br />WTCS<br />REMAP<br />Premier<br />B2B<br />Partner Direct<br />Global Portal<br />OMEGA<br />SMARTS<br />ION Speedway<br />NOVORA<br />FDL<br />O2 (ODM)<br />P2M/WIPS/CIMPLICITY<br />OFS<br />JP<br />JP<br />JP<br />JP<br /> Epitome/ MSS/ IRIS<br />DRAGON / FIMS/ REMAP<br />DOMS<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />Offline Sales<br />Services<br />Plan & Procure<br />Design<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />nVISION<br />DPS<br />DCSS<br />Symphony<br />GEDIS<br />DOMS<br />SMARTS<br />DELLSERVE<br />???<br />SCDH<br />DISCp<br />Glovia<br />Agile<br />JP<br />JP<br />Windchill<br />CPTK<br />SCP<br />JP<br />I-Drive<br />JP<br />eReq<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />Common Services & Integration Platform<br />Product<br />Asset<br />Customer<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />EMEA<br />Enterprise Business Intelligence<br />AP<br />AP<br />AP<br />Master Data Management<br />Teradata<br />JP<br />JP<br />JP<br />BIL<br />Publish Part<br />Config Product<br />SKU Creation <br />Cust Registry<br />Acct Hierarchy<br />SDR<br />Profile/Prefs<br />Merchandising<br />Part Creation<br />AI<br />AI<br />AI<br />US<br />US<br />US<br />
    16. 16. Case study – virtualization<br />Overcoming Under-Utilization<br />% Under-Utilized Servers<br />Total Server Platform<br /># Virtual Servers Deployed<br />Server Virtualization by Region <br /> (% of total VMs)<br />9,500+ Virtual Servers on<br />650 VMware ESX Servers<br />11,000 Virtual Servers on<br />700+ VMware ESX Servers<br />Q4 CY2010<br />CY2011<br />Server Virtualization by Deployment <br /> (% of total VMs)<br />
    17. 17. Virtualization – costsavings<br />Virtualize More and Save More<br />Estimated Cost Avoidance<br /> (Millions)<br /># Virtual Servers Deployed<br />*Based on forecast, we anticipate the 11,000 virtual servers will be in a approximate ratio of 60/40, Test-Dev/Prod.<br />
    18. 18. Data center densification:<br />Optimized Containment Solution (OCS)<br />2nd Gen OCS Rows<br />Legacy Rows<br />Hot Aisle<br />Cold Aisle<br />Hot or Cold Aisle Containment<br />Hot Aisle<br />Benefits from Densification<br />Legacy<br />OCS<br />
    19. 19. IT cost allocationexample<br />
    20. 20. Improvements are benchmarked<br />
    21. 21. Results of Dell’s transformation<br />Then . . .<br />Today . . . <br />Of 2004 budget spent on INNOVATION <br />Of budget spent on innovation<br />28%<br />52%<br />IT SAVINGS DELIVERED:<br />$300M per YEar<br />Virtual machines deployed IN 2007<br />Virtual machines deployed<br />543<br />11,000<br />8,000+<br />2,200<br />INVESTED IN<br />INNOVATION<br />TO TRANSFORM THE BUSINESS<br />Applications IN 2007<br />Applications IN 2011<br />SPENDING<br />2.1%<br />SPENDING<br />1.4%<br />OF revenue on IT in 2008<br />OF revenue on IT in 2011<br />
    22. 22. Start with the Business Process and Application Architecture – Skills, staffing and infrastructure will get rationalized as a result.<br />Standardize, standardize, standardize! Three is better than five, and two is better than three – but ONE is best!<br />Examine project portfolio. Focus on the projects with the high business value.<br />Focus on “Shadow IT”: How much are you really spending on IT without knowing it?<br />SPEND, but wisely! Are you spending every budget dollar in a way that creates value and savings?<br />Re-examine what you do today<br />So what should a CIO do?<br />You have manylevers to pull<br />20<br />
    23. 23. Idea Exchange Session<br />
    24. 24. Please take a moment and provide feedback on this session. <br />www.dellworld.com/feedback<br />Thank you for attending.<br />
    25. 25. Prepare for your guided tour of the Dell World Solutions Experience<br /><ul><li>Refer to the back of your badge for your specific tour number
    26. 26. Meet your guide and tour group in the area outside of the expo hall
    27. 27. Enjoy your tour!</li></li></ul><li>Backup<br />
    28. 28. Global IT organization design<br />Robin Johnson<br />CIO<br />Office of the CIO<br />Global Operations & Technology(Design, Manufacturing, Supply Chain)<br />Dell Services & Corporate Technology<br />(Services Business, HR, Legal, Marketing)<br />Global Consumer and Commercial Sales Systems<br />Global Financial Systems / Dell Financial Services<br />DESIGN<br />Strategy, Technology & Governance Office<br />GOVERN<br />Information Management(Business Intelligence, Master Data)<br />Application Testing<br />Sales, Marketing & Operations Delivery<br />Global Services and Corporate Delivery<br />Database Administration<br />BUILD<br />Infrastructure Services<br />Application Management Services<br />RUN<br />= Dell Global Services<br />