Dell Software: An opportunity for channel partners


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Mitigate risk and protect your business from evolving threats and unplanned outages with Dell’s Software capabilities. And now, Dell’s PartnerDirect program also includes software.

Join partner Direct today and learn more about the new software addition to PartnerDirect:

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  • ITOM: Gartner reports that in 2012 IT operations and management software generated $18 billion in revenue, and is expected to grow 8 percent in 2013. Gartner also found that the recovery software market was valued at $4.4 billion in 2012, and it is projected to grow to $6.8 billion by 2017, for a five-year compound annual growth rate of 9.0 percent.Cloud Management: Harvard Business Review found that 85 percent of businesses expect to use cloud technology moderately to extensively in the next three years. Enterprise mobility is expected to reach $181.39 billion by 2017, with a compounded annual growth rate of 15.17 percent.Identity Access Management: IDC found that the identity and access management market was $4.4 billion in 2012, growing at 9.4 percent. Dell has grown 27.1 percent and is 8th largest IAM vendor 
  • We have a huge footprint in our core business. Both current and potential for our future. We have unique understanding of customers, and access to technology. Our relationship with our customers has gone from being a procurement kind of relationship, to being a strategic supplier of the core elements that run the data center—Historically a relationship that only IBM or HP would have with a clientWe’ve now come into that circle of providersFor mid-market, we are arguably the preferred technology provider; in large enterprise, we are contending with HP or IBM as a core systems vendorWe’re running their core business applications Software is in the middle of it all, bringing it all together NO LEGACYNow – let’s talk about another unique position for Dell. Most of our competitors are impaired by legacy. Our competitors are not prepared to cannibalize their older design model.WE DON’T HAVE THOSE THREATS. No legacy systems to protect. Therefore, we have the ability to INNOVATE. To solve our customers’ needs in a way that our competitors can’t because they will try to shoehorn them into a solution that is right for our competitor and not for our customer.
  • Here are examples of our software experience, resources and industry validation.6,000 team members and 1,600 software engineers2M users across our User Communities100k+ customers3rd party validation from Gartner, EMA and NSS Labs, to name a few.I’ve talked about trends and challenges that we all must manage on a daily basis. I’ve talked about Dell’s capabilities to bring hardware, software and services together to address those challenges. Now let me take some time and revisit those challenges and show you how we are providing real solutions to customers today
  • For a list of all Data center and cloud management products visit: on the Tab for Data center and cloud management
  • Drivers: Increased demand for Availability and Performance (8% YoY)Increased demand for Application Performance Monitoring (7% YoY)Increased demand for Asset Management (8% YoY)Dell Data center and Cloud management aligns to Gartner IT Operations Management in non legacy segments of Configuration Management, Availability and Performance, and Application Performance Monitoring. Dell Software also leads in DBMS Management which is part of the Information Management solutions. The market was $18 billion in 2012 and growth is expected to pick up to about 8% in 2013. Dell Software is now the 9th largest ITOM vendor with products in distributed Application Performance Monitoring, Availability and Performance, Configuration Management as well as DBMS and in the “other” category, cloud management.(note: in this case legacy refers to mainframe. Dell focuses on modern, distributed systems management)
  • For a complete list of information management go to: click on the Information Management Tab.
  • Manage 4 yr CAGR: 8.1%#4 overall & #1 in Databasedevelopment & optimizationKey driversSocial – community development, education and integrationCollaboration and integration in and amongst the stackIntegrate4 yr CAGR: 24%Top 3 playerKey driversShift from batch/bulk delivery to real timeMulti sourced data including unstructuredDiscover4 yr CAGR: 9.2%Only vendor to allow analysis of all data in a workbenchKey driversBig data technologies driving new use casesSelf service BI using in-memory techMobile delivery models
  • For all products in Mobile workforce management go to: on Mobile Workforce Management tab.
  • For a complete list of Security & Data Protection Solutions go to: click on Data Protection or Security Tabs.
  • 11% CAGR (Defender, QAS 5% growth)15% CAGR (Webthority, QSJ 10% growth)-1% CAGR (QESSO growing)10% CAGR (Q1IM, ARS, PAM 25% growth)Drivers: Leverage Big Data, social networking, mobile, and cloud computing in a secure and scalable fashionIncreased need for strong authenticationIncreased demand for federated single sign-on (SSO)IAM market was $4.4 billion in 2012, growing at 9.4%Dell grew 27.1%8th largest IAM vendor
  • Drivers:Faster firewalls for faster networksBYODImproved security without impacting performance 5.8% CAGR (SuperMassive, NSA, TZ Series 38% growth)5.7% CAGR (Aventail, SRA 30.8% growth)12.8% CAGR (Email Security 14% growth)Network security, secure remote access and email security markets will be a combined $6.6 billion in 2013, growing at between 6 and 13% depending on the market. Dell is growing 38%Top vendor in each major category
  • Competency Structure:DSG competencies were designed with choice and flexibility in mindFollowed the example of the hardware competenciesGoal is to provide a consistent and thorough educational experience for our partners regardless of focus area – one program and one team supporting partnersBroad categories that allow DSG flexibility to add specializations as the product portfolio may changeEach specialization stands alone to allow our partners to choose curriculum that aligns with their GTM strategy
  • Key Points on classes:Notice a similar structure throughout the DSG competenciesRequired curriculum for sales and technical people The headcount requirements are 2/2 at Preferred and 4/4 Premier – unique individualsCall out the Competency Overview ClassProviding optional curriculum to teach our partners to cross-sell and upsell complimentary productsExample of choice and flexibility is allowing partners to choose x number of classes out of a groupFree online training to achieve competency requirementsAdministration/Implementation classes are not required to achieve program requirements
  • We’ve all been hearing a lot about our scalable design point as a HUGE differentiator for Dell, but what does it mean. Let’s break it down a bit. Our design allows us to scale up or down based on the customer.  Our ability to scale up is a key differentiator and provides a sustained advantage against legacy competitors who have historically focused on an enterprise class only design point which by definition does not scale downIt’s Comprehensive and built on industry standards - Using industry standards we allow for a lower price point and give you the ability to do more and buy more as your business grows With a scalable design we also build our solutions to be inherently simpler, easier to use / manage, reliable and secureWe are flexible – remember that our customers’ environments are becoming more complex. We can give them the flexibility to manage their environments (whether public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, on-prem, mobile) seamlessly including support and financing.With a scalable design we embrace a modular “building block” philosophy that allows our customers to add-to their capabilities as needed giving them the ability to do more and buy more as their business growsAdded to explicitly incorporate our services arm and our ability (given the direct heritage) to incorporate customer insight into everything we do - product, services, financing, etc. As part of this effort, we aim to please a broader spectrum, from small/medium businesses, to the large enterprise. With our sweet spot being the mid-market – a customer set that has been largely ignored. We think the majority of the market is going this way.
  • ResourcesPartnerDirect Portal – Overview BrochureCompetency WorksheetsPartnerDirect or
  • Dell Software: An opportunity for channel partners

    1. 1. Dell Software: An opportunity for channel partners Marvin Blough, Executive Director , Worldwide Channels & Alliances, Dell Software Greg Davoll, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Dell Software 2013
    2. 2. InfraScience helps their customers succeed, through a strong partnership with Dell 2013
    3. 3. 2013
    4. 4. Cloud Big Data Mobility Security and Risk 2013 85% of businesses said their organizations will use cloud tools moderately to extensively in the next 3 years. 35 By 2020 volume of data stored will reach 35 Zettabytes 5X Mobility source shifts from 62%/38% corporate/personal owned to 37% corporate owned and 63% personal owned 79% of the surveyed companies experienced some type of significant security incident within the past year that resulted in financial and/or reputational impact
    5. 5. Dell Software leverages our core strengths End-user computing Services, Security, Cloud Server, storage and networking capabilities Software that leverages Dell core strengths No legacy to protect 2013
    6. 6. Dell leadership in software + $1.5B + 6,000 software revenue (approx. based on run rate) team members 2M user community members 90% of Global 1000 are Dell Software customers + 1M EMA NSS Labs Gartner Radar Report Value Leader for Boomi Cloud Integration Highest overall protection Next-Gen Firewall 9 Magic Quadrants 2013 1,600 + software engineers 2,500 + software sales customers
    7. 7. Dell Software solutions capabilities Data center & cloud management • • • • Endpoint management Performance management Virtualization & cloud mgmt Windows server mgmt • • • • Application & data integration Big data analytics Business intelligence/analytics Database management Security • • • • 2013 Mobile workforce management Information management Email security Endpoint security Identity & access management Network security • • • • Application enablement/delivery Desktop virtualization Mobile device mgmt Mobile security Data protection • • • • Application protection Disaster recovery Enterprise backup/recovery Virtual protection
    8. 8. Dell Software Solutions 2013 Services
    9. 9. Dell Brands: Data center & cloud management Transforming with technology to change how IT is delivered • • • • • AppAssure Boomi KACE Quest Software SonicWALL Products: • • • • • • • • • • 2013 ChangeAuditor Foglight Foglight NMS KACE 1000 Management Appliance Kace 2000 Deployment Appliance Migration Manager for Exchange QuickApps for SharePoint Recovery Manager for Active Directory vOPs vFoglight
    10. 10. ITOM market overview 2012: $18 billion total market, 5% annual growth ITOM Software, Worldwide, 2012 (Gartner, May 2012) in USD$ Billion $1.0 $1.2 Configuration Management Mainframe Tools $3.7 $1.2 Availability & Performance Application Performance Monitoring Service Desk / Help Desk $1.8 $2.9 $1.4 Network Management DBMS Mgmt $2.0 $2.8 Workload Automation Other 2013
    11. 11. Dell Brands: Information Management Managing the data deluge to realize the value of information 2013 • AppAssure • Boomi • Quest Software Products: • Boomi • Kitenga • Quickstart Data Warehouse • Shareplex • Spotlight • Toad BI Suite • Toad for DB2 • Toad for Oracle • Toad for SQL Server • Toad for Sybase
    12. 12. Information Management market opportunity $190M $1,543M $188M $1,985M $8,982M $164M Manage-DB replication Manage-DB admin Manage-DB dev & optimization Integrate-IPaaS Discover-Advanced analytics Discover-Query, reporting & analysis 2013
    13. 13. Dell Brands: Mobile workforce management Deliver applications and data securely anytime, anywhere on any device 2013 • • • • KACE Quest Software SonicWALL Wyse Products: • Dell Custom Mobile App Development • KACE 3000 Mobile Management Appliance • Quest Mobile IT • Quest One Webthority • Quest RemoteScan • Quest vWorkspace • SonicWALL Aventail • SonicWALL Mobile Connect for Android • SonicWALL NextGeneration Firewalls • SonicWALL Wireless Access Points • Wyse Cloud Client Manager • Wyse PocketCloud
    14. 14. Mobility/BYOD market overview Total BYOD and Enterprise Mobility market is expected to reach $181.39 Billion by 2017 with a CAGR of 15.17% Market Drivers 2012 vs. 2013 2013
    15. 15. Dell Brands: • KACE • Quest Software • SonicWALL • AppAssure Security & Data Protection Mitigate risk and protect your business from evolving threats and unplanned outages 2013 Security Products: •KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance •Quest One ActiveRoles Server •Quest One Identity Manager •Quest One Privileged Password Manager •SonicWALL Aventail EClass SRA EX9000 •SonicWALL ES8300 Email Security Appliance •SonicWALL NSA 4500 •SonicWALL SRA 4600 •SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Series •SonicWALL TZ 215 Data Protection Products •AppAssure •Dell PowerVault DL 4000 Appliance •DR 4000 Disk Backup Appliance •LiteSpeed for SQL •NetVault •Recovery Manager for Active Directory •Recovery Manager for Exchange •Recovery Manager for SharePoint •SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection •vRanger
    16. 16. IAM market overview 2012: $4.4 billion total market, growing at 9% IAM Market - 2012 (IDC, June 2013) in USD$ Million Advanced authentication $596.5 $92.8 $751.1 WSSO/FSSO $1,016.2 ESSO Legacy authorization User provisioning $212.1 $1,307.8 $441.8 PPSDs SLATs 2013
    17. 17. Network security market overview 2012: $6.6 billion markets, and growing Network, SRA and Email Security Markets 2012 (Infonetics) In USD$ million Email security 38% Firewalls 54% Secure remote access 8% 2013
    18. 18. Data Protection Market Opportunity Data Protection According to IDC: The Data Protection and Recovery market alone totaled $4.43 billion According to Gartner … By 2014 30% of the market will change recovery solutions due to Cost, Complexity and/or Capabilities 2013 32% 51% 17% SMB MID Enterprise
    19. 19. Enhanced PartnerDirect Program 2013
    20. 20. PartnerDirect program structure: Now includes software 2013
    21. 21. Competency specialization tracks Security • Network Security • Identity and Access Management Systems Management • • • • 2013 Client Management Windows Server Management Performance Monitoring Virtualization and Cloud Data Protection Information Management • Database Management • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics • Application Data
    22. 22. Security Competency Path • Competency Includes 2 specialized learning paths • Competency launch scheduled for 9/1/13 Security Partner Competency Overview Mandatory for all students • Optional Classes in the Competency: • Dell DDPE (Credent) • KACE sales, technical and demo Dell Network Security (SonicWALL) Sales Training Course Requirements 2013 Technical Training Course Requirements Dell Identity & Access Managements Sales Training Course Requirements Technical Training Course Requirements
    23. 23. PartnerDirect Enhancements New Software Discount Structure & Premier Rebate (2%) Service Provider & GSI Programs 2013 Unique Software Revenue Thresholds Referral Fee Program New paths to Premier through Mixed and Advanced Competencies NFR & Eval License Keys
    24. 24. Working with Dell increases Cerdant revenues by 50% 2013
    25. 25. 2013
    26. 26. Where we go from here Invest in more training with Dell Sell Dell’s end-to-end solutions That enables your customers to: • Turn data into insights • Overcome the evolving security threat & ensure compliance • Accelerate adoption: virtualization, convergence, cloud Engage Dell Sales & Marketing teams 2013 Take part and benefit from this exciting time at Dell
    27. 27. Let’s get started Engage with Dell PartnerDirect subject matter experts at the Solution Showcase Please join PartnerDirect at • Learn more about Dell Software and PartnerDirect: • Learn more about all Dell Competencies: Gain hands on experience, see demonstrations at the Solution Showcase Schedule a visit to a Dell Solution Center near you: Austin • New York City • Washington D.C. Chicago • Santa Clara • Mexico City • Sao Paolo 2013 Go to
    28. 28. Q&A 2013
    29. 29. 2013