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Dell and Red Hat are co-engineering OpenStack cloud solutions for enterprise customers and service providers. These solutions are designed to remove complexity, stabilize OpenStack and its operating environment, and provide a risk-free way to effectively deploy private cloud computing—in any organization. Learn how we are strengthening our long-standing collaboration and commitment to help you confidently embrace open cloud computing technologies. Learn more:

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  • Cloud is meeting business needs in a variety of ways. Left top: For customers needing to quickly scale capacity up or down to meet seasonal, cyclical or growth needs, cloud is the answer. Accessing cloud provides capacity without the cost and time of provisioning servers and storage. Right top: The mobile workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) is growing in popularity. More than ever the workforce is wanting options to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Cloud enables this flexibility. Left Bottom: Years of data center growth and VM sprawl has left organizations with complex, overgrown and chronically underutilized computing platforms. These depreciate quickly, take up valuable data center space, consume large amounts of power/ cooling, and cause management headaches. Cloud improves the delivery of workloads and decreases infrastructure management costs. Right Bottom: A primary goal for today’s organization is business agility/scalability while maintaining governance and decreasing risk. Centralization and automation improves IT responsiveness for workload delivery and helps to reduce infrastructure management costs.
  • Cover the Enterprise grade/Enterprise experienceTalk about the use case centricity of the solutionTalk about the certified end-to-endSo let’s look a little closer at the DESIGN Principals for the upcoming Dell and Red Enterprise Cloud solution – this NEW joint solution will be released in April. In designing this solution we are focusing on the following:Enterprise grade/Enterprise experience: Enterprise customers require solutions that are robust, proven, secure, and fully supported. Enterprise customers expect software that is packaged, tested and ready to deploy “out of the box”. They also REQUIRE, expect and will pay for support and maintenance. The Dell and Red Hat solution deliver on these enterprise requirements for OpenStack powered cloud – versus off the shelf OpenStack code which is a complex collection of cod and API components with many moving parts Enterprise Use Cases: Our target buyer for this solutions are those business buyers in the enterprise whose world revolves around ‘’apps”, customer experience and deliveryCloud is a new paradigm and customers may not have fully explored how to get started or which business challenge is the “right fit” for a cloud solution. Based on our joint experiences with OpenStack and best practices drawn form early adopters of OpenStack, Dell and Red Hat are planning to develop a series of reference configurations based on some common use cases. This work is underway now and we are exploring OpenStack powered configurations for:software-defined storageagile software build environmentsapplication scale testing environmentscloud scale applications including things apps like: mobile apps, collaboration apps, analytics appsThese configs will be prescriptive and use-case oriented, with some workload characterization. They will set the stage for you to have business conversations with the customer around their needs and real application deployments as opposed to leading with a yet another data center infrastructure conversation. Address the gaps: Other OpenStack offerings in market today are not addressing the key needs of the enterprise cloud buyer – as we talked about in the previous slide, the Dell and Red Hat enterprise cloud solution will directly address enterprise needs for high availability, security, upgrades, and SUPPORT! Certified end-to-end: These solutions will leverage and integrate with Red Hat’s world class solution/product certification processes, training, skills certifications, and open source code distribution expertise. We are currently expanding the number and scope of Dell services and support personnel who are Red Hat Certified. Net net – these solutions will be certified at the techncial level, will be supported by Red Hat certified specialists in Dell and will be deployed by Red Hat certified engineers from Dell.
  • Design choices been made based on customer needs around flexibility, independence from vendor lockin and ease of useCover all the four design elements. Before we deep dive let us talk about certain design choices we have made to make ASM a future ready architecture.OpenOpen and extensible with an architecture that integrates with the IT of today & tomorrow; this means being able to plug a new solution into your existing architecture, as well as giving you flexibility in the future to adopt new technical innovations without worrying about your existing investments. Heterogeneous with investment protection, supporting legacy infrastructure from multiple vendors. While we believe in our excellent products and solutions, we also understand that you have existing investments in other vendor technologies, and we know how important it is to continue maximizing that investment. Easy to UseIntuitive user interface: easy to set-up and easy to keep using with unified management & easy integration with 3rd party tools; technology and tools are only valuable if users can easily understand and unlock their potential. It’s also important to leverage and integrate with existing 3rd party tools.Modular and flexible, pre-sized & prebuilt, to speed initial set-up & ensure reliable performance. Modularity allows organizations to scale quickly with predictable performance, ensuring that IT can quickly deliver services in support of evolving business requirements.AutomatedAutomated with templates built on best practices to ensure accurate & consistent results with maximum speed. Automation is sometimes scary to administrators used to doing it their own way, but oftentimes, the creation of the templates that feed automation force needed conversations around best practices, fostering collaboration and ensuring consistency across the organization beyond the process of creating the templates themselves. And with Active system manager you can automate across multiple physical as well as virtual layersScalable with a capability to easily re-allocate resources; automation allows for simple and fast scaling of the infrastructure, but also ensures that unused resources are returned back to the pool so that other IT services can be scaled without unnecessarily purchasing new equipment.ComprehensiveActive System Manager is a comprehensive unified management platform that provides a single view of your IT infrastructure and workloads. It provides broad third party hardware support to aggregate customers’ existing heterogeneous infrastructure investments. This speeds up workload delivery and streamlines infrastructure management, enabling IT organizations to accelerate service delivery and time to value for customers.Infrastructure lifecycle management. Simplify IT management throughout the solution lifecycle with; Fast discovery, inventory and initial configuration of assets, streamlined provisioning and maintenance  
  • Changed this label … Was “How to Innovate”
  • Dell is the only partner to have this currently Not finalized providing a sneak peekJoint solution will be founded in a core reference architecture Guidance on Server, Storage and networking configDell is THE ONLY partner currently who can offer a joint OpenStack solution with Red Hat. While we do NOT have exclusivity here, we DO HAVE a SIGNIFICANT first mover advantage … So what will the solution like technically – Bear in mind the solution is still being engineered and tested so some of the fine details are a work in progress – here is a high level view of the offering.. We are providing you with this “sneak peek” now so you can prepare to engage your customers … The joint solution will be founded in a core reference architecture which will serve as basis on which Dell and Red Hat Services will be able to deliver highly customizable, highly scalable openstack solutions for the enterprise. Core components in the architecture will include:Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (OSP) version 4Red Hat OSP delivers BOTH the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and OpenStack software in a single and FULLY supported software distributionMuch like how Red Hat distributes Linux, Red Hat OSP is a packaged, tested, hardened, and supported software packageRed Hat takes care of all the compatibility testing, open source code back porting, and code patches and updates and delivers reliable enterprise software OpenStack assessment, consulting and implementation services, supporting technologies, and deployment information. Physical infrastructure descriptions and recommended characterizations for:Server hardware configurations and BOM’s Controller nodesCompute nodesStorage nodesNetwork configuration and topology and BOM’sToR switch configurations Multi-rack network topology and configurationWe mentioned in the previous slide we will be providing reference configs to serve as ‘’on-ramps’’ to this solution stack.  
  • Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions – OpenStack Summit 2014

    1. 1. Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions Joseph B George Director, Cloud and Big Data Solutions, Dell William Mason Director, Partner Strategy, Virtualization and OpenStack, Red Hat
    2. 2. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution Powered by RHEL OpenStack Platform OpenStack: NOW open for business
    3. 3. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Focus – Focus – Focus OpenStack community and contributions Bridge OpenStack into & from the enterprise
    4. 4. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell and Red Hat Contribution Projects OpenStack Storage • Cinder, Swift OpenStack Management/Deployment • Horizon OpenStack Networking • Neutron OpenStack Telemetry/Orchestration • Ceilometer, Heat
    5. 5. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Joint roadmap PLACEHOLDER V1 V2 V3 • Dell PowerEdge R720/720XD • OpenStack Havana • On-ramp configurations • OpenStack IceHouse • Storage as-a-Service configurations • Inktank Ceph • Dell Equallogic • Dell PowerVault MD • Red Hat Storage Server • HA • OpenStack Juno • Shhh – it’s a secret!
    6. 6. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Customer Expectations • Fully supported software, infrastructure • Massively scalable infrastructure • Solutions to help us become more agile • Efficient deployment, rapid time to value • Performance tuned configurations • Expertise to complement in-house We need enterprise vendors to provide: • Single point support with proven vendors • Scale out with modular building blocks • Dynamic, flexible IT infrastructure • Prescribed configurations accelerate design • Solution architectures, end-to-end testing Dell and Red Hat solutions deliver:
    7. 7. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Emissary to the enterprise • OpenStack will grow and expand beyond “project” status • Adoption of OpenStack will accelerate • Long term viability of OpenStack ensured • OpenStack will become “mainstream” (Linux, FireFox, Android …) • All of the hard work by the community will be truly successful and recognized • OpenStack will become a core foundation in the Cloud paradigm
    8. 8. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution, Powered by RHEL OpenStack Platform Address the gaps Joint engineered solutions address core enterprise needs Enterprise-grade Scalable, secure, open, one- stop support for cloud infrastructure Enterprise experience Solutions designed, packaged, supporte d for rapid adoption and time to value Enterprise use cases Purpose designed configs: cloud scale apps, software defined storage, build infrastructure , dev scale testing . Certified solutions end-to-end Robust, trustworthy, tested solutions, so you can deploy with confidence Dell Red Hat Clou d Innovation without risk Remove complexity, stabilize the moving parts, streamline migrations, OPEN, flexible, cut ting edge without the blood
    9. 9. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell & Red Hat OpenStack: Proven Solutions End-to-end open source IaaS
    10. 10. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Pilot Enterprise grade, designed for entry-level production, large scale pilots, rapid scale up, expansion, advanced networking POC Deployed in days, purpose- designed, tested. certified cloud infrastructure for concept testing Production Massive cloud scale, integrated cloud infrastructure, consultative design, deployment, support with Dell Professional Services Scale up block s Configurations at a glance
    11. 11. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Components • Dell PowerEdge R720 Servers (5) • Dell Networking S55 Switch, 1GB networking • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform • Dell ProSupport • Dell Professional ServicesSpecs at a glance •Node 1: Red Hat Openstack Manager •Node 2: OpenStack Controller •Nodes 3-5: OpenStack Nova Compute •Network Switch: Dell Networking S55 •Dual 8 core processors, 4TB storage, 128Gb memory, 1Gb Ethernet •Supports ~ 70-90 virtual machines Benefits •Rapid on-ramp to OpenStack concept testing •Cost efficient •Single point of contact for solution support •Enterprise-grade OpenStack software package POC Configuration
    12. 12. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Components • Dell PowerEdge R720/R720XD Servers • Dell Networking S4810/S55 Switches, 10GB • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform • Dell ProSupport • Dell Professional Services Specs at a glance • Node 1: Red Hat Openstack Manager • Node 2: OpenStack Controller • Nodes 3-8: OpenStack Nova Compute • Nodes: 9-11: OpenStack Cinder 12 TB storage • Network Switches: Dell Networking S4810/S55 • Supports ~ 170-228 virtual machines Benefits •Rapid on-ramp to OpenStack cloud •Scale up, modular compute and storage blocks •Single point of contact for solution support •Enterprise-grade OpenStack software package Pilot configuration Scale up block s
    13. 13. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Components • Dell PowerEdge R, C Servers • Dell Networking • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform • Dell ProSupport • Dell Professional Services Specs at a glance • Custom designs based on your requirements Benefits •Massive scale OpenStack cloud •Specific design based on your needs •Consultative services engagement •Single point of contact for solution support •Enterprise-grade OpenStack software package Production configuration
    14. 14. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell’s OpenStack Services Portfolio • Limited duration, high impact engagements • Assessment • Architecture Design • Custom Development • Delivered by OpenStack experts Consulting Expertise Extend OpenStack’s capabilities Flexibility Modular and scalable capabilities Efficiency Proven processes and best practices • A turnkey solution deployment service • Based on Dell- validated reference architectures • Save money, minimize disruption, and optimize performance Deployment • Dell ProSupport, premiu m support 24x7x365 • Continuous access to OpenStack security updates and bug fixes • Leverage Dell and Red Hat’s global scale and OpenStack expertise Support • Knowledge transfer from solution experts included with every deployment • In-depth online and classroom courses available via Red Hat training Training 14
    15. 15. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential • Joint engineering focused on enterprise requirements • Transforming IT into dynamic service delivery • Accelerated time to value with certified solutions • Hardened code with extended lifecycle support Control • Flexible, extensible • Predicable feature set • Massive eco-system Open • Streamlined dynamic infrastructure • “Software defined” everything Agility Innovative Why is this an industry-leading approach? Dell Red Hat Enterprise Cloud Solutions powered by RHEL OpenStack Platform
    16. 16. 16 Dell - Internal Use - Confidential OpenStack is Innovation
    17. 17. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Next steps in your journey 1. Learn - join a workshop, explore resources • • 2. Discover - get hands on at a Dell Solution Center • Demos, POCs, Pilots, Design • 3. Engage - plan for success • Contact your Dell account rep •
    18. 18. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Back up slides
    19. 19. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 1. To drive long-term success in the OpenStack project • Joint-engineering on a variety of OpenStack projects • Joint-engineering on select community projects (Docker …) • Upstream code contributions 2. Take OpenStack to the “next” level • Drive enterprise acceptance and adoption • Joint- engineering and certified solutions with complete lifecycle support • Creditability and existing routes to market Why are Dell and Red Hat partnering? (projects) PLACEHOLDER
    20. 20. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Solution components Dell PowerEdge Dell Storage Dell Networking Dell reference architecture Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Dell Professional Services Dell ProSupport Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution, powered by RHEL OSP
    21. 21. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential • Address the gaps for OpenStack in the Enterprise via a jointly engineered solution • Deliver enterprise-grade, certified, highly-scalable, secure, and fully supported cloud infrastructure solutions • Provide a fulfillment, deployment, and support experience like commercial software • Support specific enterprise use cases for cloud applications, software defined storage, development and test Making OpenStack the defacto OPEN Cloud Solution in the Enterprise Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution powered by RHEL OSP
    22. 22. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Solution Architectures RHEL OSP v4, Openstack Havana, RHEL 6.5, Dell PowerEdge, Dell Storage, Dell Networking Certifications Professional Services Support Services OpenStack Community • Dell RHEL OSP Enterprise Ref. Architecture • Dell POC configuration • Dell Pilot/Pilot HA configuration • Dell Production configuration • Joint solution certification • Dell services staff certifications • Customer staff certifications • Dell Assessment Services • Dell Consulting Services • Dell Implementation Services • Red Hat Training and Certification services • Dell ProSupport • Red Hat Support & Updates (RHEL OSP) • Joint code contributions • OpenStack Foundation Board membership • Active community engagements Dell Red Hat Cloud Solution Powered by RHEL OpenStack Platform
    23. 23. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential History of Red Hat in OpenStack
    24. 24. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential History of Dell in OpenStack Feb 2011: Bexar Release Apr 2011: Cactus Release Sep 2011: Diablo Release Apr 2012: Design Summit Oct 2011: Design Summit Mar 2012: Essex Release Nov 2010: Austin Release Apr 2011: Design Summit April 2013: Grizzly Release Oct 2012: Folsom Release Oct 2012: Design Summit Apr 2013: Design Summit Oct 2013: Havana Release Oct 2013: Design Summit Dell publicly supports OpenStack (Jul 2010) Dell publicly demos OpenStack deploymen t at Cloud Connect Dell releases recognized whitepaper “Bootstrap -ping Open- Stack Clouds” Dell sponsors OpenStack Conference for 4th consecutive summit Dell leads OpenStack meetups in Austin and Boston Dell launches market’s FIRST OpenStack HW+SW+Svcs Solution; Dell open sources Crowbar project Dell joins OpenStack Foundation as GOLD member Dell kicks off Emerging Solutions Ecosystem Program Dell “Grizzly” Release -Neutron -Cinder -EQL -10GbE -C8000 Dell and Red Hat announce partnership to deliver enter-prise class OpenStack solutions Dec 2013July 2010: OpenStack Annc
    25. 25. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential ● It's OPEN! ● Community development accelerates feature velocity ● Clear, predicable release cadence ● Massive eco-system of value-add extensions ● Delivers public cloud-like capabilities ● Provides massive on-demand scalability ● 1,000's → 10,000's of VMs ● Flexibility to customize and interoperate ● Faster to market vs. proprietary software Why OpenStack?
    26. 26. • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 65% of respondents have deployed or are planning to deploy OpenStack® 62% of respondents plan to use OpenStack for a private cloud infrastructure 42% of respondents need OpenStack for massive scalability Who is using OpenStack? Source: IDG Research – CIO QuickPulse May 2013 Have deployed Currently in deployment Will deploy within 24 months Plan to deploy, but no timeline Other 23% 20% 35% 11% 11% 11%