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Overview of the Dell OEM XL Program

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  • Longer mass production lifecycleEmphasize parallel supply chain managed by OEM PG for OEM customersIntent IS NOT to skip a product generation
  • Transition T5500LL to T5500XL as part of our commitment to XL roadmapsLaunching the Westmere refresh
  • Dell OEM XL Program

    1. 1. OEM XL ProgramWhen stability mattersMarch, 2011 Version 01
    2. 2. OEMDellSolutions Non-attached services • Application servicesoverview • • Cloud services Engineering services • Supply chain outsourcing OEM PG Customization Attached to box services OEM XL • ProSupport • Configuration Services (CFI/CFS) OEM-Ready Commercial Products Entire Dell and S&P Catalog2 OEM SOLUTIONS
    3. 3. OEMDellSolutions Non-attached services • Application servicesoverview NEBS • • Cloud services Engineering services Bezels • Supply chain outsourcing Mods Proof of concepts BIOS Attached to box PowerEdge-XL services Optiplex XE PWS T5500 • ProSupport • Configuration Services (CFI/CFS) OEM-Ready Optiplex XE PowerEdge OEM-Ready Precision R5500 PowerVault Optiplex PowerEdge PowerVault EqualLogic PowerConnect Latitude Precision Printers Inspiron PowerEdge XPS Software Latitude PowerConnect Venue Pro Precision Studio Ultra-sharp Streak EqualLogic Optiplex Vostro PowerVault OEM SOLUTIONS
    4. 4. XL means… Stability Visibility Support Longevity4 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    5. 5. XL means stability• Fewer changes during life of platform to help reduce development costs• Ability to choose most BIOS / Firmware updates• Consistent & predictable CPUs, Graphics cards, Motherboard, Controllers, Firmware, BIOS, Hard Drive capacities, etc.• Highly controlled parallel supply chain to help ensure stability Competitor Sample EOL r.1 r.2 r.3 r.4 r.5 r.6 r.7 r.8 Dell Standard + OEM-Ready EOL A01 A02 (opt) A03 (opt) A04 A05 (opt) OEM XL Product EOL A01 A04 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Firmware / BIOS Updates5 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    6. 6. XL means visibility• Long term outlook on component changes to allow for planning and resource allocation.• Proactive advanced notification on updates and changes.• Methodical change management process Sample OEM-Ready XL Change Management Report6 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    7. 7. XL means support • Comprehensive international support contracts for up to 5 years. • 5 global command centers • 15,000+ certified field technicians • 60 expert tech support centers • 24x7 call center • >180 countries covered • 2/4/8hr/NBD for major metro areas • ~500 parts depots • Dell Online Self Dispatch (self-maintainer) • ProSupport for OEM includes a 90 day warranty extension for warehousing and inventory management. Customized and extended plans are available. • What do you get with competitor Long Life Platforms? – Unknown, undefined, ad-hoc support? YOU support the ODM solution!Traditional LL Industrial PCStandard Sales Life 5 years std support CustomOEM-R Sales Life 5 yrs + 90 days OEM support CustomOEM XL Sales Life 5 yrs + 90 days OEM support Custom7 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    8. 8. XL means longevity• Longer transition period to next platform.• 12 months of run-rate sales beyond the launch of follow-on platform.• Availability of components assured based on your forecasts. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Required Standard Server Change Replacement Platform RTS OEM-Ready Server Optional Change OEM XL Server Standard Server Up to 30-day Extension OEM-Ready Server w/ Committed Forecast OEM XL Server 12 Months8 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    9. 9. How XL works9 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    10. 10. OEM XL summaryOEM Customer Requests Extended Life Program from Dell OEM• Product stability and advanced change  Identify specific component options that management notifications can maintain a longer life• Save time and resources engineering,  Manage a parallel supply chain for developing and certifying configurations extending chosen product configurations.• Reduce additional costs and delays in the  Provide pro-active transition planning via development cycle extended and managed product overlaps 1H 2H 1H 2H 1H 2H 1H 2H 1H 2H CY09 CY09 CY10 CY10 CY11 CY11 CY12 CY12 CY13 CY13 Product C Product B Dell Standard Product A OEM XL Product C OEM XL Product B OEM XL Product A10 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    11. 11. XL is controlled LifecycleClass 1 - Locked Class 2 - Managed Class 3 - Monitored Components Components managed through Components locked down for lifecycle. Advance follow Dell Product Lifecycle* notification*: standard refresh Servers = 6 month cycle Workstation = 3 months Components: Components: Components: • Supplier changes (HDD, • Chipset • BIOS, iDRAC, & USC DIMM, Fan, Power • Embedded Processors • Required CPU & Chipset Supply) • System Boards (PN’s) Stepping • Chassis and • Graphics Cards • On-board LOM , RAID, mechanical changes (workstations) Storage Controller • Supplier part revision • Memory Tech (ie. SV to level LV) • HDD Capacity Custom programs for other fixed configurations available based on opportunity11 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS *Except for product safety and/or quality concerns
    12. 12. OEM XL PowerEdge Servers R610 XL R710 XL R210 XL Status Shipping Shipping Shipping OEM-Ready Required Required Required RTS Nov. 2010 Nov. 2010 Nov. 2010 Region ABU, APJ, EMEA ABU, APJ, EMEA ABU, APJ, EMEA EOL R620 RTS +12 mo R620 RTS +12 mo R210 II RTS + 12 mo CPUs (Embedded) (Embedded) (Embedded) Intel XEON E5504 Intel XEON E5504 Intel XEON 3450 Intel XEON E5540 Intel XEON E5540 Intel XEON 3430 Intel XEON E5620 Intel XEON E5620 Intel Core i3-540 Intel XEON E5645 Intel XEON E5645 Intel Pentium G6950 Chipset Intel 5520 Chipset Intel 5520 Chipset Intel 3420 Chipset12 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    13. 13. OEM XL Precision Workstations T5500 XL Status Shipping OEM-Ready No RTS Global March 2011 Availability ABU, APJ, EMEA EOL T5600 RTS +12 mo CPUs (embedded) Intel XEON E5504 Intel XEON E5540 Intel XEON E5620 Intel XEON E5645 Chipset Intel 5520 Chipset Graphic Cards - NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 3800 dual monitor - NVIDIA® Quadro® FX580 quad monitor - NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 dual monitor - NVIDIA® Quadro® 600 dual monitor13 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    14. 14. OEM XL Products14 Confidential OEM SOLUTIONS
    15. 15. Precision T5500 XL• Westmere Refresh of the T5500LL Nehalem – Available: Mid Feb 2011 USA Mid March EMEA+APJ – EOL: Feb 2012 (24 months in mass production) – Rename as T5500XL to be consistent with Enterprise XL product positioning – Launch XL skus for the following Class 1 key components available for 24 months (Dec 2010- Dec 2012) › Motherboard › CPU › Chipset › Graphics card – Actively transition all new business to XL skus as Available with of Dec RTS OEM ProSupport! – Offer T5500LL Nehalem platform as last time buy for existing customers - limited quantities available15 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    16. 16. Precision R5500 XL• The Rack Mount Dell Precision R5500 + Improved hardware – greater speed and memory + Up to six SAS drives and hardware RAID options + Up to 192GB of system memory + Increased graphics power – full X16 graphics including GPGPU support + Improved storage with room for up to six hard drives + Continued superb remote performance via the FX100 + Optional redundant power supply unit16 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    17. 17. PowerEdge OEM R710 XL Performance Expandability, I/O, Storage • Up to two Intel embedded processors • Up to two x8 and two x4 PCI Express Gen2 • Buffered DDR-3 SDRAM • 4 Embedded Gigabit NICs with TOE • Low Voltage Power Options • Managed Persistent Storage Options • Energy Star certified • Remains a 2U Rack solution Availability • Up to eight 2.5” hot-plug hard drives • Management: iDRAC • Security: TPM 1.217 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    18. 18. PowerEdge OEM R610 XL Performance Availability • Up to two Intel embedded processors • Six 2.5” hot-plug hard drives • Buffered DDR-3 SDRAM • Management: iDRAC • Two hot-plug high-efficient 502W Energy • TPM 1.2 Smart PSU or two hot-plug 717W High Output PSUs Expandability, I/O, Storage • Energy Star certified • 2 PCIe x8, G2 • 4 Embedded Gigabit NICs with TOE • Managed Persistent Storage Options • Remains a 1U Rack solution18 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    19. 19. PowerEdge OEM R210 II XL Performance Expandability, I/O, Storage • Single socket Intel embedded CPU • Dual-port embedded Gigabit NIC • 4 DIMM- 16GB DDR3 ECC (Unbuffered) • 1 Expansion slots (one PCIe x16 G2) • PCI-Express I/O Technology • Either 2 x 3.5" or 4 x 2.5”(Post RTS) cabled hard drives Management • eSATA port added for external storage connectivity options • Baseboard Management Controller with IPMI • Cost effective RAID options including PERC 2.0 S100, PERCS300. or optional HW RAID: PERC • Full enterprise class manageability of Lifecycle H200, PERC H800 Controller with optional remote management (iDRAC6) upgrade • Quad-pack Diagnostic LED19 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    20. 20. PowerEdge OEM R210 XL Management • Baseboard Management Controller with IPMI 2.0 • Full enterprise class manageability of Lifecycle Controller with optional remote management (iDRAC6) upgrade • Quad-pack Diagnostic LEDPerformance Expandability, I/O, Storage• Single socket, Intel Embedded CPU • Dual-port embedded Gigabit NIC• 4 DIMM- 16GB DDR3 ECC (Unbuffered) • 1 Expansion slots (one PCIe x16 G2)• PCI-Express I/O Technology • Two 2.5”/3.5” SATA, SAS or SSD drives • eSATA port added for external storage connectivity options • Cost effective RAID options including PERC S100, PERCS300. As well as optional SAS 6i/R ,SAS 5/E, PERC 6/E20 Copyright 2011 OEM SOLUTIONS
    21. 21. OEM Solutions For more info on OEM Solutions, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC