Dell OEM – Server Product Portfolio November 2011


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Overview of Dell’s Server products that would be recommended/suitable for our OEM customers, for more information please contact your sales team.

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Dell OEM – Server Product Portfolio November 2011

  1. 1. Dell PowerEdge OEM Solutions Servers. November 2012 Built to the most demanding specifications ever set forth. Yours.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Dell’s 12th Generation serversDell’s servers feature energy-tuned technologies designed to reducepower consumption while increasing performance and capacity. Tower Servers Rack Servers Blade Servers • Designed for flexibility and high • Industry leading performance and • Density without compromise availability efficiency • Dell blades are simpler, faster, • Dell tower servers deliver • Dell™ rack servers maximise cooler outstanding price performance productivityPowerEdge Naming Scheme T = Tower 1-3 = Single socket 0 = 10th Generation 0 = Intel R = Rack 4-8 = Dual socket 1 = 11th Generation 5 = AMD M = Modular (blade) 8-9 = Quad socket 2 = 12th Generation R720Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. PowerEdge 12th Generation PortfolioNew features Unique features for OEMs• Larger memory footprint (24 DIMMs up to 1600MHz; • Identity module – Simplifies the distribution and maintenance of customised BIOS, UDIMMs, RDIMMs, LRDIMMs) helping you to get updates to market faster and stay focused on innovation.• Choice of network technology and vendor with • LCD Access Control Panel Released – Chassis-front interaction gives your customers PowerEdge Select Network Adapters (R720, R720xd, R620) full control of the platform. OEM customers have access software and Programming Interfaces to take over the LCD controls and buttons completely for tight integration• Ultra-fast, front accessible, hot swappable storage with with their software Dell Express Flash PCIe solid state drives (R720, R620, T620) • XL Programme (stability programme) – Dell’s latest XL system offers you enhanced• More performance with the new Intel Xeon processor predictability around your hardware configurations, so you can better control your E5-2600 series resources and manage your product lifecycles. • Innovative ‘agent-free’ management and easy, • Comprehensive services for OEM – Simplify your entire transition process with comprehensive lifecycle manageability with iDRAC7 global end-to-end services—hardware support, engineering and configuration with Lifecycle Controller services, cloud services, applications testing, OEM ready solutions and an extra 90-day warranty at no additional charge. Click here to view our value pyramid• More throughput using an optional split backplane and dual non-redundant PERC controllers (R720, T620) • Carrier Grade – Servers capable of delivering performance and stability in harsh environments, certified with NEBS Level 3 and ETSI standards, including extended• Accelerated computation with internal GPUs (R720, operating temperature range, shock resistance, DC power supplies, for the R620, T620) telecommunications industry. Find out more Click here for an overview of Dell’s Server technology for OEMs. by Marcel Moelands. Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Dell OEM.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. PowerEdge Rack ServersMaximise Performance & AvailabilityDell provides a complete portfolio of 1, 2, and 4 socket rack serversdesigned to reduce complexity and deliver superior value. PowerEdgerack servers feature excellent performance and functionality andoutstanding reliability.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. PowerEdge Rack Servers Click on the product to access further informationMaximise Performance & AvailabilityQuad Socket Rack Servers Dual Socket Rack Servers PowerEdge R910 PowerEdge R720 A scalable 4U, 4-socket server offering performance A 2U rack server created to efficiently address a wide and reliability while allowing large workload range of key business applications which can help consolidation or max virtualisation machine density. lower TCO with enhanced virtualization capabilities, improved energy efficiency and innovative system PowerEdge R820 management tools. Available in Carrier Grade, contact The R820 is a dense 4S/2U rack server emphasizing your sales representative Click here for the detailed performance and reliability and is designed for mid- technical guide. size to large data centers requiring high memory capacity and performance. PowerEdge R620 A hyper-dense 2-socket, 1U rack server with a large PowerEdge R815 memory footprint and impressive I/O options that A 4-socket rack server offering the latest AMD make it an exceptional platform for space-sensitive Opteron™ processors with up to 48 processor cores environments. Availabile in Carrier Grade, contact and an excellent balance of advanced manageability, your sales representative Click here for the detailed memory scalability, I/O, and redundancy in a space- technical guide. saving 2U form factor. PowerEdge R715 PowerEdge R720XD 2U AMD rack server. Well-balanced for workload An ultra-dense, 2-socket, 2U rack server with massive consolidation, virtualisation, small to medium internal storage and performance balanced for databases and other general business applications. data-intensive operations. Click here for the detailed Offers an excellent balance of processor density, technical guide. redundancy and value in a 2-socket, 2U form factor. OEM Ready version availableDell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved. XL version available
  6. 6. PowerEdge Rack Servers Click on the product to access further informationMaximise Performance & AvailabilityDual Socket Rack ServersPowerEdge R520 PowerEdge R415The R520 is a 2S 2U rack-mount 2-socket 1U rack server with 4- orserver offering an excellent balance 6-core AMD Opteron® Processorsof processing power, storage and optional enterprise-class features.capacity, redundancy and cost.Click here for the detailed technical PowerEdge R320guide. he PE R320 is a 1S 1U rack-mount server designed to deliver optimizedPowerEdge R515 performance, redundancy and value2-socket, 4- or 6-core AMD-based, 2U in a dense chassis. Click here for therack server. Suited for database tasks, detailed technical guide.emails, virtualisation and workloadconsolidation. PowerEdge R210 II An ultra-compact 1-socket, 1UPowerEdge R420 entry rack server features advancedThe PE R420 is a 2S 1U rack- management capabilities, low wattagemount server offering internal power supply and external storageexpandability, enabling configurations connectivity options in a very smallto be tailored to specific workloads and chassis.user specific workloadsand user requirements.Click here for the detailed technicalguide. OEM Ready version availableDell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved. XL version available
  7. 7. PowerEdge Blade ServersInvest in Total Business-Class SolutionsThe Dell PowerEdge M-Series blade servers address the challengesof an evolving IT environment by delivering leading enterprise-classfeatures and functionality. The M-Series delivers a unique array ofoptions configured to meet the needs of your IT environment todayand in the future.Simple ManageabilityDell’s blade solutions deliver an array of enterprise-class management capabilities,including centralised, chassis-based tools to maximise data center productivity.Increased FlexibilityDesigned to lead the industry in rapid deployment, Dell’s fully modular bladeenclosure provides an effective solution for scaling your I/O infrastructure thatdelivers savings in time, cabling and switch port costs.Energy EfficiencyDell M-Series blades are designed for energy efficiency and density to addressgrowing power consumption and space constraints in your data centre.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. PowerEdge Blade Servers Click on the product to access further informationInvest in Total Business-Class SolutionsPowerEdge M1000e Quad Socket BladesUltra rack dense high performance blade server chassis. PowerEdge M910 A full-height, 4-socket blade server that allows deployment of large Enterprise-class applications as well as the ability to support heavy virtualisation or workload consolidation in maximum density. Click here for the detailed technical guide. PowerEdge M915 4-socket full-height blade server ideal for mission- critical applications needing maximum I/O scalability and performance. Click here for the detailed technical guide. PowerEdge M820 Power through tough workloads in dense data center environments with the exceptional performance and scalability of the 4-socket PowerEdge™ M820 blade. Click here for the detailed technical guide.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. PowerEdge Blade Servers Click on the product to access further informationInvest in Total Business-Class SolutionsDual Socket Blades PowerEdge M620 PowerEdge M520 An exceptionally feature- rich 2-socket blade server The PowerEdge M520 blade server delivers an designed for maximum performance combined with extraordinary balance of business value, power extreme density and power efficiency. Click here for efficiency and performance for mainstream business the detailed technical guide. applications, with no compromise on Enterprise-class features. Click here for the detailed technical guide. PowerEdge M610x 2-socket blade server targeted at high-performance PowerEdge M420 database acceleration, graphics, GPGPU, and other The PowerEdge M420 blade server delivers usage models that require PCIe expansion cards to unprecedented computational density by allowing deliver specific capabilities. up to 32 independent, individually serviceable blade servers to leverage the standard PowerEdge M1000e chassis. Click here for the detailed technical guide. PowerEdge M805 Highly scalable 2-socket blade server targetedat virtualisation, database and messaging usage models.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Carrier Grade servers Click on the product to access further informationAs a recognized global leader in enterprise platforms, Dell OEM Solutions offersNEBS Level-3 and ETSI-certified PowerEdgeTM Carrier Grade Servers runningon Intel® Xeon® Processors at tier 1 levels of stability. Our rack mount systemsare designed to deliver high performance, maximum scalability and safe andreliable service.Fresh-air cooling systems enable these servers to operate in warmerenvironments than traditional data centers & are designed for extremeconditions such as high humidity, earthquakes and dust. Read more PowerEdge R720tPowerEdge M1000e t & PowerEdge M620t PowerEdge R620t OEM Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry Overview VideoDell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. PowerEdge Tower ServersAchieve Unprecedented ValueDell provides a complete tower server portfolio with a widechoice of performance and functionality, providing you witha solid foundation to run your businesses and organisations.The PowerEdge server towers are designed to deliver highquality and reliability at a consistently low acquisition costwith exceptional price for performance.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. PowerEdge Tower Servers Click on the product to access further informationAchieve Unprecedented ValueDual Socket Tower Servers Single Socket Tower Servers PowerEdge T620 PowerEdge T320 A 2-socket, 5U tower server ideal for The 1-socket Dell™ PowerEdge™ T320 tower corporate data centers and remote sites server delivers performance, scalability and that require high availability, exceptional enterprise-class reliability, availability, and virtualization, large internal storage capacity serviceability (RAS) capabilities, enabling users and energy efficiency. Click here for the to grow their businesses and organizations and detailed technical guide become more productive. Click here for the detailed technical guidePowerEdge T420 PowerEdge T110 IIThe 2-socket Dell™ PowerEdge™ T420 PowerEdge™ T110 II is an ideal first servertower server delivers balanced performance for small business with the right combinationand expandability for non-disruptive growth. of value, reliability, collaboration and dataOptional redundancy and hot pluggability of protection features to improve your businesskey components helps to protect data and continuity and productivity. Click here for thekeep the business running. Click here for the detailed technical guidedetailed techinical guide OEM Ready version availableDell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. PowerEdge C ServersYour Apps, Our HorsepowerDell PowerEdge C servers are purpose-built for scale-outenvironments where availability is managed at the software level andextensive systems management and broad enterprise storage are notneeded.Hyperscale Inspired Get ResultsDell leveraged its expertise in custom-built hyperscale computing and used the Get the speed you need in the least amount of space, along with greater energystrength of its supply chain to bring ultra-dense, efficient solutions to scale- efficiency to slash operational costs in your hyperscale environment.out high-performance computing (HPC), Web 2.0, hosting and cloud-buildingorganisations.Right CombinationIt’s not just about gigahertz and gigabytes; it’s about having the right combinationfor your environment. With the PowerEdge C line, you do not have to sacrifice.You can maximise density, memory and serviceability while reducing total cost ofownership.Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’tPowerEdge C servers are best for large, homogenous cloud/cluster applicationenvironments where availability resides predominantly in the software stack. Dellexcludes unnecessary features, like extensive systems management, or broadenterprise storage. By default, Dell PowerEdge C servers with optional GlobalProSupport coverage known from the standard PowerEdge product portfolio.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Dell PowerEdge C servers Click on the product to access further informationPowerEdge C6145 PowerEdge C6105 PowerEdge C410x Chassis PowerEdge C6220One of the highest performing servers A 4-node 2U shared infrastructure A 3U, 16-slot external PCIe expansion Build your clouds and clustersever, with two 4-socket AMD Opteron AMD® Opteron 4200® series chassis that can support up to eight with PowerEdge™ C6220 servers6200 series processor-based servers in processor-based hyperscale server host connections to up to 16 graphics that harness the capabilities ofa hyper-efficient 2U; with 10 PCIe slots designed to maximise performance processing unit (GPU) cards. This Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processingto ramp up expansion possibilities. per watt per dollar. enables massive parallel calculations performance with up to 4 dual socket separate from the server, greatly servers inside Dell’s established shared enhancing system performance infrastructure chassis. and flexibility.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Dell PowerEdge C servers Click on the product to access further informationPowerEdge C5220 Microserver PowerEdge C5125 Microserver PowerEdge C5000 ChassisUp to 12 Intel processor-based server nodes in a Up to 12 hot-swap, AMD processor-based server Up to 12 single-socket servers fit in this 3U rackshared-infrastructure C5000 chassis. This microserver nodes in a 3U C5000 chassis. Ideal for dedicated chassis. Ideal for scale-out power and space-sensitiveprovides 4x the density with 75% less to cool. hosting, Web 2.0, content delivery networks (CDN) environments, this was designed for those looking toDesigned for lightweight workloads like virtualised and other applications that are not very compute increase revenue per square foot in their data and CDN, the PowerEdge C5220 8-sled intensive or complex, yet benefit from computeversion has a mezzanine card slot for SAS drives, density and power efficiency.hardware RAID or an extra dual-port 1GbE NIC.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Poweredge C8000 series Click on the product to access further information PowerEdge C8000 PowerEdge C8000XD 4U shared infrastructure chassis holds Storage Sled up to eight single-wide compute, up Get big insights fast with up to 36TB of to four double-wide compute/GPU, SAS, SATA or SSD storage in a compact or storage sleds; or a combination of double-wide sled designed for the 4U sleds to create the ideal mix for your PowerEdge C8000 chassis. workloads.PowerEdge C8220 PowerEdge C8220XCompute Sled Compute/GPU SledUp to 16 cores, 256GB memory, and Get results up to 10x faster withtwo PCIe Gen3 expansion slots in a GPUs1, delivered with up to 16 cores,compact single-wide compute sled 256GB memory, and three PCIedesigned for the 4U PowerEdge Gen3 expansion slots in a compactC8000 chassis. double-wide sled designed for the 4U PowerEdge C8000 chassis.Dell PowerEdge Servers | 2012 Dell. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. OEM Solutions
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