Dell Networking Vision - VMworld 2011


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  • Key call outs:Strategy remains unchanged, virtualization is a market disruptor and that enables opportunities for vendors that choose to lead the changeThe Virtual Era represents a time where the solutions and technologies of today are breaking down old barriers and allowing customers to operate both their applications and their businesses in a new dynamic ways. The traditional barriers defined by sheet metal, offices, and even your own organizational structure enables new types of computing models which can begin to shift these curves in the direction of operational efficiency, lowering costs while increasing flexibility all without sacrificing control .Dell is taking advantage of this inflection point by addressing IT Operations holistically and focusing on streamlining processes, tools and tasks to enable operational efficiencies in infrastructure as well as the management of dataDell differentiators:We recognize that even with the increasing adoption of virtualization most organization will have a mix of physical and virtual workloads. We are focused on creating efficiencies in this mixed environment. AIM is a great example…. Offering a single platform to support the deployment and redeployment of physical and virtual workloadsRecognizing that customers have heterogeneous environments and are designing to bring simplicity and optimization in a heterogeneous infrastructureThere are key technologies (dedup, tiering, etc) that are key to managing data growth but the value resides in leveraging these technologies within an ecosystem that classifies, categorization and recall of data in a way that makes it more valuable. The ability to filter, search and mine/analyse the growing pool of data in a way that enables the business is key. We are focusing our innovation in core areas and have a partnering strategy with best of breed technology providers in the areas that complement our portfolio.
  • We’re all familiar with cloud and virtualization initiatives. Adding to the complexity and increased demand we mentioned previously, the network must scale to anywhere where business is done… from the data center… to campus locations… to remote facilities… to the mobile workforce. Everything we do needs to scale everywhere - and the center of gravity is the datacenter. This is the basis out our discussion today – specifically the of how to solve for the increased demands being placed on the network in a way that is efficient, while also answering the current and future demands that will be required of the network.
  • From messaging brief:Force10 delivers a modular, resilient network operating system (referred to as XXOS) upon which we plan to build new services to optimize application delivery among network, server, and storage resources. At the same time, XXOS will integrate with other software to enable visibility, automation, and configuration of the network in a simpler, more responsive, lower cost manner. Force10 possesses the vision to extend its network operating system across both physical and virtual networking environments and is well along its product realization. In April 2011, Force10 introduced Open Automation 2.0 as part of its Open Cloud Networking Initiative which enables its modular XXOS to deliver automated, policy-driven, real-time workload allocation in response to changing application and service demands. The feature enables third-party developer communities to include Force10 switches in a broader ecosystem of solutions.FTOS now includes a unified fabric manager to allow data center managers to control multiple Force10 switches as if they were a single, logical, switch device.Force10’s implementation of EVB/VEPA  allows switches to communicate seamlessly with virtual switches and to process packets from a virtual machine for direction onto the appropriate VLAN.For customers that use hypervisors that don’t support EVB, Force10 offers HyperLink as an alternative method to make the physical switch aware of virtual switches via communication directly with the hypervisor API.This acquisition further complements the broader end-to-end deployment along with simplified systems management.Includes the Dell VIS platform--------------------From: DarylModular (E-Series)Aggregation (C-Series)ToR / Access (S-Series)Next-Gen Distributed Core (Z-Series)New Slide on Force10 dashboard & Force10 resources for more S&P & Product informationDistributed Core Technology:  Ability to “Pay as you Grow” architecture that enhances existing investmentsAbility to migrate customers to “affordable” next generation core technologies like 10/40/ GbE FabricsMassive scalable, ultra reliable leave-spine architectureLow-Latency, non-blocking performance from 2-160 TbpsLayer 2 & Layer 3 control plane features  Disruptive Economics:  Smaller Footprint with dramatic power & cooling savings over alternate architecture = Much Higher Value (1/10th the footprint at 1/20th the Power per disclaimer on slide 7 & Slide 25 of Force10 Overview deck)Reduced Development Cycle:  Comparing Dell server innovation now applied to Networking  à Slide 8 where the rhetoric compares main frame to chassis and contrasts with “distributed chassis”---------------
  • Dell and Force10 share a common vision for enterprise datacenter networking. We both have a strong commitment to enable our customers to grow and thrive.Force10 and Dell have a similar approach to product architecture and open systems. And we both have a commitment to deliver a converged datacenter solution that is based upon thegoal of significantly improved manageability and reduced TCO.
  • Dell Networking Vision - VMworld 2011

    1. 1. Dell Networking Vision<br />VMworld 2011<br />
    2. 2. We are executing a growth strategy<br />Building enterprise solutions that drive efficiency and flexibility for the virtual era<br />Efficient IT Solutions<br />Open, Capable, Affordable<br />End-User<br />Enterprise<br />Services, Security & Cloud<br />Next Generation Computing Solutions<br />& Intelligent Data Management<br />End-User<br />Computing<br />Flexible & optimized value chain<br />Mobility Solutions<br />Tablets & smartphones<br />Desktop Virtualization<br />Virtualization<br />vStart<br />AIM Systems Management<br />Modular Data Centers<br />IT infrastructure outsourcing<br />BPO & applications<br />Multi-Vendor Support<br />ITaaS, SaaS, PaaS<br />Networking<br />Fluid Data Architecture<br />SAN & Scale-out NAS<br />Deduplication<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />End User Trends Impacting Data Center<br />User Experience is dependent upon all that lies between users and their applications & data – this is the networking opportunity<br />The data center is the focal point from which mobile usersincreasingly access applications and information.<br />Data center networking projected to grow from ~$6B in FY12 to ~$16B in FY16.<br />Source: IDC Worldwide DataCenterNetwork 2010-2015 Forecast & Analysis, Dec. 2010<br />
    4. 4. Dell ESG strategy for differentiated innovationVirtual Era offers an opportunity and we’re taking advantage by driving differentiated innovation in IT operations and data management<br />
    5. 5. The data center is at the core of application & data delivery<br />Confidential<br />5<br />End users demand anytime, anywhere connectivity with applications & data<br />Data Center<br />Campus<br />Mobile User<br />Mobile<br />Branch<br />
    6. 6. 6<br />Meeting end user needs with Dell’s Virtual Network Services Infrastructure (VNSI)Innovation that delivers an open architecture, open automation and open ecosystem<br />Data CenterVNSI<br />Manage from the Edge<br />Flatten the Network<br />Scaling Virtualization<br />Application Focused<br />Performance Focused<br />Growth Focused<br />Confidential<br />
    7. 7. 7<br />Confidential<br />Virtual Network Services Infrastructure (VNSI)Automated orchestration of data center resources<br />Network policies across physical and virtual resources persist with applications wherever they move<br />
    8. 8. Confidential<br />Virtual Network Infrastructure spans across the EnterpriseDell responds to end user needs with a scalable, dynamic NW solution<br />Customer Needs<br />Present<br />Future<br /><ul><li>Distributed core fabric-based network converging storage and application delivery based on industry standards
    9. 9. Dynamically scale network to meet virtualization needs
    10. 10. Cost effective & flexible performance
    11. 11. Open Management framework & automated policy configuration
    12. 12. Dell PowerConnect ToR Portfolio
    13. 13. Dell M1000e Blade systems
    14. 14. Force10 Networks*</li></ul>Data Center<br /><ul><li>As users become more mobile and bring new devices to the network, Dell will offer seamless wireless across the campus and edge
    15. 15. Dell PowerConnect Switch Portfolio
    16. 16. Dell W-series Mobile Access
    17. 17. Automated Network
    18. 18. Anywhere Application Access
    19. 19. Advanced Network Performance</li></ul>8<br />Campus<br /><ul><li>The remote branch will require increasing security and application acceleraqtion to gain securte access to the data center
    20. 20. Dell PowerConnect Switch Portfolio
    21. 21. Dell J-SRX services gateways
    22. 22. Reliable connectivity to applications
    23. 23. Secure remote access
    24. 24. Application acceleration</li></ul>Branch<br /><ul><li>Force10 Networks pending closure</li></li></ul><li>9<br />Confidential<br />Virtual Network Infrastructure spans across the EnterpriseDell responds to the needs of users with customer-centric solutions<br />Customer Needs<br />Product Portfolio<br /><ul><li>Dynamically scale network to meet virtualization needs
    25. 25. Cost effective & flexible performance
    26. 26. Open Management framework & automated policy configuration
    27. 27. *</li></ul>Data Center<br /><ul><li>Automated Network
    28. 28. Anywhere Application Access
    29. 29. Advanced Network Performance</li></ul>Campus<br /><ul><li>Reliable connectivity to applications
    30. 30. Secure remote access
    31. 31. Application acceleration</li></ul>Branch<br /><ul><li>Force10 Networks pending closure</li></li></ul><li>Force10 Networks Acquisition*<br /><ul><li>Force10 Networks pending closure</li></li></ul><li>Force10 delivers VNSIPerformance, scalability & automation for next-generation data center networks<br />E-Series<br />Core Systems<br />Z-Series<br />Next-Gen Distributed Core<br />FTOS<br />Force10Operating System<br />C-Series<br />Aggregation Systems<br />S-Series<br />TOR/Access Systems<br />Open Architectures + Open Automation + Open Ecosystems<br />Bare Metal Provisioning<br />Smart Scripting<br />Virtual Server Networking<br />Programmatic Management<br />GUI, Portal & Script Store<br />11<br />
    32. 32. Enabling Dell’s VNSI VisionPerformance and choice with an open management framework<br />Confidential<br />12<br />High Performance Networking for Data Centers<br />Total Enterprise Solutions & Global Reach<br /><ul><li>Industry’s newest, innovative portfolio & software enabling Open Cloud Networking
    33. 33. Complementary Network Solutions for Web2.0, Cloud & Enterprise Data Centers
    34. 34. Full Data Center Stack,Open, Capable, Affordable
    35. 35. Servers+Storage+Services
    36. 36. Global Scale & Reach</li></ul>Force10’s Data Center Networking portfolio complements Dell’s world-class Server & Storage Solutions <br />
    37. 37. Building VNSI<br />Dell’s Enterprise Solutions Group continues to execute its data center vision with networking as an integral enabler of application & intelligent data delivery<br />The Virtual Network Services Infrastructure connects users to their applications and data regardless of device or location via an efficient, policy-driven, computing fabric.<br />Force10 Networks provides Dell’s enterprise customers with an innovative data center networking portfolio that is complementary to our world-class Server and Storage solutions.<br />13<br />
    38. 38. Confidential<br />14<br />
    39. 39. Thank You for coming to see us!<br />