Dell Keynote Address, OpenStack Summit 2014


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At OpenStack Summit 2014, Sam Greenblatt, Dell’s VP and Chief Technology Officer shared Dell’s perspective for how OpenStack is creating innovation in the enterprise today and in the future. Tim Yeaton, SVP Red Hat, joined in to discuss how Red Hat and Dell will collaborate to provide upstream contributions to OpenStack and to ensure that enterprises of all types are successful with OpenStack. Learn more:

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Dell Keynote Address, OpenStack Summit 2014

  1. 1. Innovation in the Enterprise Powered by OpenStack Sam Greenblatt, VP & CTO, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell Tim Yeaton, SVP, Infrastructure Business Group, Red Hat
  2. 2. The New Order of Cloud • On demand • Self service • Elasticity • Measured service PaaSSaaS IaaSMBaaS Platform-as-a-Service Application platform Infrastructure-as-a-Service Compute & storage Software-as-a-Service Remote application delivery Mobile backend-as-a-Service Mobile services & hosting PublicHybridPrivate
  3. 3. On premises Converged solutions Open source solutions Cloud infrastructure Cloud clients Advanced virtualization • Governance & access controls • Performance monitoring • Application integration • Provisioning & management • Cloud broker Off premises Community cloud (vertical compliance) Public Cloud ecosystem Software as a service Managed private cloud Dell Cloud Consulting & Application Services Enabling private cloud Delivering multi-cloud management Supplying cloud builders Cloud Management & Broker Engine Dell Cloud Strategy
  4. 4. OpenStack is Innovation
  5. 5. Do these perceptions sound familiar? • OpenStack velocity is GOOD! • OpenStack ecosystem is GOOD! • OpenStack visibility is GOOD! • Enterprise adoption = #Building
  6. 6. Focus – Focus – Focus Enrich the OpenStack community Bridge OpenStack and the enterprise
  7. 7. Dell and Red Hat Making OpenStack the de facto open cloud solution for the enterprise
  8. 8. Technology vision: open hybrid cloud
  9. 9. Open innovation model
  10. 10. ManageIQ and OpenStack
  11. 11. Community to the core
  12. 12. Dell Innovation Lab Dell Innovation Lab • Central Lab, IT Innovation projects • Cloud enabled self-service • Access to Corporate & Lab networks • Active Directory Integration • Built in partnership with Dell Security Dell IT Mandate: “Incubate on Steroids” RHEL OpenStack Platform is the response
  13. 13. Dell sees real business impact from OpenStack User Experience • Accelerating the introduction of user experience improvements • Perception of IT as more user focused and responsive • More time spent on project work and less time on “admini-strivia” • Lab infrastructure utilization rates improved IT Staff Productivity • Faster ramp-up time for new incubations • Scope and breath of supported projects has been expanded Pace of innovation
  14. 14. Where is OpenStack headed … • The next IT paradigm will be known as the “OpenStack Era” • The Community and the Enterprise will embrace the best innovation each has to offer – this will take OpenStack to the next level • The reach and range of OpenStack projects will expand i.e. ceilometer, heat • The Community will tell us where … there is innovation yet to come!