Systems management anddeployment appliancesare saving Wilbur-EllisCompany more than 9,000staff hours and $400,000         ...
Incorporated in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis Company has grown to                                   become a leading international m...
a major malware attack proved to               low bandwidth. The software-onlybe the last straw. The attack targeted     ...
and software compliance tracking,                           Ellis is saving $30,000 per year just onand the best part is t...
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Dell Kace Case Study: Systems management and deployment appliances are saving Wilbur-Ellis Company more than 9,000 staff hours and $400,000


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Systems management and deployment appliances are saving Wilbur-Ellis Company more than 9,000 staff hours and $400,000

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Dell Kace Case Study: Systems management and deployment appliances are saving Wilbur-Ellis Company more than 9,000 staff hours and $400,000

  1. 1. Systems management anddeployment appliancesare saving Wilbur-EllisCompany more than 9,000staff hours and $400,000 “With the Dell KACE Family of Appliances, we are able to perform our jobs better, which at the end of the day is improving service for our 2,200 employees and our customers.” Rick Cahoon, IT Support Manager, Wilbur-Ellis Company Customer Profile Industry: Agriculture and Farming Save Time. Country: United States Save Your Organization Money. Employees: 2,200 • 1 month to ROI for each appliance Web: • $400,000+ total annual cost savings • $50,000/year savings on software configuration management Business Need • $30,000/year savings on image management At Wilbur-Ellis Company, a distributor and marketer of agricultural • $10,000/year savings on IT asset management products, an IT staff of 10 supports more than 2,200 computers in 225 • $75,000/year savings on data protection tasks locations around the world. Manual processes and ineffective software • 9,000+ hours IT staff time reclaimed for more solutions led to enormous inefficiencies in the company’s systems valuable projects management processes. • 50% reduction in staff time for desktop computer provisioning Solution • 50% reduction in staff time for IT asset Wilbur-Ellis installed a Dell KACE™ Management Appliance and a Dell management KACE Deployment Appliance to streamline systems management • 2,200+ endpoints in 225 locations managed company-wide. The transformation in processes has been so dramatic by 10 IT staff that both appliances achieved a return on investment within one • Less than 1 day for appliance installation month. The company estimates that it is saving more than $400,000 and more than 9,000 IT staff hours every year. • Less than 1 day for staff training on appliances • Ability to meter software usage on remote machines • Ability to maintain several images simultaneously
  2. 2. Incorporated in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis Company has grown to become a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural and industrial products, boasting sales of $2.5 billion annually. The company continues to expand globally. It supports a diverse customer base through a complex multinational distribution network made up of hundreds of offices, formulation facilities, retail centers and warehouses strategically located throughout North America and the Pacific Rim. Inefficiencies spread like weeds into an Excel spreadsheet. The team These myriad locations complicate also relied on manual calculations to“We’re saving systems management for the Wilbur- tackle “computer churn.” Ellis IT staff. The company’s network a ton on asset includes 2,000 desktop computers Management and deployment of disk images wasn’t much smoother. Wilbur- and software and 200 servers spread across 225 offices worldwide. A 10-person IT Ellis used Norton Ghost, which wasn’t the best choice for their environment. compliance team handles the critical day-to-day “We tried Norton Ghost for our imaging endpoint life cycle management tasks, tracking, and such as software deployment, asset but found it too bulky and complex,” says Rick Cahoon, IT Support Manager the best part is management, service desk support and image provisioning. at Wilbur-Ellis. “It also required tons of bandwidth, which we don’t have at our the process is Until recently, the team relied on a distant offices, so in many cases Ghost almost completely mix of manual methods and myriad software applications to maintain slowed down the entire network.” automated.” endpoints. Despite the widely dispersed Deciding to let automation flourish nature of the company, these 10Rick Cahoon, IT Support Manager, individuals lacked an automated The inefficiency of these processesWilbur-Ellis Company method for remote desktop was already causing much frustration management. They were tasked almost within the Wilbur-Ellis IT team when daily with manual software upgrades, which entailed copying and then mailing CDs. In addition, when end Technology at Work users in a remote office had computer issues, they often had to physically mail Services the ailing machines back to the main IT Dell KACE™ Support hub in Seattle for repair. IT asset management at Wilbur-Ellis was Solutions also performed primarily via manual Dell KACE K1000 Management methods. To keep track of software Appliance licensing agreements and usage, the Dell KACE K2000 Deployment IT team spent endless hours phoning Appliance the company’s remote offices, then entering the information they collected
  3. 3. a major malware attack proved to low bandwidth. The software-onlybe the last straw. The attack targeted solutions that Wilbur-Ellis consideredthe Symantec open-portal patch would have required multiple serversmanagement solution that Wilbur- at each site and strong networkEllis relied on heavily. The majority of bandwidth. The reality of the company’sthe company’s endpoints around the IT environment was not conducive toworld were affected, and the corporate such a was brought to its knees. In the “We need something that has robustend, every computer in the company capabilities, yet is nimble with itsrequired an upgrade to a newer version network requirements,” says Cahoon. “Iof the Symantec product, and Symantec saw a demo of the Dell KACE Family ofwasn’t able to automatically perform Systems Management Appliances at athe upgrade. Cahoon had to bringin outside consultants to manually computer industry conference, and it “A demo of the convinced me that this is the exact typeupgrade the endpoints, costing Wilbur- of tool we need: a Swiss army knife of Dell KACE FamilyEllis an estimated $50,000.“We distribute agriculture products to functions, in a simple appliance that doesn’t require outside networking of Systems all ends of the world,” Cahoon says. “To experts to run it.” Management get our product to our customers as soon as possible, we’ve set up remote Saving $10,000 per year on asset Appliances management alone product warehouse sites located in strategic shipping lanes across the globe. Wilbur-Ellis purchased the Dell KACE convinced me thatThough a boon to our supply chain, our K2000 Deployment Appliance to this is the exact type remote IT infrastructure is difficult to manage image provisioning and manage. This fact was driven home with the Dell KACE K1000 Management of tool we need: a the Symantec malware attack incident. Appliance for life cycle management of Actually, it was a bit of a godsend its desktop machines. Installation of the Swiss army knife because it underscored our need for a single, centralized management tool. appliances took less than one day, and staff training took less than one day. of functions, in a After the malware debacle, our request The first benefit that the IT team simple appliance was more closely considered.” achieved was almost-instant IT inventory that doesn’t requireThe problem with and audit management throughsoftware-only solutions the K1000 Management Appliance. outside networking Upon deployment, the device beganWilbur-Ellis decided to bring in a new sending back information from all of experts to run it.”systems management tool to ease the company’s locations about thethe IT department’s pain and increase Rick Cahoon, IT Support Manager, hardware and software assets within Wilbur-Ellis Companyprocess efficiency. The team first each office. Cahoon estimates that theevaluated traditional software-only K1000 reduces by 50 percent the time ITsolutions, including offerings from staff must spend on asset management.Altiris, LANDesk and Microsoft; theyeven ran a pilot implementation of the “In addition to having our assets logged,Altiris solution. But Cahoon and his we now have a sophisticated strategycolleagues soon realized that software- for tracking software licenses, allowingonly solutions were not the answer. us to meter usage on every machine,” Cahoon says. “We can decide whichNot only is the Wilbur-Ellis network vast, programs to keep running and whichit also consists of sites with all levels of licenses to update, and we can seebandwidth. Some offices have very fast where expensive software isn’t beingnetwork connections, but other offices— used. We’re saving a ton on assetmany in agricultural areas—suffer from
  4. 4. and software compliance tracking, Ellis is saving $30,000 per year just onand the best part is the process is image management as a result of thealmost completely automated.” The K2000 appliance.automation of asset management is The device is also performing extremelysaving Wilbur-Ellis $10,000 per year and well in the area of software freeing up IT staff for other important Almost immediately, the applianceprojects they didn’t previously have the proved its value by enabling IT staff tobandwidth to take on. remotely deploy applications and runTotal cost savings: maintenance tasks in a time-effective$400,000 per year and secure way. Cahoon says Wilbur- Ellis is saving more than $50,000 a yearWilbur-Ellis is also benefitting from on software configuration managementimproved image management and and more than $75,000 a year onsoftware deployment. The K2000 management of data protection.Deployment Appliance reduces by50 percent the length of time IT staff All in all, Cahoon estimates that Wilbur-must dedicate to the company’s Ellis is saving more than $400,000annual desktop computer provisioning a year on travel for IT staff, globalprocess. The IT team uses a number shipping of hardware having issues,of images to provision the company’s improvements in IT staff productivity2,200 endpoints; they can keep several and reductions in end-user downtime.different images on hand at once, with The IT team alone is reclaiming moreminimal effect on the network. than 9,000 hours of labor per year by eliminating the inefficiencies thatOne recent project involved the refresh previously plagued their operations.of corporate settings on more than 200 And each of the Dell KACE Appliancesmachines. The team imaged all of the reached a positive return on investmentmachines with new security settings, in a little over one month. “With the Delloptimized utilities, an enterprise KACE Family of Appliances, we are ableresource planning (ERP) system and to perform our jobs better, which ata new version of Internet Explorer. the end of the day is improving serviceThe entire process took less than a for our 2,200 employees and ourday; Cahoon estimates that the team customers,” says Cahoon.imaged an average of one machine perminute. In all, Cahoon believes Wilbur-View all Dell case studies at: and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© August 2010. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY. Reference number: 10008933