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Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions Customer Deck
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Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions Customer Deck


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Focus on key areas:Economics for efficiency, eliminate complexity – free up resources from day to day admin to driving Innovation… in IT systems and process and for the BUSINESS!Workforce transformation, drive interconnect between data center and end user. Tie in desktop virtualization. We feel it has legs in the market based on the fact customer realize that primary driver is deploy ability, manageability, improved service level. Long term this reduces costs both capex and opex.Consolidation and virtualization, how to get most out of strategy and investment? Help customers implement efficiency through determining the best technology for their needs at the right time. For example, when I asked customers a year ago what are they doing with Hyper-V. Most said nothing, it’s not ready for prime time. We are VMware shop. Today that is a much different response. The key is determine best use cases and implementation strategy to integrate with a holistic Efficient Enterprise strategy and not create another silo of technology.Cloud, at dell we focus on how the cloud provide new delivery models and capabilities for their environment. Not on what the cloud is as it’s a overused term in the industry. More focused on IT services on demand to provide the efficient enterprise.
  • This is why Dell has moved forward with Virtual Desktop. Dell’s vision for Virtual Desktop is to “Provide IT with centralized control while still enabling end user flexibility.”This simple vision lays the foundation for solving some of the most challenging IT issues.
  • Simple illustration of the Virtual Desktop environment – this is about enterprise applications. While simple to diagram, this is complex stuff with many inter-related and inter-connected parts. This is about ENTERPRISE computing. Agility is gained through the separation of the OS, User Data, User Profile and the Applications.One of the differentiators that Dell has is the ability to perform complete end to end management of the Virtual Desktop environment.This includes complete support for the endpoint device, the implementation and management of Virtual Desktop Images, the Application Packaging, end user storage and personalization, anti-virus and other security as well as the ongoing patch management for the operating system, image and applications. Of course all of the core infrastructure management of the servers, storage, and associated network is included.
  • Business client solutions must evolve to be open, capable, affordable for future successClient computing needs to reflect workloadsClient virt has reached the tipping point (will be the enabler of OCA)Consumer computing & enterprise computing are converging, but are not the sameTransformational technologies will If you have a proper backend you can use any device to access their dataMobility (& classic computing are merging & will standardize on the same device) will transform the management & workload environmentApplications – moving from Windows-based to web-based.  Don’t keep you tied to a physical device  
  • * Gartner data point:Publication Date: 1 December 2010 ID Number: G00206728 © 2010 Gartner, Inc. Forecast: Hosted Virtual Desktops, Worldwide, 2010-2014 (2010 Update) RanjitAtwalHosted virtual desktops (HVDs) have great potential; however, the transition from a traditional desktop environment to an HVD environment is complex. Gartner expects mainstream adoption of HVDs to take place in 2012 through 2014, with 70 million users by 2014.
  • Enterprises of all sizes are poised for exploring alternatives to traditional desktop computing models. Enterprises are seeking ways to address the needs of the business, the workforce/user community and IT. Organizations are needing to enhance security, streamline management, and boost user productivity, while providing the flexibility to support a comprehensive array of business requirements.
  • Desktop Virtualization is complex and spans all major IT domains … Can this be simplified?User Experience?Where do we start?Which users, which applications?BYOD?Security?Which tools?Which virtualization software?Do we have right skill set?How much infrastructure and what combination?Resource requirements?
  • Let’s take a closer look. By using this end-to-end engagement model with clear phases and decision points, you and the account team can better engage your customers and guide them toward an implementation best suited to their needs.
  • At the blueprint stage, we document the baseline of the customer’s environment by deploying data collection software and agents onto existing end points. This is to validate what we learned in discovery by creating a digital blueprint of each user’s application usage patterns and resource requirements.  Often times, we uncover additional challenges and hurdles to a fully optimized virtualization implementation. For example, a customer may run more applications than reported. Or latency issues may be identified. It will also allow us to confirm which users can actually benefit from virtualization, and even recommend additional candidates the customer may not have considered.  By uncovering the potential issues in a customer’s environment before installing equipment, we can help them avoid months of troubleshooting on the backend. Blueprint allows us to architect a solution once to solve for these issues, rather than architecting it multiple times in the hopes that it will fit the customer’s unique environment. Keep in mind, Desktop Virtualization involves numerous interrelated datacenter and end-point components. Getting the network, storage, servers and virtualization configuration all working well together is where the Blueprinting process becomes critical. This stage typically takes three to four weeks, depending on a customer’s readiness and user base. And as we mentioned, Blueprint is the first time a customer starts to pay us for our expertise. If, however, they continue on to implementation, we credit the cost of Blueprint back to them.
  • See the white paper posted here for validation details: (updated April 2011) *In the CPU utilization midrange (40–60%), the HP C7000 enclosure fully populated with 16 BL460C G6 blade servers used 11–14% more power per chassis than the Dell M1000e enclosure fully populated with 16 M610 blades.2 See Figure 4.** The Dell M1000e enclosure fully populated with 16 M610 blade servers achieved up to 13.7% performance/watt than the HP C7000 enclosure fully populated with 16 BL460C G6 blade servers and up to 16% higher performance/watt than the IBM BladeCenter H enclosure fully populated with 14 HS22 blade servers.2 See Figure 8.
  • Simple Dell’s process methodology gives line of sight to the end state to shorten deployment time and minimize costReduces the complexity of how and where to begin by profiling users and characterizing predictable outcomesClear path to successReliableCompleteCoice of delivery models, vDaaS, ISS, CustomDell ProSupport for desktop virtualization - one service call for componentsDelivery + Process + Technology hardware tightly integrated with design, implementation, and hosting services
  • XD4 truly changes the game in desktop management and opens the door for full scale desktop virtualization. As a single solution it provides the most flexibility in the industry by far to implement any mix of desktop and app virtualization methods with the ability to change your mix over time.It truly provides the best possible desktop type and user experience for any user where they are located at the headquarters, in a branch office, working from home, or working as a contractor on another continent. Productivity increases. Investment in a centralized desktop solution today leverages capital investment that would have been otherwise tied up in desktop refresh and provides a fully flexible desktop and app deployment solution while locking in long term app and desktop management savings. Flexibility is enhanced, while desktop administrative complexity and costs are reduced.The move to virtual desktops may be done at your own pace, while both users and IT gain experience using the technology. The simplicity of self service app stores removes a huge pain point from IT management and can be rolled out to all PC users even before the first virtual desktop is deployed.XD4 provides the capability of virtualizing every component of the desktop by separating OS from application from endpoint from user settings. This frees up IT to deliver any desktop they want to any user or endpoint and allows the user to access corporate IT resources wherever and whenever they want.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presentation Usage Guidelines
      This deck is intended for use with customers.
      This deck provides a basic introduction and overview of the Dell DVS solution.
      This deck is a library of slides - you may decide to use selected portions of this desk to suit your audience.
      Please delete page before presenting.
    • 2. Desktop Virtualization SolutionsSimple – Reliable – Complete
      <date>, 2011
      <Presenter’s name>
    • 3. 3
      • Today’s IT Challenges
      • 4. Now is the time
      • 5. What is the holdup?
      • 6. DellDesktop Virtualization Solutions
      • 7. Why Dell?
      • 8. Q & A and next steps
    • Today’s IT challenges
    • 9. Only the efficient thrive
      Factors impacting IT today
      + Economic uncertainty
      + Increasing demands on IT
      + Focus on TCO
      + Expansion in emerging economies
      + Do more with less
      + Scale flexibly
      + Extended refresh cycles
      + Increase staff productivity
      + Web 2.0
      + Mobility
      + Consumerization
      + Millennials
      + “Desktop” follows the
      user vs. the device
      + Managed & modular services
      + Desktops-on-demand
      + Applications on-demand
    • 10. The workplace is changing, so must IT
      Percentage of enterprise PC configurations that will use desktop virtualization by the end of 2012 (Gartner1)
      Amount of the workforce in developed economies that will be mobile by 2013 (IDC4)
      Percentage growth in number of devices IT is expected to support by2012 (IDC2)
      Workers that rankedtechnology tools providedas critical in choosing anemployer (Unisys5)
      Consumerization of IT willmake the biggest impact on enterprise IT in the next decade (Gartner3)
      Number of workers usingsmartphones for workbetween 2009 and 2014(IDC via Unisys5)
      71.7%of enterprises are still running Windows XP
      1. Source: Gartner: Predicts 2010: PC End-User Issues, December 4, 2009
      2. Source: Gartner,
      3. Source: IDC, Impact of the Dramatic Increase in Devices on the Cost to Support, January 2009
      4. IDC:
      5. Source: Unisys, Unisys Consumerization of IT Benchmark Study, 2010
    • 11. Today, choice vs. control
      IT demands security and control
      • Securing data and IP
      • 12. Trusting end point devices
      • 13. Control for compliance
      End-users demand choice
      • Choice of devices
      • 14. Work from anywhere
      • 15. Same or better performance
    • Desktop Virtualization Now is the time
    • 16. Definitions
      What is Desktop Virtualization?
      Dell’s view onvirtual desktops
      Virtual desktops are about
      • Providing IT withthe ability to centralize control of all end-userdata, applications,preferences, and images
      • 17. Enablingend-user flexibility and productivity with the ability to work anywhere on nearly any device*
      The separation of the personal desktop environment from the physical device, using a varietyof technologies
      *Must be connected to the internet using a computing device
    • 18. Desktop Virtualization Separation of personal desktop environment from the physical device
      User Profile
      User Data
      Virtual Desktops
      Consisting of an OS instance, applications, and user personalization
      Data Center
      Server, network, storage, and virtualization infrastructure
      End User Devices
      Display point for the virtual desktop anywhere anytime on virtually any device
    • 19. Evolving to be open, capable, affordable
      As workforce evolves, computingshould be driven by workloads& endpoint enablement
      Desktop Virtualization at a tipping point as a critical enabler for accelerating mobility & enhancing productivity
      Technology providers must bridgethe gap from data center to endpoint devices and transform & simplify IT management
    • 20. Desktop virtualization delivers improvedefficiency, stability, reliability and availability
      Companies shouldnot use desktop virtualization everywhere, but every companyshould use it somewhere
      Hosted Virtual Desktops forecastby 2014*
      • Need for increased endpoint security (mobile workers)
      • 21. Heterogeneous devices
      • 22. Allowing access to corporate resources with personal devices (consumerization)
      • 23. Centralizing application and desktop deployment/management
      *Gartner prediction
    • 24. High impact virtualization benefits to the bottom line
      Total economic impact
    • 25. Why Desktop Virtualization?
      End User
      • Access anytime, anywhere
      • 26. Choice of devices
      • 27. Increase productivity
      • 28. Dynamic “always-on”
      • 29. High fidelity experience
      • 30. Flexible work options
      • 31. Simplify management
      • 32. Reduce costs
      • 33. Protect and secure data
      • 34. Enhance productivity
      • 35. Enable multiple devices
      • 36. Create business agility
      • 37. Create business agility
      • 38. Reduce costs
      • 39. Streamline operations
      • 40. Regulatory compliance
      • 41. Strengthen security
      • 42. Focus on innovation
    • 43. Dell’s Vision: next generation End User
      Adapting working the way users want access to data – anywhere, anytime, on any end user device
      Desktop Virtualization
      Unified User Experience
      Unify Infrastructure
      Managed Mobility
      Expanding Devices
    • 44. So what is the hold up?
    • 45. It’s Complicated
    • 46. Implementation is complex
      Compliance data
      Rich content
      Endpoint Devices
      Virtualization Software
      Datacenter Infrastructure
    • 47. Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions
    • 48. Dell Desktop Virtualization Building Blocks
      Delivery Options
      Integrated Solution Stack
    • 49. Dell Desktop Virtualization Building Blocks
      Best Practices Implementation
      Delivery Models
      Integrated Solution Stack
      Delivery + Process + Technology
    • 54. Delivery models Flexibility to suit your unique needs and goals
      Customer Managed
      Dell Managed
      You manage
      Dell manages
      Integrated Solution Stack
      Dell Cloud
      Customer Managed
      Dell Managed
      Data Center
      Customer Data Center
      Customer or
      Dell Data Center
      Dell Data Center
      Asset Owner
    • 55. Virtual Desktop as-a-Service
      Virtual Desktop as-a-service
      • Fully managed virtual desktops
      • 56. Hosted in Dell Cloud
      • 57. SLA for availability and operations
      • 58. Subscription model
      • 59. No CapEx required
    • 60. Integrated Solution Stack managed by you
      Customer Managed
      • Dell Services designs and implements
      • 61. Dell best practices methodology
      • 62. Leverages Dell Integrated Solution Stack
      • 63. Dell ProSupport via 1-800 #
      • 64. On premise in your location
    • 65. Integrated Solution Stack managed by Dell
      Dell Managed
      • Dell Services designs and implements
      • 66. Dell best practices methodology
      • 67. Leverages Dell Integrated Solution Stack
      • 68. Dell manages and operates
      • 69. On premise at Dell or your location
    • 70. Custom
      • Select components for your needs
      • 71. Dell Servers, storage, networking, clients
      • 72. Utilize Dell reference architectures
      • 73. Leverage Dell best practices
      • 74. A la cart Dell Services
      • 75. Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View
      • 76. vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer hypervisors
      • 77. Peripheral integration-smart cards, web cams
      • 78. Additional software ingredients (profile mgnt, SSO, storage mgnt)
    • 79. Dell Virtualization roadmap methodologyInformation-driven decisions through an established, repeatable process
      Design andpropose
      Capture thevalue
      Make informed decisions
      Understand the potential
      Is the solution right for your customer?
      Lay the path for success
      Manage, monitor and maintain
      Find the rightusers
      Design the rightsolution
      Manage thesolution
      Understand your environment now and identify the best users to virtualize
      Dell’s Economic Impact Analysis Tool defines potential savings andpotential costs
      With a full understanding of your needs, we choose the best of breed solution
      Dell can deliveron-going management of your DVS solution
    • 80. 28
      Blueprint assessment
      Gather data from desktops targeted for virtualization
      Process steps
      • Assessment tool deployment
      • 81. Digital footprint data collection
      • 82. Business case update
      • 83. Implementation gap analysis
      Confirm environment to fully optimize implementation
      Make informed decisions
      • Blueprint report
      • 84. Updated EIA and pricing
      • 85. Implementation SOW
      • 86. Foundational projects
      Measure twice, cut once
      Blueprinting process is CRITICAL to a successful virtualization deployment
      Customer pays (gains valuable IP about their desktop environment)
    • 87. Blueprint Assessment– outputs
      Best fit
      Worst fit
      Full access via Report Designer or Safegate API
    • 88. 30
      Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions: Open Architecture
      Removes the burden of design and configuration
      Delivering a right-sized, scalable solution
      Open architecture works with existing investments
      Accelerates deployment from months to weeks
      Desktop Virtualization Software
      Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View
      Citrix, Microsoft, VMware
      Efficient Data Center
      Customer Managed
      Dell Cloud
      On PremiseDell Managed
    • 89. Dell Integrated Solution Stackdelivers a right sized architecture
      Juniper (Dell J-Series) EX4500 10GbE
      • Compact, efficient platform
      • 90. Virtual chassis scales across racks
      PowerEdge M100e Chassis &M610 Blade
      • 13 -16% higher performance/watt**
      • 91. 11‐14% more power efficient*
      EqualLogicsolid state and SAS based 3-tier storage
      • InfoWorld best storage system award for the second year in a row
      • 92. Base OS, User and Recovery Stores
      Virtualization Software
      • Citrix XenDesktop
      • 93. VMware View
      • VMware vSphere
      • 94. Microsoft Hyper-v SP1(future support)
      • Prescriptive and complete methodology to size the resources
      • 95. All-inclusive of design, deployment implementation, and support
    • Dell Integrated Solution Stack
      • Robust, enterprise-class
      • 96. Industry-standard components
      • 97. Scalable from 500-5,000 users
      • 98. Redundancy
      • 99. Recoverability
      Enterprise Plus
      • Higher datacenter-density
      • 100. Design to reduce rack space
      • 101. Blade architecture
      • 102. Shared storage
      • 103. Dynamic motion
      Enterprise Plus
    • 104. Dell offers a wide range of end devices
      Notebooks & Netbooks
      Mobile Devices
      Thin and Zero Clients
      Repurposed Existing Devices
      Dell Notebooks & Netbooks integrate virtual clients enabling new levels of mobility, security and manageability
      Enterprise-class tablets and smart phones make virtual access more pervasive than ever.
      Dell offers a full array of clients from economical access devices to higher performance computing clients
      Immediately gain benefits of desktop virtualization by leveraging investments in existing devices.
      Dell or third party
    • 105. Dell is delivering a new,complete approach toDesktop Virtualization
      The Dell Integrated Solution Stack decreases the risk of introducing Desktop Virtualization
      The Dell Integrated Solution Stack allowsour customers to get all the components from a single source
      The Dell Integrated Solution Stack cangrow as our customers grow
    • 106. Why Dell?
    • 107. Dell is delivering a new, reliable approach to Desktop Virtualization
      Pre-tested, preconfigured solution stack
      Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions provide a complete Integrated Solution Stack for rapid deployment and optimized operations
      Flexible delivery models
      Either do it yourself, or have Dell deliver a fully managed solution – pick the ownership modelthat best meets your needs
      Open architecture
      Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions leverage mainstream desktop virtualization software and open standards based architecture
      Vertical-specific platforms
      Dell is delivering platforms that are customized to best meet the unique needs of certain use cases
    • 108. Long-term vision of desktopvirtualization as part of a larger portfolioof open, capable and affordableEnd User Computing solutions
      Dell’s process analyzes your environment, creating a right-sized solution that expands with your needs
      Variety of solutions and economic models - vDaaS, Hosted, Custom
      Solutions based on open standardsinfrastructure leveraging mainstream virtualization technologies
      Vertical solutions built into the platform align with business needs
      Works with any end point/client
    • 109. Simple
      • Addresses complexity
      • 110. Pretested, preconfigured solution stack
      • 111. Shorten deployment time
      • 112. Clear path to success
      • 113. Reduces desktop management cost
      • 114. Reduces desktop management complexity
      • 115. Dell ISS backed by 50K hours of validation
      • 116. Process methodology ensure predicable success
      • 117. Implements a right-size and future proof solution
      • 118. Complete technology + process integration
      • 119. World class ingredients
      • 120. Choice of delivery models, vDaaS, ISS, Custom
      • 121. Dell ProSupport - one call for all components
      • 122. Reduces economic barriers
      • 123. Tailored vertical solutions
      • 124. Dell integrates Delivery with Process and Technology
      Why Dell?
      Remove complexity Mitigate risk Faster time to value Remove economic barriers
    • 125. Thank You
    • 126. Backup Slides
    • 127. Virtual Computing
    • 128. Why Dell?
      • Prepackaged, pre-tested, pre-configured and coupled with a unique process that removes complexity and provides faster time to value
      • 129. Line of sight to the end state to shorten deployment time & cost
      • 130. Predictable outcome to size the environment right the first time
      • 131. Addresses the inherent complexities in implementation
      • Dell’s process methodology analyzes your environment, creating a right-sized, scalable and future proof solution that expands with your needs
      • 132. Purpose built solutions based on open, proven infrastructure leveraging mainstream virtualization technologies
      • 133. World class ingredients backed by 50,000 hours of validation testing
      • ProSupport for Desktop Virtualization – a single solution service line to support all of the hardware and software components
      • 134. A variety of adoption models vDaaS, Hosted, Custom to leverage end-to-end hardware tightly integrated with design, implementation, and hosting services that reduce the economic barriers for adoption
      • 135. Tailored vertical solutions reflecting the needs of specific markets
    • The Dell Desktop VirtualizationSolution is backed by results
      We have spent over 50,000 hourstesting the Integrated Solution Stack
      Our established methodology deliversthe right technology design
      Dell is delivering platforms and servicesto meet the specific needs ofcertain usage scenarios
    • 136. Why Desktop Virtualization Solutionsare important to our customers
      • Improve productivity and reduce operational overhead
      • 137. Createbusiness agility
      • 138. Secure proprietary data
      • 139. Support a multitude of endpoints and operating systems
      • 140. Industry vertical solutionstuned and tested for specific customer needs
      • 141. Easy and predictable implementation that shortens deployment time and cost
      • 142. Simplify management while increasing quality of service
      End user
      • Access information anytime, anywhere*
      • 143. Choose their preferred device
      • 144. Increase productivity and user experience
      *requires Internet connectivity
    • 145. Solution partners
      • End-to-end platform management
      • 146. PowerEdge Servers – Intel based Dell servers
      • 147. EqualLogic Storage – iSCSI, 3-Tier model (Base, User, Recovery)
      • 148. Clients – A large portfolio from Dell or customer sourced
      • 149. Installation and ongoing management; desktop deployment andasset recycling
      • 150. Virtual machine management
      • 151. Connection broker and secure socket layer
      • 152. Hypervisors
      • 153. ‘Digital Footprint’ assessment
      • 154. User data and user profile migration tool
      • 155. Virtual desktop performance management, monitoring and reporting
      • 156. Network hardware
      • 157. Dell Juniper and Dell Brocade networks
      • 158. Virtual desktop operating system – XP, Vista and Windows 7
      • 159. Virtual desktop access (VDA) licensing
      • 160. Server operating system - file and application servers
    • 46
    • 161. Thank You for coming to see us!