Cyber Ark Case Study


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Software security leader Cyber-Ark Software scales its 2010 appliance business 30 percent by working with Dell OEM.

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Cyber Ark Case Study

  1. 1. Software security leaderCyber-Ark Software scalesits 2010 appliance business30 percent by working with • Management/utilitiesDell OEM • Virtualization • OEM appliance “We realized we could ramp up production easily to meet increased demand and let our engineers concentrate on their core competencies by handing off all hardware configuration tasks to Dell OEM.” Shahar Layani, VP, Professional Services, North America, Cyber-Ark Software Customer profile Company: Cyber-Ark Software Benefits Industry: Technology • Enabled in-house engineers to focus Country: United States on software development Employees: 120 • Produced appliances that meet the Website: performance needs of small and large businesses Business need • Eliminated hardware inventory Cyber-Ark Software needed a new partner to help expand its security management resources appliance business into new market segments while enabling in-house • Reduced hardware failure rates by engineers to remain focused on software development. 80 percent Solution • Cut software installation time from Cyber-Ark selected Dell OEM Solutions to design, build, configure, two hours per server to zero and ship its security appliances to a growing number of customers. By • Scaled appliance business by integrating Dell Support into its own support infrastructure, Cyber-Ark 30 percent and expanded into ensures mission-critical solutions stay up and running. new market segments
  2. 2. Who guards the keys to the IT kingdom? And who guards the guard? Cyber-Ark Software helps businesses answer these questions with leading applications that protect sensitive information from external and internal threats. The company’s Privileged Identity Management software has helped Cyber-Ark win more than 700 customers worldwide across a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, and other fields. “Our customers need complete solutions brand name that would appeal to both“We have the that can be deployed easily and quickly,” says Shahar Layani, Cyber-Ark’s vice global enterprises and midsized businesses. They also needed the assurance of 24/7 flexibility to meet president of professional services for global technical support from a hardware North America. “Offering pre-configured partner who understood Cyber-Ark dynamic customer appliances enables us to meet those needs.” software products. And most importantly, they needed a partner who could manage demand, whether Given the immediate popularity of appliance production on a global scale, the new Cyber-Ark appliances, the we need 5, 50, or company’s managers contemplated and help free resources to focus on the company’s core business—security 250 systems in any ways to expand the appliance customer base from existing enterprise software development. given month. Dell organizations to small and medium- Selecting Dell OEM for sized businesses. “Since 2009, more end-to-end services OEM makes that than 20 percent of our sales orders Cyber-Ark management chose to partner included appliances, and we expected possible.” that number to grow,” says Richard with Dell OEM based largely on the company’s positive experience using Dell A. Weeks, vice president of businessRichard A. Weeks, VP, Business servers, desktops, and laptops for the and channel development. “We sawand Channel Development, previous five years. Both the NorthCyber-Ark Software important opportunities for reaching American and European Cyber-Ark teams new market segments while creating were won over by the performance, more convenience for our customers.” reliability, and scalability of Dell hardware. Though Cyber-Ark worked with a Cyber-Ark management also saw the local hardware vendor to produce potential advantages of incorporating the appliances and a global support Dell Support into the company’s organization to provide services, managers knew the company had to improve the efficiency of its appliance Technology at work business to pursue those new market segments. “There was too much Services overhead—we needed to maintain a Dell Support stock of servers in a warehouse to meet orders,” says Layani. “And the process of Hardware installing the software and configuring systems was time-consuming. It is Dell™ PowerEdge™ R410 server with Intel® Xeon® processors inefficient for information security engineers to invest 20 percent of their Dell PowerEdge R610 server with time configuring servers when we are Intel Xeon processors working to expand our delivery business.” Software To better position the company for growth, Cyber-Ark managers decided Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Management Suite to make some changes. They wanted to work with an OEM partner with a trusted
  3. 3. existing support organization to provide appliance-based customers benefit customers with a 24/7 service option.“Our products are used in mission- from Dell 24/7 support for quickly resolving any potential hardware issues,” “Previously, we critical applications throughout the says Layani. “Using Dell field services maintained a large world,” says Adam Bosnian, executive for hardware support helps us increase vice president of the Americas and our operational efficiency, but more inventory at our corporate development. “If our solution importantly, it helps meets the mission- has an issue, it can affect the whole critical requirements of our customers.” headquarters….Now organization. We need the best support for our software and our appliance. Dell Developing right-sized appliances we rarely touch delivers on both.” for distinct customer segments inventory. We can By working with Dell OEM, Cyber-ArkWith Dell OEM, all the pieces of the puzzle can offer two distinct appliance models free up that spacecame together. “We needed a partnerwho could provide reliable hardware with to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Businesses can select a basic and eliminate all thea trusted brand name, a global reach, andscalable, end-to-end OEM services,” says appliance based on the Dell PowerEdge time and money R410 server or an advanced model basedWeeks. “Dell OEM was the clear choice.” on Dell PowerEdge R610. Both Dell servers spent on inventoryDell OEM also helps Cyber-Ark scaleproduction and enables engineers to feature Intel® Xeon® processors. “The Dell PowerEdge R410 provides the performance management.”refocus on innovation. “We realized we for managing and storing 1,000 to Shahar Layani, VP, Professionalcould ramp up production easily to meet 20,000 privileged accounts, which is the Services, North America,increased demand and let our engineers right size for many small and medium- Cyber-Ark Softwareconcentrate on their core competencies sized businesses as well as enterprisesby handing off all hardware configuration with modest requirements,” says Layani.tasks to Dell OEM,” says Layani. “Larger enterprises can select an advanced Accelerating delivery time to appliance based on the Dell PowerEdge the customerHanding over appliance production R610 to support 20,000 to hundreds ofand hardware support Working with Dell accelerated shipment thousands of privileged accounts.” and deployment significantly. “It used toWith Dell OEM as its partner, Cyber-Ark “Offering two models lets us expand our take approximately two days from therelinquished nearly all of its hardware potential customer base considerably,” order time to delivery,” says Layani. “Nowresponsibilities. The two hours per server says Bosnian. “The trusted Dell brand we can have a new appliance up andthat Cyber-Ark engineers used to spend name also helps us quickly gain the running within 24 hours after the orderinstalling software can now be spent confidence of potential customers.” is placed. With Dell, we are much moreon other tasks. “We supply our software The Dell PowerEdge servers deliver responsive to customers.”image, and Dell OEM does the rest,” says the reliability that companies need toWeeks. “When we receive a customer Minimizing appliance hardware protect sensitive privileged accounts.order, the Dell team builds the system, failures and resolving problems 24/7 “These are mission-critical servers,installs the software, completes the so redundancy is paramount,” says Working with Dell OEM, Cyber-Arkconfiguration, and ships it directly to the Layani. “With two hot-swappable drives, reduced hardware failures by up tocustomer or a local reseller. The solution RAID storage, and hot-swappable 80 percent. “In the past, we experiencedis deployed either by our professional power supplies, the Dell PowerEdge a 10 percent failure rate with ourservices team or in conjunction with one servers play a vital role in helping appliances,” says Layani. “Working withof our authorized partners.” customers avoid downtime. We also Dell, those failures have dropped to nearlyDell Support provides 24/7 global technical offer an advanced model in a two- zero. Reducing failures is essential forassistance to Cyber-Ark appliance-based node cluster for customers who need keeping customers happy and maintainingcustomers. “100 percent of our the highest level of redundancy.” our strong reputation in our marketplace.”
  4. 4. If problems arise once the solutions are Preparing for continued growth implemented, the Dell Support team can The Cyber-Ark team agrees that the help resolve them quickly and efficiently. decision to partner with Dell was the“In the past, we had to replace an entire right one. The proof is in continued server even for small issues,” says Layani. customer growth. The company has“We just didn’t have the resources to expanded its appliance business by send people to the customer location 30 percent since teaming up with Dell. and troubleshoot. Now we can send a “In our first year with Dell, we have sold Dell technician to customer sites and and deployed more appliances than our resolve many problems without having early conservative forecast,” says Weeks. to replace the server. All appliance- “The run rates are accelerating as we add based customers benefit from the new customers across the Americas and 24/7 support option and can have that see more existing customers move to level of service around the clock.” these appliances while Dell OEM scales to meet our needs.”Cutting hardware inventory coststo zero Dell OEM also provides the supply chainWith Dell handling the appliance flexibility and scalability to meet orderproduction process, Cyber-Ark has fluctuations. “A quote for a customercompletely eliminated inventory might include three or four appliances,”management issues. “Previously, we says Weeks, “but the final order mightmaintained a large inventory at our actually include six or seven. We haveheadquarters to make sure we would the flexibility to meet dynamic customerhave stock on hand to meet incoming demand, whether we need 5, 50, or 250orders,” says Layani. “Now we rarely touch systems in any given month. Dell OEMinventory. We can free up that space makes that possible.”and eliminate all the time and moneyspent on inventory management.”View all Dell case studies at: 2010. © 2010 Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel, the Intel logo, and Intel Xeon are registeredtrademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other trademarks andtrade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or theirproducts. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,IN THIS CASE STUDY. 10008973