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Consolidating Identity and Access Management - by Todd Peterson
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Consolidating Identity and Access Management - by Todd Peterson


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Unifying end-user identity and access helps organizations protect sensitive information, improve productivity and uphold compliance. The Dell™ family of identity and access management solutions …

Unifying end-user identity and access helps organizations protect sensitive information, improve productivity and uphold compliance. The Dell™ family of identity and access management solutions streamlines cross-platform identity and access management.

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  • 1. 52 2013 Issue 02 | workforceNo question, end users must havequick, secure access to business-critical information. To support thatneed, enterprises have diligentlyestablished processes for managing identities andgoverning access in compliance with the relevantindustry regulations. And yet, seemingly every day,organizations experience an external system break-in or security breach — and as a result, sensitiveinformation gets into the wrong hands.Moreover, when the wrong people with accessto strategic data or mission-critical applications workwithin the enterprise, the consequences of an internalbreach often far exceed losses accrued from externalattacks. Internal vulnerabilities expose organizationsto harmful information leaks, damaged reputation,financial injury and other risks — not to mention thehigh costs to remedy them.Adopting a comprehensive, unified identity andaccess management strategy helps organizationsensure that the right end users — and only thosepeople — have access to the right data and applications —and only those assets. Of course, that is easier saidthan done, particularly in a complex enterprise ITenvironment that serves thousands of end users whoplay diverse roles. In these settings, individual workersfrequently must create a separate password to accesseach application among the dozens they use. In turn, eachaccess credential represents the entry point to aspecialized system that performs security proceduresindependently of other systems.To help address complex internal security challenges,IT organizations need to manage end-user identity andaccess requirements through four fundamental processes:• Authentication: Ensure end users are who theysay they are when they log in to a system.• Authorization: Control what end users areallowed to do after they are authenticated.• Administration: Manage the processes that enableend users to correctly authenticate and be authorized.• Audit: Test authentication, authorization andadministration to verify that these functions arebeing performed at the requisite security level tocomply with established policies.In practice, IT organizations often implementmultiple single-point solutions to address currentUnifying end-user identity and access helpsorganizations protect sensitive information,improve productivity and uphold compliance.The Dell™ family of identity and access managementsolutions streamlines cross-platform identity andaccess management.By Todd PetersonConsolidatingidentity and accessmanagementStreamlined accessacross the enterpriseQuest One Identity Solutions from Dell comprise a cohesive softwaresuite designed to simplify identity management and accessgovernance for line-of-business users. In particular, Quest OneIdentity Manager — also available in Active Directory and DataGovernance editions — provides key features such as the following tostreamline identity, privilege and security management:• Access Governance enables business managers to understandand control who has access to what in their environment.• Visionary Architecture optimizes and expedites end-useraccess enterprise-wide without costly, cumbersome andcomplex customizations.• Self-Service Lifecycle Identity Management lets authorizednon-IT end users provision accounts and physical assets, andcontrol and audit access rights and permissions.• Compliance-Ready Management provides comprehensivevisibility into identity and access management for anyone whoneeds it to help maintain compliance through governance usingsecurity policies established by the organization.Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 2. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 2. | 2013 Issue 02 53challenges or the latest audit finding, but donothing for the rest of the enterprise or thenext audit finding. Alternatively, they mayattempt to create a comprehensive identityand access management system from theground up that can be extremely costly,highly inflexible and often delivers only theminimum functionality the organization canafford. However, point solutions and complexframeworks present drawbacks that can beavoided by unifying cross-platform identityand access management. Quest One IdentitySolutions from Dell can unify identity andaccess management on its own, with existingframeworks or in conjunction with pointsolutions to help reduce complexity, minimizedeployment time and enhance security.Point solution challengesDeploying independent identity and accessmanagement functionality for differententerprise systems such as financial, customerrelationship management and databasesoffers limited advantages for enterprises.Isolated solutions generally require theirown rights and policy information, whichcannot be shared with other systems; andmultiple passwords and access points forindividual end users erode productivity. Inturn, inflated collections of identities andaccess rights for privileged user accounts,such as administrators, may not be governedby consistent policies. Plus, isolated processestend to heighten security vulnerabilities,jeopardize compliance and increase costs.Complexity grows when authentication,authorization, administration and auditingprocesses are executed independentlyon dozens, hundreds or even thousandsof systems — and all too often, by just asmany specialized IT resources. Now, ITorganizations can avoid that complexityby deploying a modular, integrated andbusiness-focused approach. This cost-effective alternative enables seamlessidentity and access management acrossthe enterprise, helping to simplify processesfor end users, improve security and upholdcompliance with regulatory standards.Integrated identityand access managementA robust enterprise identity and accessmanagement solution puts control oforganizational information directly intothe hands of enterprise decision makerswho need to act upon it. This approachheightens cost-efficiency as well asbusiness response, because it allows theIT organization to focus on maintainingand enhancing systems rather thandetermining who should have access tothe data and applications running on thosesystems. Implementing flexible cross-platform identity and access managementwith Quest One Identity Solutions enablesorganizations to consolidate roles, actions,policies, rights and resources into a singlehighly manageable identity and accessmanagement ecosystem.The Quest One Identity Solutions suiteof tools, including Quest One IdentityManager, offers the following capabilities:• Identity administration: Managing identitylifecycles helps simplify the process ofcreating, modifying and terminatingaccounts; managing and resettingpasswords; and deploying single sign-onand strong authentication.• Access governance: Governing accessrights to business-critical data andapplications includes managing accessrequests and certification, administeringdata access, defining user roles,provisioning identities and access privileges,and applying granular application security.• Privileged account management:Understanding and controllingadministrator activities can beaccomplished by providing least-privilege access, creating separationof duties, utilizing privilege-safetechnologies, performing sessionauditing and logging keystrokes.Identity and access managementfor the real worldFor IT organizations in complex and diverseenterprises, identity and access managementmay be a tricky and time-consumingundertaking. Quest One Identity Solutions fromDell offer a cost-effective, comprehensive,modular and integrated approach to identityand access management. It enables non-ITdecision makers throughout the enterpriseto control end-user access to operationaldata and applications in the real world. It alsoboosts efficiency by freeing IT teams to focuson managing and maintaining systems. QuestOne Identity Solutions are also designed to avoidpotential vulnerabilities from internal accessinfringements as well as external securitybreaches that may occur in environmentsusing isolated point solutions or complexframeworks to manage identity and access.Learn moreIdentity and access Peterson is a senior product marketingmanager at Dell and has 20 years of experiencein the security software industry.Dive deeperView this video and discover how Quest One Identity Solutionssoftware from Dell enhances IT efficiency cost-effectively byconsolidating identity and access management processes designedto improve security and end-user from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 2. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.