Amerijet Holdings Flying Right with a Next-Generation Data Center


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Global freight carrier Amerijet Holdings implements a virtualized data center as part of a strategic IT plan to support the company’s growth.

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Amerijet Holdings Flying Right with a Next-Generation Data Center

  1. 1. Special section Converged infrastructure and data management | Customer perspective Amerijet Holdings Flying right with a next-generation data center Global freight carrier Amerijet Holdings implements a virtualized data center as part of a strategic IT plan to support the company’s growth. T echnology may have made the world smaller, but it’s still a big place. When shippers need to move cargo quickly and reliably, they often turn to Amerijet International (Amerijet). The company carries more than 200 million pounds of freight annually to over 550 destinations worldwide. Yet its existing computer systems faltered under the company’s continued global growth. Amerijet needed to change its approach to technology and information services management to support product launches and expected business expansion. Building a virtual foundation for growth Jennifer S. Torlone, senior director, technology and information services at then optimize performance on tier 3 by using Dell Amerijet Holdings, Inc., Amerijet’s parent company, saw an opportunity to make Compellent Fast Track technology, which places the a fundamental shift that would turn IT into a business enabler. She outlined a most frequently accessed data on the outer tracks of three-year plan that included moving to a new data center facility and replacing each drive for faster read access.” the company’s mixed-vendor environment with an end-to-end Dell- and VMwarebased infrastructure. Amerijet’s new data center features a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) network backbone and Torlone chose Dell™ PowerEdge™ M620 half-height blade servers, which were Dell Networking switches. “The Dell switches have housed in a PowerEdge M1000e modular blade enclosure and ran the VMware redundant power supplies, and we can stack vSphere® virtualization platform. The ability to host more than 120 virtual servers them to make it easier to administer the network on just 14 Dell blades helped reduce costs. “Based on power consumption and and to improve overall backplane performance,” footprint, I was able to negotiate a much better deal on our new data center — says Torlone. “Should one switch fail, it is a 60 percent reduction in data center facilities costs,” says Torlone. bypassed, and the other switches in the stack Torlone needed a scalable, high-performance storage area network (SAN) to support the virtual server environment, so she selected a Dell Compellent™ provide redundancy.” To secure its network, Amerijet deployed two Storage Center™ SAN array with Dell Compellent Data Progression™ software to Dell SonicWALL™ Network Security Appliance automatically move data between storage tiers. (NSA) E5500 systems and the Dell SonicWALL “Our big, high-transaction databases get the performance benefit of tier 1 drives, and data that is accessed less often sits on tier 3 drives,” says Torlone. “We 36 2013 Issue 03 | Global Management System for centralized management. “With Dell SonicWALL, we have Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 3. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Ready for takeoff Amerijet needed to deploy a scalable IT foundation for organic business growth and to provide maximum availability and performance for its cargo systems and other applications. Its new Dell-based data center has enabled the company to avoid unplanned downtime and expedite freight transportation. 60% 2 minutes Seconds The energy-efficient, virtualized infrastructure of the new data center helped Amerijet reduce data center facility costs by 60 percent. Thanks to the Dell infrastructure, it now takes only 2 minutes to close a flight — a 96 percent reduction from the 45 minutes previously required. Cargo inventory reports that used to take 30 to 40 minutes to run are now completed in seconds. the application layer, and integrated Focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction of IT services have improved, and end users intrusion detection and prevention, Part of Torlone’s three-year plan is shifting have noticed. “We’ve had no unplanned among other next-generation firewall the focus of Amerijet’s IT department from downtime since we moved to the new data functionalities,” says Torlone. tactical execution to strategic thinking. To center,” says Torlone. “Cargo inventory reports help ease the burden of end-user support, that used to take 30 to 40 minutes to run are (VPN) to connect 84 sites around the the company contracts with Dell Simplified now done in seconds, thanks to our end-to- world by granting access to the company’s Service Desk, a managed service offering end converged infrastructure from Dell.” network and data center. To secure these from Dell. centralized management, visibility into Amerijet uses a virtual private network Application performance and the availability Moreover, the time it takes to confirm locations, the company deployed a Dell “We’ve outsourced level-one support to all air waybills for a flight and print the flight SonicWALL TZ 215 Series Unified Threat Dell Service Desk, and it’s been fantastic for manifest has dropped from 45 minutes to Management Firewall at each site. us,” says Torlone. “My philosophy is to let 2 minutes. “We can get planes in the air “We have visibility into our entire VPN our best partners take care of the day-to- faster and meet more customs cutoff times network, which we didn’t have before, in day, and Dell is my best partner. It’s really for freight clearance with our new Dell addition to centralized management. The moved us into proactive mode, instead of infrastructure,” says Torlone. “That means beauty of Dell SonicWALL and the Global being reactive all the time. Now I can allow people don’t have to wait an extra day to Management System is that it allows us to my staff to be innovators, project managers, receive their shipment. For us, it means react so quickly to business needs.” implementers and strategists.” more customer service successes.” Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 3. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. | 2013 Issue 03 37