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Dell Virtual Infrastructure management (AIM)
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Dell Virtual Infrastructure management (AIM)



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  • What does this result in?Dynamic Provisioning - Respond Faster: Deploy servers from pallet to production in minutes Change server workloads in minutesHigher Availability - Automatically and intelligently redeploys workloads across the infrastructure when hardware fails, allowing IT departments to reduce the number of redundant servers required Workload Mobility P2V, V2P - Move workloads seamlessly between physical servers and Virtual machines, making it easier for IT departments increase the number of virtualized workloadsWorkload Mobility P2P - Move workloads between various makes/models of servers, allowing for streamlined technology updates and seamless disaster recoveryShared Infrastructure - Dynamically allocate servers, network connectivity and storage access, allowing IT departments to deploy strategic IT solutions such as private cloudsMulti-vendor Support - Manage devices across brands of IT resources, allowing unified control for today’s heterogeneous data centers
  • Dell AIM operates in the “control plane” of the data center Dell AIM interfaces with infrastructure components using vendor supplied and supported APIsDell AIM offers an abstraction that unifies the management of multi-vendor infrastructureDell AIM offers scriptable CLI and convenient Web services for use by other management softwareDell AIM provides a browser-based graphical console with “drag-and-drop”, “point-and-click” simplicityProviding customer with choice and freedom to innovateAIM Web Service APIs – AimWsDesign to enables integration with other Ecosystem partners Provides a language agnostic way to interface to AIM Controller Access to all AIM administrative and operational functionsIncludes creating, configuring, updating, deleting, monitoring, and operating the entire AIM environment. The SDK includes sample programs written in Java and C#. A developer’s guide is also shipps with the release.
  • Available in AIM 3.3A new tool, Resource Manager, is available as a plug-in for VMware® vSphere™ Client release 4 and later. Users of vSphere Client can now perform basic tasks with Dell AIM such as monitoring the environment, starting and stopping elements, managing elements, setting and clearing maintenance mode, and retargeting.The Resource Manager plug-in is included on the Windows Dell AIM distribution media.What are the benefits of the VMware network automation feature? The VMware network automation feature delivers the following customer benefits: It eliminates the manual configuration of VMware networking for ESX hosts, saving time and effort It eliminates the manual configuration of VMware networking in virtual machines, again saving time and effort It allows ESX hosts and virtual machines to remain “generic” from a network configuration point of view. This makes creating VMware ESX VMRacks instances simpler. It enables VMware ESX VMRack and virtual machine configurations in an AIM environment to be consistent with the security and networking best practices followed by VMware administrators.
  • AIM provides dynamic and automated management of servers, with the ability to dynamically provision new servers and software on these servers, including virtual switches. Configures & manages VMware ESX standard vSwitchConfigures VM networking based on workload attributesApplies the required network settings to the appropriate ports to complete the network configurationConfigures NIC parametersOn physical servers and virtual machines and virtual Ethernet adapters on VMsSupport for Windows and Linux workloads on:Bare metal servers with 1GigE, 10GigE and CNAs VMware ESX and Microsoft V Hyper-V VMs
  • Dell World 2011 is Dell’s flagship event of the year. There’s no better place to discover IT strategies to move your organization forward. The event features the single most impactful keynote lineup of any event in the industry. It’s not just a spectator sport – every bit of Dell World is designed to be an immersive, engaging experience. And it’s in beautiful, exciting Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World!”


  • 1. Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM)
    VMworld 2011
  • 2. Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM)
    A single management point for physical and virtual resources that accelerates provisioning of heterogeneous hardware – providing a highly dynamic & flexible environment
    Move workloads between various makes and models of servers (P2P)
    Deploy servers from pallet to production in minutes
    Dynamic server provisioning
    P2P workload mobility
    Dynamically allocate servers, network connectivity and storage
    Automatically and intelligently redeploy workloads
    Automatic failover
    Unify control in today’s heterogeneous data centers
    Retarget between physical servers and virtual machines (P2V, V2P)
    P2V workload
    Dell Confidential
  • 3. How does AIM complement existing SW solutions in a customer environments?
    Provides a single tool for managing workloads in a diverse environment of server and virtualization vendors
    AIM exists at a layer above the hypervisor, so existing processes and features within the VMMs continue to work while AIM manages the entire infrastructure
    Automatic network configuration of virtual networking infrastructure to provision vSwitches, Port Groups, and NICs on-demand
    Provides plug-ins to manage AIM from within both vendors’ VMMs** so administrators don’t have to learn a new console
    Allows customers to choose best hypervisor for a given workload and gain efficiency of a mixed hypervisor environment without vendor lock in
  • 4. Other Management SW and Consoles
    AIM Console
    Dell AIM - Ecosystem
    VIS Portfolio
    Operating Systems
    Interface Cards
    EQL Compellent
  • 5. AIM Resource Manager a Dell AIM plug-in for VMware
    Natively deploy, from bare metal, a server with ESX.
    VMware ESX Network Automation
    Use of vSphere client interface to perform common tasks in a AIM managed environment
    Monitor and manage your entire AIM infrastructure, including workloads on physical servers and virtual machines
    Create, expand and shrink VMware Clusters with AIM’s rapid and dynamic provisioning of physical resources
    Provide simple and cost effective failover recovery for ESX hosts using AIM’s automated server failover
    Move workloads between bare-metal servers and virtual machines with AIM, without requiring a conversion of the workload OS images
    Enhance resource utilization, availability, and workload mobility in a VMware environment using AIM
  • 6. AIM – Streamlines Network Configuration
    Never have to re-cable!
    Creates & configures networks and network connections
    Intelligently identifies the kind of connectivity an AIM workload requires, regardless of the machine type – p or v
    Enhanced control of network
    Configures VLAN connectivity for VMware switches on a port-by-port basis
    Configures NIC parameters: consistent network identity as a workload moves between servers
  • 7. Unlocking Innovation in the Virtual Era
    Dell World 2011
    Austin, TX – October 12-14
    Explore strategies for thriving in the Virtual Era at Dell’s premier, hands-on event.
    Register at www.dellworld.com
    Chief Information Officer of the United States (2009-2011)
    Michael Dell
    Chairman and CEO,
    Steve Ballmer
    Marc Benioff
    Chairman and CEO,
    Paul Maritz
    President and CEO,
    Paul Otellini
    President and CEO,
  • 8. Thank You for coming to see us!