Achieving Deep Network Security Through a Connected, Holistic Strategy


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A network security strategy should address today’s security and compliance issues as well as tomorrow’s threats. Dell Connected Security solutions offer a proactive approach that mitigates present and anticipated risks while maintaining performance.

By Daniel Ayoub

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Achieving Deep Network Security Through a Connected, Holistic Strategy

  1. 1. Features Achieving deep network security through a connected, holistic strategy By Daniel Ayoub A network security strategy should address today’s security and compliance issues as well as tomorrow’s threats. Dell Connected Security solutions offer a proactive approach that mitigates present and anticipated risks while maintaining performance. M any enterprises have adopted advanced persistent threats (APTs), cybercriminal cloud computing and mobile activity, spam and industrial espionage. solutions to enhance business agility and worker productivity. Although network security technology has improved in recent years, attackers However, these technologies can expose technically sophisticated attacks and relatively risk, complexity and cost to securing data and IT simple techniques. According to data breaches assets. What started as casual hackers releasing analyzed by the Verizon RISK team, the vast simple viruses has evolved into a complex, majority — 75 percent — of all security incidents rapidly growing threat landscape comprising 48 are succeeding through a combination of organizations of all sizes to cyberthreats, adding were crimes of opportunity rather than targeted 2013 Issue 04 | Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. attacks. And 69 percent of breaches were discovered by an external party.1 In fact, the median amount of time attackers have network access before being identified is more than ed at clear, with early detection and notification key components in an organization’s security arsenal. Minimizing cyberthreats Modern threats employ diverse techniques to sneak into corporate networks to steal intellectual property S an S d n ptio cry ion de ect L insp for a strong, persistent line of cyberdefense is IPS with so p anti-e hist vas ic io n eight months, according to Mandiant.2 The need Patented single-pass RFDPI engine or cause destruction. Attackers may rely on Secure a nt being downloaded or to disguise commandand-control traffic sent from halfway around the world. Moreover, these threats are often encoded N ex using multifarious complicated algorithms to i i- m N e t w s e d ss alw o r k - b a u d a a r e w it h cl o t-g evade detection by an intrusion prevention st Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to hide malware ene r atio n th r e at pr n eve ti o n system (IPS). After the target has been exploited, the threat attempts to download and install malware onto the compromised system. In many instances, the malware is an evolved variant that A core feature of Dell Network Security firewalls, the Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine combines several advanced technologies to enable next-generation threat prevention. traditional anti-virus solutions do not yet address. To effectively combat these threats, Meeting the security challenge organizations require network security that Dell Connected Security solutions enable provides the ability to decrypt and inspect enterprises to approach security in a holistic every SSL-encrypted connection crossing the and connected way by providing products that network on any port; an IPS with advanced span from endpoint to data center to cloud. anti-evasion capabilities; and network-based Connected Security solutions help enterprises malware protection. Yet many solutions available mitigate risks and achieve stringent information today are unable to deliver these capabilities at security and compliance objectives. Plus, an acceptable level of performance. Moreover, they enhance IT efficiencies, productivity and organizations may lack the on-site expertise scalability to actively drive business growth. needed to expertly manage a multifunctioned security solution. Many organizations have created disparate Dell Network Security firewalls enable worldclass threat protection without compromising performance. The Dell next-generation firewalls layers of security to battle cyberthreats, effectively combine a scalable, multi-core architecture managing their IT security in silos. Unfortunately, with a patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet this siloed approach can create additional risk. Inspection (RFDPI) engine (see figure). This Instead, IT decision makers should consider single-pass threat-prevention engine is designed adopting a connected security ecosystem, in to inspect each byte of every packet while which components work together so that less maintaining high performance. management expertise is required to achieve rock-solid network protection. 1 “2013 The Dell patented single-pass inspection engine is crucial to stopping SSL-encrypted threats. Data Breach Investigations Report,” by Verizon RISK Team, 2013, 2 “M-Trends® 2013: Attack the Security Gap™,” by Mandiant, 2013, Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. | 2013 Issue 04 49
  3. 3. Features “ ith a holistic approach to security, the Dell W Connected Security portfolio helps IT leaders solve these challenges while gaining improved IT efficiencies, productivity and scalability.” As much as 35 percent of corporate network traffic is encrypted using SSL.3 Consequently, connected sensors. The Dell GRID network, which is updated continually, currently contains organizations that do not decrypt and inspect more than 14 million variants of malware. The their SSL traffic can be considered effectively GRID network is managed by a dedicated, blind to approximately one-third of the data in-house Dell SonicWALL Threat Research Team, crossing their networks. In this scenario, attacks which collects thousands of malware samples that utilize SSL will likely have a 100 percent every day from around the world. success rate. Real-time SSL decryption and inspection technology of Dell Network Security Staying ahead of threats firewalls enables the RFDPI engine to decrypt Today’s IT decision makers face three security and examine all network traffic on every port. imperatives: protect systems and data, give In addition to hiding their attacks using SSL authorized users the precise access that they need, encryption, cybercriminals often try to circumvent and reduce the burdens and cost of administering Network security in action the IPS by obfuscating advanced attacks through the security. With a holistic approach to security, the use of multiple complex algorithms. To mitigate these Dell Connected Security portfolio helps IT leaders threats, network security products need to perform solve these challenges while gaining improved IT On game day, the Denver Broncos football franchise requires fast network performance, threat protection and secure WiFi for fans. Watch this short video to see how Dell SonicWALL products help the Denver Broncos deliver the experience that fans expect. data normalization to decode threats before the efficiencies, productivity and scalability. firewalls includes an IPS with sophisticated anti- protection system that leverages the power evasion technology. It inspects network traffic for of the cloud. These capabilities enable Dell worms, Trojans, software vulnerabilities, backdoor Network Security firewalls to provide a high exploits and other types of malicious activity. level of network security without compromising Moreover, advanced threat protection capabilities performance for organizations of any size. IPS has a chance to examine them. If enterprises Part of the Connected Security portfolio, rely on products that do not adequately normalize Dell Network Security firewalls combine high- data, the encoded threats can compromise the performance SSL decryption and inspection with network without being noticed. an IPS that features sophisticated anti-evasion The RFDPI engine of Dell Network Security technology and a network-based malware are designed to decode hidden attacks before they can harm the organization. The final component required to provide a deep level of network security is up-tothe-minute, real-time protection against the Author Daniel Ayoub is a product manager with Dell Network Security. multitudes of malware variants that are spawned every hour. Dell Network Security firewalls help enterprises stay ahead of these advanced threats through network-based malware protection that leverages the power of more than one million Learn more Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls: 3 “SSL Performance Problems: Significant SSL Performance Loss Leaves Much Room for Improvement,” by John W. Pirc, NSS Labs, June 2013, Dell, Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection and SonicWALL are trademarks of Dell Inc. 50 2013 Issue 04 | Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.