Brewing Savings with Storage Solution: Heineken Case Study


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International brewing company reduces costs and supports business growth with scalable storage.

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Brewing Savings with Storage Solution: Heineken Case Study

  1. 1. Brewing savings with Customer profilestorage solutionInternational brewing company reduces costs and supports businessgrowth with scalable storage Company Heineken Industry Food, Beverage & Tobacco Country The Netherlands Employees 65,730 (worldwide) Website Business need With costs for its enterprise virtual arrays totalling around €44,650 a year, Heineken needed to reduce storage costs and lower power consumption, while supporting growth. Solution Heineken chose Dell™ Compellent Storage Center SANs, part of the Dell Fluid Data™ architecture, as the foundation for a new, cost-effective virtualized infrastructure. Benefits • Reduction in support costs across the entire network • Easy migration in eight weeks • Optimised performance and lower storage costs with tiered storage • Improved ease of reporting and analysis of performance issues • Round-the-clock support ideal for small internal team“After we completed our migration to Solution areas • Intelligent Data Management Dell Compellent, we had a very short • Server Consolidation list of lessons learned because nothing • Virtualization went wrong.”Lucien de Konink, Projects & Consultancy, Senior Technical Team,Heineken Netherlands
  2. 2. Gerard Adriaan Heineken started his company in 1863 in a small brewery in Amsterdam. Heineken has since grown to become a global beverage brand with 140 breweries in more than 70 countries. Today, it operates two main brewing facilities in the Netherlands, in Zoeterwoude and Den Bosch. Combined, these plants produce 18 million hectolitres of beer a year. Heineken’s IT infrastructure grew for all three vendors. The partner“Since our internal rapidly in response to the company’s introduced Heineken to the Dell™ worldwide expansion. By 2004, the Compellent Storage Center SAN, part IT support team is brewery was facing the challenge of the Dell Fluid Data™ architecture. so small, the engineer of managing and supporting 460 servers in 12 separate server rooms “We quickly came to the conclusion that on call may not in the Netherlands alone. The firm’s Dell Compellent was the clear leader Zoeterwoude facility is its largest in terms of scalability and the lowest be our storage datacentre, hosting four clusters support costs. Both are crucial factors expert. Now we just comprising 121 physical servers. in selecting a solution, because our storage systems operate for up to six call Dell Compellent Heineken was an early adopter of years,” says Robers. virtualization; currently 60 per cent of and they do the its IT is virtualized and it aims to achieve Easy migration in eight weeks for rapid work remotely.” 90 per cent virtualization by 2012. The company also plans to implement a operation Heineken began its migration to DellMike Robers, Senior Team Leader, business continuity solution with data Compellent SANs in its Den BoschInfrastructure Team, redundancy between its two main plant, primarily because it was a smallHeineken Netherlands plants. But these plans must take site with few servers and fairly low into account Heineken’s five-person complexity. After the Dell Compellent engineering team, including just two SAN was delivered, installation took storage engineers. only two days, and the entire system was up and running in another two Mike Robers, Senior Team Leader, days. The entire migration was Infrastructure Team, Heineken completed during office hours. Netherlands, says: “We started encountering storage issues. In Zoeterwoude, we reached capacity Technology in practice for the enterprise virtual arrays, and in Den Bosch, CPU limitations meant Services that we couldn’t upgrade to a newer Dell Compellent Copilot operating system. We were also Support experiencing high support costs – as much as €44,650 a year.” Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager Careful evaluation leads to greater Hardware scalability and lower costs In its search for a system that was Dell™ Compellent Storage scalable and flexible – with centralised Center SANs backup for both sites – Heineken evaluated a number of vendors, Software including HP, NetApp and IBM. As part Dell Compellent Data of the evaluation process, Heineken Progression asked one of its partners, Inter Access, to review the technical specifications2
  3. 3. The migration process in the Furthermore, the company protects itsZoeterwoude facility was more complex, data and saves storage space with the “We quickly came to because the existing configuration SAN’s snapshot technology. Once the included Windows Server® 2003 first snapshot is taken, only incremental the conclusion that and Windows Server 2008 operating systems, as well as an IBM AIX server. changes in data are captured, allowing Heineken to complete ongoing Dell Compellent was“We migrated 45 terabytes of data and snapshots for near-instant recovery the clear leader in hundreds of servers, and, after just eight – and use less storage space. “With weeks, 90 per cent of servers were our Dell Compellent SAN we can take terms of scalability migrated and operational,” says Robers. snapshots constantly, and recover data to any point in time,” says Robers. and the lowestLucien de Konink, Projects & support costs.”Consultancy, Senior Technical Team, Company accommodates growth withHeineken Netherlands, says: “After easily scalable SANs Mike Robers, Senior Team Leader, Infrastructure Team,we completed our migration to Dell With thin provisioning on the Dell Heineken NetherlandsCompellent, we had a very short list Compellent SANs, Robers andof lessons learned because nothing his colleagues can eliminate pre-went wrong.” allocated but unused storage capacity, thereby maximising the value of theirTiered storage helps save money and investment. They don’t need to over- Round-the-clock proactive supportboost performance provision storage in case of sudden The 24/7 access to Dell CompellentDell Compellent Data Progression increases in demand because they Copilot Support helped convinceautomated tiered storage allows can track use through Dell Compellent Heineken’s management team to optHeineken to invest in larger, lower- Enterprise Manager, which provides for the Dell Compellent solution. “Sincecost disks for less frequently accessed a single console for the administration our internal IT support team is sodata, so that the company not only of multiple SANs. They can also allocate small, the engineer on call may not bespends less on initial device costs, but additional storage dynamically. our storage expert. Now we just callalso saves money by reducing power Dell Compellent and they do the workconsumption. Automated tiered storage “With our Dell Compellent SAN, we remotely. For us, that’s really importantdynamically moves enterprise data to don’t have to provision disks in advance, and has played a big part in our decisionthe optimal tier based on actual use. so we can optimise our utilisation rates to choose Dell,” says Robers. and reduce costs,” says Robers.As storage expands, the company Copilot Support delivers proactive,migrates infrequently accessed data Integrated reporting cuts external comprehensive support. Copilotto lower-cost, high-capacity drives. support costs engineers continuously monitorAs a result, storage is always in tune Another key advantage of Dell Heineken’s system performance andwith application needs. And with Compellent for Heineken was the alert internal engineers of potentialhigh-utilisation data on the top tier, ease of reporting and analysis. “Our problems. When issues arise, a Copilotthe IT team can deliver optimised previous solution did not offer us engineer is available when and whereperformance to Heineken employees. adequate reporting and analysis when Heineken needs one, without any we encountered performance issues. delay. Copilot provides a single point of“We were impressed by the added As a result, we had to hire external contact for Heineken’s entire storage value offered by Dell Compellent’s personnel at a cost of €7,000 a visit,” infrastructure. A built-in software automated tiered storage. With our says Robers. “With Dell Compellent, subscription ensures that the brewing previous provider, support costs had we can easily view what we need. And company always has the latest patches, increased steadily over time, but with it’s so simple to use. You don’t need updates and releases, so they’re fully Dell Compellent costs are stable,” a high level of technical expertise to operational and compliant. says Robers. understand the analysis.”View all Dell case studies at: Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit December 2011. © Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks3 of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is for informational purposes only. Dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. Reference number: 10010202