Preventing e-mail                                                                 Customer profiledowntimeDell implements ...
From small businesses to global enterprises, many                                    organizations today rely on e-mail as...
To take advantage of this capability,         substantially reduce the costs of e-mailadministrators installed the EMS    ...
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How Dell Does IT: Dell Email Management Services (EMS)


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Dell employees need to continue sending, receiving, and reviewing e-mail during Microsoft Exchange Server outages. Dell implemented the Dell Email Management Services (EMS) Continuity solution, which reroutes e-mail to cloud-based servers as necessary.

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How Dell Does IT: Dell Email Management Services (EMS)

  1. 1. Preventing e-mail Customer profiledowntimeDell implements the Dell Email Management Services (EMS) Continuity solutionfor 100,000 mailboxes to improve the e-mail availability that is critical for aproductive enterprise Company Dell Industry Technology Country United States Employees 115,000+ Website Challenge Dell needed an e-mail continuity solution that would enable employees to continue sending, receiving, and reviewing e-mail without disruption during planned and unplanned Microsoft® Exchange Server outages. Solution Dell implemented the cloud-based Dell™ Email Management Services (EMS) Continuity solution, which seamlessly reroutes e-mail to cloud- based servers during outages. The solution is hosted on an all-Dell infrastructure. Benefits • Prevents user downtime during Microsoft Exchange Server outages, providing seamless continuity for employees • Enables organizations to achieve high availability while reducing costs by avoiding the need to buy,“Users have a seamless experience...Work no operate, and manage additional infrastructurelonger has to come to a halt during a server • Reduces e-mail downtime to approximately five minutes,outage when organizations use the Dell EMS maintaining critical processes andContinuity solution.” communication • Facilitates rapid deployment,Jason Park, usually within two weeksSystems Engineer, Dell Global Infrastructure Services Application areas • Intelligent data management • Services
  2. 2. From small businesses to global enterprises, many organizations today rely on e-mail as the primary means of communication. Of course, this reliance on e-mail has clear risks: if an e-mail server goes down for any reason, work can come to a grinding halt. Dell understands the critical need operating additional infrastructure. to maintain e-mail availability. The The Dell EMS Continuity solution company’s global workforce of more provides a rapid fix for e-mail outages. than 115,000 people uses e-mail to “Organizations quickly switch over collaborate on new product development, to cloud-based e-mail when there “Lost productivity connect with suppliers, deliver exceptional customer service, and more. The Dell IT is a planned or unplanned Microsoft Exchange Server outage,” explains Tolu. from e-mail group wanted to implement an e-mail “Administrators declare the outage with continuity solution that could help keep a few clicks on a Web-based portal outages can start to communications flowing during planned or a phone call to the Dell support affect the bottom or unplanned outages of its nearly 350 Microsoft Exchange servers. team. For designated user groups, incoming and outgoing messaging are line very rapidly. then immediately rerouted to cloud Any new e-mail continuity solution had servers for the duration of the outage. Organizations can to control costs. “A traditional approach Administrators can activate the solution avoid potential to e-mail continuity might involve deploying more servers,” says Jason Tolu, within about five minutes.” losses easily and software-as-a-service (SaaS) product Streamlining the user experience marketing manager with the Dell Services To improve the user experience for Dell cost-effectively Solutions Group. “An organization might employees using Microsoft Outlook® with the Dell deploy failover servers or have Exchange servers fail over to another data center. 2010, Dell deployed the Dell EMS Outlook Extension for Outlook 2010—a EMS Continuity But buying and operating those additional plug-in that allows users to continue servers can be costly. We wanted to to use the Outlook client even during solution.” provide a solution for Dell and for Dell Exchange server outages. “We wanted customers that would deliver e-mail a way to allow employees to continue continuity while controlling costs.” to use the same interface and avoid any Jason Tolu, work disruption during e-mail outages,” Software-as-a-Service Product Providing a cloud-based solution says Jason Park, systems engineer in Marketing Manager, for e-mail continuity Dell Global Infrastructure Services. Dell Services Solutions Group In 2008, Dell launched Dell Email Management Services (EMS)—a portfolio of cloud-based solutions designed to help organizations address e-mail Technology at work continuity, archiving, and security Services challenges while controlling expenses. With Dell EMS solutions, organizations Dell™ Email Management can improve e-mail availability, manage Services (EMS) e-mail storage and retention policies, • Dell EMS Continuity and tighten data protection while avoiding the costs of buying and2
  3. 3. To take advantage of this capability, substantially reduce the costs of e-mailadministrators installed the EMS continuity by choosing this cloud-basedOutlook Extension on each client solution from Dell.”system. The Extension periodically pollsthe data center, checking the status Organizations can achieve additionalof the Exchange servers. If an outage savings by eliminating disruptions inoccurs, employees receive a prompt productivity. “Lost productivity fromdirecting them to enable the Dell EMS e-mail outages can start to affect theContinuity solution with a single click. bottom line very rapidly,” says Tolu. “Organizations can avoid potential“A planned e-mail outage for some losses easily and cost-effectively with of our Dell groups in Brazil provided the Dell EMS Continuity solution.” an excellent opportunity to run a pilot program with the EMS Outlook Keeping e-mail flowing Extension,” says Diego Santone, SaaS By using the EMS Outlook Extension, portfolio manager, Latin America, with Dell employees and Dell EMS Continuity the Dell Services Product Group. “The customers no longer have to transition pilot went flawlessly. It included almost to a Web-based client or struggle to 1,000 mailboxes, which were normally access old e-mails when there is supported by three Exchange servers. an outage. “Users have a seamless Employees had no trouble activating experience,” says Park. “Once Dell EMS the solution and experienced no is activated for certain groups, users in difficulties sending or receiving e-mail those groups can continue to use the during the 12-hour outage.” same, familiar Outlook client, and they continue to have easy access to the Employing a robust, scalable older e-mails that are stored on their infrastructure for e-mail continuity local system. Work no longer has toThe infrastructure used to host the Dell come to a halt during a server outage Realizing the value of the Dell EMS EMS Continuity solution capitalizes on when organizations use the Dell EMS Continuity solution, many organizations the performance of Dell™ PowerEdge™ Continuity solution.” have subsequently adopted additional servers with Intel® Xeon® processors. cloud-based Dell EMS offerings, including“In most cases, users will not notice Rapidly deploying new solutions Dell EMS Archive and Dell EMS Security any change in performance when for critical e-mail needs solutions. “As long as e-mail remains the Dell EMS Continuity solution is Since organizations do not need to a primary means of communicating activated,” says Park. Dell hosts the Dell buy and configure new servers, they and doing business, organizations will EMS Continuity solution from multiple can deploy the solution rapidly. “In need ways to ensure availability, simplify data centers around the world to help many cases, organizations can have searching and archiving, and protect reduce latency for global customers. the solution up and running within a information,” says Tolu. “They can meet All together, these implementations week or two,” says Tolu. those needs effectively and efficiently currently support nearly 3 million by capitalizing on this cloud-based customer mailboxes, including For organizations around the globe portfolio of Dell EMS solutions.” approximately 100,000 mailboxes that have already deployed the within Dell. solution, there is no doubt that it is filling a critical need. “More than 50Avoiding infrastructure expenses and percent of our Dell EMS Continuitythe costs of downtime customers have activated the solutionBecause the Dell EMS Continuity in the last 12 months,” says Tolu.solution is a cloud-based service, “Those activations included moreDell customers can achieve the than 800,000 users with an averagebenefits of e-mail continuity cost- activation time of nearly three hours.effectively. “Organizations can avoid Without this solution, organizationsthe acquisition, power, cooling, real might have required expensiveestate, and management costs of infrastructure changes to avoidadditional servers,” says Tolu. “They can significant productivity losses.”3
  4. 4. View all Dell case studies at Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit © November 2011. Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. This case study is for informational purposes only. Dell makes no warranties—express or implied—in this case study. Reference number: G11003971