Sales portal increases IT                                           Customer profileefficiency to drive growthOnline shopp...
At, customers can browse through and                             buy a range of household and leisure prod...
and scalability of a virtualized Dell        Macque explains: “Before theEqualLogic and PowerEdge solution            depl...
The SANs enable IT personnel to scale                   Downtime is minimised withstorage dynamically on demand. “The     ...
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Sales Portal Increases IT Efficiency to Drive Growth: Case Study


Published on wanted to support five times more web traffic. It virtualized its IT with Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710 servers running Windows Server® 2008 R2 with Hyper-V™, and a Dell EqualLogic PS6000XV storage area network.

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Sales Portal Increases IT Efficiency to Drive Growth: Case Study

  1. 1. Sales portal increases IT Customer profileefficiency to drive growthOnline shopping site cuts datacentre space requirements by around50 per cent and gains support for up to five times as many onlinetransactions through virtualization Company Industry Retail & Wholesale Country France Employees 40 Website Business need wanted to boost sales and revenue by achieving a five-fold increase in web transactions. It needed faster performance and flexible storage. Solution The company worked with Dell Partner SII to design a virtualized environment based on Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and Dell EqualLogic storage, running Windows Server® 2008 R2. Benefits • Five times faster processing of business transactions helps align IT with business targets • IT team efficiency improves and services are deployed in hours • Server footprint is reduced by more than 50 per cent • Scalable solution accommodates up to three times more content • Downtime is minimised with“The website was designed with our virtualized infrastructure and responsive support business targets in mind, and, thanks to our Dell infrastructure, supports Solution areas • Application and Platform five times more transactions than the OS Migrations • Intelligent Data Management previous environment.” • VirtualizationOlivier Macque, Production Manager,
  2. 2. At, customers can browse through and buy a range of household and leisure products – from DVDs to home decorations. In business, change is constant, so the company’s 11-person IT team must ensure the site is up and running 24/7, providing customers with up-to-the-minute shopping experiences. The portal offers customers products The company approached SII – its“Previously, customers at discounted prices, with the Dell Partner of four years – to design ease and convenience of online a solution. “SII and Dell have a highly could post only browsing and payment, and home collaborative relationship. Both one picture of the delivery. Sellers use this e-commerce environment to advertise their goods. teams worked hard to understand our environment and challenges. We product they were And, as a trusted received fast responses to our questions, third-party, manages the transactions and in-depth information and advice,” selling, but thanks to between buyers and sellers, helping says Macque. our Dell SAN they to protect all interests and ensure satisfactory outcomes. Company safely tests virtualization can now post up As a first step, is owned by global worked with SII to create a virtualized to three pictures.” online and catalogue shopping test environment consisting of oneOlivier Macque, Production specialist 3 Suisses International Dell EqualLogic PS6000XV SAN andManager, Group. As traffic to the website three Dell PowerEdge R710 servers with steadily increased, so did the demands Intel® Xeon® processors E5540, running on its infrastructure. The group had Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise ambitious plans to boost 2xmoinscher. with Hyper-V™ technology. com transactions five-fold and wanted to invest in virtualized IT to support Macque says: “The trial run in our this objective. pre-production area went smoothly. It allowed us to test the deployment gains right combination of technology and services Technology in practice hosts its servers and storage at the company’s datacentre in Services Paris. The existing physical infrastructure Dell Support Services was based on 40 Dell™ PowerEdge™ – Dell ProSupport™ with servers and three Dell EqualLogic Mission Critical storage area networks (SANs), running Windows Server® 2003 R2. Hardware Olivier Macque, Production Manager at Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710 servers with Intel® Xeon®, says: “We knew that processors E5540 end-to-end virtualization would help us achieve the dynamic, low-cost storage Dell EqualLogic PS6000XV infrastructure we needed to manage storage area network business growth. As we’re Dell- and Microsoft-trained, and very satisfied Software with the performance and reliability Windows Server® 2008 of our existing environment, it was a R2 Enterprise logical decision to virtualize with these – Hyper-V ™ trusted providers.”2
  3. 3. and scalability of a virtualized Dell Macque explains: “Before theEqualLogic and PowerEdge solution deployment, it would have taken us “Coupled with ourin a safe environment. As a result, we several hours to deploy a server. Wecould familiarise ourselves with the can now provision a virtual server in less Dell EqualLogictechnology without affecting the serviceprovided to our users.” than 30 minutes, which has allowed us to provide new web and IT services SAN, we’re using very quickly. We’ve freed up time that just nine units inVirtualization supports growth we can dedicate to other projects suchand availability as the deployment of a new emailing the datacentre.In the second phase of the project, extended platform running on Cisco IronPort.” That cuts our spacevirtualization to its live production Server footprint reduced by more requirementsenvironment. With SII, it put together than 50 per centan infrastructure made up of three Dell The IT team has gained valuable space by more thanPowerEdge R710 servers with Intel®Xeon® processors E5540, connected to expand the infrastructure as business growth demands. Macque explains: 50 per cent.”to a Dell EqualLogic PS6000XV SAN. “Previously, our 20 physical servers took Olivier Macque, ProductionHyper-V, part of Windows Server 2008 up 20 units in the datacentre. Now, 20 Manager, 2xmoinscher.comR2, provides server virtualization. “We virtual servers run on a cluster of threechose Dell and Microsoft because we Dell PowerEdge servers. Coupled withwanted to take advantage of a strong our Dell EqualLogic SAN, we’re usingcooperative partnership,” says Macque. just nine units in the datacentre. That cuts our space requirements by moreThe company decided on Dell than 50 per cent.”PowerEdge R710 servers for theirenhanced memory, increased also reduces powervirtualization performance and consumption by around 50 per centgreater I/O capacity over the previous with its virtualized infrastructure. Thegeneration. “Our powerful Dell PowerEdge R710 features Energy Smartinfrastructure lets us carry out the technologies, which are designed toactivities critical to customer service – boost green efficiency.such as quickly managing large numbersof transactions and growing volumes of Three times more content and bettercustomer data,” says Macque. storage performance As an online marketplace, theIT deploys services in hours, not weeks website must offerThe IT team works more effectively reliable uptime and support largewith its new servers due to the amounts of traffic. The Dell EqualLogicfunctionality of Windows Server 2008 PS6000XV SAN is a highly scalableR2 Enterprise. The enhanced features of virtualized storage solution. Due to thethe updated operating system help the capacity of the SAN and high-speedteam manage critical applications and connectivity, employees can safely storedata on the servers more easily. “Our and quickly access Dell infrastructure with Hyper-Vprovides more consistent performance “Previously, customers could post onlyand simplifies management. Basic one picture of the product they wereadministrative tasks are less time selling, but thanks to our Dell SAN theyconsuming, which helps us increase can now post up to three pictures,”productivity,” says Macque. confirms Macque. “End users benefit from noticeably better performanceFor example, with Hyper-V virtualization with the Dell SAN, while we have atechnology, IT personnel can move scalable solution that can meet oura virtual machine between two host needs for years to come.”servers without any disruption to service.And by using the Hyper-V ManagementConsole, Macque and his team canperform day-to-day administrative tasksmuch faster.3
  4. 4. The SANs enable IT personnel to scale Downtime is minimised withstorage dynamically on demand. “The responsive support services “SII and Dell have asnapshot and replication features of our With Dell ProSupport™, the IT teamDell EqualLogic SANs help us simplify has continuous access to Dell experts, highly collaborativestorage administration and ensure highavailability,” says Macque. helping to optimise the infrastructure’s performance. To protect its investment, relationship. Both chose Dell ProSupport teams worked hardSite hosts five times more business with Mission Critical, through which Delltransactions experts can be onsite within four hours. to understand ourWith its flexible, scalable IT infrastructure,the company can easily accommodate About SII environment andsurges in demand, such as the lead up SII provides value-added engineering challenges.”to Christmas or the January sales. “The and IT solutions for large corporationswebsite was designed with our business from a range of industries, including Olivier Macque, Production Manager, 2xmoinscher.comtargets in mind, and, thanks to our telecommunications, defence,Dell infrastructure, supports five times aerospace and finance. Founded in 1979,more transactions than the previous the company now has 41 branch officesenvironment,” says Macque. in France and abroad, and more than 4,000 employees.Company saves time and money withsimplified licensingHyper-V server virtualization andconsolidation now provides highlyavailable systems and applications that Olivier Macque,are part of the offering in Windows Production Manager,Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. Macque 2xmoinscher.comexplains: “Hyper-V comes with WindowsServer 2008 R2 in a single bundle, soit’s easier to manage, and we can keeplicensing costs down.”View all Dell case studies at: Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit © June 2011, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel4 Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY. Reference number: 10008953