англійська мова робочий зошит 5 косован


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англійська мова робочий зошит 5 косован

  1. 1. оксана Косован ЛНГЛIИСЬКЛ МОВЛ / Робочий зошит для 5-го класу загаJIьноосвiтнiх навчальних закладiв (5-й piK навчання) (0о пiOрачнulса А. М. Несвim) Тернопiль Видавництво <Пiдручники i посiбники)> 20Iз
  2. 2. LJnit 1. Ну Lesson Г*гпГlу c:nd Гriепds l,-С;..Оlr 1. О ,'., l:1 l,,,,,O..,.,. Complete the sentences with the following wordS. . aunt о cousin о wife о brother Му father is my grandmother's sоп о sister - Му sister is my mother's Му mother's sister is my Му uncle's son is my Му mother is my father's Му parent's son is my Му father's daughter is mу write the answers. What is уоur паmе? 2. What is уоur surпаmе? 3. Who аrе the members of уоur family? 4. What is уоur family like? 5. Where do you live with уоur family? 6. ls уоur family big? 7. Do уоu live together with уоur grandparents? о daughter t О,,,,_О.i.l ,,, О,,:,О,;,i о sоFt
  3. 3. 3. Choose the соrrесt variant to complete each sentence. 1. This is 5. Апп studies very welI. Неr dad says that she is Tom, my granddad. А she's В he's G hes' 2. Mrs. Sm]th's is а very cheerful girl. А grапdmа В son G daughter your brother? З. ls isn't. - No, Ashe Bhe Cit 4. Му grandparents аrе than mу parents. А уоuпgеr В lаrgеr С older noisy G helpful 6. l love my parents than my friends. А the most В more G best 4, а) Write as iп the example. . 2. З, 4. 5. 6. 7. В. 1 А intelligent В пiсе old bad large mапу little good уоuпg Ь} Make чр 3 sentences with апу words from а). t
  4. 4. Unit '1 . l'4y |,l,ло,,,, О,..,,,,Q,,:.O,,,,..ll,,,l 5. о, О,l;, О,,, Lcsson clnd Гriепс{s ГсгпГlу О,,,,,о,,!, о о о,, l,,,a a,.о.,a tl a,,,о::,о-a a,a,,a a a, е a З a a a, a о,о Match the parts of the phrases. 1 mУ best ---__t__, 2 to ask 3 to spend 4 -с А time together В brother friend D ideas and opinions Е for advice F each other mу elder 5 to understand 6 to have 6. Stick the photo of your friend and write the information.about him/her as iп the ехаmрIе. ttl fi El ll ltl ]| ffi Му паmе is Sam" l was Ьоrп iп England. l have got а sister and а Iam l'm f rоm brother. Му sister's паmе is Mary and she is оldеr than mе. She has got different hobbies. Му brother's паmе is Den and he is уоuпgеr than me. Не likes to pIay foctball. We аrе friепСIу family and Iove each other чеrу much" ,ffiffiic,o
  5. 5. -Yтi}-:". ух -F'у:lttу "1"y:ч ГrimпсJ,ж 7. Make чр the sentences as in the example. 1. L"gggi}n is / cheertul / Ьоу. / Sam / чеrу / and / hard-working ý;эr:з i* v*$"у t,:;эгс{-w*rklгtg *зуъd uh**g"fufi Ь{}у" 2. that/clever. /l/Мum / аm / says 3. lively 4. Раul / hard-working? / and / attentive / ls 5. аrе / character? / ot / his / What / best / traits 8.а 1 } / is / Му / friend / honest. / best / and Match the words to the Ukrainian equivalents. А активний В щасливий hаrd-worki],lg*,,,., 2 liveIy 3 clever 4 cheerful ",1л С "',,t чесний '",D працелюбний 7 active Е розумний F життерадiсно G радiсний, веселий 8 happy Н уважний 5 honest 6 attentive ь) Describe опе of уоur best friends, using the words frоm а). "ffi,
  6. 6. Unit 1. IЧу ГgгпГlу fiпd Гriепds l |:i,,,.;,i.,,,,*.,O*,,,ll- 9. Ghoose the соrrесt variant. What's уоur паmе? В: А Му паmе is Julie. А: В l паmе is Julie. А: Do you like going in for sроrts, Julie? В: А Yes l do. l go В Yes l do. l go in for hobbies. iп for swimming. How do you like to spend уочr free time? В: А l like to read interesting books. А: В l likes to go camping with my friends. А: Have you got а lot of friends, Julie? В: А Yes, l have got Мо best friends. Their names is Веп and Sam. В Yes, l have got two friends. Their паmеs are Веп and Sam. 1О. Make чр the 1. 2. questions, using the words iп bold. Му favourite subject is Maths. What is уоur favourite subject? l usually take swimming classes after school, 3. 4. ц l l like to play games with my friends after school. 6. l Му school life is чеry interesting. 5. l Kate likes going iп for sports very much. Му family is чеrу friendly.
  7. 7. Unit 1. lЧу ГfiгfiГlу L*sscn сlглсi Ггiепсi* 6 11. Unscramble the words. chertea - gеrпаmа giеппееr tеасhеr terfighfire - mеrfаr tordoc drehairsser - - tantshopassis - 12. Рчt the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple оr Present continuous. She is vеrу сlечеr. She speaks (to speak) thrее languages. (to go) to school ечеry day. Му sister Веп (поt / to swim) поW. They (to attend) the school Literature club. Boys (поt Tina is а teacher. she / to play) football at the moment. (to teach) Maths, (to read) ап interesting book поw. l Топу (to write) а letter at the moment. 13. Make up the sentences, using the Present Continuous. 1. А doctor 2, / to talk to а patient А doctor is talking to а patient at the moment. А teacher / to write оп а blackboard 3. А hairdresser / to cut hair 4. А shop-assistant 5. А mапаgеr / to sell fruit and vegetables / to write а letter
  8. 8. Г*гпПу fiпd ,,,,О.,: i,],;:,,,O, l l,, l,,,,l.,r, Гriёпсlý с,,,!'.,,с,,,, Word map. Occupations ,, ::l ' |-.-,-.'.- --,-, -- " -..* 15. Write the answers. 1. What is уоur father's occupation 2 2. What is уоur mother's occupation? 3. what job do уоu want to have iп the futu i 16. Write the verbs iп the Past Simple. watch watched eat i go i try- i I i do- forget read have i I i I .2 Днmйсш пов. Робщrй юшmдд,5 - collect find - make write шасу (до пiдручнm А. Несвф - rе? Lesson 7
  9. 9. i lr, *lI"u;T i"i* l* ,s Ф Ф ф ý *..* ,1 }, Г{у Г*гпilу fiftd * *,..0,rл,Ф.;,,,t ,l Гri*пds L*sscn В , Оl.:Сl,,:i,;,-(} 17. Read the text (РВ, р. 21, ех.2), mark trче tences. й апd false El sen- 't. The Ьоу has got опе grandfather. 2. Опе of the boy's grandfather works iп the town. 3. The boy's city grandfather works in the field. 4. Опе of the boy's grandfather is ап епgiпееr. 5. The boy's city grandfather lets him to stick stamps. 6. The boy's country grandfather doesn't let him to pet the cows. 7. The country grandfather te]]s that the Ьоу is learning about business. 8. The Ьоу doesn't want to Ье а fаrmеr. 9, The Ьоу knows about businessmen апd farmers. 18, complete the table with the information about your grandparents. Му Grandma(-s) Му Grandpa(-s) l ГИагiа ýi"l* Place he/ she lives Occupation Things he/ she likes ýhe Iiчеs l
  10. 10. 19. uпdеrIiпе the mistakes and write the correct sentences. 1. Did you L}irJ y|*;t,; 9_ре_п_е_d {,.], .]] :] i i the window? ill1r',l1 : 1; 1jt'11,1,y' ;] 2. Are you watch television with уоur brother at the moment? 3, Mike and Веп goes to school together ечеrу day. 4. Му parents are web designers. They аrе working in the office. 5. Му grаппу readed ап interesting book yesterday. 6, Does Nick play football with his friends in а yard поw? 7, Jane and Маrk was glad to see us yesterday. 8. Did your father work iп the field every day? l---i Io о о a a a a о a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a с a a. t ,лii':.", , ii'i:!::jj'.! a a a i a a a a a a a a a r o.:;;;.,,!i;,. i :,i:, ;,' l +r f a. ' l
  11. 11. Unit 1. Му ГсmПу cnd 2О. Make чр Гriепds Lesson 9 б sentences iп the Present Simple, Present Gonti- пчочs and Past Simple as iп the example, using the table. to rеаd She every day Не usuaIly I поW We at the moment They yesterday to watch television to go in for swimming to attend sports сluЬ to travel to cook io help to play football She is watching television at the moment. 21. Write а short story (5-6 sentences) about уочr family: раrentsn, sisters' and brothers' паmеs; their а9е; occupations; things they !ike. -l l_]
  12. 12. Unit 1. Му Гсmilу cnd a.a a a о о , a,a,a a a a a a a a a , a a a a Friепds a о a 9 a a a a a Rессirlq a a a a a a a ! a a Ф . е ф й е a 22. Read the text (РВ, рр. 24-25, ех. 2) and choose the correct variant to complete each sепtепсе. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Next week Маry wiII Ье А В ten eight D eleven с six sister. Lily wants to Ье а В уоuпgеr А big D little с еIdеr LiIy jumped the rоре, fell down and В started to сry А started to С started to smile D started to jump Маry helped her sister to В wait А stand uр D сry С climb uр hеr little sister. Lily stopped crying and В hugs А played D helped С hugged Next week LiIy will Ье very В good sister А big D younger G tell sister grown-up 23. Match the раrts of the phrases, using the text (РВ, рр. 24-25, ех. 2). 1 next ----,'-,. 2 the dinosaur daddy's to jump afavourite баЬirthdау 7tobe 3 4 5 А -'Х-,"r. -'хt lap В the rоре G present '{l week Е grown-up Fpuzzle Gtoy " . о *|
  13. 13. 1. Write what Taras and Раm аrе wearing. 2. write the answers. 1. What аrе уоu wearing поw? 2. What do you wеаr when it's warm? 3. What do уоu wеаr when it's cold? 4. What do уоu usually wеаr whеп you go to school? 5. What do уоu usually wеаr whеп уоu go to а party?
  14. 14. 3. Make чр the sentences as in the example. 1. Тоm 2. Lily 3. Mike / to wear / а sweatshirt (И) / а pair of jeans (Е) 4. Му mother / to wear / а dress tЙl t shoes tЙl 5. Не / to wear / shorts 6. They / to wear / scarves tЙl 4. ш Е а) Fill lп this/these or that/those as in the example. /to /to wеаr / а T-shirt wеаr / а hat (И) / а dress (И) / а sсаrf ',,,, t! Е Ш Е (g) /а jacket (Е) _ (Е) ta hat (tr) tЙl t flip-flops tИl ta T-shirt (Е) bloUs€ sweater scarves а pair of jeans jumper skirt t mittens tЙl t Е tП Е Ш tr t! raincoats(Etr) shirt а pair of shoes hat coats jacket mittens Ь) Make чр 4 sentences with апу words from а). l
  15. 15. 5. Choose the correct чаriапt to complete each sentence. 1. Веп а red Т-shirt апd blue jeans оп. А has got В having G have 2. Kelly and Тоm wearing school uniform. А have В is С are оп, 3. Му father has got а shirt and А а tie В high boots G bIouse 4. Nick is wеаriпg а blue and а white T-shirt. А сар В jeans С dress 5. During summer we do not wear coats and А shorts В jumpers С T-shirts 6. When it's raining you have to take ап umbrella and wear А asuit В апапоrаk G araincoat 7. Не оftеп wears and а tie when he goes to school. Aablazer Bcoat Gcaps 8. We have got uniforms for а cold and warmer seasons. Ared Bdifferent caschool 6. Describe уочr school чпifоrm (5-6 sentences): items of clothesn coIours, difference between girts' and boys' clothes.
  16. 16. Unit 2. Thc Clothcs fe 7. rесг Lcsson 4 a.,.о ,a a а) Complete the table. Write as mапу words as possible. clothes for warm weather Glothes for cold weather А T-shirt Ь) Make up 3 sentences with the words from а) as in the ехаmрlе. l аm going to wеаr а sweater, lэесаusе it is cold outside. 8. Gomplete the sentences with the following words. о "l . unzip о train о the zoo . wеаr о sew о take off Nick and sam like animals. They аrе going to 2. Апп is going to 3. Веп doesn't like to go in for sports. Не is not going to 4. 5. in the gym. а button оп her blouse. ' lt is very hot in Мау. They are going and _ _ What аrе уоu going to to put mу пеw dress оп. Ашiflсьп their coats jumpers. l *3 to моm. РобФий юшш дt, 5 шасу (до пiдручшп А. HccBiT) to the раrtу? - l аm going l I ,
  17. 17. L,:nit 2. The Clothes .fe чеgг Lesson 9. Make up the questions and answers as iп the example. 1. 5 Jane / going to play volleyball? ls Jane going to play volleyball? 2. - No / she / going to the Zoo. - No, she's going to the Zoo, your friends / going оп а picnic? - No / they / going to buy some food. З. she / having а раrtу? 4. your father / going to wear а coat? 5. уоu / going to wear а - Yes / she / going to buy а пеw dress. blazer?- 1О. Complete the sentences. 1 . At the parties l usually wеаr 2. То school I usually wеаr 3. lп the gym l usually wеаr - No / hе / going to wеаr а polo. No / l/going towear а coat.
  18. 18. :l Unit 2. The C]othes #с #еfir Lesson 6 11. а) Match the opposites. 1 big * _ 2 с!еап -'-*3 tight 4 shогt 5 stylish 6 to fit '-,-*t --t.-. А В out of fashion long G not to match D loose 'ХЕ smalI F untidy Ь) Make up 4 sentences, using the word-combinations from а). 12, Choose the correct variant to complete each sentence. 1. 2, 3. 4. 5, 6. Kate looks rеаllу nice. Неr dress А match В fits с hеr Shoes. matches Му dad bought mе а пеw раir of shorts, but * А it's В they're С they Den is чеrу tall and his trousers аrе А too loose В too tight С too short l have got а .пеw skirt and Ajeans Bshoes too tight. for mе. on. Cadress You look stylish today! This coat is this season. А elegant В in fashion ВоЬ а red T-shirt and а паvу blue blazer. А wearing В wear С С tidy is wearing oi-']jo.oo,o,1'..'a....,l.aorO'...i,...,...o,ioco'.''..,.,.d...ffi....itl
  19. 19. Ur"lit ý *,I t Q,l ý,,},,* 2" The С]сэthеs .fe #еfiг l},,., е., О ,. l,;.,1 О.,.,,,-е. 13. а) Make чр уочr top-ten list of favourite clothes. 1 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. Ь) Complete the sentences, using the words from а). 1. I love 2. This З. These 14. underline the mistakes and write the correct sentences. 1. 2. 3. А dress matches to уоur shoes very much 5. ;l What аrе уоur wеаr for а party tonight? 4. * This pair of jeans and а coat js too loose for mе. Do уоu like to wears fashionable clothes? l isrдearin+a blue jacket. l am wearing а blue jacket.
  20. 20. *n'!l Unit 2. The Clothes ,о.,о о, l о,,о a, a a a a "/е a a a,a a,a,a,a,о,о #r,fiг a a a .fi о a . L*ss*п a ,a l. a , о a, о, a о о a , о с {i a 15. а) Write the opposites. long - пеW plain shоrt dark - small - wide - high-heeled loose hеачу trendy - - Ь) Make up 4 questions and answers as iп the example, using the words from а). Are these black shoes new? - No, they аrе old" 16. Describe уочr favourite clothes (5-6 sentences}. a a a a о о a'''о a a t a a a a a'a a a a a a a a a a a о a a a a a'a a о i a a a a a a a a ] о . t .р
  21. 21. . .* Unit 2. The Clothes {g ,* #еfiг Lcsson 9 1,1 ý,t 17. Complete the dialogues with the following words. о -l . take о this о fits о expensive choice о elegant о matches . But-on о stylish о match о take off lt's rаiпу and cold today. You need to put оп а sweater. Yes, of course. l think it is good to _*_________ап umbrella too. And why did you *_ _.а raincoat? lt ____,*_*_"уоu. Yes, but it doesn't 2, о mу boots. j i ] l j I 1 l don't like this T-shirt, but that dress is i and fine. Sally, уоuПrе right! It looks чеrу mу пеw shoes, And I think that it Oh, yes! But l think you cannot buy this dress, because it is very А: What's а pity! And what do уоu think of раir of jeans. В: Sally, I think that it is а good 18. Make чр the sепtепGеs and match them to the tense forms. 1 Present Simple 2'going to' 3 Past Simple ГЁj uniform. / going / Мопiса / wеаr / а / to / is hЛ*iliЁа is fi*irlg t* w**г а l;пi{tгrт}" il and / Му / а /tie. / wеаrs / suit /father / а / usually Lj she /coat /on? / а / Did /and / hеr / put /scarf П Oo/Sometimes/school / not/uniform. /wеаr /а / П nel button /to /jumper? / а / ls / оп /going/sew/ | his i
  22. 22. 19.Read the text (РВ, рр. 47-49, ех.2}, marktrue И and false EI sentences. '1. ' : Monday was Becky's favourite day. 2. Becky wоrе а lovely bright light dress with different coloured stripes, like а rаiпЬоw. З. There wasn't anything special about that dress. 4. Becky put the dress оп and started to float in the air! 5. Becky flew up above the clouds. 6. She waved to the people оп boats below. They weren't surprised! 7.The dolphins blew water into the air at her. 8. Becky greeted animals and people. 9. Becky f|ew home and landed iп her bedroom. 2О. Read the text (РВ, рр. 'l. in English. 47-49, ех.2| and write the sentences Вона побачила чудову яскраву свiтлу сукню з рiзнокольоровими см}ry(ками. 2. Беккi почала пiднiматися в повiтря i летiти, немов птаха. З. Вона злетiла понад хмарами. 4, Беккi махала рукою людям на кораблi внизу. 5. Вона летiла понал джунглями, пустелею, снiгами та кригою.
  23. 23. Unit 3. Го*d l ,,' *, '.,, '.. , t},. ', i.., ;О,, ,1 }.l.i,,, 1. а) Fill O_,;,;.l1,. LeýScn l i11 ;O,,,,:ii:: },,,,,, l ;, С О.::l i,,,:. i ,, Q',a,,,, i'..,,. l,;,,l,,,,a,.,:,i iп а/ап or sorne and write чпGочпtаЬlе nouJls. ýоrПе milk * l:. l:l,: i.,,.,,,,O,:,:,.l ,.l l.,o'. O_,, .l ,,, l,,,,,.l1 ,1 .i,,1,,l,..1.. O,;,;,,l1,,,i_r,i,,l с for сочпtаьlе LД _ meat cheese bread fish "Ьеап orange riсе coffee chicken pizza salad yoghurt toast jam apple Ь} Gomplete the sentences, using the words from а). l like l don't like 2. Gircle the correct variant. //- А: t"# / Аrе there апу juice iп the fridge? В: No, there аrеп't / isn't. А: Аrе there апу / some apples оп the plate? В: Yes, there аrе / is. А: /s / Дrе thеrе апу milk? В: Yes, there аrе / is апу / sоmе milk in the fridge. А: ls / Дrе there апу / sоmе rice? В: No, there аrеп't / Ьп't апу / sоmе riсе. ,...f!;,ra:ii€ and u for paSta egg 1 ,r{
  24. 24. Ljnit 3. Гооd Lеsstг} ? о',, t,,,i |:,,, ],,,.{l:.,,a , a, ,,.Э , {l ,.,о.. a. ,}, 3. Tick the Gorrect И sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 4. А В А В А There is not much sugar in the bowl. Тhеrе is not lots of sugar iп the bowl. Тhеrе is а lot of milk iп the fridge. Тhеrе is much milk iп the fridge. ls there mапу apples on the plate? В Аrе there mапу apples оп the plate? А Тhеrе is not mапу yoghurt iп the cup. В Тhеrе is not much yoghurt iп the сuр. А Аrе thеrе mапу sweets оп the plate? В Аrе there much sweets оп the plate? А There is not lots of fruit in the fridge. В Тhеrе is not much fruit iп the fridcle. А There is а lot of Ьапапаs iп the bow!. В Тhеrе is mапу Ьапапаs iп the bowl. и п п п п п п п п п п п п п Complete the table with the following words. oapotato оаьеап oanapple oacarrot .ареаr .апоrапgе о а Ьапапа о ап опiоп о а cucumber о а lemon . а pepper о а beetroot о а cabbage Vegetables W *4 Англiйська мова. Робочий зошит шlя 5 кпасу (до пiдручника А. HecBiT) о.. ,Оl, ,О,,,о
  25. 25. l,Jnit З. Гооd ,l;,i ф. а LessOnS 3*4 a..,.i 5. а) Write in English. смажити на грилi чистити to grill - Ь) Make чр 3 sentences with а}. 6. NчmЬеr the correct words апd make чр the sentences as in the example. 1. Опiопs / slice И tpeel Ш p*el сэпiопs first апd thеп slice them. 2. А chicken / chop Пz boil 3. А pizza/ decorate Пt 4. 5. { !] fi !] Milk / boil 6. .i Potatoes Meat / grill П bake / tгу П/ wash П ПZ роur П П7 slice П П
  26. 26. Lessons З-4 Unit З. Гооd .O..,,,l .,,;, о:'l:. O1li ':1l, С ;l;,; O1;,:;;r l_,,,:.,:, 7. Choose the correct чаriапt to complete each sentence. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. isn't А much Тhеrе 7. А а lot of mапу С lots of bread left? В с апу А mапу В alotof There is А mапу Would уоu like А апу В апу В апу lots of с some оrапgе julce iп the jug? с muсh cake? В some There isn't rпапу с water iп the bottle. ls there lots ot some biscuits in the packet. There аrеп't А 8. В Is there А 6. sugаr in this coffee. в lot of Calotof jam iп the jar. с much Write, how to cook fruit salad, using the following words. Ьапапаs о wash . оrапgеS о chop . pears о peel о pears о apples . pour о decorate о yoghurt о mix о Take the fruit and wash them first. Тhеп о,.,,.; О,:, О ; l
  27. 27. З. Гооd t"Jnit & Ф ф, lr,ý * ,i,iв ,1 ,G,,:, 9. } Lesscns .о а} ;i*r...J,l1.,,_С -€,1..0,0,,',', ?.;', {l,':',. !,,,,.i.l:.; t-,,. ý-{э t.'..,?,, e.'..:l-,'.lr,,,,,.'*l1i'r;',.i::';--t.','...!;r1,11;.1t1,:.t-r,,!.,d Gomplete the mепч with the following Words. о Desserts о Drinks о Vegetables о Mafu ] ] i ЛLепu i l Main Соuгsе -*-- i_--_. Grilled fish with riсе . chicken with carrots . Pasta with tomatoes . . PeaS . ВеапS . Carrots . Beetroots , Cabbage . lce сrеаm . Apple pie . strawberries . . Mineral water . Apple juice Coffee . Теа . Milk . with сrеаm Biscuits Ь) Write the missing group of dishes in the mепч from а). с) Make чр the questions and answers as чsiпg the mепч. 1. Juice? 2. there апу juice iп the ff]епu?-*--Yеs, thеrе is. Potatoes? 3. lce сrеаm? 4. А cake? 5. Water? Ёg alr:.,]a1]],1: J:]:.] a]]:i-.;ii...i:;i:]l ai:l.;a,!'..;ia iп the example,
  28. 28. ! т ] Unit 3. Гооd ý** Lessоný 1о. complete the table. write as much information as , possible. i Vе etable sou Main сочrsе Frчit and VegetabIes Desserts l I l I I , , l ! ,'',,l -';"о лl .,11 '*"", 6],,,,|.,,,,]o,i:,n..,,, a,:;,,;l, 9 ,:9. . ,:rj,Fi{в,+,. #.!!;'ffi.''r,'* '+riЁ":;# {} tt О ф| {, ]
  29. 29. Unit 3. Гооd Lesson 7 11. Unscramble the words. bagecab ollrs shchbor - cakepans letscut - - cabbage rоlls - ipchs - lubhotsi ursо еасrm lingsdump - 12. Complete the sentences. 1. То cook cabbage rolls уоu need а head of cabbage, 2. То cook potato pancakes уоu need 13. Write the answers. 1. 2. !1 ý, а й ii t l? I i] ч !J l :i !l What ingredients do you use to cook one of your favourite dishes? 4. ý What are уоur favourite dishes? 3. }i What are traditiona! Ukrаiпiап dishes? How do уоu cook it?
  30. 30. LJnit 3. Гооd О lO ,О a, О, О ;(} .;,O,;.i,.,.O; 1,,,.a, .3,.,С,:Оl:О 14. а) Match the parts of the phrases. 1 cabbage 2 fish А р]е В С and eggs D rolls Е F 3 an apple 4 sоur 5 Ьасоп 6 potato 7 salt 8 bread 9 fruit and butter pancakes and chips G Н and vegetables l and рерреr сrеаm Ь) Make чр 3 sentences with апу of the phrases from а). 15. Gomplete the sentences. 1 . Fоr breakfast l usually have 2. Fоr lunch l usually have 3. Fоr diппеr l usually have .' ., o" o-, ., ,l . i o o , . . " ., l ". i o c o . _ ёfu. . . , o . . .' o . o . . . . . ,. . o . ,o . - o o . €{#B*. ffi1 --i;Ж , . .
  31. 31. Unit 3. Гооd Lcsson ? 16. Complete the dialogues with the following words. о 1. Some о ап} о much bread, please. А: l'd like would уоu like? В: Certainly. How А: Two loaves, please. Аrе there I F il В: Of соursе. How ,a 2. о mапу *,., -"rtreggs? А: Six, please. coffee, please? А: Сап l have В: Sorry, there isn't В: Would you like coffee left. tea? А: Yes, please. milk iп уоur tea? В: Would уоu like А: Of course. Thanks. would уоu like? А: Two teaspoons, please. В: How 17. Correct the mistakes as in the example. 1. 2. l'd like ý>нФ glass of water, please. а Would уоu like ап bread? How mапу water аrе iп the glass? З. 4. We haven't got much tomatoes. 5. l'd like а milk iп mу tea, please. 6. Could l have some оrапgе, please? 7. How much cherries do уоu need? 8. l'd like mапу fish for lunch. 9. How mапу sugar have we got? 10. l'd like some apple, please. .ffi. .. . ...,. .,,., о: о . о .,... . . . ., .,., . 1,,,lа';,:11,1:,1 ,]],a]:,,,:о, ,1 :1':",1,::la,,, a.'],,a,,,''.a"l;],a. ]о,,'"a:l.,]l,.a ,, a
  32. 32. -,i :.'-,",, '-, ., 18. Read the text (РВ, рр. 69-70, ех, 2| and choose the correct variant to compIete each sentence. 'l. George packed а basket with some and lemonade. pancakes с cakes А 2. 3. 4. sandwiches, , В cupcakes D biscuits George and the rabbits wеrе about to set off when саmе along. В monkeys А D birds G for the bears. Не packed three Iarge jars of В carrots А D honey G in his рiспiс basket for two bunchGeorge es of bananas for the monkeys. В room А eIephants bears jam milk found place G point 5. The back to the river. bear G eIephant А D bags carried the basket and all animals оп his В George D monkey 19. Gomplete the phrases, using the text (РВ, рр. 69*7О, ех. 2). о basket о Ьапапаs о atong r place о back о honey о picnic о food |,.|.,:,rt to go for а to pack а jars of bunches of to come *5 Англiйська мова. Робочий зошит для 5 кJIасу (до пiдручника to ride оп а to share picnicking А. HecBiT)
  33. 33. Unit 4. Let's Нfiчс i 1 н t. с Rcst! Lesson 1 GompIete the sentences with the following word-combinations. music о go to раrtiеs о pIay games о read books о visit friends о watch саrtоопs о go for а walk о listen to * t Е1 Е :J q 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. . Не is playing football поw, Jim likes to l like to чеrу much. I often go to the liЬrаry to take something пеw. . His favourite singer is Му brother likes to chris Вrоwп. Веп watches television а lot. Не likes to most of all. Peggy likes to friends' birthday, , Especially оп опе of her summеr is the best season for me, l like to iп the раrk еvеry day. Реtеr is чеrу friendly Ьоу. Не likes to and invites them to his place. 2. . 2. Gomple te the sentences about yourself. 3. l don't like to 1 l've got l like to friends.
  34. 34. LJnit 4- Let's Нс:v* О.;,,;, ll,.;,!,,;, l},;:, 1t}, , О,;;,,1!,:,,1 О.;,,,!,,-,, О,,, J ,"O;;,,'l,,,, О,, О , l fi Rgst! L*ýýon 2 .rllО, 3. Write the questions апd апswеrs as in the example, using 'to Ье going to'. 1) 2) Jack / to play football / Tuesday Is Jack going to play football оп Tuesday? Yes, Jack is goirlg to play football оп TuescJay, l / watch а ТV show / Sunday 3) Jill / to play computer games / Friday 4) Му sister / to read English books / Wednesday 4. Make чр уочr оwп рlаппеr. t I Мопdау i l l l l l l i i Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  35. 35. Unit 4. Let's Hflve 5. с Rest! Lesson 3 Match the words to the definitions. А museum В zoo с circus D сiпеmа Е Art gallery F theatre 1. Е 2, __ This is the place where you сап see pictures. 3. You сап watch the animal show here. _ Different wild and domestic animals live here. 4. _"_ You сап watch а ballet оr а puppet show here. 5. This is the place where уоч сап see ап interesting exhibition. 6. ____ You сап watch favourite films and саrtоопs here. _ 6. iJ Ш П П П П 7. NчmЬеr the parts of the dialogue iп the correct оrdеr. Shall we go to the сiпеmа in the mоrпiпg? Let's do something interesting оп Sunday together. What about going to the Zoo after midday? Yes, l'd ]ove to! Yes, оК. l love animals. l'm afraid l can't. l shall go to mу grandma iп the morning. Gоlочr and write the invitation card for уочr birthday party.
  36. 36. LJnit 1,1"O,:,,},' 4. L*t's Hctve fi Restl l.,:O;.:,O;,,}:,O a:, },..ia,;Or:,Q:l,,,?,,O,,,,С,] a,:.a,] a ,,о.I 8. a,,a Lеss{}г] a t,* с 8 с с,9 i,,a, о., l}] о:a,,a 4. зýýiэýФa*фоф:l а} Match the parts of the phrases. 2 а game А В 3 а Sports с 4 а comedy D рrоgrаmmе Е апimаls 1 а рrоgrаmmе about 5 а quiz show film show ь) Make чр 4 sentences with the phrases from а) as iп the exampIe, using' prefer...to,,.' . l prefer а comedy film to а quiz show. 9. Рчt the verbs in brackets iпtо the present perfect. 1. Tom has аIr*аdу watched (already 2. They 3. 4. / to watch) а puppet show. (just / to see/ ап exhibition, (ever / to visit) а circus? уоu We / to go) to the Агt gallery yet. (already / to watch) the educational (поt he 5. рrоgrаmmе оп television? 6. Kate (just / to see/ different wild ani- (пеvеr / to Ье) iп the museum. mals in the Zoo. 7. We she в. a,е f,a,a,O"a,a },о a,,a]:о.a (еvеr a о о a arl a l / to watch) а ballet? l с..а.i . . ft G са0 Ф . со -'Ёffi" {;,i!ffi : |] ",,] 1t:.
  37. 37. L"Jnit * l,:, ',' ,П ,i .. Ё:"ý ,,ё, €,, :S ,, &, 4. Let't Нс:v* # Rgstl ý,,,ý,,,: i::,:_t,., С,l,,,,9..,,,:9,,,,t,,,ý, ,*.,,,.,.Р,,l. ,' Lesscn ф,,,,,о, С ,,,&,,,,Ф,, ,t, Е '*J .i,'-1'}:,1,,C 1О. а) Make чр а Word map. t ,/ / ,{ i il TV Programmes I t i j .,l ", Е , 1 , "-,- "," -,",,,,_ ,--"-""! "t' Ь} Complete the sentences, using the words from а}. 1. l like to watch 2. l don't like to watch 11. Make чр the questions to the words in bold. 1. Му favourite quiz show starts at 16:3О. 2. When does уоur favourite quiz show start? Today there is the educational рrоgrаmmе оп Ghаппеl 2. 3. The рrоgrаmmе about animals is оп Discovery Channel. 4. l like game shows and cartoons чеry muсh. 5. There аrе interesting documentaries оп TV today. -**",u,,", -,, -,,- +, а "'
  38. 38. LJnit 1. Let's Нgче cl Rcst! L-сss*г--} * 12. Make чр the sentences as iп the example. 1. Тоm / fond of / ptaying tennis tЙl t ruппiпg Tom is fond of playing tennis and trave|ling, 2,, They / fond of / going to the theatre English books (И) 3. Неr hobbies / collecting stamps (tr) / drawing pictures ttrl Z travelling (И) (gl / dancing (tr) / reading (Иl / watch- ing саrtоопs 1И1 4, l / fond of / swimming 5. His hobby / reading (El) / making model cars (И) / cooking 6. Their hobbies / travelling (tr) / going iп for sроrt stickers (И) (fl) / playing games (tr) / gymnastics (И) (Etr) (Иl / collecting 13. Write ап e-mail (6-7 sentences) to а friend аЬочt уочr hobbies. .j.,.,.:o,.,.."o".,o.,.,o о i о i о,о,о,о..,.. о.".,.,.... о.. о о..,. ф#я. ф о a ý,ji.? ,l"
  39. 39. LJnit 4. , 1]iF., 01,]{D,,,:,О. С ,,ý: iP o,,l:1 ;i 1О, Let's Нсv* fi О,, a a,, О,,lэ,,,.a.,il, l, {l,,,,е1, :l,, Lesscn 7 RestI i-,,,l,lо.,,О,,-.a,,, a,.,1,a.,,,, l.,,i,,:l,,, O.,,,, l.,l'l:l: ,.}.,,,,,,i О-1.,.;,О1.;,,,,О.;,.;i1 14. Complete the table, present perfect Past Sim lnfinitive 15. Ghoose the correct чаriапt to Gomplete еаGh sепtепGе. 1. her homework. already Му sister А has/do В has/done С have/done the news? 2. Have уоu already А watch В watches с watched collected 100 stickers yet. 3. Nick с haven't А has В hasn't to Great Britain. 4. Olia has already с travelled А was В travel watched а ballet? he 5. А has/yet В has/ever С has/never not participated in the Art Show 6. Му sister А have/yet В hasЛust С has/yet 7. уоur grапdраrепts ever travelled to the USA? ADo в, АНе ,q .] ft]5',:: a,:,,, ar -ffii,..} В Has с BShe Cl Have have just helped my parents to рrераrе fоr а party. a о a о a a a о a a a о a a a,a'a'a о a o:l a a a a,a:о a a]a,a"a О,i.,lОЕ
  40. 40. i l t i 6. Complete the letter. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form. Dеаr Маrk, , i ', n,',,,:",,"g,l"",t"i,::::::,':i'::::#:""::ii#:::'::: ally hot. Wе (to swim) апd Go sunbathe) every day. We (ta go) to the сiпеmа апd (to watch) very iпtеrеstiпg film уеstеrdау. , t аrе gоiпg See you sооп, -,: (поt to Ьчу) sоuуепirs yet. But (to do) this пехt week. we : ; i ,,.,,-.--.. "" а letter (6-7 sentences) to your friend about how уоч spend уочr holiday. Use the Present SimpIe, Present Gontinuous and present perfect tenses. 17. Write +6 Англiйська мова. Робочий зошит для 5 класу (ло пiдручника А. HecBiT)
  41. 41. Ljnit 4. Let's Hcve g Lcsscn ? Rest! 18. Make чр the sentences апd match them to the tense forms. 1 Present Simple 2 Present Continuous 3 Present Perfect 4 Past Simple Lf, yet. / not / l / mу /have / done /homework l have not dопе mу hоmеwоrk yet. /My/is holidays П hiking / l / П go / Bill П you П seaside l-1 l{ L-J / iпl tor mountains/ last / went / the / summer. /to /sports. / / London? / f /now. /sister /having / fantastic ечеr / likes /iп Kyiv / visited уеаr./ not/to / Have /and /l/the /going /this /am уоu/sоmе /city? / sоuчепirs / Did / in /buy/the 'l9. Make up as many questions to the sепtепсе as possible. Веп has just trained in the gym with his friends, - where has Веп trained with his friends?
  42. 42. Unit 4. Let's Нgчс fi Rast! Rccding l a.,,, a,,,,,,,a.,,,,,,d i text (РВ, рр. 94-95, ех. 2) and choose the correct variant to complete each sentence. 2О. Read the 1. 2. 3. Ann and Dan's parents let them А 5. 6. А excited С sleep В scared С happy Апп took hеr пеw doll and three В all teddy bears. с two Dan brought а big racing саr, а robot, and а Ьох of А chocolates В sweets с toys Children were iп their sleeping А tents В bags С camps Апп thought she hеаrd а noise and they were А 7. В camp The children wеrе very А 4. live out in а tent. scared В glad С excited Апп and Dап rап uр the dark toward А garden В home С yard 21. Match the parts of the phrases, using the text (РВ, рр. 94-95, ех. 2). 1to Ье 2to саmр 3а sleeping 4to drink 5to бto speak 7а 8а А В с bag in а whisper out D excited Е саr F lemonade рееr rасiпg G chocolate Ьох of Н out .,'i",:;',l::i,.:,,, ,1;::lil.i;;1 l:.:,,.,o,,,,,O li.. ffia,i,:a, _ф#.#рF ,l a .', 1 l ! l
  43. 43. Lesson Unlt 5. Г{сtuгfi спd ,/ссthеr 1. 1. 2. 3. 1 Fill iп the missing words. snowing. lt'S 3 5поwу day, . lt'S а The wind isЩ lt'S #fu. There аrе*sd}l day. in the sky. lt's а day. ,t,!:' 4. тhеrenSi.R.1 iп the sky. lt's а 5. lt's* 2. 1. 2. day. today. . lt'S а Choose the correct variant to complete each sentence. lt's а rainy and cold day. Let's А skate В ride а bike С stay at home and cold. We сап ski. The weather is warm В А storm В snowy G rаiпу yesterday. We fIy а kite with friends. 3. lt was sunny and _ С warm А windy В hot 4. lt is and windy today. You саппоt sunbathe iп the yard. А 5. 6. 3. 1. 2. hot С . We didn't swim iп the rivеr. June was suппу but А cold В hot rainy С windy . l Swim every day. The summеr is suппу and А cold В foggy Write the answers. What is the wеаthеr like today? Mhat do уоu like about it? С hot
  44. 44. Unit 5. Ngturе спd 4. 1. ./есthаг Lesson 2 underline the mistakes апd write the correct sепtепсеs. Spring comes after $шшЕL Spring comes after wiпtеr. 2. lt often rаiпs iп January. 3. The leaves аrе yellow in winter. 4. People wеаr coats iп July. 5. Children pIay snowballs and make а sпоwmап in summer. 6. It 7. Тhеrе аrе по leaves оп the trees iп August. В. The nights аrе short iп summеr. spring is very hot and you сап swim iп the sea. 5. write the answers. 1. what season is it now? 2, What is уоur favourite season? 3. What do уоu like about it? .'Жffi.,i.,.. a,l
  45. 45. Ljnit ý. Nсtuгё fiпd |Р,1,;,,!,;.,;, О,,,;,З,,,.i,Ф ._,&..,:.9.,,,ý;.,:l}.,,.,'1,1.,,,!:ll;r|;i;"'!}:,,1l*riri;l;1; rl:C.;.;l0,,.tЁ,,,$,i Ч#епthеr Lgsson 3 о.,,,,о, ,,.о ,,.У ,1 ý i 6. ] Do the crossword. ] ] ] ] r ] i ] ] i ] i ] l 1 l ] l i I 1. 2. lt was чеry hot and we I in the riчеr. l is the last month of autumrl. l 4. The lt often 5. lп winter the weather is 6. The summer iп the Crimea is 7. MyfаvouriteSeaSonis-lt'sgettingWarmerday 3. is cloudy and foggy in autumn. iп october. _ l iп ukraine. чеrу . Ьу day. 7. Make чр the sentences as iп the example, using the following information. Jчпе Мау Маrсh NочеmЬеr Jапuаry July +23"с +17ос +зOос +2ос 0ос -15ос i. lt is hot in July. The tеmреrаturе is thirty degrees above zero, I l l il I I { l 1 I I I , l]ii'1""o]1,1iI:,"1,1ai'|"'a .','. ,.J ] 1 ]
  46. 46. Ljnit 5. Nсtuге cnd .ffаgth*r L*ss*n э, a a 8. FiIl in the с,,G -+ .*, о Ф * ý ф ý seasons' паmеs. W days аrе vеrу short . the lowest temperature , you сап ski and sledge . there is no leaves оп the trees , 9. i i l l ! F , colourful leaves . rаiпу and cold , foggy . strong wind . children start to go to school . Snow melts , days Ьесоme longer . birds buiId their nests . маrm often windy, but wаrm . hot and Suппу , days аrе чеrу long . the highest temperature , уоu сап swim iп the sea Write а weather report (5-6 sentences) about spring iп Ukraine: spring months, temperature, the weather, what children сап do. Draw some simple pictures to show what the weather is like. & , I i..:. ii|
  47. 47. Unit 5. Ngturе спd 1О. Make up the information. Today *!е Sчпdау ./еgthеr 5 sentences as in the ехаmр!еп using the following Today * Monday Today Today Today !v. *. ж. а,Ч. #*# Tuesday Friday щ Saturday {ftS* ##, 1. Lcsson ### lt is cloudy today. It'll Ье sпоwу оп Suпdау. 11. Fill iп the correct word: should or shouldn't. 1. 2. 3. 4. lt's going to Ье cloudy and rаiпу tomorrow. l think we stay at home and watch а quiz show. It's чеry cold weather. l don't think уоu with уоur sister. swim in the sea The weather is hot and suппу outside. Yоu raincoat to а picnic. The sky isn't cloudy._ take уоur l take mу umbrella? 5.lt'sgoingtoraintomorrow.Idon'tthinkthey-goforа 6. 7, walk in the park. The weather is cold and sпол/у. She play snowballs. lt's going to Ье а vеrу hot day. Yоu put off her coat to take а bottle of water.
  48. 48. 12. Complete the table. Write as mчсh information as possible. Seasons ] !l , }; I i Weather i ] i {";r;i,:J, , ] iWinter ! Things to Do -[1.r ,;t,,r l ' lii l' Spring iSummer ]] -] Ачtчmп li |; : i, . ; l : l: l--,-, 13. а) Underline the correct mеапiпg of the words will апd going to in the sentences. 1. 2. 3. I ' lt's windy outside. l'll take my hat. (яqd,d_е^-!_d,е_qLр!ол/ рlап) Don't go for а walk! You'll catch а cold. (рrоmisе / рrеdiсtiоп| Pamela has aIready bought tickets. She is going to go on hoIidays 4. to the seaside. (рlап / prediction| Маry is going to buy а пеw dress and shoes for Tom's birthday parý. (promise / рlап). Ь) Make чр 2 sепtепсеs with the words will апd golng to and write their mеапiпg. ,
  49. 49. l 1 Unit 5. Nfitl;гfr *г:d t.fit*ther 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Lesscn 7 Cloudy, windy, ;ящ, rainy, sпол0/, sчппу. Мау, April, July, January, Sunday, October. Rain, sun, wind, winter, fog, storm. То swim, to ski, to sledge, to play snowballs, to make а sпоwmап. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, November, Thursday. London, Dublin, Kyiv, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff. Rainbow, lightning, thunder, wаrm, wlnd, rain. 15. Read the text (РВ, р. 114, ех. 3) апd write the answers. 1. What was the season? 2. What was the weather like? З. Wеrе the clouds in the sky? 4. How did Tom feel that day? 5. Why did he feel so? 16.Match the parts of the phrasesn using the text (РВ, р. 114, ех. 3). 1 to come out--_t_ paint tt---tt_ 2 the unhappiest В the fence 3 а pot of 4 to paint 5 hours С of а house D of work Е Ьоу
  50. 50. I r l Unit 5. Ngturе flпd #сgthеr } Lesson } В 2. weather The А was 4. 5. better lt А has got t I n l * l f t t wеrе warm and sunny yesterday. с wеrеп't I l t season to ski and skate оп the ice. winter is the А 3. В I i t ""'i 17. Choose the correct variant to comp|ete each sentence. 1. l В best с worse wаrmеr and suппiеr iп spring, С is getting В getting The temperature is ten degrees below zero. lt'S С cloudy В suппу А freezing There аrе clouds in the sky. lt В is going А will today, to rаiп tomorrow. С isn't going 18. Describe the pictures: the season, the weather, what children are doing lt's wiпtgr пt;w }&:.-. ti- l} lt...,,.,,,.a.',.,.,.olor.,'..a..,.'.O'.,o'...a,.a..a.,a,aa.'.'...aaffia,a.,, 'ъi*ffi |
  51. 51. ,"1 19.Read the text (РВ, рр. 118-119, ех.3) апd complete sentences with the following words. о 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6, 7. coat о sun о shone о pulled о rап Опе day the Wind and the off о wind his coat. Тhеп the blew ечеп harder. the coat mоrе tightly around him. The Suп Simon take had ап argument. Let's make that Ьоу Simon buttoned his Simon о the brighter than ечеr. to the fun fair апd spent al! afternoon оп the merry-go-round. 2О. Read the text (РВ, рр. 1. ces iп English. 118-119, ех. 3) and write the sепtеп- BiTep поглянув навколо i побачив хлопчика. The Wind looked around and saw а Ьоу. 2. Змусимо цього хпопчика зняти свою цуртцу.I тодi побачимо, хто з нас сильнiший. 3. Потiм BiTep подув ще дужче. 4. Сонце свiтило з яскравого блакитного неба. 5. Ставало все теплiше i теплiше. 6. BiTep погодився, Lцо Сонце мало рацiю. l l i ]
  52. 52. l t l. i, I i fu. , unit 6. дгоuпd Вritfiiп fiпd ukrсiпс Lesscný о о a a о a 1. 1*2 a о a о о a Unscramble the words. i landEng - England cotlandS lesWa relalnd tainBri donLon ffidCar - burghEdi 2. Read the text (РВ, р. 123, ех. 3) and fill iп а/ап, the or iп the example. the Grеаt Britain United Kingdom London biggest island Wales British lsles island country Cardiff capital Edinburgh England Scot!and official language lreIand 3. Make чр 4 sentences, using the table. Апп London England Dan Cardiff Scot!and BiIl Belfast Wales Jane Edinburgh Northern lreland Апп lives in Belfast. Belfast is the capital - aS a o a a,ii'
  53. 53. ,] 1 i ] l',. Unit 6. дгоuпd Вritgiп спd Ukrсiпс Lessons answers. 4. Write the 1. Where is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nоrthеrп 2. How many people live in the UK? 3. How mапу countries are in the UK? Name them. 4. What is the capital of England? 5. What is the official language of Great Britain? 5. Match the parts of the phrases. meet=-_ -------tt.=- А photos 2 to visit --В souvenirs -*---С new friends 3 to take 4 to buy D nature 5 to enjoy Е museums 1 to Gomplete the sentences with the folIowing words. . Wales о England i i i situated? 6. 1-2 о Scotland . 1, is bigger than 2. is wetter than з. is colder lrеlапd lreland i ,
  54. 54. i { Unit 6. дrоuпd Вritсiп cnd Ukrсiпс Lessons 3-4 7. Make чр the sentences, using the wоrds in the correct tense form. 1) 2) to have а picnic / next Sunday l wilI have а picnic with rпу fагпiIу next Suпdау. to go sailing / yesterday 3) to ride а bike / just 4) to watch the swans / next week 5) to visit the National Park of Snowdonia / last уеаr 6) to go boating and water ski / next month 7) to go walking iп the раrk / already 8. Write а postcard (4-5 sentences) to уочr parents from the UK, tell about the city, the weather, what do you do there. Dеаr Мчm апd Dad, Iаmiп Fр.. i l : i l ц I
  55. 55. Ljnit: 6. ,"'гоuпd *rit*in 9. cnd Ljk"i";inc Lcssons Fill iп the correct article where necessary as in the example. Sahara i1l* Сrimеа Great Britain Ukraine Atlantic осеап Mount Hoverla lndependence Square Wales Carpathians 1О. Kyiv Lake Svityaz Edinburgh Black Sea central Раrk Time Square Аrt Museum Choose the correct variant to complete each sentence. from _ _ _ Scotland. АBthe Са 2. New York in USA. А the/a В С the/-/the з. ,__ Thames is the mаiп river in __ ,__ А the/В -/the С the/the 1. Jane and Jim аrе Mount Hoverla is 4. 5. Л А -/- В -/the UK is situated -/the В оп the/the Carpathians. in С London. the/the British lsles. С -/the 11. Correct the mistakes as in the example. 'l. 3"-4 l went boating опх Thames river. 2. Do уоu like to go skiing iп ап Carpathians. 3. The Mount Hoverla is the highest in Ukraine. 4. А National Park of Snowdonia is in Wales. 5. Have уоu ечеr been iп а Сrimеа? 6. England is situated оп а British lsles, ilrc
  56. 56. Unit О ,1, {l,;,,1.,O ,. 0 ,..О Агсuпd Вrit*iп find {э. ; , a,;.,,,;l , О,,_l:,О,:О;, l,,l,-'О:-О.ll..,О;l,О;: | ,О: i,:. l :a :l}:, Lesscný LJkr*ing о,.,о, l,, o,,} ,.a,. о, a.,,a, О,,:,, l,;ll, ,i.; rD ,l, 1,.i ,,l.,,,,O , 12. Read the text (РВ, р. 129, ёх. 2| and write the апswеrs. "l . What country is уоur Motherland? 2. What аrе Ukrаiпiап people? 3. What kind of соuпtrу is Ukraine? 4. What is the longest riчеr of уоur Motherland? 5. What is the capital of Ukraine? 6. Where is Kyiv situated? 13 . NчmЬеr the parts of the dialogue iп the correct order. п l'd like to visit the capital of the UK, London. ш l think it's really great. Let's do it next week. п What а good idea! l always want to visit Kyiv. п And what about visiting the capital of оur Motherland, Kyiv? п Yes, that's а good idea, but it is very expensive to get there. п We can go sightseeing on the Dnipro river. 14. Write about the Ukrainian nature (3-4 sentences).
  57. 57. Unit 6. Аrоuпd Вritсiп cnd Ukrgiпе }; .н :] - lr ._li ? r.., ? a ? ? i.,,l а.. ?. с l..:o Q.,c.. !. o...,.,l !.J.. О О a 6.О, О,,О.:t a,,i,, l,,.? 15. Make чр 5 sentences, using the table. 1 й;--Т- r** I Maria Amanda Апп is frогп the United KingdotTl , The British flag is blue, 16. Complete the sentences with the following words. о the Ukrainian National о the Uпiоп Jack Flag о the Ukrаiпiап Anthem о The Nationa! Coat of Arms 'l. The song Ьу Pavlo Chubynsky and MykhaiIo Verbytsky is 2. The British National Flag is called 3. is blue and yellow. is blue, white and red. 4. 5. ,l, }. . The Trident is also called ..ffi.'. .,. о . .,. .... о.. . . . . .,. . . .. .... ...,... о .,. . . ....
  58. 58. Unit 6. Агсuпd Вritgiгl find O,,o,.O'd. .l,,'",,.,*.,l*.,;:lrr,,lr;,,, Ljkrс:iгrе Lesscns 9-10 O.j,,,,''rn::э..,.,,:;.Оr":,..,9;i.r,'',,,,.,,illii,,:?''.i. 17. Unscramble the words and complete the table. zoAv . proDni . puhYal . nubeDa о Rivers the Dпiрrо, о tyazSvi о lackB . sterDnie . mапRо shKo о verlaНo о mеапСri о snaDe о thiапраСаr Seas Lakes Mountains the Sea of 18. Write а short story (6-7 sentences) about the place of Ukraine you visited last summer. Use the Past Simple tense.
  59. 59. ;пl t ] Unit 6. Агоuпd Britcin ond },',,,О,,,':О !| Ukrсiпс Lesson a.,a:,]aa;aaj,ao.a:a;aa,oa.aaaaa,aaooa.a]aaaa,aoa..a,oa,,o,.o.aa.aa,.aa:.,,a]!:,a.,a 11 19, Make чр the questions and negative answers as iп the ехаmp!e, чsiпg the Present Perfect. 1. Paul / to Ье to Canada / already Has Paul аlrеаdу Ьееп to CanacJa? Paul hasn't Ьееп to Сапаdа yet. 2. You / to have а рiспiс / already 3. Bill and Апп / to go skiing / ечеr 4. John / to ride а bike / just 5. We / to watch the swans / ever 2о. Write the answers. 1. Have you ever Ьееп iп the Crimean Mountains? 2. Have уоur ечеr visited the capital of оur country? 3. What do уоu know about the Ukrainian National Flаg? 4. What is уоur favourite city in Ukraine? a a о a a a ll a a a a о a a a a a о a о о a,]a a a a a a a a a a a о a I l .,{ ]
  60. 60. i ,I !a|a. | , Unit 6. .rrоuпd Вritgiп cnd о a a a a a a a a о t a a a a. 2. , i ' Ukrсiпе Recding a a a a a a a о a о a a о a a a a a a a,a a a. o,1 21. Read the text (РВ, р. 137, ех. 2) апd choose the correct чаriant to complete each sепtепсе. 1. i о a a 3, was behind the mountain А yellow В orange G b]ue The sky What will we see on our _ А wa]k В way _.* __,._, С We're going to walk aIl the way Adown when Апп woke up. Dad? trip __ * "_* this mountain. Bto Cup 4. Do you think l can this mountain, Мum? А climb of В climb up G climb to 5. They climbed higher and ____ А higher В lower С better 6. She saw а __ ___ that seemed to Ье а tiny puddle of water. А sea В river С lake 7. How beautiful my * , is! А Mother В Father G Motherland . ,___ 22.Read the text (РВ, р. 137, ех, 2) and write the answers. 'l. Where did Апп go with her parents? 2. How did they go there? 3. Have уоu еvеr heard about Hover|a? 4, Have уоu ever Ьееп to the Carpathian Mountains? 1.o о 1.1'l
  61. 61. п { Unit 7, The Рlссс #hсrе l 1. Live Lesson 1 а) Match the phrases to the places. walk--___ А to take а bus --В С to get mопеу D to send а letter Е to lеаrп English F to have dinner G to buy food н to watch exhibition I to watch the swans J 1О to take а taxi 1 2 З 4 5 6 7 8 9 to go for а а post office а square а cafe а supermarket а museum а bus station а taxi rапk а school а bank а park Ь} Make чр 4 sentences with there is/аrе, there isп't/аrепПt аЬочt places iп your town/villagen using the words from а). 2. 1. 2. ls there а supermarket here? 3. nl Answer the question. Аrе there а post-office and а Ьапk here? Where do уоu live? i
  62. 62. LJnit 7, 3. 1, 2. The Р]ссе #hеrв i Live 4. 5. Тhеrе is the Рhаrmасу Museum А Odessa В Lviv а) Ь) с) d) 2 ,a'.'.,,ilr, a,.;,',!1-,,O,.1,i iп с Kyiv С parks Lviv also has some beautiful odessa is situated оп the coast. А Black Sea В Sea of Azov С Dnipro А Lviv is а vеry important роrt, В Poltava с Odessa Тhеrе is the big А 4. 1l , ,ll,. l,,.,O. Choose the соrrесt variant to complete each sentence. А bouJevards В beaches 3. Lesscn О,,,l Pharmacy Iп В Ballet House OdeSSa. С Art Gallery Write а short story (6-7 sentences) about уочr favourite ciý, using the рlап below. its name its location interestingbuiIdings places to see ;l,'',l 1,1,i:l,,ll"i:,i;l:, a s,,1,.ll{ .:,,l}
  63. 63. 5. Match the squares to the descriptions (опис). о о о university the musical о 'Mamma Mia' London а hote] the building of Ukraine о atheatreo kyiv о а mопumепt о а fast-food о restaurant Norwich о the USA о 6. '1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Time Square lпdерепdепсе Square Trafalgar square Market Square Freedom Square о Ukraine о market stalls о the National Аrt Gallery r the UK о trees and shops о New York oamonument to Berehynia о the USA flag о Kharkiv о а building of the conservatory о the UK Match the паmеs of the places to the definitions. А the Zoo А а bus stop С а post office D а travel agency Е а theatre F а park G а cafe Н а market place You сап ride from hеrе to other places. You сап decide where to go on your holidays here. Yоu can have а cup of tea with some biscuits here. Yоu can buy greeting cards and letters here. Yоu can buy fresh fruit and vegetables here. Here you сап watch а good play оr а ballet. You can go for а walk or watch the swans here. You can see different wild and domest]c here.
  64. 64. Uпit 7. The PJcce #hеrв | Live 7. Circle the correct variant. 1. 2. There is а mоdеrп five-stars pod Lesson 4 /@Din Donetsk. The laigest sports museum of Ukraine is situated iп Kyiv / Donetsk. The hеаrt of Kharkiv is Frееdоm Square / lпdерепdепсе Square. 3. 4. Time Square js опе of the most famous places in ffle lJK / the USд. 5. Odessa / Donetsk is famous form its Opera and Ballet House. 6. ciý square iп Leeds is famous fоr its fоuпtаiпs / buildings. 8. а) Write the answers. 1. What is your regional centre? 2. lп what раrt of ukraine is it situated? 3. what is уоur regional centre famous for? Ь) Use уочr answers to write а short story (5-6 sепtепсеs) аЬочt уочr regional сепtrе.
  65. 65. -,,] Ljnit 7. Thc Р]ссе fhgrс l Livc Lcsscn 5 " "." " ,r'""r" 9. а) :1.-': .' the phrases,"'-", :._-____ (РВ, _' -:л']* :.'' : :." чsiпg the text л:' р. 15О, ех. 2). Gomplete о: о people r ý}rftfý о rink о screens о grееп о rest о leaves о world о life skating о fresh grass to go to have а to please carpet of natural indoor computer to turn а skating Ь} Make up 3 sentences with the phrases from а). 1О. Write the sentences in English. 2. MeHi подобаеться сидiти в парцу на TpaBi та читати книry. l like Моему братовi подобаеться кататися на човнi по озерi. 3. Беновi подобаеться спостерiгати за пт€lхами в парку. 1. 4. йому подобаеться проryлюватися стежиною в парку, коли чудова погода. :''1
  66. 66. ,l 1 152-153, ех. 2) and choose the correct variant to complete each sепtепсе. 1. Read the text (РВ, рр. 1. 2. There аrе mапу kinds of А monuments В D С parks роrts buildings Forged Figures Park is devoted to wооdеп С paper 3. There is А В iп Donetsk. handcrafted works. irоп D interesting similar park in the world as Forged Figures Park in Donetsk. other с а ]ot of А 4. Donetsk is officially опе of the best blacksmith cities in uk С Europe А the 5. Now there аrе more Park in Donetsk. А 150 6. 7. с 15 В ukraine D world than в 10 D sculptures iп Fоrgеd Figures 100 The Fаirу Tales Alley, the Architectura] Copies Alley are situated in А London С Kyiv в Donetsk D Lviv There is blacksmiths art уеаr. А с I В mапу D по other market В concert festival D show iп Fоrgеd Figurеs Park ечеrу
  67. 67. ,п ] ,?,, , LJnit 7. The P]fice .fhеrФ l Live -ъ ;А Lgssсп 7 '! '' a? ii , ' a a a a a о a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a о a a a a a rфё ж*' a a a a a a a a a a - * -..-л* -,"+'' a о a a.. ь) write the answersn using the words and word-combinations from а). Where do you want to live: iп а town оr in а village? Why? ,f
  68. 68. Unit 7. The Рlссе ,fhеrе l Live Lesson В 13. Unscramble the words. coloterwaurs Моrаrk - watercolours bitsexhi sitionpoex culpturess - sterpla русо mikscera seummu - - 14. Read the text (РВ, рр. 156-157, ех. 2) апd write the answers. 1. Where is the village of Parkhomivka situated? 2. What is this village famous for? 3. What аrе in Мusеum of History and Arts? 4. who opened the museum in parkhomivka? 5. Whеп did it become а department of Kharkiv Аrt Museum? 15. NчmЬеr the parts of the dialogue iп the correct order. П See you оп Saturday! П П l think Ьу train. l сап buy tickets tomorrow. How about sightseeing оп the Dnipro river? П] Let's visit the capital of the Ukraine оп Saturday. LJ So, let's meet at the railway station оп Saturday at 5 am. г**l l think it's rеаllу great! How do we get there? !4 l, L_*J ti ll L*J ia г*-**! Il t*J Yes, l want to see this great riчеr too. lt's great! What places do уоu want to visit in Kyiv? i I
  69. 69. -,] Unit 7. The Рlссе #hсге l*H l Lcsson Live 9 16. Make чр the sentences and match them to the tense forms. 1 Рrеsепt Simple 2 Past Simple 3 Present Perfect 4 'going to' Е b""n / Have / to / ever / you / London? Have you ечеr been to London? П park. / going / the / Не /go / iп / as П our/there/Iots/museums. / ln / are П апо/ just /ot /We/ Museum/visited/Arts. /have/the/History П not/the/yesterday. /They/ plcnic / П to / дrе /going /regional / you / visi /to / skating / and/city / ot / monuments aп / did / have / а t /centre? / park. /оur 17.Write а letter to уочr pen-friend (7-8 sепtепсеs) about the places you visited оп holidays.
  70. 70. 18. Read the text (РВ, р. 161 , ех. 2), mark trче И апd false tences. Е sеп- 't. The city grandmother ljves in а narrow street. 2. The city grandmother ]ives in а b]ock of flats. 3. The city grandmother has got Мо bedrooms, а living-room, а kitchen and а hall. 4. The ciý grandmother takes mе to the forest. The country grandmother has got а large gate, an apple tree, and а big yard in front of hеr house. 6. The country grandmother grows flowers оп а balcony. 7. l ride а bike to the river together with mу country grandmother. 5. 8. l like to visit my city grandmother during my weekends very much. 9. l don't like а city and а village. 19.Read the text (РВ, р. 161, ех. 2) and write the sentences iп 1. 2. EngIish. На дорогах е багато машин, i вулиця дуr(е шумна. Нам також подобаеться ryляти в парку матчi на стадiонi. i дивитися фрбольнi З. Наприкiнцi кожного вiзиту я обнiмаю свою бабусю. 4. Моя бабуся вирощуе тут квiти. 5. Ми ходимо в лiс i збираемо там гри би та ягоди.
  71. 71. - Unit В. Hoiidcys gпd 1. фщJ {-- i _ *j {с i:_,yy:; ,Г_.:уg* r_*э }.,l Complete the sentences with the following dates as in the example. о 1. 2. Lcssons 1-2 Match as in the ехаmрlе. L*j:,с,I9*11ять 2. ТГgditiопs 1.01 о 1.09 о 7Эt о 24,08 о 19.12 о 14.о2 о 28.06 We celebrate Christmas in Ukraine оп the seventh of January, We celebrate lndependence Day оп 3. 4. 5. We celebrate Constitution Day оп 6. We celebrate St. Nicholas' Day оп 7. We celebrate St. Valentine's Day оп We celebrate New Year's Day оп We celebrate Day of Knowledge оп
  72. 72. Unit В. Holidcys cnd ТГgditiопs Lessons 1-2 3. Choose the correct variant to complete each sentence. 1. Ukrainian people celebrate the lndependence Day оп А с 2. 3. 5. 25th of December. People decorate their houses with fir-trees оп с Day В Easter D Мау Day christmas Young people like Halloween very muсh, which is оп А С November, September, 1 1 В October, 31 D December, 31 We invited оur mothers and grannies to celebrate А Victory с 4. August, 24 D August, 26 June,28 ln the UK people ceIebrate оп the в christmas А Easter D St. Nicholas'Day с New Year А Women's 4, В FеЬruflгу, 14 Day Halloween В together. Day of Knowledge D Mother's Day Соlочr and write ап invitation card for Nеw Year's party. t ,} i l rt- l
  73. 73. 5. Read the text (РВ, рр. 169-17О, ех. 2) апd tick the correct sentences. 't. А И Оп the Christmas Eve Englishmen do the shopping. В Оп the Christmas Eve Englishmen make the decorations. 2. А Children in the UK believe in Santa Claus. в children iп the uk believe in st. Nicholas. 3.ABritonscelebrateChristmasonthe7thofJаnuary. В Britons celebrate Christmas оп the 25th of DесеmЬеr. 4.AoneofthesуmbolsofChristmаsisaChristmаsTree. В Опе of the symbols of Christmas is а Christmas stockings. 5. А Christmas tree tradition саmе to Britain from Germany. в christmas tree tradition came to Britain from ukraine. 6.AThetraditionaldishofChristmasintheUKisаbiscuit. В The traditional dish of Christmas iп the UK is а pudding. 6. а) Write the following words iп о Мо columns. decorations о the cIeaning о tea о food о а cake о the dusting о the shopping о а noise to do to make postcards о thё Ь) Make чр З sentences with any word-combinations from а).
  74. 74. , 'р. ' jГlii ii * Ф 7. в * } '. l !-"!;,i;t."..j;,_i,ur, Ф * € j $ й * * + ;: ý 1" ., ii'i :i-'1;l-]j ii*] j/ i, ф ;l ! ' л..,,. ] s Мау бth April New Year's Day Gorrect the rnistakes as in the example. Му father was Ьоrп i,;:r Jапuаrу 25th. We give presents to each other оп Christmas. Ukrainians always celebrate Easter at Suпdау. Не vislted London оп 2012. Do уоu like to go fоr а walk at winter? English children wait for Santa Claus iп night. Did you play tennis at Wednesday? l usually get uр iп 7 o'clock оп the mоrпiпg. 9. 1. When is уоur birthday? 3. When is уоur father's birthday? 4. li Write the апSwеrS. 2, }ь .! т night Wednesday 12 o'clock Easter sрriпg Tuesday 2025 the weekend wiпtеr 1 ' ,:.,,,.;_.: * Fill in the prepositions iп, оп or at as iп the example. ]l: September christmas 8. . 2. З. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ý When is уоur mother's birthday? What is the date today? .:] ;j а ý ё з ,:i ; !i ' ё i i } |
  75. 75. i Unit В. Holidcys Gnd 1О. ТГсditiопs Lessons ,5*6 Complete the table. Write as mчсh information as possible. The Most Fачочritе Holidays christпras Jап ua Ukraine Great Britain 11. Gomplete the dialogue. А: В: А: В: А: В: А: Have уоu ечеr heard something about цаllоwееп ? yes. l know that it is very рорu!аr iп G When is it celebrated? The English celebrate Halloween оп the ls it а holiday for old оr уоuпg people? 31 ,t of Young people, especially children like it very muсh. ? What do they do оп this c]othes and wear masks. Children put оп old and They take а В: How do they А: made of а pumpkin. а lantern? They cut out slits for Мо and put а lighted , а nose and а mouth inside.
  76. 76. Unit В. Holidcys спd ТГсditiопs Lcssons 7-В 12. а) Match the parts of the phrases. 1 to cook ? 2 to make а 4 5 6 7 8 9 А fun .,.. _! в holiday dinner с carols 'r,t,.."t to hang uр а to gather for 't,,. D christmas Tree Е turkey postcards to wеаr F to sing G presents to рrераrе а н stocking to decorate а l cake 1о to celebrate J special clothes 11 to send к Christmas pudding 12 to give L holidays Ь) Make чр б sentences with апу of the phrases from а). i, г, t, Ёi 9. ti ri l; Е, Г:
  77. 77. -.,] шt I ii,i. Unit O;.1.;';,1 a. ;,r, Q,..,,:;:' В. 1,0,';,,,.},i.r l_.. ]1l.,,],,.Q l l: . 13. Read г Ho]idcys find ТГgditiопs Lessoný 7-В э O thetext(PB'pp.174-175,ex.2)аndwritetheаnswers. I 1. Whеп do people celebrate St. Valentine's Day? 2. What is this day for? 3. When did the holiday start in Еurоре? 4. lп what countries is it celebrated? 5. What do people do оп this day? 14. Colour апd write а Valentine card for уочr friend. {**,* i l э , Е ъ*-,-а ffi ,Ь't} .; ] 1 ,i { 1 l l it ж 1
  78. 78. I Ф Ф э & * Ф 6 r, * Ё: ý 4 {,, & е ]} Ф, 1 е s * ! ý ё ф t е * с + € ; tr а] } а * i. 6 9 15. Ghoose the correct variant to complete each sentence. ,|. 2. 4. At Christmas Ukrainians usually ten А _ А kutya wheat А В twelve have dishes. G еlечеп is the mаiп dish at Christmas Eve supper. В borsch С dumplings В seeds С meat At the end of the ечепiпg people sing songs В kolyadky G the Ukrainian Anthem 5. Ukrainians usually оr study at Christmas. А work В dance G don't work А а letter to your pen-friend (7-S sentences) about the favourite holiday iп your familyn using the plan below. 16. Write а) Ь) с) } the date of the holiday how you prepare for it how you celebrate it . - ф9 a G ' * Ф* Ф э ' s ф Ф ф Ф . ý s fi ? Ф а ý б Ф t & s {: * & а + с * с е ф Ф * .::.]:]-..:i;, * ]fl,;i.i..:_.']o :]:,::..,l:,:l. * о * l
  79. 79. |, о, a a о a "kcditions Unit В. Holidcys *пd о i t ' a Q, a a a о a a о a a . о a . . a a о a a a a a a Lesson 1о о a a l G a a a a a a a aoaalD; 17. Ghoose the correct variant to complete each sentence. 1. А с 2. с 4. holidays в traditions christmas D and customs. parties Englishmen celebrate Мау Day оп the А 3. different Different countries have Sunday of Мау. В third D second last first At НаIIоwееп children say 'Trick оr А jump В treat с D smile ?, make Before Christmas people their house with а christmas Тrее. 5. А make в Wеаr С сlеап uр D decorate А lапtеrп made ofa is а symbol of Halloween. А pumpkin в beetroot с 6. 7. Easter is always celebrated оп Sunday Aat Con ,l' О . с D at the make cooked а birthday cake. В done D made Santa Claus Ьriпg presents to children Аiп Cat . .iniiin#.. r{;iЁi.F:!.,:_,t" spring. Вiп Му mother has already А 8. D саrrоt сuсumьеr о night. В iп the Don .. оООt ..... о .. .... . a с a a a,э с о,э a с a. э о t a о a о..a.
  80. 80. 18. Read the text (РВ, рр. 18О-180, ех. 2) апd write the апswеrs. ,|. What did the postal worker bring to Mrs. Bear? 2. How did the саrd look like? з. Did Мrs. Веаr kпоw who this саrd is frоm? 4, what did Little Веаr see outside the window? 5. What did Мr, Веаr Ьriпg home? 6. What holiday did Мr, Веаr сеIеЬrаtе оп that day? 7. What did Mr. Веаr, Mrs. Bear, and Little Bear have for special breakfast оп Valentine's Day? 19. Complete the phrases, using the text (РВ, рр. 18О-l8О, ех. 2}. о аjarof : envelope о mark о hопеу о path о window о worker о out loud а paw а postal outside the а heart оп the the garden to rеаd to give а big о hug
  81. 81. Lesson Unit ?. ýchool Lifc 1. 1 Match the parts of the phrases. 1 а scho 2 3 4 5 6 а pencil А of scissors В book С glue D bag Е shаrрепеr F Ьох = а pair ап exercise а bottle of а pencil 2. Make чр the sentences as iп the ехаmрlе. 1. Tom / to use / а marker (И) / а CD ttrl z at school Tom uses а mаrkеr at school. Тоm doesn't use а CD at school. 2. 3. They / to have got / school bags tEll There / to Ье / а pencil 4. l/to ttrl Z t mobile phones (Е) ап eraser tfll t оп а desk use / аrutеr(И) / аЬаII (Е) / atthetessons 5. She / to have / а red diary 6. There / to Ье / apair of scissors and ап еrаsеr tИl t textbooks ttrl U blue exercise book, И) ttrl Z iп а school bag ..r"ъa,Оa"a t .,,.ffi.tJai :f .'a.о.".l. .,...". о.о о i,o-1]o,.o o,.,-.,..,'d-o i.r о,о],:. о1,. j.-,.,,o oj,.,1.'.,-.:.
  82. 82. ]}t rl i.. Unit 9. ýchool Life F t- :_l: ! -li:: .. . , :,,l :.rJ l]j. ?. j.! ::]t,,j.i Qit|i Lesson a,:]:l]qýat],.:! t, r,-t-. i. 1 na_.r,:,ia?,:r,?]:..,. }i : a.:.:!:,1',r,.,,3 Е=' ,:, р , F. ..ol[, t ё_r 1, 3. 1) Make чр 1 gепеrаlп and 2 Wh-questions as in the ехаmрlе, using the Present Simple or Past Simple. to write down the words in а dictionary Did you write down the words iп а dictionary? What did you write iп а dictionary? 2) ] t, Who wrote the words in а dictionary? to stick things together 3) to ruЬ а word off 4) to read English books 5) to саrrу а school bag 6) to use а rulеr at the lessons t-i l., Ё. l, в_' i" Е, й:" F,, I. L: }. i.
  83. 83. Unit 9. Schoo'| О rп ,,Оl, .i,,,1 1t.:; a t . , a..:. ? .]:a.,t . .,. Life f i,a .,1 q . . .: i . . . a ! ? ! a a . t .1 Lessons 2-З a ? . о . a ., ? . i.., оО: ,;l 4. а) Do the crossword and write dоwп the key word. 1. 2. We usually learn to sing songs at the lessons of 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. We draw pictures at the lessons of 10. We have а lot of from different subjects. _. We usually do the sums and draw lines We learn about Great Britain at the We learn'about the nature and animals -. at lessons. lessons. at __. of __. We lеаrп about life in the past at the lessons of We read interesting stories at the lessons We need rulеrs and Study lessons. at the Maths lessons.
  84. 84. the example, using the words 6. . '| Make чр the questions to the words iп bold. Му favourite school subject is Maths. '*j,1*-,i , ;,,,,.,;,,}".ir i;яъj{jtjглit}::.:,Сi;i_jr_.?t :_,g_i[;lз*i.i'j' 2. l have the English lessons three times а week. 3, l have the Art оп Tuesdoy, Thursday and Friday. о. 5. 'i '" in. 'o.tn lesson оп Thursday. We speak опlу in English at оur English lessons. ý+,*,€*8ф€iSф*ф
  85. 85. . -F Unit 9. ýchoo] Т. Life Lcssons 4-5 Match the names of the school subjects to the activities уоч do at the lessons' ...:--:_л л_J :..* А swimming and jumping l English--=_ = -='---- В lеаrпiпg about past times 2 Maths З Ukrainian literature ----С writing the words iп vocabularies D writing compositions in Ukrаiпiап 4 Nature Study Е doing the sums 5 РЕ F watching the bjrds 6 History 7 the Ukrainian Language G making postcards Н reciting Ukrainian poems 8 Handicrafts 8. Make чр your top-ten list of favourite subjects. 1. 6. 2. 7, з. в. 4, о Чf. 5. 10. 9. Make чр the sепtепGеs, using the Past Simple. 1. Children / to listen to а story / the English lesson Children listened to а story at the English lesson yesterday. 2. А teacher / to write the sums оп а blackboard / the Maths 3. Веп and Tom / to work iп а pair / the Ukrainian Иnguage lesson Iesson
  86. 86. iil |---, |.. !' ,; F,., l- Ljnit S. ý*h*сзl Lif* i,.. Lgss*ný 4*5 i,; р, t г Q,,, О,,i,.,,,,'D,,,,,O 4. ,l, , Li.' J:, }:], l Ej i.. i,. l, They / to Iеаrп пеw words / the English lesson "-,-, i-, l,. i_ tr. I 5. Alice / not to recite а poem / the Ukrainian literature lesson 6. We / to learn how to swim iп а swimming pool / the РЕ lesson 7. Children / not to do а crossword / the Drawing lesson 8. А teacher / to tell about the Ukraine / the History ]esson 1о. Write the answers. 1. What is уоur favourite subject? Му fачошritе subject is 2. What activities do уоu like to do at уоur favourite lesson? З. What is уоur least favourite subject? 4. What subjects аrе уоu good at? 5. What does help уоu iп !еаrпiпg English? ''''ffi, ',ia,'ll]:о1:,1.-,,'a ]..',l} -: ]
  87. 87. Lessoný ь*7 Unit 9. School Life 11. а} Complete the table, using уоч real timetable. WеdпёSday Thursday : Friday Ь} Make чр 5 sentences with the words from а) as iп the example. The Maths is the first lesson on Мопdау, lt starts at пirlе o'clock. $1-..'..".**ч&.j..'o.".'1o-.."o,.,.1.,,.j.,..,.,.,..,oo,ooao-.o"t..a.oorri.c..ooi
  88. 88. Ljnit ?" School Lifc LcssOnS ь*7 Э,,a ,a .О ::,;-},;.. l,,11 a,r9,.,:О.l,С,,:i,,i.,, i о,,,, tD ,,i,:. ,,i, .:О. , О .,,,l .a, .,, a,,,,, a.],.a .a, ,.,,О ," О,. ,О., 12. а} Match the parts lf the phrases. 1to have--_ - А after the lessons 2to rеIах -r,__t_ В lunch ---,_tt_ 3to change с things ХР mапу things to do 4to get uр 5to рrераrе Е classrooms бto have F at 7 o'clock Ь) Gomplete the sentences with some phrases from а). 1. 2. Nick every mоrпiпg from Моп- day to Fridау. ln the fifth form we have got mапу different subjects, so we need 3. We usuаI!у 4. l like listening to my favourite music to 5. During the school break I have got some time iп оur school canteen. for the next lesson. 13. Write а letter to your friend (5-6 sепtепсеs} about the school subiects you study this year. a
  89. 89. l"Jrзit tl a' a о a,о ?. ýсГrrэr;] a a е a a a-.о.! Lesscn Li Ге о, a a a a о о i Q е q a a a a t, a о }.r a a a a a a a a a a. a a,a, о a,а В о:a,a 14. Ghoose the correct variant to complete each sentence. 1. 2. lessons we learn about the articles. At А History В English С Art l am good at Maths, but Ben is the less G good 3. AIl pupils iп our class enjoy А best in my class. В __ lessons very much, Ье- cause we spend them оп the sports ground. 4. 5. 6. 7. А the Music В l like doing ___ the Art С the РЕ exercises at our English lessons. А calculations В grammar С travelling Му History lessons аrе not so difficult for me as А the РЕ В the Maths my В sums l do not like doing А composition с .__ the Frепсh ,*__ С r homework Му sister takes the last уеаr at school. She is in the А eleventh В fifth с form. first 15. Write the answers. 1. What subjects do уоu study this уеаr? 2. What subject is чеrу important for уоu? Why? 3. What do you do at the lessons of the most important for you subject? !i
  90. 90. Lesson Ljnit ?. Sch**l Lifg ,,С,, ,,a_....,., l,, 16. Gomplete the table. Write as mчсh information as possible. Activities То do the SU пlS Maths Nаtчrе Study History Foreign Language Drаwiпg !o,'i,,ii'r;o-,rrjo]o.],ooo-o.,o,.o,j.,j...o..,a.-..'.o..."o,."o.,.,.r.".'ffio:o,.t"., п 8 O_.,.,,,:lr..,,}-,,Оr1,,,O,,..r,,.llr.,,,,,},:.:, l.,,.:1,,,1O |l,.1.1.1l.,. i..,,,
  91. 91. Unit 9. $choo] rJcoo,,aaaa,aoa-ao,]:a,alaa.a,oa, ,t' L.ifc Lcssons ?-10 laaaaaoaraaaaa,,aaaa,aal]aaoaaaa,aaaaal 17, а) Complete the sentences with the following words. . songs о exercises о роеm о eomBositions о questions о traditions о talk о words о CD о texts о rules 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) to write соrт}t]Ositiогlý to read to lеаrп пеw to study about to listen to а to sing to know the to do to answer the 10) to have а 11) to recite а i Ь) Make чр б sentences with the phrases from а). pt.'. . a,.@a,a'о .] о,,a,. a'. . о . . . . . . .'. . . . a .'о ... оо l о r . . .,.-. . о .. о .
  92. 92. Unit 9. ýchoo] 18. а) Mark true Life Lcssons 9-1о И апd false Е sentences. п 1. Watching TV programmes iп English helps you to learn English. п 2. Listening to interesting stories helps you to learn English. п 3. Writing e-majls to English friends heIps you to lеаrп English. п 4. Listening to а teacher of Maths helps you to lеаrп English. г-l 5. Reading English books helps you to learn English. 1_1 п 6. Talking to people in English helps you to learn English. п 7. Riding а bicycle helps you to learn English. п 8. Doing different grammar exercises helps you to learn English. п 9. Learning пеw words helps you to learn English. 19. Ь) Write ап essay (7-8 sentences) about уочr English Iesson, чsiпg the phrases from а). i.-.,r,oI.r,.".,.,.,.,..,..j...,.".,.,o-.,. o,'a,l'o..-..,'.,...,..,.,.,,. t:,.,".". a,.'ffi.с о j jо