0844350 This is Olivia
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0844350 This is Olivia



This presentation is about my pet cat Olivia. It discusses her breed, the norwegian forest cat, as well as giving a brief profile of Olivia.

This presentation is about my pet cat Olivia. It discusses her breed, the norwegian forest cat, as well as giving a brief profile of Olivia.



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0844350 This is Olivia Presentation Transcript

  • 1. This is Olivia.
  • 2. This is my pet cat Olivia. Her hobbies include hunting mice, and chasing squirrels. She also enjoys taking a nap now and again. Olivia’s sleeping quarters are always very unique. Sometimes she enjoys a brief nap in the bathroom sink, like in the picture seen above.
  • 3. Olivia’s Weekly Intake of Food
  • 4. Olivia is a Norwegian forest cat, commonly known as Wedgies. This is a very old breed which dates back to the time of the Vikings. Norwegian forest cats are a unique breed of cats who are well known for their hunting and climbing abilities. Olivia is no exception to her breed. She is often seen running around tree tops chasing squirrels and with no problem jumping off the tree to the ground. Wedgies are know for their almond shaped eyes and thick fluffy coats. These cats actually have a dual-layer of fur to keep them warm in the winter. Once spring arrives this cat begins to shed their under coat, in anticipation of warm weather.
  • 5.  
  • 6. How Olivia Spends Her Day
  • 7. Olivia’s day consists of hunting, grooming herself, sleeping, and eating. Unlike most cats, Olivia spends more time outside hunting then sleeping. If she does not get time outside during the day, Olivia becomes a nuisance. She waits in front of the front door until someone enters so she escape outside in between their legs. She tends to get impatient, so most of the time she results to jumping out open windows.
  • 8. Olivia is a cat with many unique hiding places. She enjoys sleeping under the bed, under newspaper, and under dining room tables. She also finds it very comfortable to sleep in trees .
  • 9.  
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