Important historical monuments in delhi


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The magnificence of this national capital can be acknowledged and appreciated by exploring the marvels. It brings forth both in the form of art and architecture that narrate its story in a pure and simple way.

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Important historical monuments in delhi

  1. 1. Important Historical Monuments in DelhiThe place of wonders, Delhi has impressive and remarkable history. It witnessed the rise andfall of various empires and the array of monuments in Delhi stands as a witness to the bygoneera. The magnificence of this national capital can be acknowledged and appreciated byexploring the marvels. It brings forth both in the form of art and architecture that narrate itsstory in a pure and simple way. Globally known for its historic significance, the diversemonuments are the signage of different sets of powers that ruled, changed and shaped Delhi.Have a journey into the colorful past of Delhi and reconnect with the rich history andarchitecture it displays with a Delhi tour package.
  2. 2. Red FortAn important insignia of Delhi, Red Fort is massive structure that encloses some of the beautifulstructures inside it. This walled structure made of red sandstones was built in the seventeenthcentury and took around nine years for it to complete. Situated at the embankment of theYamuna River, Red Fort was built as the zenith of Mughal Empire by Shah Jahan. The beautifullycreated structures like Diwan-I-Aam, Diwan-I-Khaas, Moti Masjid etc. allure the tourist a lot.The exhilarating garden inside the fort premises is an added attraction of this massive structure.The visitors can indulge in buying things like traditional souvenirs, accessories and attires in thesouvenir shops in Red Fort. Get to witness the light and sound show which displays the glorioushistory of India during the evening time in this UNSESCO World Heritage Site.
  3. 3. Qutub MinarThe tallest minaret in Delhi, Qutub Minar is other important monument in Delhi whichcontributed to the rich history of the capital city. Made of red sandstones and marbles, it is 72.5meters in height and is designed beautifully with intricate carvings and verses from the holyQuran. This high pillar was constructed during the time of Qutub-ud-din Aibak and was latercompleted by Iltutmish. This minaret is surrounded by several other ancient and medievalstructures and ruins that form the entire Qutub complex. The minaret was used as a watchtower which gives a panoramic view of Delhi. The visitors are not allowed to climb up the stairsthat lead to the top of the Minar. The seven meter high iron pilar located in the complex haswithstood elements of nature and has an important legend associated with it. It is said thatyour wish gets granted if you can stand with you back on the pillar and hold it with both yourhands from behind. The wonderful architecture of all the structures in the complex will leavesome lasting impressions on your mind.
  4. 4. India GateSituated in the heart of Delhi, India Gate has a special position in the history of India. Built inthe memory of ninety thousand soldiers who sacrificed their lives, this National monument wasoriginally known as All India War Memorial. The change that it has witnessed in the past wasthe removal of the statue of King George V which was erected in front of the monument. Thepious fire known as the Amar Jyoti Jawan glows continuously near the India Gate. This forty-twometer high structure is adorned with beautiful gardens and fountains. One of the importanttourist attractions in Delhi, India Gate is always crowded with people especially during theevenings.
  5. 5. Make you Delhi trip a fabulous one by exploring these historical monuments!The National capital of India displays an amalgamation of glorious past and modern past. Thelarge number of Delhi tourist attractions bears testimony to this. A trip to Delhi will allow youdiscover the varied facets of Delhi.