Tapping Into Emotions


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Tapping Into Emotions

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: Tapping into EmotionsDirections: The following are examples adapted from Joshua Freedmans At the Heartof Leadership: How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence. He argues that we oftenexperience emotions in a pattern. For example, similar situations will trigger a type ofresponse. It will help us, he argues, if we learn to recognize the pattern and to digdeeper to explore the reasons why we feel the way we do. Then, we should look for thewisdom in the situation and response; in other words, we should look for a lesson to learn toimprove ourselves.Using the following "typical" college student examples, reflect on your emotionalreaction to these types of situations and what you think the wisdom, or lesson, is ineach. 1. EMOTION: DISCOMFORT TYPICAL SITUATION: You walk into a class for the first time and the professor seems uninterested to teach or uninteresting in general. You suddenly get worried that you will not enjoy this class—and you have to have it for your degree. - YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: I think this situation is very usual for all the students that are in college, maybe the professor had a bad day or he is tired. But I think they have to be more excited to be teaching because they study for a reason to enjoy teaching. If he/she is not interested and I don’t have another option I would study by myself. If the case is that the professor doesn’t even go to class, I would change to another class because I am paying for a good education. - THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: If you don’t have another option takes the class, because it’s only going to be 12 or 6 weeks and you are going to be over with the class. Not everything in this life is about “enjoy” that doesn’t bother me if the professor is boring, the only thing that matters is that the professor know what he/she is teaching, and answer your questions when you have a concerned. 2. EMOTION: ANXIETY/FEAR TYPICAL SITUATION: You walk into class where the professor explains everything that you are going to do this semester. He talks about a 15-page research paper, field studies, and weekly journals. You dont even have access to a computer. - YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: First of all I would worry a lot because a computer now a days is very useful the majority of work are due type. So I would buy a computer or go to a public library or simple as using the school library. If I don’t have time I would find a way to passed the class, and write down everything the first day of class so I can have an idea. - THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: I would find a way to complete my assignments, those students that said “I didn’t have internet”, “I didn’t have a printer” guess what?! College provides all of this kind of help we are so lucky, not every schools has the opportunity to
  2. 2. have a big library and different resources. Tell the professor your situation talk to him/her that’s the only way he could maybe give you a copy or find a solution. Don’t blame in on the computer, we have resources and we have to use it.3. EMOTION: EXCITEMENT TYPICAL SITUATION: You find out that you won a scholarship that will pay for books, tuition, and fees when you transfer to a four-year university next semester. You cant wait to share the good news with your family because they were having a hard time helping support you while you were in college.- YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: First of all I will thanks to them for the support even if it’s little or big I will be very grateful because if it wasn’t for them I would win the scholarship. Then I will promise them that I will keep the scholarship studying hard so they don’t have to worry.- THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: This step “college” it’s not easy beginning with the economic support, you have to work hard in order to become a better person and help your family take from their shoulder the responsibility to pay for your career. You can get whatever you want if only you study and put all your effort.4. EMOTION: JOY TYPICAL SITUATION: You have taken your last final exam and will be graduating next week in front of your family, friends, and co-workers—and a few people who thought you wouldnt make it. You have a job ready and waiting for you in your field of study. While the pay may not be high, it offers great opportunities for advancement. Your two children are proud to tell everyone that their mom has a college degree, and you know that they will be more likely to attend college because you did.- YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THIS SITUATION: I would not care about those people who thought I wouldn’t make it; I care about my family in this situation about my two children which are my support to be better. I would give them an example to follow my path to become a professional, it doesn’t matter how much they paid me if I have opportunity to get a better position in the future.- THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED: NEVER let negative thoughts about people who don’t do anything for their lives affect you. They are not the ones who are going to get a good career, who are going to enjoy the happiness of their families’ smile when you graduate. Don’t anybody put you down.