Bonus: Overcoming Test Anxiety


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Bonus: Overcoming Test Anxiety

  1. 1. BONUS: OVERCOMING TEST ANXIETY Test anxiety is the worst enemy of college students, it’s normal to have anxietybefore and after the test. I have always fear of failing before arriving to take the test I gotso nervous that I try to recall all the information and every piece of the material that Ihaven’t understood. Feeling tension as exam is being passed out so I try to remembereverything I’ve studied, increased heart rate (obviously because of the fear of failing)and frustrated with my grade on the exam because I know I was well prepared I got sonervous that I try to remember every question of the test so I can check the answersafter I take the test. But I think the person who doesn’t care about the tests would neverbe anxious. This Tuesday I took my reading midterm which is 10% of my entire grade;Professor Smith gave us 6 chapters to study. Every chapter was long and with manydefinitions. So I schedule my time wisely at the time of the test I was really nervous Iforgot everything, when I answer the questions I was really insecure and worry topassed. Yesterday the professor gave me the grade I got 93% for me that’s not goodenough because I try my best but that’s what only matters. I face my fears havingconfidence in myself always reminded me “I CAN DO THIS” “I AM GOING TO GET AGOOD GRADE”. Distraction is not a problem for me because when I have a test,homework or project I concentrate 100% I forget about the world and I prioritize the pathfor my future. The tips I would follow from now and on are the following: I would avoidlast minute studying, replace negative thought and reward myself when I get the grade.Cognition I will follow: schedule time for the test, asking me questions about the test,read the book, do the lab, review practice questions, review the main idea, get a goodseat and pace myself and recall the material. Emotional I will follow: positive attitude, dosomething to relax and stop defeatist my self-steam, practice relaxation techniques,keep a positive attitude, relax, take a deep breath and say to you “I am calm andconfident”. Physical I will follow: get plenty of sleep, clear my mind, wake up early, andeat breakfast. Test anxiety is our major roadblock for our career but not the block for ourfuture. Learn from test mistakes, talk to your instructor about your mistakes, rethink theway you studied avoid repeating errors. First go over the easy questions then work onthe more difficult ones, working on the easy questions you can remember the answersfor the difficult ones. Make sure to read the directions, tackle the matches you are notsure of. SO DON’T LET ANXIETY TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE.