Overcoming Motivational Barriers


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Overcoming Motivational Barriers

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: Overcoming Motivational BarriersNAME: Katherine DelgadoWhat motivational obstacles do you have—and how do you overcome them? - My motivational obstacle is mental paralysis, when I get a bad grade I also get a depression because I think it’s going to affect my entire grade. My parents always taught me not to be a procrastinator. I can’t see a C, D or F on my grades. I overcome them talking with my parent about it and they help me understand that If I did a good job in my assignment what counts is my effort.Name: Yary RiosWhat motivational obstacles do you have—and how do you overcome them? - My motivational obstacle is ATTITUDE, my feelings always get the best of me sometimes when I don’t agree with someone or something my emotions tend to be what speaks without taking the time to analyze the situation I might over react because of this. A way to overcome this obstacle is by understanding that there are things I can’t prevent from happening and I must always think before acting or talking, other have different opinions from mine and that is ok.Which of the following create problems for you? x Attitude- Yary Rios x Mental paralysis- Katherine Delgado Commitment Getting in your own wayWorking with a classmate, come up with at least one strategy to conquer each of the aboveobstacles. Write your strategies under each obstacles. Attitude Katherine Delgado - When you registered for classes you knew what you wanted to be or you wanted to have a better life for you or your family. Not everyone has the same attitude, I worry too much when my grades are low because I don’t like to have a C, D or F that grades
  2. 2. doesn’t exist for me. If you fail a test don’t feel bad, nobody is perfect even the brightest scientist or philosophers made mistakes. Never let anything or anyone to be an obstacle in you life. Think this way, when you really want something you are going to have it no matter what, you are going to be late studying or maybe you are going to miss a big party, but in the end you are going to be satisfy with the results. Have a good attitude, be nice with your classmates and most of all is always respectful with the professors because they are a model to success. Yary Rios- Don’t allow your feelings to get the best of you understand that is ok not to agree with others and vice versa and analyze the situation before making any actions. Mental paralysis Katherine Delgado- Have a positive and optimistic personality, never let anybody tells you that you can’t do it or accomplish your goals. Be wise every step you take, relax work in a place where YOU feel comfortable. If you are an interpersonal work in group with people that you feel comfortable with. If you are an intrapersonal as I am, work alone in a quiet place. Search for a quote: “If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hope” by St. Clement of Alexandra. The quote you chose is going to be the power to your success, when you feel that you can’t do t think of a good quote repeat it to yourself three times. Nobody is going to guide you; you are your own guider. Yary Rios- Don’t let your inner thoughts and distractions stop you from accomplishing your goals and understanding your assignments, know when you need Commitment Katherine Delgado- Don’t do it because it’s obligatory your feelings are first than everything else. Set yourself a time frame to study, if you have a long term goal or short term goal set a time to accomplish if you let it go it would be worst because you will not accomplish anything. Write down all your goals borrow a calendar and write down all your short goals. Then hang the calendar in a place where you can visualized the days you have to accomplish your goals. Not everybody has the same strategy for example I try to finish all my assignments today from reading class so I could have time tomorrow to study for writing class. Picture yourself in the future so you could think and set more long term goals. Time is priceless you have to plan for the future. Yary Rios- How important are you goals to you, now that you know how important they are, be committed to them and to what small goals you need to accomplish to get to the big ones is all about commitment in your studies and in life know the sooner you work on this obstacle the better; this will benefit you in the future, whatever job you want to work on likes committed employees this one of the keys to success. Getting in your own way
  3. 3. Katherine Delgado- You are the only one who is going to be benefit when you achieved all of your goals. It’s like a baby you are going to take step by step in college following a big path it’s not going to be easy but get rid of everything that it’s not necessary now like for example: partying, that could wait. I think we have a time for everything and if you don’t party you are not going to die. The most beautiful smile it’s going to be when you finish everything you have proposed in life. Set time to finish what you want, write down a to list, ask for advices, if your problem is with technology closed your Facebook or turn off your cell phone be realistic this it your future. Yary Rios- You are your own worst enemy, and therefore can get in your own way learn how to prioritize and always remember the feeling you have every time you accomplish something; stay focus on the prize also reward yourself after every accomplishment it keeps you going towards your next reward by doing the work, I always say to myself “positive thoughts becomes positive outcome!”. Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc.