If I Could Not Fail


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If I Could Not Fail

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: “If I Could Not Fail, I Would…”Robert Schuller asks this question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could notfail?”What is the thing you would do if you could not fail?- I would study to become a Paleontologist and Teacher aside of my career which is Medicine.Why are you not doing it?- I’m not doing it because I am prioritizing my career now and I love what I want to become. It’s going to cost me more money to have 2 more degrees and time so I would never finish to study. I have research teachers are not well pay neither paleontologist, now a days the economy is going from bad to worst so I am trying to look forward my future.Who (or what) is involved in your life that is holding you back?- Financially because to take these types of careers is going to take financial support, which I don’t have.Who (or what) is involved in your life that could help you do this thing?- The support and guidance from my family and friends, financially and emotionally because they are going to push me to be more successful.List at least five (5) negatives that not doing this “thing” has caused you. In otherwords, what has inaction cost you? (Example: procrastinated, disorganized, wastedtime, poor self-esteem, inability to communicate, etc.) 1. As a teacher I wouldn’t be able to be successful in that field. 2. As a paleontologist I wouldn’t be able to travel. 3. I would not be able to share my knowledge and educated others. 4. I would not be able to discovered new types of dinosaurs. 5. I would not be able to have the experience in more than one career.List at least five (5) positives that not doing this “thing” will bring to your life.(Example: more positive relationships, more trust in others, reducing anxiety, moreself-confidence, etc.) 1. An opportunity to have more knowledge. 2. An opportunity to have a better living financially. 3. I would have the opportunity to travel. 4. I would have more opportunity to share more knowledge with others. 5. A better life.Now, with this information, develop at least 5-7 action steps that you need to embraceto begin doing this “thing” today.
  2. 2. - Research of what these careers consist of.- Find out what financial aid is available for these careers.- I would find out how much is going to cost me to accomplish these goals.- Seek for professional opinions and advice.- Discuss with family and friends about these careers to seek their opinions.- I want to have a good attitude toward these goals.- I would do internships to find out if I really like these two careers.- Organize better my time to study.- I would study these careers as a hobby. “The road to success is NOT a path you find but a trail you blaze”- Robert Brault Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc.