Chapter Eight: Test Taking


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Chapter Eight: Test Taking

  1. 1. How Can Your Preparation Improve Test- Performance?Tests are the only proved the teachers have in order to know if the students really understandthe topic. Most of the time we blame the teachers when they give us a hard test and we don’tpassed it. I used different skills for different test, for example if I am going to take a math test Iusually write down problems from the book and try to solved them without having to look atmy notes. We think that taking the class and listening to the teachers are going to help us topass the test; our memory only can covered a limited amount of information so we have topractice and read. Before taking the test go over the topics that will be covered write down allthe main point the professor is going to test on so you can have an idea of what to study.Material you will be tested on even though the professor doesn’t mention some of the topics ispreferable to read all the information even the ones you think are not important. Types ofquestions always expect difficult questions and easy ones I usually go over multiple choices andtrue or false, then the essays that need more time to concentrate. Supplemental informationyou may be able to have always gets advantage of these good opportunities when theprofessor gives the opportunity to work with a partner or to take your test home so you can dobetter. Always schedule time to study, never expect the test to be easy. Use your textbook takeout all the information you can definitions, summaries in the end of the chapter, answer thebook questions. Listen at review questions never missed a day of class, maybe in the day youmissed the professor said which questions he/ she is going to put in the tests and always payattention to every little detail. Make an appointment to see your instructor so you can askhim/her questions which you are concern. Get information from people who already took thecourse ask how the test was if it was easy or difficult, how many questions the professor gave.Examine the professor to lend you old tests, go over online labs, reviewing old test could helpyou in questions you were insecure. Never missed class when you are going to take a testbecause then it’s going to be difficult to schedule time to take it. Manage test time wiselyschedule your time so you can have more time to study.Ask what and why to decide what you will study, ask when, where and who finally ask how tofigure out what strategies you will use. For example: if you are going to take a Math testMonday and Chemistry test Friday, prioritize and study first for Monday test and then Fridaytest, but if you really understand Math, concentrate more in Chemistry, it’s your decision.Create a pretest or used one of the pretest of the book so you can prove to yourself how muchdo you really knows. Study ahead of time for your final exam or midterm this test are the mostimportant ones during the course, little quizzes could help you get a good grade if you fail themidterm, test or quizzes aren’t difficult. Prepare mentally always say to yourself “I’M GOING TOPASS THIS TEST” always have a positive attitude and believe in yourself. Physically eat a goodbreakfast if you have a headache before the test take an Advil. If you are in your bed dead don’ttake the test because you are not going to concentrate in taking the test. Always review your
  2. 2. notes before the test if you are concern about a topic you didn’t understood. When I take a testI schedule my time so I can study minimum 3 days before the test, if I am concern about a topicI ask the professor or my friend to explain me. Then I read even if I go out, my key to pass thetest since I was little is to wake up early and study. Study and prepare yourself and I’m sure youare going to passed every test you take, if you get a bad grade even if you study check whichpoint you missed.