Raingain Presentation : project & finance management


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Raingain Presentation : project & finance management by TU Delft

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Raingain Presentation : project & finance management

  1. 1. Project & finance managementKick-off meeting Interreg IVB Raingain Paris, 17th & 18th November 2011
  2. 2. IntroductionLuc van Raaij • Since 2006 involved in European programmes and projects. Working for European and Regional Affairs Consultants (ERAC). • Appointed by TU Delft as project and finance manager;Role in project (monitor, control and report)• Project & finance manager;• To draw up the project manual;• Make available Interreg expertise & knowledge;• Guide you through the reporting process;• Answer questions on Interreg, project – finance management;• To safeguard the “contract” (compliance, progress activities vs expenditure).
  3. 3. Focus on rules…• FLC designation• Evidence of tendering procedures (comply to internal, national and EU rules);• Documentation: evidence must be kept until 2023;• Partners must be able to explain: • Why they took certain contracting decisions; • How they calculated hourly rates for staff costs; • Why person x traveled to y and stayed for z days; • Project relevance;• Documentation of events (signed participation lists, programme, agenda, minutes);• Any changes in budget should be communicated upfront and approved by JTS;• Spend your project money as underspending can lead to cutting of project money
  4. 4. … and procedures• Financial management structure is characterised as decentralised, relying on devolved responsibility;• Bi-annual reporting (april & october); • 2 kinds of reports (progress on activities and results, financial)• Common mistakes • VAT miscalculations; • Missing invoices; • Tendering procedures; • No explanation of calculations• Partners will be advised to prepare a draft report before the first claim in april 2012.
  5. 5. Project so far….• Distributed the signed subsidy contract to the partners;• Set up the project administration;• Developed and distributed a project manual guide (PMG) to the partners • The manual should be seen as a first reference for questions and guidance. • It includes the most important documents from NWE and EC and moreover it covers subjects such as: regulations, project details, budget, principles of EU funding, auditing, reporting, eligibility, modifications, procurement and publicity.• Partners are advised to read it carefully!
  6. 6. Short term actions• Appoint first level control;• Sign partnership agreement• Set up project administration• Set up a monitor, control and report system• Planning partner visits• Prepare for first progress report (april 2012)• Develop a time schedule
  7. 7. Questions?L.L.W.M.vanRaaij@tudelft.nl +31 6 511 611 70
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