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Toll Group\'s Quarterly Magazine


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Toll Today is our quarterly publication for employees and customers.

Toll Today is our quarterly publication for employees and customers.

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  • 1. Tolltoday Toll Group’s quarterly magazine June–august 2012Tasmania opensits doors to Toll executiveson page 26 PM pays a visit to staff at Arndell Park on page 4 DX Mail launches DX Express on page 31
  • 2. About Toll Group Contents   Toll is the Asian region’s leading provider of Message from integrated logistics services, generating revenue Management 3 of A$8.2 billion and operating an extensive network of over 1,200 sites in 55 countries. Toll Group 4 Toll has access to transport and infrastructure assets including road fleets, warehousing, ships, Toll Global Forwarding 12 air freight capacity, ports and rail rolling stock. These assets, when combined with operational Toll Global Logistics 14 expertise and technology solutions, are aimed at driving supply chain efficiencies to deliver best Toll Global Resources 20 practice in supply chain management for Toll’s diverse customer base. Toll Domestic Forwarding 24 Toll Global Express 30 Toll Specialised and Domestic Freight 33 Community 36 Wellbeing 49 Staff Milestones 50 Head Office Level 7, 380 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia T +61 3 9694 2888 F +61 3 9694 2880 Editor Danielle Phillips Group Corporate Affairs E editor@tollgroup.com2 Tolltoday  
  • 3. Message from managementOne Toll approachbrings excitingopportunitiesDear ColleaguesI was appointed to the role of Chief Another way which we stand to benefitFinancial Officer for Toll Group at the financially from behaving as One Tollend of last year, following Brian Kruger’s is how we win business. Often, ourpromotion to Managing Director. It businesses are tendering for contractstherefore gives me great pleasure to which alone do not have the capacitybe addressing you in my first Toll Today or scope to be able to deliver. However,message. when partnering with another Toll business, together they can provideAlthough I am relatively new to the role a better customer proposition overall.of CFO, I am not new to Toll. I havebeen with Toll for almost six years, We must remember when tenderinginitially in my native New Zealand, as One Toll that we give our mostthen more recently with Toll Global competitive price and think about theResources. Over the past six years, I bottom line benefit to the Group overall,have lived through our business’ strong not just one single business unit. Thisgrowth and today see many exciting in turn will lead to more opportunities,opportunities ahead of us. and more new customers.And I think many of these opportunities Like Brian and the rest of the seniorwill come to us through One Toll. During executive team, I am passionate andmy time working in New Zealand and excited about the benefits One TollToll Global Resources, I have seen can bring to our business. We havefirst-hand the benefits of the One everything to gain from acting together. IToll approach, especially from a cost encourage you all to think One Toll whenperspective in relation to purchasing purchasing and tendering.and procurement opportunities. I look forward to seeing how you areWe have seen the benefits of this already making One Toll work in your business,through Group-wide travel purchasing and hope to hear many of your ideas asand a single global Toll uniform range, I travel around the Group.and are currently working on a bulkfuel buying contract which will deliversignificant savings. Alone, we cannotachieve these benefits, but collectivelywe have greater bargaining power andcan drive better value for money from Grant Devonportour suppliers. Chief Financial Officer JUNE–August 2012 3
  • 4. TOLL GROUP PM pays a visit to staff at Arndell Park It’s not every day you have the Prime Minster of Australia looking over your shoulder as you work, but that’s exactly what happened to some lucky Toll Fleet workers in western Sydney in April. T he PM met with Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services general manager, Bob Lovf and workshop supervisor, Charlie Griffith for a tour of the Arndell Park workshop, stopping to meet some of our heavy vehicle mechanics and apprentices along the way. The PM was in western Sydney to praise companies such as Toll for their contribution to the Jobs 1,001 campaign, a national jobs initiative between employment provider WPC Group and News Limited’s community newspapers, aimed at creating jobs across the country. Ms Gillard praised Toll for its contribution towards growing employment in Australia, including a commitment to hire a further 30 heavy vehicle apprentices by the end of the year. “Toll has made an offer to engage 700 more staff over the coming few months to do that extra work in a way that means they are putting on 30 more apprentices,” Ms Gillard said. “This is a growing industry. A growing industry in our nation and one in which we’ve got a comparative advantage, as we take our skills to the region in which we live. “We will not only see additional demand for transport and logistics in our own country, as we export the goods that we know that Asia wants to buy from us, we’ll actually see demand for our expertise in transport and logistics directly in the countries in our region.” Toll’s total staffing numbers, including all full-time, part-time, temporary, casual and apprenticeship positions, have grown by around 100 per month since September last year, adding to the total of over 20,000 people Toll employs in Australia. If roughly the same continues, it is assumed we will have grown by about another 700 employees in Australia by year’s end. Special thanks goes to Bob Lovf and national workshop manager, Scott Walsh for their time and effort in organising the day. To read more about the programs offered by Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services, and meet some of our apprentices, go to page 35. <4 Tolltoday  
  • 5. TOLL GROUP Above Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services workshop supervisor, Charlie Griffith, presents the Prime Minister with flowers and a gift – a custom-made piston – as a memento of her visit. Far left Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services apprentices and employees prepare to meet the PM. Left The PM meets some of our heavy vehicle mechanic apprentices during her visit.JUNE–August 2012 5
  • 6. TOLL GROUP Important information regarding your superannuation fund and employment details A s we head to the end of the financial year, we have some timely reminders in relation to your employment with the Toll Group and in particular, in relation to your Is it time to review your investment strategy? Do you need to review your investment options within your superannuation fund? You may be able to do this online or superannuation fund. speak to a representative from your superannuation fund to arrange these changes. Emergency contact details – are these up to date? A very important detail for each and every Toll employee Financial planning solutions at Toll (and often overlooked) is an up-to-date emergency contact. Your financial security and wellbeing are paramount, which is why at Toll we were very pleased to introduce financial Toll employees who can access their pay slips online can planning offerings last year. These are competitively priced set up their own emergency contact details. If you are in this and easily accessible through ANZ Financial Planning and category we would ask you to ensure that you check the Outlook Financial Solutions*. You can find out more by going emergency contact details Toll holds for you. to quick links-Employee Benefits on the intranet, or the news section in the superannuation portal, also accessed If you do not have access, you need to request an emergency through the intranet. contact details form from your manager/supervisor, then complete and return the form to your particular payroll If you would prefer more information on financial planning department so these details are properly recorded. or how to select a financial adviser, you may contact other industry bodies such as, the Financial Planning Association Does your super fund have your correct address? of Australia Ltd or the Australian Securities Your super fund will shortly commence sending end of year and Investment Commission (ASIC) on 1300 300 630 and statements. It is the responsibility of employees to ensure that ask for the booklet Getting Advice. their super fund holds the correct personal details. Please check that yours is up-to-date. Should you wish to discuss any of the above points further, please email Cheryl Barbary, group superannuation manager Have you completed a beneficiary form for your at: < super fund? Have you recently been married, divorced, remarried, or had Disclaimer *Toll does not endorse or recommend use of either company. Both firms were more children? If so, is there a need to amend your nominated approached to provide you with access to a cost effective advice solution if beneficiaries? Make contact with your fund and ensure your you wish to access one. nomination of beneficiary is up-to-date.6 Tolltoday  
  • 7. TOLL GROUPSingle web presenceproject gets green lightAfter six months of building a business case to develop a single website for the Toll Group, the projectteam has won the backing of the board and the Group Senior Executive Committee (GSEC) to progressto the development stage of the new One Toll website.T he project will finally bring together the 73 websites, that currently represent Toll and its services online. “This is a website for the whole Toll Group and we want everyone to feel like they are a part of it. At the end of the day, the single website needs to be a useful resource for us Below Some of the current 73 Toll websites thatThe single Toll website supports the One Toll vision; decisively and our stakeholders, and we are grateful for any feedback will be brought into the new single site.conveying a consistent integrated approach to the way we and suggestions.”do business to an online audience as well as our manystakeholders around the world. If you would like to be involved in the consultation process for the next phase of the site or have any questions, please contactAs well as revamping the existing web presence, the site will Jeremy at <be actively managed and provide:• A consistent Group-wide website structure for corporate, divisions and business units.• An integrated common look and feel that promotes the Toll brand and supports cross-selling of services.• A more personalised customer experience and multi-regional, multilingual content.• The ability for content to be updated on the website by business and nontechnical people, providing the workflow so that content can be created, reviewed and approved.During the next 15 months, the project team, led by JeremyLewison and supported by Group Corporate Affairs andGlobal Information Services, will be undertaking a designprocess with people throughout the business. The buildand roll out will then follow the design phase with thelaunch of the new site slated for mid-2013.Throughout the initial scoping phase of the project,Jeremy said he and his team have been overwhelmedby the support of Toll people across the business.“We are extremely grateful for the participation so far and will be calling on this again as we progress into the design and build phase,” he said. JUNE–August 2012 7
  • 8. TOLL GROUP Toll partners with WA college to offer training Above Mechanic, Clinton S tudents from the Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon, are getting their hands dirty, thanks to a new workplace learning opportunity recently piloted in Perth. The program Theresa said, “The success of this program can be measured in extent to which our students gain an understanding of what it means to be employable, and how it feels to be part McCain instructs Joseph Pollicino is the product of cooperation between the college and Toll of the workforce.” (16) at the Toll Linehaul and Fleet Express, Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services, and Toll Intermodal. Services workshops, According to Jason Holmes, group business development Newburn, WA. The agricultural college, located about an hour’s drive north manager, the program is a win-win for all concerned, helping of Perth, is a unique combination of a secondary school and young people gain valuable experience, as well as an a working farm. As well as being assessed on their classroom investment in the future of the transport and logistics industry. work, students are given the opportunity to show their ability with the tools and skills required in the day-to-day running Jason said, “Toll and the transport industry in general needs of a working farm. the next generation of workers looking to our industry as a positive career option, this can only happen by exposing Toll working environments are a good match for the college, these young people to the best that the transport industry which attracts young people who love hands-on work with has to offer.” machinery, whether using it in farm operations, or taking it apart for maintenance and repairs. The program has an Jason has added a significant resource to the program, emphasis on allowing the students to become engaged in arranging for a decommissioned prime mover to be given to meaningful and serious work. the college as an invaluable aid to heavy transport training and education. The college’s vocational education specialist, Theresa Okely, who has been working with Toll’s Western Australia chaplain, Bindoon student, Joseph Pollicino, pictured with Toll Linehaul Ken Maley, to design and launch the pilot, is delighted to and Fleet Services mechanic, Clinton McCain, sees the be able to offer her students a ‘real world’ experience of program as a way of experiencing the career he wishes to working life. pursue. “I am enjoying this opportunity as a stepping stone to my career.” <8 Tolltoday  
  • 9. TOLL GROUPIntroducing the Toll indigenousengagement programY ou may have read in the annual report that in July 2011, Toll signed up to the Australian Employment Covenant(AEC); an initiative to source 50,000 jobs for indigenous Action Plan (RAP) for Toll in collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders. During this process, we will be speaking to people across the business and would be keenpeople across the country. Through this, Toll committed to to hear your thoughts.creating 1,000 employment opportunities for indigenouspeople over the next decade. As part of this process we will be looking at ways to build business relationships with the indigenous community. OneThis is our public commitment to helping bridge the gap of these methods will be by joining the Australian Indigenousbetween indigenous and non-indigenous people, as well Minority Supplier Council (AIMSC). This membership willas creating a safe and welcoming workplace for indigenous give us access to a wide range of indigenous suppliers andemployees. partners. More information about the AIMSC will shortly be available from the Toll Group intranet under the GroupTo achieve this, we are now working on developing a strategy Procurement section.that will ensure Toll becomes an employer of choice forAboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders, as well as If you have any questions about the program, or wouldfor all other members of the community. like to be involved in the planning phase, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Danielle Phillips, Group Corporate Affairs –The first step in doing this is to develop a Reconciliation <Toll women inspire future logisticiansO n Thursday 22 March, 10 of Toll’s most successful female leaders in Victoria, acted as role models and ambassadorsfor our industry at a luncheon aimed at encouraging young Lesley Staples, Group Director Human Resources at Toll attended the luncheon and was overwhelmed at the positive response from the people there on the day. She said, “Itwomen to join the transport and logistics industry. was really encouraging to see so many bright young women attending an event about our industry. With a traditionalThe luncheon, organised by the Institute of Supply Chain and low intake of female employees, the transport and logisticsLogistics, brought together 200 female high school students, industry has a lot to offer young women today, and I think wetheir careers teachers, transport and logistics professionals, inspired a few to look a little further into a career in logisticsand key local business people to discuss the benefits of at this event.working in our industry and the opportunities that are opento women today. “There is a lot of work to do to educate and enthuse young people about joining us when they graduate from school orHeld at the famous Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, the university. Taking part in more events like this will certainlyhome of the Melbourne Cup, the event was an opportunity to help get us known among this target group.” <hear from some of the country’s most inspiring female leadersfrom industry, politics and the military, as well as share storiesof career development with young women. JUNE–August 2012 9
  • 10. TOLL GROUP Toll Group Business Development Managed Transport Services in focus Group Business Development (GBD) works with businesses across Toll to attract new customers and offer existing clients a better solution to meet their logistics needs. Implementing the One Toll initiative through sales, GBD brings together Toll business units to offer the best solution to the customer. T his in focus highlights the work of Managed Transport Services (MTS) headed by Gerard Gibney. • automating the choice which determines the most efficient transport provider and service to use. This therefore ensures freight is moved the correct way with the appropriate service MTS was created to solve a problem option, thereby reducing waste and cost. MTS was established in 2004 with the purpose of supporting • combining open orders in the system. The opportunity some of Toll’s major customers. These customers, including to consolidate is always available throughout the day, Coles and Unilever, had large, complex transport models minimising duplicate shipments to the same address and were looking for control and a simple methodology that on the same day which reduces transport costs. offered standardisation, while still maintaining the experience • dedicated support. Although delivered by the internet for and expertise their staff had developed over many years. fast deployment, MTS is also supported by a call centre Clients needed a logical solution allowing freight to be moved to resolve queries related to how to use the system or the correct way with the appropriate service option. The transport issues. In some cases MTS have onsite customer’s service promise had to be honoured, but in the planners who utilise the system as their tool for action most cost effective way. and communication to deliver transport management on a day-to-day basis. Rather than leaving these calculations to individuals, Toll developed a systemised model that made sure Toll’s vast The strategy range of services could be used more efficiently and simply Toll wanted its large range of services to be deployed in the by the customer. They were, however, supported by agreed best possible way in order to retain our customers as trusted business rules which executed the right choices to meet partners. In response, Toll proactively sourced and built the service promise for the agreed cost, incorporating the MTS at great expense. It should be noted that MTS is not a experience and expertise. software house; but rather a premium transport and logistics offering. To that end, Toll wanted its MTS service provided Savings when prudent or as required. The current Toll business model Savings are achieved by: operating within business units is very efficient. • reducing administrative costs. MTS has a centralised However, some customers need and/or want the breadth of settlement function which is automated for all Toll business service range available, in short One Toll. units, providing one central Toll invoice.10 Tolltoday  
  • 11. TOLL GROUP Damain Bishop Group Director, Group Business Development Supply Chain Managed Business Tender Management & Solutions Transport Services Development Industry / Client AnalysisMTS can cater to all customers, providing options from a 4PL MTS todayservice via its premium package, through to smaller options MTS today has a range of service offers to support smallfor users just wanting three or four business units coordinated users through to large companies who want the same the best way, which is provided through the IntegratedTransport Management (ITM) offer. Transport functionality and flexibility is increasingly becoming a challenge in today’s environment. Making transport moreCommunication is key efficient means less waste, and as a result less costly. It alsoEach stakeholder in the customer distribution network needs lends itself to a greener environment as truck usage is moreto be in the communication loop. The system not only makes efficient. MTS offers visibility, communication, control andsensitive calculations and plans shipments to offer the best standard approaches to what has always been a complicatedequipment utilisation and booking information, it completes and ever changing environment.this safely ensuring driving hours are not breached. MTScommunicates to all those involved (providing line level detail MTS is here to help if you are a Toll customer using onewhere required), detailing what is coming and when, as well as or more Toll business units and want to explore a differentdays in advance via ASN’s and system generated manifests. model. As a manager or sales representative, if you believeThe information is electronically sent to warehouses for picking; MTS can help one of your customers please contact us. MTSto distribution centres for receiving, to transport companies will happily meet with you or the customer to determine if wefor full load equipment planning, and even for receivers of a can be of assistance.single parcel. All necessary paperwork (which is acceptableto all business units) is also provided via the system. Please contact either Michael Williams, sales and operations manager at or GerardAccount managers are available and KPI reports are easily Gibney, national manager at <created so the customer only need see one Toll contact ifthat is the preference. JUNE–August 2012 11
  • 12. Toll global forwarding TGF welcomes latest European GM Marinus Uleman is Toll Global Forwarding’s new MD for The Netherlands. Marinus has been with our Dutch operations since 2005, when he joined predecessor Baltrans along with other colleagues from TNT Freight Management. M ost recently branch manager of the Rotterdam office before his recent promotion to country MD, Marinus is now in overall charge of a fast-growing multi-modal forwarding operation with branches in Amsterdam (Airfreight and Accounting) and Rotterdam (Ocean), employing 35 staff. Highlights of the business include its strong ships’ spares business, taking advantage of Rotterdam’s role as a major port surrounded with marine engineering industry. More remarkable is Toll Global Forwarding’s airfreight-based perishables exports business, which was a major contributor to its staggering 900 per cent growth in 2011 – shooting 46 places up the IATA league table to finish a highly-respectable ninth behind some formidable competition! Another interesting mainstream business sector is exporting glasshouses. It’s no surprise that The Netherlands – with its world-renowned horticultural industry – is also a leading producer of the structures used by growers. Toll has made such a name for itself in this specialised business, that it handles exports for many of the main manufacturers, shipping to markets including Greece, Mexico, North America and even Australia. The first thing that strikes you about Marinus is his unexpected accent, for one with an obviously Dutch name. It’s strongly Irish – but the explanation is simple: his father is Dutch, but his mother is Irish – and he lived in Cobh, Co. Cork for the first thirteen years of his life. Marinus thinks Ireland may also be responsible for his love of shipping, “I blame watching the comings and goings of ships through the port throughout my childhood, for my later decision to join the industry.” Of his new post at Toll, he added, “The key elements of our success in the past few years have been the combination of dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of our staff towards our clients. I’ll be looking to continue to build on that strong base we have established and to progressively develop new areas of expertise in our business. The strong global presence and diversity of the Toll Group will clearly be a major stepping stone towards a very promising future for the forwarding division.” < LEft Marinus Uleman, new GM for The Netherlands.12 Tolltoday  
  • 13. Toll global forwardingGerd’s home: his customer’s office! T he new man driving Toll Global Forwarding’s sales effort in theEurope and Middle East (EME) region team in Zurich, he doesn’t expect to spend much time in the office. Gerd said, “My early priority is going out on theis Gerd Kux, a 38-year veteran of freight road and selling our services, playingforwarding and logistics. He took up his to our strengths. PR and advertisingnew post as regional director, marketing are obviously important, but you alsoand sales on 1 January. have to show your face. My home is my customer’s office.”Gerd has an impressive list of jobs underhis belt. He began his career as an “We can really steam up our exportsapprentice at Kuehne + Nagel, earning from Europe and the Middle East toa degree in freight forwarding. On Australasia and Asia, because we havereturning to the company after national such a strong network and resourceservice, he spent time in Iran and Hong there, but we have to go out on theKong. He went on to hold a variety of streets and tell customers about it moresenior management posts at Hellmann, often.”Calberson, Kuehne + Nagel (mainboard director), TNT (CEO Germany) Why did Gerd quit one of the highestand Panalpina (EVP Ocean, Germany). profile jobs in the business, working withMost recently, he held the post of global a well-established operator, to take ondirector, sales and administration at such a demanding role with a relative Toll Global Forwarding’s regional MDHellmann Worldwide Logistics, based newcomer in the EME region? Gerd of EME, Hakan Bicil, said, “We are Above Gerd Kux, newin Hamburg. believes, “Toll is forwarding at its best. delighted to welcome Gerd to our team. EME regional Being here takes me back to my roots. He brings with him a vast wealth of director, marketing and sales TGF.Now at Toll Global Forwarding, Gerd This is about building from a relatively experience at senior management levelwill manage the company’s EME sales low level by putting in all the skills and in major organisations, which will beand marketing functions covering 44 the effort, and watching it grow. It’s an invaluable as we build up our presencebranches in 12 countries. Although exciting new challenge and I’m really among the world’s largest exportersbased with the EME senior management pleased to be part of it.” and importers.” <Innovation through globalisation W hen it comes to international trade the world is one market and tobe truly competitive, we must embrace partly because of the advancements in technology, but mainly because we simply decided to stretch the envelope ‘us’ and from a customer perspective, which provides a seamless solution.globalisation. and pursue absolute efficiency using The most recent addition to Shared any advantage available, leveraging Services group is being recruited andAs such, Toll Global Forwarding in from our own network capability and the trained in China. This is being done withAustralia and New Zealand has taken additional resources available through the support of our Shanghai colleaguesthe concept of offshore processing and the broader Toll network. and the team is located within a Tollreinvented it, dealing with the traditional Global Logistics facility in the outskirtsnegatives in a unique way – by being Our two primary objectives are to firstly of Shanghai. This co-operative modelfully inclusive. enhance customer experience and between TGL, TGF ANZ and TGF secondly to achieve this while becoming China has seen benefits for all the Recognising the potential impact on more competitive in our market. When parties involved, financially, culturally customers and our people, TGF ANZ first it came time to consider scope, we and commercially due to increased reviewed their own business structure made our biggest decision – depart communication, better networking and as and modelled it to accommodate a new from the traditional offshoring model a consequence, a better understanding organisational design that does not of limiting scope and instead become of the activities and requirements of each differentiate between local and offshore ‘inclusive’. Rather than isolating tasks Toll business unit. staff – whereas the traditional business and functions and allocating them model isolates the offshore group. This to a stand-alone offshore group, we Where to from here? Well as we have led to the creation of a business support included as many tasks and functions discovered, there are no boundaries, unit (Shared Services) consisting of a as practicable and included a broad no borders, no limits to what we‘virtual’ team, made up of people from range of people and skills from a range can achieve. < all around Australia, New Zealand of geographical locations into that and China. This move was possible group. Simply there is no ‘them’ and JUNE–August 2012 13
  • 14. Toll global LOGISTICS A One Toll challenge Transporting 55 trees from Thailand to Singapore When Toll Global Logistics in Singapore won Maeklong port, which is almost 100km south-west of Bangkok, Below a contract to bring 55 trees from Thailand to was identified by the shipper. This was not the preferred venue, One of the greatest challenges was to Singapore, they knew this was going to be a given that it is a small fishing port and lacking in infrastructure ensure the trees challenging operation, but they weren’t quite and facilities such as lifting gear. were kept upright for their gruelling sure just what was in store. sea journey home. Thankfully Toll Global Forwarding Thailand sprang into T GL Singapore’s specialised feeder team was recently awarded the project through GLE Logistics Singapore to ship 55 trees that Resort World Sentosa had purchased action and came to our assistance; amidst their domestic flooding problems that affected many of their staff and family. Mr Monthian, an experienced project manager was appointed from various parts of Thailand. to coordinate the port usage, lifting equipment and stevedoring gang to carry out the loading operation of the 55 trees. Working with Toll Global Forwarding in Thailand, the primary scope of this project was to provide a set of tug and crane- The vessels left Singapore on 17 November and reached barge named Toll Cengal and Toll 1819 respectively to be Maeklong port on the evening of 28 November, after a gruelling mobilised to Maeklong Port in Bangkok where the trees would 12-day sea journey fighting monsoon conditions and waves of be loaded for export to Singapore. 8m on average. The trees were already lined up at the wharf of the port awaiting loading. Toll’s responsibility was to make sure that the 55 trees were safely chaperoned by our tugs and barges to Singapore. The TGL Singapore, TGF Thailand and port working teams This included the safe loading of the cargo, and ensuring arrived at Maeklong port at the first light on 29 November. that they were firmly secured to withstand the challenging Admittedly, this was also the team’s first experience in sea conditions. The journey of 850 nautical miles back to loading and securing trees onto barges. The lifting and Singapore was one which could potentially cause problems lashing operation was very gentle and slow initially, due to due to unpredictable conditions. the unique characteristics of the cargo and adhering to the strict requirement from the shipper that all trees have to be The Singapore team is no stranger to vessel chartering and firmly secured and remain upright till arrival at port of discharge. operation, but it was the first time they had carried delicate However, momentum soon picked up as the hours passed forestry assets. The team had to source a reliable and and by midday we were clocking an average of 15 minutes competent logistics provider who could handle the loading to lift and lash each tree. By 10pm that day all trees were operation at Bangkok with care and precision. loaded onto the barge, and the lashing work was completed a few hours later. The situation was made more interesting when Thailand encountered the country’s worst flooding crisis in the past The morning of 30 November was spent on the final inspection three decades. By early November, although the flood was of the lashing by the shipper and cargo owner. The inspection seemingly under control, the aftermath resulted in some was stringent as the shipper had recognised that this was a problems at the port of origin. Firstly, the road conditions on difficult assignment and anticipated the rough sea conditions some of the main trunk roads leading to Bangkok were very that came with this project for the return journey to Singapore. bad, to the extent that they were not roadworthy making the After the final formalities from the Thai Customs and transportation of the trees from the north to the main port Immigration department, the vessels set off back to Singapore. almost impossible. This problem was compounded by the conditions at the ports. There was congestion at the main ports in Bangkok due to the excessive backlog of activities following the flood crisis. The earlier plans to load at the main ports in Bangkok were no longer going to work. The shipment was delayed from mid November to late November, to wait for further receding of the flood waters for improved port conditions. This was the beginning of what seemed like a challenging assignment.14 Tolltoday  
  • 15. Toll global LOGISTICSThe home bound journey was made easier with the tail wind was great as our customers and officials from RWS waited atassistance; there were occasional high sea waves of 8m, the wharf. The constant clicking of the cameras as the barge Above The first ‘gaint Thaiwhen the vessels were heading around the Gulf of Thailand approached them signalled joy and relief. Together with the bonsai’ to be hoisted.and Kuala Terengganu areas. Other than that, it was smooth customers and officials from RWS, TGL staff welcomed the 55sailing and the vessels safely reached Singapore water on trees and gave ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.the evening of 9 December. Congratulations to the Singapore specialised feeder teamIn the early afternoon of 10 December, after the immigration and Toll Global Forwarding Thailand team – another One Tollformalities and port clearance, the vessels sailed into the west mission accomplished. <landing zone at Resort World Sentosa (RWS). The excitement JUNE–August 2012 15
  • 16. Toll global LOGISTICS Contract Logistics wins   Optus Business app competition   Above The winning team T oll Global Logistics’ Contract Logistics team is proud to announce it has been named as the winner of the Optus Business Mobile app Faceoff competition. The The idea is to move the complex calculations to the mobile application to make it easier for everybody involved, particularly the driver. All the data is kept on the driver’s phone and can collecting its cheque from Optus: competition asked for companies to submit ideas that could be used to support fit for work statements, although the Stephen Carroll, be implemented on smartphones with the winner securing application doesn’t replace the legal requirement for log books. Strategic A$30,000 in funding to develop the idea into a fully-functional Development Manager, smartphone application. The team made up of Kane Pitman, The application development is being carried out by Optus Toll Contract Charni Cargill, Stephen Carroll and Nick Dabner, were excited Business’ mobility partner MobiliseIT and will leverage the Logistics (top Left). to receive the large cheque courtesy of Optus Business. Axiom IT technology already in use within the Contract Charni Cargill, was Organisational Logistics business. The application is to be provided free to Development Of 97 entries, the driver fatigue management application any user who wishes to download it from either the Apple or Adviser, Toll Contract Logistics (bottom left). entry from Contract Logistics was shortlisted and ultimately Android App stores. All the information remains the property awarded as the winner. The idea stemmed from the complexity of the driver. The intent is to address an industry-wide safety Kane Pitman, National Risk seen when training drivers about the procedures and issue by providing better technology in place of paper-based Manager, Toll compliance requirements for fatigue. solutions. The application is due to be released later in 2012, Contract Logistics (1 from right). and we will let you know when it is available for download. Nick Dabner; Fatigue compliance requires complex calculations to be Business Solutions performed by the driver and the fleet allocator to ensure Well done to Kane, Charni, Stephen and Nick for taking the Manager, Toll Contract Logistics correct breaks are taken during shifts, over 24, seven and initiative to make fatigue a little easier to manage. (right). 14 day rolling periods for multiple fatigue schemes over multiple jurisdictions and timezones. Kane Pitman, National Risk Manager, said “Winning this award builds on our strong safety culture, improves the tools The application assists here by providing the driver with an available to our business users and supports our strategy to easy interface to log their work and rest periods, while mitigate all possible fatigue risks.” < providing advice regarding rest and driving time calculations.16 Tolltoday  
  • 17. Toll global LOGISTICSAutomotive’s parts logisticsservice sets up in South AustraliaO n 9 January 2012, Automotive’s parts logistics service successfully launched its newly awarded Holden contract located just behind the vehicle assembly plant in Edinburgh imported components needed for the production of the Holden Commodore and Holden Cruze models. Above The Holden Intercontinental Park, South Australia. This new contract has been awarded for three years with a Cross-Dock. possible one plus one year performance-based extension.The site is now the largest cross dock/warehousing facilitymanaged by the Automotive team in Australia. Operating in This new contract is a huge boost to our South Australialine with the vehicle assembly plant, this provides Holden operations and we believe will provide a strong launch padwith the resources required to manage practically all of their for further expansion in the region in the coming years. <Toll wins customer awards fromJohnson & Johnson in ChinaT oll Global Logistics has been awarded three Johnson & Johnson (J&J) third party logistics (3PL) service awardsfor best warehouse management, best customer service,and best group contribution across its regional distributioncentres in China.The company’s regional distribution centres in Chinawere recognised by J&J’s customers as the best supplier,consistently offering a first-class delivery service with zerocomplaints. Toll’s Shanghai distribution centre made enormouscontributions by switching 3PL projects in the Eastern region,working with J&J in developing improved transportationservices.Felix Zhang, Johnson & Johnson’s consumer China supplychain director, congratulated Toll and said, “Managing the “These awards are a reflection of our robust capability tosupply chain for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) can be a handle the FMCG sector for multinational corporations, and Above The team fromcomplex practice today. We are happy to have Toll’s know-how is a testament to Toll’s commitment in providing unparalleled Toll Globaland their positive efforts and dedication in understanding our service in the Asia Pacific region. Local people and local Logistics receiving their requirements in China, which has helped optimise our knowledge means we’re able to work more effectively for ourJ&J warehousing and transportation processes and enhanced customers,” Mr Hunt service for our customers at our end”. With an Asia Pacific focus but also with a global reach, Toll Toll Global Logistics President and CEO Wayne Hunt said, is constantly acknowledged for its innovation and service“Toll is particularly proud to be recognised by such awards excellence by its customers in the region. Toll Global Logistics from its customer J&J, a 125 year old global brand, and we has previously been recognised with a 2011 Supply Chain will continue to work with J&J to support its commitment to Asia Logistics award, and a Global Supply Chain Council its customers in China. 2010 CHaINA award. < JUNE–August 2012 17
  • 18. Toll global LOGISTICS Toll Global Logistics embraces Continuous Improvement   For the past two years, Toll Global Logistics has been rolling out a Continuous Improvement (CI) program across its Australian operations. This program is built around the lean philosophy of reducing waste in our business. The program has delivered some great outcomes in the areas of people, cost, service and quality for our businesses, which have been noticed by our corporate office in Singapore. Here are a few examples of how TGL is implementing CI in its business around Asia Pacific. Below One Toll philosophy The CI program rolled out in Chennai was a shortened version brings CI to Chennai The participants of the Toll Global of the Australian program. The program had some great early Logistics India wins. These were quickly recognised by the customer and Continuous Improvement over the next four weeks, the program started to become part workshop, held Introducing CI to TGL in India of the operations culture and the customer’s confidence in at the Chennai Logistics Centre. With the demonstrated success of the CI program in Australia, our operations improved, as well as the overall relationship. Shannon Wright from the CI team travelled to Chennai, India to assist the local team review the business operations of CI leading to more work opportunities one of their major contracts and implement the foundations As a result of improved results achieved from the CI program of the CI program. by the local management team, as well as the customer relationship building performed by both the regional The customer was concerned about the upcoming peak management and business development teams in Singapore season and Toll’s ability to successfully meet their service and Chennai, Toll has been invited to tender for additional KPI’s during this period, which would then negatively impact work with the customer’s supply chain operations both within on their growth strategy for the region. Chennai and in other regions of India. To begin, key stakeholders were assembled from both Toll and The Toll Global Logistics India management team was very the customer. A CI workshop to understand the key principles happy with the operational visibility of the CI program, as well of the program was held. The business flow was drawn on a as the structured process around the operations management material information flow analysis (MIFA). A gap analysis was and problem solving processes. Due to this, they are now performed of the current processes and procedures which looking at applying the program to other businesses within identified issue points and these points were collectively India. brainstormed for solutions. CI tools were used to capture relevant data, identify opportunities for improvement and Both the Australian and Indian TGL management teams, as monitor the daily operations. well as our corporate management team in Singapore, have agreed this is a clear example of how embracing the One Toll An important step was the development of critical KPI’s based philosophy and sharing our experience, resources and skill on key business triggers, the operation was then able to react sets, has worked to strengthen Toll’s reputation of being the accordingly to changes. This led to correct performance number one supply chain solutions and logistics provider in management processes. the Asia Pacific region. <18 Tolltoday  
  • 19. Toll global LOGISTICSToll Global Logistics’ Customised Solutionsholds Continuous Improvement conferenceT oll Global Logistics Customised Solutions has recently held its second annual Continuous Improvement (CI)conference in Melbourne. The leadership team took the opportunity to present business improvement plans for each state, having assessed the business against a set of criteria to measure CI maturity, and Above Delegates at the Toll Global Logistics’ set the overall score targets for the following year. Customised Solutions CI conference.With attendees including the Customised Solutions leadershipteam, business managers and operations managers from Day two of the conference comprised a series of site visitsacross the country, the conference was an opportunity for the to look at CI in action, including the Kmart DC in Truganina,operations teams to get together to review achievements to the confectionery and fashion DCs in Altona North, Unileverdate, and plan the next steps in their CI journey. at Knoxfield and the Kraft DC in Dandenong.The 2012 conference focussed on delivering measurable value General manager, Chris Pearce, outlined in his openingto customers and the business through focussed improvement address, the importance of CI to Toll. He said, “Continuousinitiatives, building on the inaugural 2011 conference which improvement helps our teams think differently about how theyconcentrated on setting up the 5S+1 program to organise go about their daily work, and delivers measurable value toworkplaces, increase efficiency and reduce waste. our customers, while providing our teams with the tools and training to achieve and measure success. The 2012 conferencePresentations from the operations team throughout the provides a great opportunity to share knowledge, best practiceconference examined case studies on focussed improvements, and offer feedback, while sparking new ideas.” <team communication, the benefits gained from the 5S+1program, and in2share; an internal information sharing medium. JUNE–August 2012 19
  • 20. Toll global resources Toll’s work inside The Democratic Republic Working in 55 countries on six continents, the work we do varies massively from place to place. In The DRC we don’t operate distribution centres or deliver parcels, but we do have a vital role to play in a challenging environment. Find out more about Toll Remote Logistics’ work with the UN in Africa. Working safely in The DRC N eil Passfield, global HSE and security manager for Toll Remote Logistics gives us an insight into working in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) during the recent MONUSCO contract. One of the challenges facing Toll Remote Logistics is the ever changing environment in which it operates. The MONUSCO project office is located in Goma along with an administration office located in the capital Kinshasa. There are eight main fuel sites including Goma, Bukavu, Aru, Kalemie, Beni, Bunia, Labumbashi and Uvira. ABOVE The presidential elections in The DRC. The DRC has historically been a challenging location in terms of security, business dealings and general day-to-day operations, should the need arise. Planning also included the relocation not to mention the active volcanoes that pose a threat by the of non-essential staff to neighbouring countries allowing for sheer nature of their potential to erupt at short notice. the vital administrative tasks to continue. Another security issue which we had to deal with during the A command centre was established in the accommodation contract was political unrest. In November 2011, the country villa in Goma, with updates and communications checks held its presidential elections. In the months leading up to this undertaken at regular intervals, between sites and also to significant event, it was identified that some critical planning head office in Brisbane. needed to be made to ensure the safety and security of all Toll Remote Logistics staff working throughout the country. Whilst there were a number of incidents as a result of the public disorder surrounding the election process, no In cooperation with the project, corporate and HSSEQ teams, Toll Remote Logistics personnel were directly affected. extensive security planning was undertaken. This included a The planning and implementation of the processes used in visit to each site to develop and implement an emergency and this situation will serve as the model for future operations. evacuation plan, establish close liaison with the UN security The smooth and successful manner in which it ran is a credit personnel to ensure cooperation communication and support to the people involved. <20 Tolltoday  
  • 21. Toll global resourcesof the Congo TRL finds a smarter way to   refuel peacekeepers in The DRC T oll Remote Logistics specialises in providing integrated logistics solutions in remote and challenging locations. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) would have to achieving a level of surety of supply that was not previously achievable in areas such as Kalemie. rate as one of the most challenging locations in the world. The MONUSCO fuel unit has made special mention of this Supplying more than 3 million litres of fuel there a month service that Toll had provided to Kalemie, highlighting the would have to rate as one of the toughest jobs in the world. fact that this was unachievable for MONUSCO over the past 10 years of their mission. Furthermore, savings to the The United Nations and Toll Remote Logistics have a UN were being achieved at all DRC sites due to Toll’s long- well established working relationship that covers a broad term contracts rather than spot market pricing which was scope of services that includes worldwide movement undertaken by the UN previously in the DRC. consultancy services to the Movement Control Section and the provision and distribution of fuel and associated The operational volume of aviation fuel used each month is services to MINURCAT and UNMIT. over 1.4 million litres and diesel fuel for vehicles and generators is over 1.6 million litres. On top of this, strategic fuel reserves In the latter months of 2011, the mobilisation for Toll Remote of 3.4 million litres must be maintained. Logistics’ fuel project for the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) has The contract was signed with an effective start date been completed. of 5 January 2011 and the last site was signed off on 14 November 2011. Toll Remote Logistics had 46 expats Toll Remote Logistics was the prime contractor to the and 175 contracted local nationals working in 23 different United Nations MONUSCO project which involved the locations in the DRC with Anoop Kumar as the project construction of bulk fuel storage facilities and vehicle manager of the whole operation. re-fuel facilities in nine different locations in the eastern DRC. The contract also included the distribution of aviation and Bringing together the best systems, processes and personnel ground petroleum products in support of the mission including available to create solutions, Toll Remote Logistics has into-plane refuelling at eight different airports, approximately managed to balance cost effectiveness, high quality and 250 generator locations, and 15 vehicle locations. low operational risk. Toll Remote Logistics had achieved its fuel supply reserves and surety of uninterrupted fuel supply Prior to Toll Remote Logistics taking over distribution for the to the mission while meeting infrastructure objectives and the United Nations, fuel was flown in to different locations. Toll objectives of the MONUSCO contract as well as continuing Remote Logistics put in place a combination of road and barge to exceed expectations for customer service and supply. operations to reduce cost and increase reliability of supply. Well done to all involved in the successful completion of This has resulted in savings of A$25 million to the UN and this contract. < JUNE–August 2012 21
  • 22. Toll global resources Our commitment: A step change in safety leadership accountability Above David Jackson T he Chevron-operated Gorgon Project is the largest single resource project in Australia’s history. A major component of the project involves building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) on the Gorgon Project and to strive for a new standard for construction safety in Australia. signs the CEO safety commitment. and domestic gas plant on Barrow Island, a remote island At the conclusion of the two days every attendee signed Right approximately 60km off the north west coast of Australia. a commitment statement to a ‘step change in safety The workshop on leadership accountability.’ Barrow Island. Chevron Australia’s managing director, Roy Krzywosinski, recently hosted a two day CEO safety leadership forum The key messages that came out of the CEO safety forum were: on Barrow Island involving more than 60 CEOs and senior managers from key contractors involved in the project. We need to lead by example and demonstrate a visible commitment to safety performance. This included senior management of the LNG plant Engineering Procurement Contractor management At the end of the day, we all share a common goal – that we consortium, Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon, comprising want everyone working on our projects to go home safely and KBR, Clough, Hatch and JGC and other key contractors unharmed at the end of every day. including Toll. David Jackson, CEO of Toll Global Resources, attended on behalf of the Toll Group. As leaders, we need to set the example and work rigorously to ensure we are delivering not the biggest or best project, Bringing these leaders from across Australia and around but the safest project. the world together on Barrow Island was a unique event. It demonstrated the commitment of each of these leaders to We are all safety leaders – each and every one of us. < work together to achieve an outstanding safety performance22 Tolltoday  
  • 23. Toll global resourcesToll Energy gets started onQueensland Curtis LNG projectT oll Energy received the contract award in January and immediately commenced work for QGC’s majorQueensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (QCLNG) Project Getting other Toll businesses involved Toll Energy will call on the expertise of the wider Toll Group to provide global and domestic logistics coverage with aas part of a A$45 million transport and storage contract. seamless end-to-end supply chain, from the point of origin globally, bringing the freight into the major consolidationToll Energy has been awarded a three year contract with QGC hubs in Brisbane by air or sea, moving freight nationally intoas the major transport and logistics provider for the upstream Brisbane or direct to site and transporting the project materialscomponent of the project. The QCLNG project involves by road or rail from the Brisbane supply bases to Miles andexpanding coal seam gas exploration and development in other remote locations across the QGC gas fields.southern and central Queensland and transporting gas througha 540km underground pipeline network to Curtis Island near This work complements Toll Energy’s recent success withGladstone where it will be liquefied. the Gladstone LNG project, with work commencing late last year in transporting project materials for the major upstreamToll’s Global Resources division is utilising its extensive contractor Fluor. Toll Energy has been targeting the region forexperience and capabilities in providing specialised logistics the past few years, as it looks to build a significant presenceservices to remote onshore gas activity to support the upstream in the area with these two major contracts, in conjunctioncomponents of the projects, including the transportation of with existing work with Santos, Halliburton, WDS, Cloughcompressors, transformers and pipe in field from Brisbane and other large operators and suppliers in southern andto central Queensland. central Queensland.Toll Energy will operate supply bases at the Brisbane wharf and The Lytton supply base in Brisbane has already receivedLytton, to consolidate project materials, prior to transporting two major Siemens compression packages and the next fewthem by rail and road to inland locations. Toll will also be months will involve further deployment of staff and equipment,responsible for operating the main QGC supply base at Miles, as the project team manages the logistics requirementswhere freight will be delivered by rail and road, as well as other during this critical implementation phase in the contract. Tollremote laydown yards scattered across the region. The cargo, Energy will continue to work closely with QCLNG to ensurepredominately pipe, will be unloaded and stored until called a smooth transition during execution until the project teamon by various contractors working in the gas fields. is fully operational. <Toll Mining Services’safety focus reaps rewardsT oll Mining Services prides itself on a strong safety culture and places the highest priority on education and trainingof its team. Last month, this commitment to safety was Left Michael and Lloyd receive their ‘Thankexemplified by two of the business’ drivers’ actions in an You – From the Heart’ awards.emergency response situation.Michael McPhee and Lloyd Rintoule, both drivers from TollMining Services from the Geraldton Depot in Western Australia,were en route when they came across another truck in distress.The truck, just south of Cue in rural Western Australia wason fire.While the truck in question was thankfully not a Toll truck, thedrivers were equally as concerned for the driver and his safety. Michael and Lloyd have been recognised for their safetyThey sprung into action showing tremendous initiative and conscious actions with a ‘Thank you – From the Heart’ awardsafety awareness by immediately ensuring that everyone was and letter of commendation from Crosslands The pair blocked the road then called the emergencyservices and informed all other vehicles close by of the danger Congratulations to Michael and Lloyd for their outstandingthat ensured that no one else was put in harm’s way. efforts and timely response in an emergency situation. < JUNE–August 2012 23
  • 24. Toll domestic forwarding Toll’s Reluctant Highway Hero It took Les McIntosh more than a month to Les rushed back, plucked the injured toddler from the burning decide that he would shift to Toll New Zealand wreck, and carried her to safety. when the Group took over the general freight business of Northern Southland Transport “One of the fire brigade guys said it was just as well I had last September – but it was a split second tunnel vision.” decision that turned him into New Zealand’s latest Highway Hero. Later, Milton chief fire officer Alan Tapp would tell a local newspaper that the scene was one of “bloody carnage” and “Les didn’t come with the business,” says Toll New Zealand’s the crash was one of the worst he had witnessed in 40 years. Southern Area Manager, Garfield Hatton, “but we had our fingers crossed that he’d come and join us. Everyone said this Les cradled the little girl in his arms for three quarters of an guy would be a great addition to our team and they were right!” hour, while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. She was taken to Dunedin Hospital to be treated for a broken arm But the Toll team had weeks to wait before Les finally decided and other injuries. to join Toll and reunite with his former Northern Southland workmates, who had made the shift when the Group acquired The man, who the brigade officers and police were already the company’s South Island General Freight, Container calling a hero, went on and completed his run that night. Division and Warehousing Operations. The next day, the Invercargill office was inundated with media “I’m a shocker for not making decisions,” says Les. calls. The news had broken that a mother and her six-year- old daughter had died in the crash, and that her two-year-old He certainly proved himself wrong when a quick decision daughter Abigail had been rescued from the burning wreck really counted earlier in the year. – but the police did not release the name of the “heroic, passing truck driver” who had stopped and pulled the little girl to safety. As fate would have it, at 9.30pm on Tuesday 8 February, Les McIntosh was on the road, unexpectedly covering for a “Our operations manager called me at 6am to let me know sick workmate, completing the night Linehaul run between what happened,” recalls Dean Miller, who works for Toll NZ Invercargill and Dunedin. as the Invercargill Branch Manager. On the northbound leg of his journey, Les was about three “Les was a bit shaken up so I offered him support in a number kilometres south of Milton, following behind a big Kenworth rig. of ways including counselling, but he said ‘no, I’m fine’. He was straight back on the run the next night although we kept “I saw the truck’s lights go out – then there was a ball of flame an eye on him. in the sky.” Les explains. “He’s good. He’s one of those guys who goes beyond the call The next thing Les saw was the wreckage from a head-on of duty. Round the office they call him ‘Mr Happy’. But with collision between the big Kenworth and a Mazda station wagon. the media frenzy, he didn’t want a bar of it,” says Dean. “I was a volunteer with the fire brigade at Luggate and search A few weeks after the accident, Abigail’s father made contact and rescue in Invercargill – but I was quite lucky. I never got with Les and asked him if he’d come and meet the little girl called out for anything this bad,” Les recalls. he’d saved. “So, I’ve been round to their home – that was good,” he said. Almost immediately, he could see the bodies of a woman and a young girl in the burning wreckage of the station wagon. Around the same time – without telling Les – one of his workmates nominated him for a Beaurepaires Highway “It was like I had tunnel vision. I couldn’t see anyone else,” he Hero award. recalls. Les was just about to turn away to join the truck driver who was on the phone, calling in the crash. When the letter arrived to say he was the award winner for the Southland region, and would be nominated for the national “Then I heard a bubba crying. She must have been unconscious.” award, Les knew his cover was blown, but his basic attitude remained unchanged.24 Tolltoday  
  • 25. Toll domestic forwarding“I still think it’s something you’d hope anyone would do,” he says. Les agrees: “The familiar clients congratulated me and wanted to shake hands – but no autographs.” Above Les McIntosh (left) Nevertheless, the national road policing manager is congratulated Superintendent Paula Rose was in no doubt about his He says the experience has made him more safety conscious. by Dean Miller (right) for receiving qualification to be the nationwide Highway Hero, when she the Beaurepaires spoke at the award presentation in Wellington. “I do things like checking the fire extinguishers, thinking what I’d Highway Hero award. need to do if I had to call in and give directions to an accident,“When the rubber hits the road you find out who has what it and you’re always watching the roads – especially cars coming takes... who has that will inside... who has that ability to, in a round corners when they have kids in them.” split-second, make some life-saving decisions. He’s also enjoying settling back into normal family life with“If I’m ever around in need,” she told Les, “I hope you’re the his wife Lee-Anne and their two boys. For relaxation, Les person standing there in that situation because we need plays the guitar. He’s even composed five original songs for heroes.” his boys, and says he “doesn’t play covers”. Now, the reluctant hero is happy to be back at work and Asked if there could be a performance in the future, his reply enjoying his time with Toll. is just what you might expect. According to his manager, Dean Miller, his daily run has been “I’m a shy guy!” <“slowed down with all of the hand-shaking going on.” JUNE–August 2012 25
  • 26. Toll domestic forwarding Tasmania opens its doors to Toll executives As with all new jobs, there is always a process of meeting and greeting new colleagues, suppliers and business partners, and being the new MD of Toll is Main Image L–R: Brian Kruger, no different. For the past few months Brian Kruger has been clocking up the Captain Richard air, sea and road miles, travelling around the world to meet the many teams and Lowey, Tony Stewart and Paul people that make up the Toll Group. Here’s what happened when he boarded Ebsworth. the Tasmanian Achiever to cross the Bass Strait.26 Tolltoday  
  • 27. Toll domestic forwardingF rom 13-16 February, a group of Toll executives took a journey across the Bass Strait, from Melbourne to Burniein Tasmania on Toll Shipping’s Tasmanian Achiever. During the team attended a formal cocktail function. There they were joined by politicians, dignitaries and local business people.the overnight crossing, Brian Kruger together with Despite the whistle-stop tour of the island, Brian, Paul andPaul Ebsworth, divisional director of Toll Domestic Forwarding Tony got to see firsthand some of the fantastic work thatand Tony Stewart, GM of Toll Shipping and Toll Tasmania, happens on a daily basis in Tasmania, as well as personallyspent time with the Captain Richard Lowey and crew finding meet many of the people that make Toll Tasmania and Tollout what they did on their daily crossings to Tasmania. Shipping the successful businesses they are.After touring the ship and tucking into a special meal at the On returning to Melbourne, Brian said, “It is truly fantastic tocaptain’s table, the group was spared the usual tasks of be able to do visits like this and really find out what is goingscrubbing down the deck or washing the dishes, and were on in each location. The people of Tasmania are by reputationshown their cabins for the night. extremely welcoming and we felt very accommodated throughout our trip to the isle.Up early on St Valentine’s day, the team was ready fora long day when they arrived at Burnie early in the morning. “Often Tasmania can be seen as Australia’s forgotten state,After visiting Burnie Rail and Seaquip, the group met the teams but the team there have a lot to be proud of. They haveat Toll Tasmania depots in Burnie, Devonport and Launceston developed some really robust systems and clearly have abefore heading for dinner with customers and Toll Tasmania very strong presence in the state. We hope to continue toand Toll Shipping senior staff in Launceston. build on this and make both Toll Tasmania and Toll Shipping an even greater success.” <The next day was filled with visits to customer facilities inLaunceston and Hobart, where later that evening in Hobart, JUNE–August 2012 27
  • 28. Toll domestic forwarding Feeding the chooks –   i t only takes 1,000 tonnes a day Feeding the chickens or chooks sounds simple enough – but for Toll New Zealand’s Greg Adams, it means moving more than 1,000 tonnes of feed every 24 hours from Inghams New Zealand mills to the country’s major chicken farms across the central and northern regions of the North Island. K iwis love eating chicken. It’s their number one meat choice at the supermarket and they chomp through 31kg of chicken per person every year. That’s more than double the Greg had spent 14 years driving and managing heavy haulage operations through the region before he took his skills across the Tasman to become operations manager with amount they were eating when accurate record keeping was Toll Refrigerated’s MFL team – a specialist team providing introduced back in 1986. transport to the Australian poultry industry – in 2010. Inghams Enterprises was Australia’s largest chicken producer Most of Greg’s career had seen him involved in the food sector, before it entered the New Zealand market in 1990. Its vision where timelines, hygiene standards, and fleet reliability and was to become Australasia’s first choice for chicken and maintenance are critically important. Part of his Australian poultry products. Today, Inghams New Zealand is closing duty involved managing a bulk feed fleet operating out of on the goal, and constantly looking for ways to lift its Brisbane, so he quickly appreciated the challenge. efficiency at every step of the journey from the hatchery to the consumer’s plate. “The opportunity to be involved in combining two very tidy fleets into a first class operation to provide a total logistics So when Inghams invited Toll New Zealand to submit a solution for a blue chip company like Inghams really appealed proposal to deliver feed to the country’s major chicken farms to me,” Greg explained. from their mills at Hamilton, Mount Maunganui and Wanganui, it was too big an opportunity to miss. The integrated bulk feed fleet now embraces 11 truck and trailer units, one tractor and semi unit, and 16 drivers. Toll New Zealand group general manager Greg Miller pulled together a project team from both sides of the Tasman to “We have six units shifting around 600 tonnes a day to Ingham’s develop the plan. own farms, predominantly in the Waikato, and four units carting between 300 and 500 tonnes to Ingham’s external “It was new territory for the New Zealand team – but a can do customers in the Auckland area during daytime and further kiwi attitude saw us enter in negotiations with innovation and afield at night,” Greg explained. a list of ideas on how to do this job.” “We also have two units based in Hamilton supporting the dairy Inghams had been using two independent specialist trucking feed sector of Inghams’ business. They’re running North Island operations to meet its requirements. Now, the company’s wide from Kerikeri to Masterton and all points between. This management was looking for a single contractor who could operation grows to three units in the busy season,” Greg says. provide a long term stable platform to enable them to grow their business. The additional efficiency that Inghams wants is being delivered with support from the introduction of new IT Greg Miller pulled together a plan to acquire the two existing systems that enable integrated management between operations. The task was to automate the entire operation Inghams and Toll operations. with the Toll New Zealand fleet management software giving the customer, Toll dispatchers and the truck drivers all visible Now, everyone in the supply chain can look at the same statistics on performance and order management and GPS information live, without the delays caused by manual data location information. entry. Web based scheduling software provides updates to drivers’ smart phones and give real time updates to Inghams Greg Adams was recruited as Toll New Zealand’s first bulk on the status of each job. Drivers can also report via their feed fleet manager. smart phones any issues on farms, so Inghams is receiving instant feedback on silo conditions, hazard identification, and Greg Adams was born and schooled in Waihi near any access issues. Mount Maunganui, so he knew the territory intimately that Inghams wanted its new transport supplier to serve.28 Tolltoday  
  • 29. Toll domestic forwardingThe system tells Inghams when each unit will be back at the “We did a couple of small training sessions, but the VWork Appmill to collect the next load. Waiting times at the mills have is so easy to use. Most of the guys were familiar with smartbeen all but eliminated. phones, so the uptake of the new technology was very quick and it’s working well,” he reported.It sounds a real challenge: pulling two well established andindependent teams together and introducing new technology As for Greg himself, he admits he had a lot to learn in thein what had to be a seamless transfer between the old process of introducing bulk feed delivery to Toll’s New Zealandoperation and the new. operations, “but we have a great team with vast knowledge of this specialised operation, so I’ve been fortunate in that regard.”“It wasn’t a challenge in the end,” Greg said. “They are working together as one team and get on well. The drivers are all top And how does the Kiwi feel about his return to home territory? operators with a real passion for the job. That’s reflected in the presentation of their equipment and in the competent way “Great! I really enjoyed my time in Australia, worked with some they get the job done. great people at Toll Refrigerated, but it is great to be home with family and friends,” said Greg. < JUNE–August 2012 29
  • 30. Toll global express Toll IPEC welcomes Minister for awards ceremony BELOW LEFT The Hon. Peter O n Tuesday 28 February, the team at Toll IPEC’s Hazelmere site was visited by Western Australia’s Minister for Education, Training and Workforce development, Some of the qualifications that these trainees have successfully completed have been: Collier, Minister for Education, Training the Honourable Peter Collier. • certificate IV in logistics and Workforce. • certificate IV in training and assessment BELOW Centre Minister Collier was present for the site’s awards ceremony • certificate IV in training and education The team at Toll IPEC receiving for some of its employees who successfully completed their • certificate IV in information and technology their certificates nominated training programs and gained their certificate III • certificate IV in OH&S and diplomas. and certificate IV qualifications. • certificate III in business BELOW RIGHT Principal of • diplomas in management, business and logistics. Southern River The minister gave a short speech on the benefits of training Collage, Everal Miocebich. and education in the workplace and community. He then In conjunction with Spring into Training and the Department of distributed the certificates of qualification to each of the Toll Education, Toll IPEC has also developed a supervisory training IPEC employees who had completed their programs. program that will give each of these trainees their certificate IV in logistics (road transport). This particular training package Another guest of honour was the principal of Southern River has been customised to reflect the operational needs and College, Everal Miocebich. Toll IPEC has been affiliated procedures of Toll IPEC. with Southern River College for over five years through the virtual enterprises concept. This has led to the successful Toll IPEC also delivers a number of internal training programs. development of a virtual transport company called Toll Virtual. Many of these training programs have been developed and are conducted by Toll IPEC’s own driver trainers. Some of Toll Virtual is part of an exciting learning concept to promote these training programs include: entrepreneurial and enterprising skills among young people at Southern River College and other schools both nationally and • manual handling internationally. Virtual firms play an important part in preparing • fatigue management students for the workplace by giving them practically-based • rules and requirements for the tasks and allowing them to make business decisions and movement air cargo (RACA) achieving a nationally recognised certificate III in transport and • entering and exiting a vehicle logistics. Past student members of the Toll Virtual team are correctly (three points of contact) now working in full-time positions within Toll IPEC Hazelmere. • dangerous goods awareness • load restraint. Other invited guests were Anne Stocks, CEO and Lisa Thorpe, training manager both from Spring into Training. Toll IPEC in Toll IPEC would like to congratulate all past and present Hazelmere has been working with Spring into Training since trainees for their enthusiasm and commitment towards gaining 2007, during which time there has been over 170 Toll IPEC their qualifications, and would like to again thank Minister employees signed up as government registered trainees. From Collier and the other distinguished guests for their support these trainees, we have had a completion and pass rate of in celebrating our training success stories. < 85 per cent, with the remaining 15 per cent either leaving Toll or moving to different roles before the completion of their course.30 Tolltoday  
  • 31. Toll global expressDX Mail launchesDX ExpressF or the first time in Australia, there is competition in the domestic express post market. The product, DX Express, has been launched by Toll Priority DX Mail.Leveraging off the extensive Toll Priority network, DX memberscan now lodge express mail items for overnight delivery toany address in Australia. DX Express also provides onlinetracking as well as cost savings compared to alternativeexpress mail products in the market.The product range includes envelopes ranging from standard(DLX), medium (C5) and large (B4) as well as 1kg, 3kg and 5kg satchels.Owing to demand, DX Express was rolled out in phasesstaged over four months from October 2011 to January 2012.Toll Priority DX Mail is now promoting DX Express to the wider business community from February 2012.To date, DX Express has been well received by DX memberswho are enjoying the reliability of service combined with thehigh levels of account management Toll Priority provides.Already customers are praising the DX Express product.“The KPMG Sydney mail room first began using ‘DX Express’ products in early October 2011, and we have found them to be an extremely effective service. The DX Express product costs no more than alternative methods (Australia Post express post envelopes) but delivers a far more reliable next day service Australia wide, no matter how isolated the regional destination may be.“Without a doubt, the door to door service, combined with the next day reliable delivery aspect is proving to be an attractive option with our internal clients. The other major benefit associated to DX Express is the online tracking system which provides (in the vast majority of cases) instant delivery information (driver upload) access.“To date, we have not experienced one problem with any of the envelopes that we have sent out and all of our internal clients have provided us with positive comments about the speed of delivery. To sum up, the KPMG mail room are very happy with, and most impressed with the entire DX Express service package.” Paul Macarthur – Team Leader, Mail Services at KPMGFor more information on DX Express, visit orcontact Jonathan Ramsey, national product managerfor DX Mail, on 03 9676 1710. < JUNE–August 2012 31
  • 32. Toll global express Toll dnata Melbourne aces safety audit Right Toll dnata M elbourne has become the first airport in Toll dnata’s Australian network to be audited and successfully achieve ISAGO accreditation. Toll dnata is a joint venture Melbourne team. between Toll and dnata. Subject to the completion of some final documents, Toll dnata The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) program Melbourne will gain its ISAGO accreditation. is an audit program for ground service providers worldwide that aims to improve safety and cut airline costs by drastically Gary Taylor, general manager of Toll dnata in Australia reducing ground accidents and injuries. congratulated the team saying, “This is a monumental achievement by Mick Walker, Robert Noble and their It has been built upon a backbone of audit standards applicable respective teams. The result exceeded my expectations to all ground handling companies worldwide, coupled with and makes Toll dnata Melbourne the FIRST ground handler a uniform set of standards relevant for the specific activities in Australia to have gained this certification!” of any ground handler. As a result, the ISAGO audit can be applied consistently to multinational ground handlers, as well The significance of this achievement was also recognised as to smaller companies providing services at a single station. and acknowledged by Ross Marino, divisional vice president of dnata International. He said, “This is our best result During November 2011, Toll dnata in Melbourne’s passenger, from across our network – wonderful outcome! Please pass ramp and cargo operations was audited by IATA endorsed on our appreciation and congratulations to all the team auditors from Qatar Airways. members concerned.” < Following the completion of the audit, Toll dnata was advised that no significant concerns were found against the Melbourne IATA is the International Air Transport Association. station. In fact, only two observations were noted during the It is the industry body for air transport and represents process, both of which were immediately rectified by the some 240 airlines. business. This means Toll dnata came through with a score of 100 per cent. IATA allows airlines to operate safely, securely, efficiently and economically under clearly defined rules. Toll People launches its new website Below New Toll People A long with a name change earlier last year, Toll People now has a great new website. The new site went live in late December last year. In the few months that it has been up The website has been redesigned to not only be more informative to candidates and clients alike, but now has a more modern and professional feel to it. website now live. and running, Toll People has already received numerous calls enquiring about vacancies as well as training opportunities A content management system will be implemented in the that may exist. near future to allow the Toll People team to update current vacancies and other important information quickly and easily. Web statistics will be used to measure and monitor visitor behaviour and identify opportunities for improvement. Search engine optimisation is incorporated throughout the content and structure so visitors can easily find Toll People through search engines such as Google. Over the coming months Toll People plans to improve the website even more by adding various usable functions such as career tips and resources, latest jobs and courses on offer as well as a section that can be used to promote their top available candidates. Check it out and let us know what you think at32 Tolltoday <
  • 33. Toll specialised and domestic freightDriving safelyaround flooded areasA great example from Toll NQXDuring the Queensland floods in late January, Dave Conroy the Toll NQX branch manager in CloncurryToll NQX was tasked with delivering almost congratulated Stephen on his initiative and patience in ensuring75,000 litres of volatile class three liquid a safe outcome in a challenging situation.methyl isobutyl carbinol from Cloncurry inFar North Queensland to the MMG Century The MMG Century Mine is Australia’s largest open pit zincMine site in Lawn Hill – a 800km round trip. mine, producing 500,000 tonnes of zinc annually. MMG own and operate the mine and have been a Toll customer for overS tephen Pellegrino, an experienced Toll driver of 10 years, was three quarters through his onward journey when heapproached flooded waters over the Leichhardt river bridge. 10 years. Toll NQX general manager Greg Smith said, “Safety is extremely important to Toll and to MMG, and we haveBecause of Stephen’s experience, local knowledge and maintained a strong customer partnership largely becausetraining, he did not attempt to cross the flood waters. Unable of our commitment to safety”.to do a direct turn around in the confined space and boggyground, he uncoupled the triple road train, one trailer at The MMG Century Mine site benefits from the services that thea time, and turned the trailers around until he could re- broader Toll Group can provide with Toll Priority, Toll Globalconnect the combination – a process which took almost Forwarding and Toll Intermodal also working with Toll NQXtwo hours. He then started his 300km drive back to the to deliver services for MMG.Toll NQX branch in Cloncurry. Stephen’s behaviour is true of Toll’s approach to safety – ifWhen within mobile satellite reception, Stephen contacted a job cannot be done safely, it should not be done at all. <the branch who advised the customer of the situation. JUNE–August 2012 33
  • 34. Toll specialised and domestic freight Toll Transitions celebrates HR stars at the AHRI national awards ABOVE Lesley Staples, O n 17 November, the annual Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) National Awards were announced. Toll Transitions Corporate Relocations team sponsored the Group director human resources HR Student of the Year Award at the black tie event at with AHRI Student of the Year, Leah Melbourne’s Crown Palladium. The achievements of human Santibanez. resources and people management professionals and Right organisations across Australia were celebrated with over Lesley Staples 400 guests in attendance. announcing the finalists with MC, James O’Loughlin. Toll Transitions corporate team was well represented, including Gary Hutchinson, divisional general manager; Sue Latina- Cohen, global manager corporate mobility Marie Scotson, Toll Transitions is the Toll Group’s centre for excellence divisional HR and risk manager; Deb Lawson, corporate in employee and workplace relocations focusing on account executive; and Lesley Staples, Group director human three distinct market segments which include corporate resources. The winners of the 2011 AHRI national awards were relocations, government relocations, and workplace and announced at the gala dinner by the MC, James O’Loughlin. accommodation projects. The Toll Transitions sponsored HR Student of the Year The Toll Transitions corporate relocations team is a premier Award recognises the graduating student with the highest provider of relocation services and global mobility solutions marks in the AHRI professional Diploma of Human Resources for the corporate sector. The team provides a broad and for semester two, 2010 and semester one, 2011. Lesley Staples flexible array of relocation services, including pre-assignment announced the finalists in that category before announcing employee support, destination and real estate services, the winner and presenting the award to Leah Santibanez. removals and storage management, policy counselling, expense management and reporting. Toll Transitions promotes Gary Hutchinson said, “Toll Transitions is delighted to be partnering with our Human Resources client contacts, aiming part of the AHRI awards program as we recognise that AHRI to develop long-term relationships based upon the experience provides key opportunities for HR professionals to share and dedication of our people, combined with the quality and information and best practices. It is a special honour for us reliability of our service. Toll Transitions is proud to sponsor an to recognise Leah Santibanez as AHRI Student of the Year.” award at an event that celebrates the achievements of Human Resources personnel and blends valuable relationships with potential employees of tomorrow. <34 Tolltoday  
  • 35. Toll specialised and domestic freightToll Linehaul and Fleet Servicescelebrates its apprenticesT oll Linehaul and Fleet Services (TLFS) provides fleet maintenance and support services, primarily to Toll Groupoperations. Apprenticeships are highly valued here, not only Right L–R: Julianne Morelle andas an investment in the company but also for the opportunities Gayleen Majid, apprentices at Tollthey provide for people to gain experience and skills on the job. Linehaul and Fleet Services Ardnell Park.TLFS was recently involved in an initiative celebrating Belownational skills week by offering one of five ‘ultimate Hunzy Ziato, apprentice at Tollapprenticeships’ as part of a campaign by the WPC Linehaul and FleetGroup and Cumberland Courier Newspapers to employ Services Townsville.31 apprentices in 31 days.They offered an automotive heavy vehicle mechanicapprenticeship, while the other four ‘ultimate apprenticeships’were offered by Audi, Mission Australia, Royal Sydney GolfClub and The Star for training in automotive light vehicle was nominated for the Tec-NQ heavy vehicle mechanicmechanics, business administration, horticulture and apprentice of the year. Huzny was successful in finishingcommercial cookery. runner up at the Tec-NQ awards ceremony held at Jupiters Casino in Brisbane. Mark Davis from TLFS said, “Huzny’sScott Walsh, former apprentice, now national workshop nomination is testament to how far he has come, what amanager at TLFS, was happy to be involved with the initiative tremendous attitude he has and what an important memberaimed at encouraging people to work in a trade and to gain of the Townsville team he is.”the experience necessary to fill the capable shoes of thoseretiring. Scott said, “Our apprentices are our future vehicle Charlie Griffith, workshop manager in Ardnell Park, is similarlyrepairers. Training them provides a long-term gain of well- enthusiastic about his apprentices. Gayleen Majid, originallyrounded and professional tradespeople.” from Thursday Island, has just started the third year of her four year apprenticeship with TLFS and has impressedAward-winning apprentices Charlie with her dedication to the job and love of the industry.Mark Davis, TLFS regional manager in Townsville, Mt Isa and Gayleen has been a finalist for the last two years for industryCloncurry, has been impressed with mature age apprentice awards and colleagues have referred to her as inspiring.Huzny Ziato. Born in Iraq, Huzny was orphaned at a young New apprentice Julianne Morelle has recently started herage. With the help of his older brother he moved to Turkey, apprenticeship at Ardnell Park, impressing her manager withthen Greece before emigrating to Townsville, Australia. punctuality, presentation, a positive attitude and enthusiasmHuzny started as a truck washer at TLFS in 2006, where he for the industry.demonstrated a keen interest in mechanical repairs, willingto assist the mechanics whenever he wasn’t busy in the wash To find out more about apprenticeships at Toll Linehaularea. In 2010, Huzny started a heavy vehicle mechanical and Fleet Services, contact national workshops manager,apprenticeship with TLFS, where he is excelling, and in 2011 Scott Walsh at < JUNE–August 2012 35
  • 36. COMMUNITY36 Tolltoday  
  • 37. COMMUNITYToll Remote Logistics:wearing their heartson their sleevesThe East Timor Hearts Fund is a new medical aid fund that supports young Timorese peoplewith life threatening heart conditions by giving them the opportunity to come to Australia for lifesaving heart surgery. These patients need relatively simple procedures to correct conditions ofchildhood rheumatic fever, a condition common in developing countries but virtually wiped outin the west. They cannot be treated in Timor Leste due to a lack of specialist medical facilities.A round four young Timorese a year are flown to Melbourne with a parent or partner for surgery, stay until they haverecovered and then flown back home. Toll Remote Logistics’ support to the East Timor Hearts Fund includes: • Liaising with the ISF to arrange priority seats for the patient and escort on the Toll Remote Logistics-operatedToll Remote Logistics is proud to be a principal sponsor to sustainment flight between Dili and Darwin, and thereafterthe East Timor Hearts Fund. Being under contract with the the trip back home from Darwin to Dili.Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Timor-Leste, Toll Remote • Assisting and supporting the patient and escort at Dili airport,Logistics is currently supporting them in the International which is provided by Toll Remote Logistics’ airport staff.Stabilisation Force (ISF) which is under the United Nations • Arranging commercial flights for the patient and escortMission in Timor (UNMIT). Toll Remote Logistics had provided by Toll Remote Logistics for their flight from Darwinapproached the ADF who agreed that Toll Remote Logistics to Melbourne.could use space on their allocation of the Dili to Darwin flights • Assisting and supporting at Darwin airport provided byto fly the patient and escort. Toll Remote Logistics’ Darwin airport staff. > JUNE–August 2012 37
  • 38. COMMUNITY Continued from page 37 One of the best examples of the assistance we provide is MonashHeart cardiac surgeon Andrew Cochrance, who that which our ground staff members offer to the patients. performed the five hour surgery worked pro bono as part A special mention goes to Rod Clarke at Darwin airport; of MonashHeart’s partnership with East Timor Hearts Fund. who has met patients and escorts at very early hours of He said Mr Belo can now enjoy a normal life and is very the morning including public holidays. pleased that he was able to give him this opportunity. One of the latest patients helped by the East Timor Hearts Mr Belo had spoken of his gratitude to the Australian doctors fund was Timorese man Marciano Belo, who was given and donors for giving him a second chance in life. He also said a very special early Christmas present last year – a new that the heart disease caused him to suffer shortness in breath, heart. The 25 year old university student had the heart of an dizziness and nose bleeds. Things such as going to school, 80-year old man, having suffered severely from childhood hanging out with friends and helping his family were difficult rheumatic fever. Mr Belo was flown to Australia to receive for him and he strongly believed that without the surgery he the life-saving surgery of replacing two heart valves which would have died. He now looks forward on enjoying life, going was performed at the Southern Health’s MonashHeart back to school, studying and working in Timor Leste. hospital in Melbourne. Australians have donated A$44,000 in the past year to the Medical adviser to East Timor Hearts Fund, Warrnambool East Timor Hearts Fund to assist young people needing cardiologist Noel Bailey had identified him as a candidate heart surgery. The East Timor Hearts Fund has gladly for surgery during one of his regular trips to Timor Leste. thanked Toll Remote Logistics for their generosity and support Noel said, “Marciano was on borrowed time when I saw him as being their principal sponsor. in Dili in July. Without medical assistance, which is unavailable in East Timor, he had a very limited life-expectancy.” If you would like to donate or involved in this fund please visit: He also mentioned that Mr Belo had the potential to be < “East Timor’s best and brightest.”38 Tolltoday  
  • 39. COMMUNITYToll Transitions supports LegacyA s Australia’s largest provider of relocation services with over 50 years’ experience in relocation management,Toll Transitions manages over 30,000 domestic and Toll Transitions promoted this initiative with an advertising campaign in the fortnightly Army, Air Force, and Navy newspapers since August 2011 as well as on the Toll Transitionsinternational relocations annually for over 300 public sector website. A thermometer image was used to demonstrateand corporate clients. the target and the value of the donation achieved by each publication date.Since July 2010, Toll Transitions has been providingrelocation administration services to the Department of Since 1 July, Toll Transitions has donated A$1 for each AFRDefence, in addition to removals management services entered online via Toll Transitions’ website and the goalwhich have been provided for many years. Relocation of A$10,000 was achieved on the 23 November 2011. It isadministration services include the management of all removal, now anticipated that the number of AFR’s completed onlinetravel and accommodation arrangements as well as the could exceed 12,000 by June 2012, resulting in furtherdetermination and payment of relocation allowances and donations to Legacy from Toll Transitions. In addition toexpense reimbursements. helping to raise money for Legacy, members who submitted their AFR online were eligible for a monthly prize draw forToll Transitions assists over 24,000 Defence personnel and a valet unpack service for their removal. A valet unpack ABOVE Presentation oftheir families relocate each year within Australia and to and service includes furniture arranged in each room, beds made, cheque to Legacy,from overseas postings. All relocating Defence members goods unpacked and put away in cupboards, bench tops Melbourne.are required to complete an application for relocation (AFR) wiped down, cartons fully emptied and collapsed ready for L-R: Front Row:which can be done online or in hard copy. To encourage collection by the removalist. Charles Wright (Legacy Chairman),Defence members to complete their documentation online Hazel Bridgett, RayToll Transitions donated A$1 to Legacy for each online AFR On Monday 28 November, Gary Hutchinson , divisional general Sunderland, Gary Hutchinson (Toll),submission, with the aim of raising more than A$10,000 over manager, presented a cheque for A$10,000 to Charles Wright, Matt Chambersthe 2011-2012 peak relocation posting period. chairman of Legacy, commenting that “Toll Transitions is (Toll), Nick Helyer. proud to support Legacy’s important work caring for the Middle Row: Bill Rogers, CristinaLegacy is an organisation dedicated to caring for the families of families of those who have sacrificed so much for our nation Ceddia, Ian Wills,deceased and incapacitated veterans. Today Legacy’s caring and we look forward to a continued association with Legacy.” Barbara Brown, Jim Parkin, Brianand compassionate service assists over 100,000 widows and The presentation took place in the company of the Legacy Avery, John Bertram1,900 children and dependants with a disability, including those National Council at Legacy House in Melbourne, as well as (slightly obscured).dependants of members of today’s Australian Defence Force Toll Transitions defence account manager, Matt Chambers. Back Row: Rachel Helyer, Graemewho lose their lives as a result of their military service. It is a Manning, Gwynnvoluntary organisation supported by veterans, service men “Legacy thanks Toll Transitions for their support as it is tangible Boyd, Corene Strauss (obscured).and women, and volunteers drawn from all walks of life. Legacy recognition of the families of our deceased and incapacitatedis dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of the veterans and the role that Legacy plays in their lives,” saidfamilies they assist through innovative and practical programs. Charles Wright, chairman of Legacy Australia Council. < JUNE–August 2012 39
  • 40. COMMUNITY Toll Corporate competes in Nissan   O n Sunday 4 March, 18 competitors participated in the Nissan Corporate Triathlon on Elwood beach, Melbourne. The triathlon consisted of a 400m bay swim, 10km bike ride couple of newly purchased bicycles, all teams progressed extremely well and finished the course without any major injuries or catastrophes. and a 4km road run. Participants included members from Toll Corporate (corporate finance, tax, treasury, risk, property and After all the angst over the swim leg, the swim was cancelled environmental teams) and Toll Domestic Forwarding, led by due to poor weather conditions, and replaced with a 400m Paul Ebsworth and Shaun Mooney. beach sprint. This came as joyful news for the runners in the group, but was a double whammy for those of us who The six teams, each with three members, had been training struggled to move at high speed in running shoes. hard in the lead up to the event. Each team faced their own challenges with some starting their training admitting they The One Toll brand stood out in the sea of over 5,000 could not swim or others who had not ridden a bike since participants with promoters commenting on our Toll green they were 10 years old. A few swimming lessons later and a uniforms (designed by Shaun Mooney) and creative team40 Tolltoday  
  • 41. COMMUNITYCorporate Triathlon names including Toll Terrapins, Toll Prime Movers, Toll The Nissan Corporate Triathlon series happens throughout OJ’s, Toll Trailers, Toll Tailgaters and Toll Sink Crash Fall. Australia, so why not get a few teams together from your Although our teams did not make it to the awards podium branch and get involved next year? It’s a perfect opportunity for their athletic ability, the Toll triathlete uniforms were for first timers to have a go at completing a triathlon, and a ranked in the top five with the best dressed in the corporate great training exercise for experienced triathletes. If you are colours competition. interested in participating, please contact Danielle Phillips to register your interest. The day was a wonderful success and brought together many Toll participants, Toll supporters and their families “This event was a great challenge for all involved. Well done to and friends. Following the triathlon everyone was treated to all those who participated, and the support crews that brought a tasty BBQ cooked up by Lindsay Hall and Matt Jackman, us home on the day. Everyone had a great time. I can now both from the Toll Corporate office. officially tick triathlon off my bucket list!” – Paul Ebsworth < JUNE–August 2012 41
  • 42. COMMUNITY In an emergency situation, logistics becomes even more important than normal. Getting things from place to place when earthquakes, fires or floods have blocked the roads, rail and ports, is something people depend on Toll for. It’s also something we do really well and have started to really gain a reputation for ourselves in this area. Below are some examples of how we supported the recent floods in Thailand, by not only helping our customers to keep operating, but by supporting the communities in which we work. Toll Global Express  Bangkok Flood Relief Right The TGX team doing T hrough the second half of 2011 Thailand was plagued by flooding as a result of unusually heavy seasonal rain. their best to deliver aid packages to the In response to this, Toll Global Express (TGX) raised money people of Bangkok. through an appeal whereby the company matched, dollar for dollar, funds raised by personnel and their families in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. The money raised was used to buy, ship and distribute bottled water, food and medicine. Assistance to the people of Thailand was first provided by sending 58 cartons of drinking water to Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol of Thailand to assist the villagers in Patumthani province, north of Bangkok. Then, on 5 November, a team of 14 TGX staff, led by managers from Singapore and Thai operations, met in Bangkok to distribute more than 250 care packages to residents in western Bangkok around the Phutthamonthon area. Many residents were stranded by the worst floods to hit the city in decades, whilst others were reluctant to leave their homes despite the flooding for fear of losing their belongings. After several weeks of isolation, supplies had run low. The TGX team was part of a convoy organised by Rawangpai, a local television station of national news network, The Nation, and facilitated by the Thai search and rescue corps. In some places the water was up to two or three metres deep, and at one point, the packages had to be transferred from the truck to rowboats fitted with outboard motors, as the roads were impassable. Pda Phanit, financial controller in Singapore noted, “People receiving the supplies are very appreciative of our efforts. While supplies are abundant at donation sites, distributing them to these areas was very challenging.” Around seven million people live in Bangkok. The floods were the worst natural disaster to hit Thailand’s capital in several decades. <42 Tolltoday  
  • 43. COMMUNITYAutomotive runs for the kidsO n 1 April 2012, a group from Toll Global Logistics’ Automotiveservices took part in the Herald Sun other of 14.3km. These courses were staged in and around key Melbourne city landmarks. TGL Automotive services surprised everybody by finishing 15th out of the 116 corporate teams registered for the Above Toll Automotive team line up before the/ CityLink Run for the Kids. This event run. Our very own Aaron Smith ran a big organised to raise money for the The Toll Group logo was seen proudly great race (and helped lift the team’sRoyal Children’s hospital and this year promenading along city boulevards, overall average) by fast finishing in theA$1.6 million was raised from the run grinding through the linking parks top two per cent of entrants.for this ever worthy cause. and tunnels and even bolting over the Bolte bridge. The well organised day and the senseOur team was part of the 33,000 of shared camaraderie while making apeople that competed over the event’s While usually displaying more worthwhile contribution, made runningtwo courses, one of 5.2km and the amble than dash, our team from for the kids easy for the team from Toll. <Cotton On – Ride for the Kids C urrently in its 26th year, the annual Murray to Moyne bike ride is a challenging 520km, 24 hour cycle relay fromEchuca on the Murray River to Port Fairy on the Moyne River. Toll Global Forwarding is proud to have contributed to the sponsorship and congratulates the valiant exploits of the Cotton On team. We are looking forward to continuing our Left L–R: Cotton On riders. sponsorship of the Cotton On team in 2012 for the Swan Hill, Richard Breuer,From humble beginnings, the ride, which is now dedicated Hamilton, Port Fairy ride. < Darren Fox,to the late Graham ‘Woody’ Woodrup, raised A$1,300,000 Ron Luff and Felicity 2011. It is tasked with the dual goals of raising funds forhospitals and health services throughout Victoria and toconvey Woodys’ mission of promoting the health and socialbenefits of cycling.In 2011, Toll customer Cotton On entered a team of 12 riders,broken into three groups of four riders, with each groupundertaking 30km rotations. The team left at 8.30am onSaturday and arrived in Port Fairy at 11.30am on Sunday withthe night spent in Hamilton. The team dedicated their effortsto the Geelong Hospital’s Children’s Wing development fund,raising A$17,000. JUNE–August 2012 43
  • 44. COMMUNITY Toll Express team gets involved in World’s Greatest Shave The Toll Express team in Altona is keen to get involved anyone who was brave enough to do it. For the slightly less in supporting charities, and having fun at the same time. adventurous, the stylists dyed their hair using a multitude of So when they were asked if they would participate in the bright coloured temporary hair spray dyes. World’s Greatest Shave in support of the Leukaemia Foundation, many jumped at the chance. The team got involved in the day, with three, including Victoria and Tasmania chaplain, Elizabeth Breakey, shaving their heads. Main image Chaplain, Elizabeth T he annual event held on 17 March encourages people to shave off or dye their hair in support of leukaemia patients, and raise money for the charity at the same time. Many others took part by dying their precious locks the colours of their favourite football teams with some opting for the rainbow do! Breakey goes in for the big shave. Above With national salon chain Hairhouse Warehouse being the Lots of fun was had by all and several hundreds of dollars The Toll Express team major sponsor of the event, they offered to come into the were raised for a great cause. To take part next year, visit in Altona North taking part in the event. Toll Express depot and offer free number one hair cuts to <44 Tolltoday  
  • 45. COMMUNITYSharks vs Toll Barbarians inthe battle of the ‘Big Meat Pie’AFL challengeT his year, Toll Remote Logistics is proud to have played a major part in sponsoring the Solomon Islands AustralianFootball League (AFL) team.The AFL body of Australia has been sending reps aroundthe Pacific to actively promote the AFL. With the outlook ofgrowing the sport, they also engage with local expatriates tostart clubs and get the game going.With player and supporter numbers increasing weekly withinthe school clinics and club competitions, the AFL sport hasproven to be successful this year in the Solomon Islands. Hugesuccess and popularity of the sport has enabled the SolomonIslands AFL development team to select the first SolomonIsland senior AFL squad. The senior national team named The chief sponsors, the Toll brand will also feature on the SolomonSharks is deemed to be a speedy side with massive potential. Islands AFL uniforms in the season kick-off in March 2012. Above Eddie Burton (Sharks Coach), In the later months of 2011, Australian expatriates along with Bob Norton, the project manager of Toll Remote Logistics Freddie Una (Sharks Captain), other young talented Solomon Islanders collaborated and in the Solomon Islands presented the inaugural ‘Big Meat Bob Norton and formed an AFL team called The Toll Barbarians. They also Pie’ trophy to the Sharks captain Freddy Una for winning the Grant Griffiths (Barbarians Captain arranged a demonstration game against the Sharks in the demonstration game. Freddy Una spoke about how the boys and Tournament‘Big Meat Pie’ AFL match. The match was held at the enjoyed the experience of playing against the Toll Barbarians, organiser). beautiful St Josephs Tenaru fields with a large number of “Thanks to Toll Remote Logistics for sponsoring this event, the Below locals and expatriates flocking to the field to watch the game. boys really enjoyed the match and were really proud to be The Toll Barbarian team. able to represent our country. We are already looking forwardThe very successful AFL match was also a family day, which to the rematch next year.”not only featured Aussie Rules football, but a jumping castle,live rock music, and face painting for the kids. The trophy is currently displayed at Toll Remote Logistics office in Ranadi until the rematch next year. The SolomonToll Remote Logistics is honoured to have been the main Islands AFL would like to thank Toll Remote Logistics for theirsponsor for the event which included providing the trophies support and looks forward to the continual partnership in thefor the ‘Big Meat Pie’ match, the Toll Barbarians uniforms, years to come. Toll Remote Logistics has definitely helpedlogistics support and sponsorship which will support the the Solomon Island AFL achieve a very successful and greatfuture development of AFL in the Solomon Islands. Being the year in 2011. < JUNE–August 2012 45
  • 46. COMMUNITY Toll Transitions manager awarded an Earthwatch Fellowship E mma Baker, Toll Transitions relocations administration manager South Queensland, has been awarded a place on a ‘Trinidad’s Leatherback Sea Turtles’ expedition. This Earthwatch expedition will take place from the 1-12 July 2012. Emma will be based in the town of Matura, with the research site being the Matura Beach Protected Area, in Trinidad, West Indies. She will continue with protection work that started in this area 20 years ago, and will be involved in night walks and beach patrols, tagging turtles and recording data, as well as excavating nests to determine hatchling production. Emma can expect to experience 15-30 turtles plus a growing number of hatchlings each night, during her patrols of the beach from approximately 5pm until midnight. Toll Transitions engages the research company UltraFeedback to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Since 2008 UltraFeedback has annually offered its clients, including Toll Transitions, the opportunity to win an Earthwatch Fellowship and participate in an Earthwatch expedition. The winner is selected by a committee based on the responses to a short survey about the applicant’s motivations to participate in the Fellowship. Earthwatch Institute is an international not for profit environmental organisation that engages people in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Emma was delighted to be chosen for the Fellowship and said, “I am honoured and humbled to be awarded this Fellowship and am very grateful to Ultrafeedback and Toll Transitions for this wonderful opportunity.” Details of Emma’s expedition will be included in a later issue of Toll Today. <46 Tolltoday  
  • 47. COMMUNITYTeam celebrateshealth andwellbeing atannual dinnerand danceT he Toll Global Forwarding management team in Singapore promoted the notion of health and sport to the team atthe annual dinner and dance event in March. vaccination for all staff, free eye tests for glaucoma and the launch of a stop smoking campaign for all Singapore TGF Above The staff of TGFWith a theme of health and sports, the event started accordingly staff who are keen to quit smoking. Singapore in theirwith a friendly bowling competition. Everyone had a great time, team colours black, yellow, red, greeneven those who had not bowled before. The team was given Additional health-related campaigns and offerings, such as and blue…ready fortips by the more experienced players who were on-hand to check-ups and awareness programs will be provided and Sports for Fun as part of the Toll family!help those new to the game. sponsored by the company throughout the year.After the game, the team enjoyed a dinner and speech by The game of bowling proved to be such a hit with the teammanaging director for TGF in Singapore, Peter Gunzelmann. that management have decided to make it a monthly event forPeter emphasised the company’s stance on all health the staff; bringing the team together to socialise and networkand safety-related matters including the offer of a free flu in a relaxed setting. <One Toll Christmas partyraises money for local charitiesA n evening of festivities and entertainment was enjoyed when all of the Toll Brisbane divisions caught up for theToll Charity Christmas Ball, in the spirit of One Toll! Many left One Toll Christmas ball raises moneynew friends were made and old acquaintances renewed at for local charities.the annual get together.The Toll Global Forwarding Brisbane social club organised theToll Charity Christmas Ball which was held at the Hilton HotelBrisbane with 220 people attending. The event was supportedby many divisions of the Toll Group, sponsors and friends.This year the charities supported were Guide Dogs Queenslandand Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation with many thousandsof dollars raised for these worthy charities.Many staff had sore feet as they danced the night away, wereentertained by our comedian Santa, with the night culminatingin a charity raffle. Our own Toll Global Forwarding airfreightmanager, Brendan Doran, won the first prize on the night, two If you’re organising a social or networking event with otherbusiness class tickets to Hong Kong, kindly donated by our parts of the Toll Group, let us know and send photos of yourmajor sponsor Cathay Pacific. event to < JUNE–August 2012 47
  • 48. COMMUNITY Toll Mining Services go the long haul for charity Above and BelOw Team from Toll Mining T he Geraldton Sunshine Festival was held in October 2011. An annual event, the festival provides an opportunity for the community to shine! The event showcases the cultural involved in this display of strength, determination and courage, and clearly had a lot of fun taking part. Services get involved in tug o’ war. and social diversity of the region. All children that participated in the race were given the opportunity to experience being a truckie by being escorted Toll Mining Services played an integral part in the festival into the prime mover and honking the famous horn while by conducting the inaugural Toll Mining Services truck pull. having their photo taken. The truck pull involves two teams pulling a prime mover by tow ropes approximately 75m in a race to the finish line. With the day such an outstanding success, Toll Mining Services was able to donate A$5,000 to the Scouts and look Toll staff and other members of the Geraldton community got forward to supporting this event again in 2012. <48 Tolltoday  
  • 49. WellbeingHealth insurance benefit for Australianemployees, subcontractorsand families with HICADid you know that Toll’s Australian employees, subcontractors and their families can accesscost-effective private health insurance and advice through Health Insurance ConsultantsAustralia (HICA)?M ick Hensley, operations manager at Toll, has taken advantage of this offer: saving. HICA helped me through the transfer process to join my new health fund and I was able to claim benefits without any waiting periods. I would recommend any Toll employee“I had a look at what the Toll health plan had to offer online. to contact HICA like I did and see what they can do for you. I was able to select a product and discuss it with the HICA There are great benefits under the Toll health plan and there isconsultant to make sure it met my needs and gave me a good nothing to lose by talking to HICA to get the right advice.” <Ten reasons why you will love the Toll health plan1. The plan is available to all Australian-based Toll staff, 6. You can switch from your existing cover without penaltycontractors and their families Once HICA has given you a written recommendation on whichThe Toll health plan provides employees, sub contractors and cover best suits your needs, portability of cover ensures thattheir families access to a range of high value health insurance you can switch your policy and not have to re-serve waitingproducts through the services of HICA. periods, so you can be covered straight away.2. Great service and free expert advice 7. Ongoing serviceHICA is a specialist health insurance broker that assists As your health insurance broker, HICA represents you, andorganisations like Toll to deliver great value health insurance is committed to providing you with ongoing service andcover to their employees from a range of health funds. HICA guidance that you can rely on. This service ensures that yourwill assist you to find the right cover at the right price. health cover remains appropriate to your requirements and represents value for money.3. Wide range of choicesHICA works with a range of health funds and are able to offer 8. Claim straight away for many benefitsa choice of funds and products. The consultants will talk For people who join for the first time some health funds willthrough your healthcare needs and recommend the product waive their waiting periods so you can claim straight awaywhich is best suited to you. for some benefits.4. Access exclusive products, discounts and special offers 9. You can take your cover with youHICA has an arrangement with a range of health funds that If you happen to leave Toll, in most cases you will be ableoffer discounts and access to products that are not normally to continue the benefits you already have through the Tolloffered directly to the public. From time to time some funds health plan.also offer to waive waiting periods and provide other incentives.HICA is able to let you know what is on offer at the time. 10. Accessing the Toll plan is easy Simply give HICA a call on 1800 865 575 (1800 TOLL PLAN).5. Save tax and claim your rebate A friendly consultant will answer your call and get you on theAll hospital policies in the Toll health plan will qualify you to path to finding a better health deal. Further information canavoid the Medicare levy surcharge and all covers in the plan be found at eligible for the federal government 30 per cent rebate. JUNE–August 2012 49
  • 50. Staff milestones Toll Priority’s Gayle Porter clocks up 35 years with Toll What started as a stop gap job for Gayle Porter turned into an accomplished, 35 year career with the Toll Group. A fter two years travelling overseas Gayle, a science and mathematics teacher at the time, wasn’t keen on a rural teaching post. Instead, she opted to take on a role as a credit worked with a very dedicated team of people throughout the years. The biggest highlight and challenge of her career was making the move from finance to IT, as this is what officer for Mayne Nickless for twelve months, before going gave her the opportunity to develop and extend her career. back to teaching. After a few quick promotions, Gayle decided Most of all, Gayle appreciates the people she has met and to stay on for another year, but never left. the relationships she has developed whilst working in the business. “I truly believe that it is the people and their level Gayle moved through a number of administrative roles onto the of commitment that make this business successful.” national credit manager role. She then was appointed to the role of national credit and IT manager at a time when systems As for being a woman in a typically male dominated industry, were being introduced to assist with accounting processes. Gayle notes that there is more equal footing for women than Gayle has been with Toll, specifically with Toll Priority, since there once was. Women can today be considered for every the acquisition of Mayne Nickless. available position within Toll, but she feels that many women aren’t confident enough to believe they can succeed in many Looking back Gayle said, “Technology has helped remove senior positions. She notes that the role of parent and salary manual processes. The things we take for granted today, contributor is becoming more prevalent which is difficult and for example pricing, used to all be manual.” She recalls the business needs to create opportunities for both sexes handwritten rate cards which were used to price and debtors to keep intellectual property within Toll. To women working ledgers as the main tool for managing receivables. The entire their way up through the business she advises, “If you think process was paper driven; pick up cards were filled in and there is something that you want to do in the business – don’t taken to the radio room to be slotted into pigeon holes which discount it. Find out what it is that you need to do to get that represented runs. These processes are all now driven through role and [if there is a gap] go out there and get the training.” data capture and software systems. What does the future hold for Gayle? At the moment she’s The writing was on the wall by the mid 1980s that technology focussed on the two upcoming releases of Unite, centralising would change the way we do business, particularly after some the after hours and weekend call centre, running the Toll rapid advancements in adopting technology for process Priority project office and steering the IT department for Toll improvement. Gayle believes the introduction of PCs (versus Priority. For the future she envisages technology will continue the pre-existing mainframes) had a big bearing on where to be an enabler to give Toll and its people the ability to further technology has taken the business, but she says the level of extend their capabilities, to remain competitive and to be a reliance on technology was possibly not envisaged. These transport industry leader. days, the business has to keep up with technology to remain competitive – not necessarily leading edge, but very close For herself, she is looking forward to a leisurely retirement behind it. in a few years time, and to leave a legacy of process best practice with the right people in place to continue her work. Gayle considers herself fortunate to have worked with very good strategists in the business, such as Maurie Tattle, On behalf of everyone at Toll, we would like to thank Gayle Jey Jeyakumar and John Cowan, who have provided great for her magnificent contribution to the business over the past leadership and vision. She says she is lucky to also have 35 years. < If you have reached a service milestone that you are proud of, or are celebrating the achievements of your team members, please let us know so we can include your story on the staff milestone celebrations page. Email: editor@tollgroup.com50 Tolltoday  
  • 51. Staff milestones10 years’ service 10 years’ service – Continued 15 years’ service – ContinuedAdena Mondolo – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLD Peter Clements – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Timothy Robinson – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WAAdrian (A.J) Jones – Toll Carriers, Kaitaia, NZ Peter Dronsky – Toll Priority, Bankstown, NSW Tony Mellick – Toll Fast, Port Melbourne, VICAlessandro Anthony Durante – Toll Express, Altona, VIC Peter Marczuk – Toll Intermodal, Cairns, QLD Tony Moretto – Toll Intermodal, West Melbourne, VICAllan Martin – Toll Fleet, Chullora, NSW Peter Scott – Toll NQX, Townsville, QLDAmanda Howard – TGL Customised Solutions, Somerton, VIC Peter Van Caspel – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VICAndrew Campbell – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW Philip O’Riordan – TGL Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW 20 years’ serviceAndrew Lee Tet – TGL Contract Logistics, Laverton, VIC ­ Philip White – Toll Liquids, Altona North, VIC Allan Harvey – Toll Priority, Brisbane Airport, QLDAndrew Seeliger – Toll Fleet, Adelaide, SA Raymond Bradley – Toll Liquids, Altona North, VIC Antonio Cortazo – Toll Fleet, Chullora, NSWAndy Qi Ng Liu – Toll Global Forwarding, Mascot, NSW Richard Conlon – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Chia Choon Fong – TOPS, SingaporeAnita Potter – TGL Customised Solutions, Somerton, VIC Richard McAvoy – Toll QRX, Moolabin, QLD Christopher Tester – Toll Intermodal, West Melbourne, VICAnthony Boxsell – Toll NQX, Cairns, QLD Ricky Voice – Toll Logistics, Wellington, NZ Christopher Tucker – Toll NQX, Sydney, NSWAnthony Farrugia – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Robert Scott – TGL Contract Logistics, Minchinbury, NSW Christopher Whitehead – Toll NQX, Melbourne, VICAnthony Mullins – Toll Fleet, Altona North, VIC Rodney Galea – TGL Customised Solutions, Truganina, VIC Daniel Graham – Toll Express, Wollongong, NSWBevan Bradburn – Toll Carriers, Whangarei, NZ Rodney Nason – Toll Transition, Canberra Airport, ACT Daniel Maisano – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VICBill Loulach – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Rosanna Luciani – Toll Global Forwarding, Adelaide, SA Darrell Haining – Automotive, Laverton, VICBob Lovf – Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services, Altona North, VIC Samuel Sampath – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW Darryl Hamblion – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSWBradley Rowe – Toll Intermodal, Adelong, NSW Sara Araya – Toll Specialised and Domestic Freight, Melbourne, VIC Darryl Williams – Toll NQX, Townsville, QLDBrian Hunter – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Scott Cool – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW David Knott – Automotive, Dry Creek, SABrendan Walsh – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ Scott Leonard – Toll Customised Solutions, Moorebank, NSW Dean Raymond Phillips – Toll Intermodal, Chullora, NSWBrenden Wood – Toll NQX, Eagle Farm, QLD Sean Jackaman – Toll IPEC, Adelaide, SA Gary Mitchell – Toll Priority, Brisbane Airport, QLDBrett Donaldson – Toll Fleet, Altona North, VIC Seet Choy Chan – Toll Fleet, Perth, WA Graeme Bottcher – Toll NQX, Rockhampton, QLDCarole Damaso – Toll Global Resources, Brisbane, QLD Serdar Celik – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Graeme Messent – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLDCatherine Cummins – Toll Fleet, Wagga Wagga, NSW Shane O’Neill – Toll Global Express, North Sydney, NSW Graham Sweeney – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSWCharles Cefai – Toll Priority, Tullamarine, VIC Sharna Algar – Toll NQX, Mackay, QLD Ibrahim Bin Abu – TOPS, SingaporeChristopher Lord – TGL Contract Logistics, West Footscray, VIC Shirley Ann Clayton – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA James Heil – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDCosimo Fuda – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW Silvio Farrugia – Toll Refrigerated, Ingleburn, NSW Janice Dalton – Toll Global Forwarding, Melbourne, VICCraig Allen – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Sonia Payne – Toll Carriers, Kaitaia, NZ John Nicholson – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDCraig Leonard – TGL Customised Solutions, Yennora, NSW Stephen Dailey – Toll Intermodal, Rockhampton, QLD John Novo – TGL Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSWCraig Walsh – Toll NQX, Perth, WA Stuart Baker – Toll Global Resources, Port of Brisbane, QLD John Reddacliff – TGL Contract Logistics, Lytton,QLDDallas Cedric Matene – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC Susan Jane Mollison – Toll Express, Altona, VIC John Turner – Toll NQX, Archerfield, QLDDamien McDowall – Toll NQX, Adelaide, SA Susan Reed – Toll NQX, Mackay, QLD Kenton Muller – Toll IPEC, Perth, WADanny Evans – Toll Tranzlink, Christchurch, NZ Terence Lim Hong Chuan – TOPS, Singapore Kevin Rodda – Automotive, Altona North, VICDarren Boardman – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Tina-Maree Hall – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Lorraine Johnson – TGL Contract Logistics, Villawood, NSWDave Lovegrove – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ Todd Amos – Toll Intermodal, Regency Park, SA Lyall Pearce – Toll IPEC, Perth, WADavid Parer – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLD Tony Arnold – Toll NQX, Townsville, QLD Martin Chambers – Toll Express, Altona, VICDavid Watts – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD Tony Quattrocchi – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Michael Williamson – TGL Contract Logistics, Minchinbury, NSWDavid Wells – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Trevor Griffiths – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLD Noel Brown – Toll Intermodal, Acacia Ridge, QLDDavid Wilson – Toll Refrigeration, Wagga Wagga, NSW Vicki Markovska – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Peter Coe – Toll Intermodal, Unanderra, NSWDean Sampson – Toll IPEC, Adelaide, SA Vicki Patterson – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Peter Shiels – Toll Intermodal, Adelong, NSWDebra Lee – Toll Global Forwarding, Brisbane, QLD Vincent Harold – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD Robert Hull – Toll Intermodal, West Melbourne, VICDianne Martin – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLD Vlade Popovski – TGL Contract Logistics, Lidcombe, NSW Robert Palmer – Toll Express, Altona, VICDoina Mitoiu – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC Warwick Rust – Toll Express, Richlands, QLD Rom Lipka – Toll QRX, Moolabin, QLDEdward George – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW William Kemp – Automotive, Wagga Wagga, NSW Ron Shaw – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDErkal Yayintas – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Shane Askew – TGL Contract Logistics, Kensington, VIC Timothy O’Brien – Toll Express, Chullora, NSWErrol Cavit – Toll New Zealand, Auckland, NZFrank Cassar – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW 15 years’ service Trevor Shepard – Toll Express, Regency Park, SAGarry Jacobson – Toll Priority, Hobart, TAS Adam Martin – Toll Corporate, Melbourne, VIC William Olive – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDGavin Sutton – Toll Intermodal, South Australia, SA Adam Vallence – Toll NQX, Melbourne, VIC William Neeves – Toll NQX, Darwin, NTGeorge Gray – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLD Andrew Liakishev – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA Andrew Peake – Toll Specialised and Domestic Freight, Melbourne, VICGlen Hindmarsh – Toll Intermodal, Adelong, NSW Andrew Peake – GIS, North Sydney, NSW 25 years’ serviceGlen McCallum – Toll IPEC, Dandenong, VIC Andrew Schreck – Toll Fast, Port Melbourne, VICGlenn Pye – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Athol Pilcher – Toll New Zealand, Whangarei, NZ Barbara Porter – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC Aroon Ruengsast – TGL Contract Logistics, Laverton, VICGlenn Watson – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLD Arthur Skennar – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLDGraeme Brown – Toll NQX, Townsville, QLD Blazej Jankowski – Toll NQX, Sydney, NSW Brett Graham – TGL Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW Barbara Parton – Toll Intermodal, Western Australia, WAGrant Hughes – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Brett Godbee – Toll Fleet, Altona North, VICGregory Good – Toll Global Forwarding, Brisbane, QLD Brett Semple – Toll Intermodal, Rockhampton, QLD Carole Barkeit – Toll Priority, Wollongong, NSW Boris Sizgoric – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VICHanafi Bin Wari – Toll Marine Logistics, Singapore Cheryl Haack – Toll Intermodal, Rockhampton, QLDHeather Singh – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Christopher Crooks – Toll QRX, Cairns, QLD Christopher Keong – Automotive, Hamilton, QLD Christine Burgess – Toll Global Forwarding, Sydney, NSWIan Jost – Toll IPEC, Auckland, NZ Christopher Carrington – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLDIan Quass – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW Craig Morris – Toll IPEC, Maroochydore, QLD Damien Riggs – Toll Energy, Moomba, SA Craig Bush – TGR, Carrington, NSWJacqui Parkinson – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ Dale Tacono – TGL Contract Logistics, Wingfield, SAJames Cunningham – Toll NQX, Melbourne, VIC Daniel Taylor – Toll NQX, Sydney, NSW Darrin Tobin – Toll Fast, Murarrie, QLD Damien Edwards – Toll Intermodal, South Australia, SAJames Nicholas – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC David Hollis – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLDJan Pieper – Toll Priority, Erskineville, NSW David Wright – Toll Linehaul, Chullora, NSW David Zoldak – TGL Customised Solutions, Knoxfield, VIC Dean Cordeux – TGL Contract Logistics, Hastings, VICJeffrey Wheeler – TGL Contract Logistics, Girraween, NSW Dexter McLean – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDJennifer Wight – Toll Priority, North Melbourne, VIC Dean Jenkins – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC Dean Oliver – Toll Intermodal, Regency Park, SA Kevin Cooper – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLDJeremy Vanderpol – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Kevin Welch – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WAJoanne Hollaardt – Toll IPEC, Dandenong, VIC Debbie Ann Coffey – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Dennis Bannan – TGL Contract Logistics, Laverton, VIC James MacGregor – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDJocelyn Baker – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA Jean Downing – Toll Group, Archerfield, QLDJoel Van Blommestein – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW Donato Uy – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC Ernest Koenig – Automotive, Wagga Wagga, NSW Leslie Apostolides – Automotive, Dry Creek, SAJohn Holdsworth – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Lindsay Sinclair – Toll NQX, Toowoomba, QLDJohn Lalor – TGL Contract Logistics, West Footscray, VIC Garry Phillips – Toll Intermodal, Adelong, NSW Garry Robert Cozens – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WA Malcolm Barron – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDJohn Lambe – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Paul Bailey – Toll Fleet, Wagga Wagga, NSWJohn Laskazeski – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Giorgio Batsakis – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VIC Graeme Lawler – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Peter Hodges – Toll Priority, Brisbane Airport, VICJohn Noble – Toll IPEC, Adelaide, SA Phillip Kasperek – Toll QRX, Moolabin,QLDJohn Ryan – Toll Intermodal, Adelong, NSW Greg Elkins – Toll Express, Berrimah, NT Greg Sleight – Toll Global Forwarding, Tullamarine, VIC Stephen Kennedy – Toll Express, Altona, VICJohn Slatter – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW Ray Boyton – Toll Express, Wollongong, NSWJoseph Rourke – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD Gregory Edwards – Toll NQX, Mackay, QLD Ian Maltby – Toll Intermodal, Cairns, QLD Robert Cameron – Toll Intermodal, West Melbourne, VICJumana Rahme – Toll Corporate, Lidcombe, NSW Robert Skelly – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSWKeith Kelaart – Toll Refrigerated, VIC Ian Mills – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Irene Chan Bee Choo – TOPS, Singapore Robert Sullivan – Toll NQX, Cairns, QLDKellie Holmes – Toll NQX, Eagle Farm, QLD Rodney Little – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDKelly Richards – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Jacob Tan Hoe Ann – TOPS, Singapore Jeremy Thomas – Toll Global Forwarding, Mascot, NSW Rodney Lord – Toll NQX, Toowoomba, QLDKelvin McAllister – Automotive, Dubbo-Gilgandra, NSW Themi Constas – Toll Priority, North Melbourne, VICKeri Brickman – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ John Addicott – Toll Express, Altona, VIC John Allan – Toll Intermodal, Unanderra, NSW Theresa Carew – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VICKerri Duncan – Toll NQX, Perth, WA Vania Treleggan – Toll Express, Regency Park, SAKevin Menzies – Toll Corporate, Melbourne, VIC John Fawcett – TGL Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW John Horne – Toll Tranzlink, Tauranga, NZ Warren Williams – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLDKevin Zammit – Toll Energy, Darwin, NT Wendy Gilmore – TGL Contract Logistics, Laverton, VICKim Gibson – Toll Corporate, Melbourne, VIC John Paszkiewicz – Toll Express, Richlands, QLDKim Herewini – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ John Leslie – Automotive, Campbellfield, VICKristian Ashby – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLD Julia Anne Banes – Automotive, Altona North, VIC Justin Salisbury – TGL Contract Logistics, West Melbourne, VIC 30 years’ serviceLeong Weng Onn – Toll Marine Logistics, Singapore Alexander Fergin – Toll Express, Altona, VICLinda Reed – Toll Fast, Belmont, WA Karl Brown – Toll Refrigerated, Melbourne, VIC Alfred Galea – Toll Express, Altona, VICLindsay Peters – Toll NQX, Eagle Farm, QLD Keith Kakahi – Toll Tranzlink, Auckland, NZ Darryl Beckwith – Toll Refrigerated, Morningside, QLDLupco Louie Trajcevski – Toll NQX, Sydney, NSW Klaus Edinger – TGL Customised Solutions, Moorebank, NSW Graham Howard – Toll Express, Altona, VICMalcolm Deryck Cramer – Toll Corporate, Melbourne, VIC Leah Patrick – Automotive, Wagga Wagga, NSW John Phillips – Toll NQX, Mackay, QLDManoa Kurukitoga – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLD Len Singleton – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA Pamela Byron – Toll Priority, Port Melbourne, VICMarc Quarrell – Toll IPEC, Hobart, TAS Lyle Martin – Automotive, Dubbo-Gilgandra, NSW Raymond Ahern – Toll Intermodal, Rockhampton, QLDMarco Deluca – Toll IPEC, Dandenong, VIC Mark Franklins – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA Stephen Butters – Toll Intermodal, Brisbane, QLDMark Arstall – NQX Holt, Eagle Farm, QLD Mark Hodgson – Toll Transitions, Mundingburra, QLD Mark Jones – Toll Intermodal, Moolabin, QLDMark Scicluna – Toll Intermodal, West Melbourne, VICMarnie Gilmore – Toll Global Logistics, Altona North, VIC Merrelyn Brown – TGR, Carrington, NSW 35 years’ serviceMark Marley – Toll Intermodal, Mildura, VIC Michael Burke – Toll Express, Regency Park, SA Desmond Carrodus – Toll Intermodal Brisbane, QLDMark Watson – Toll NQX, Eagle Farm, QLD Nicci Greenwood – Toll Tranzlink, Hamilton, NZ Gary Ngaia – Toll Tranzlink, New Plymouth, NZMargaret Layt – Toll Corporate, Lidcombe, NSW Norman McCoullough – Toll Fleet, Wagga Wagga, NSW Gayle Porter – Toll Priority, Botany, NSWMarino Parison – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Peter Keane – Automotive, Altona North, VIC Giacomo Bugno – Toll QRX, Moolabin, QLDMatthew Archer – Toll Fast, Murarrie, QLD Petta McAndrew – Toll NQX, Archerfield, QLD Leslie Alexander Dundas – Automotive, Hamilton, QLDMedel Reyes – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Raoul Marshall – Toll NQX, Brisbane, QLD Michael Sheridan – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSWMichael Dowling – Toll Intermodal, Townsville, QLD Rhonda Preiss – Toll NQX, Archerfield, QLD Stephen Wilson – Toll QRX, Moolabin, QLDMichael Gale – Toll Express, Altona, VIC Robert Boyd – Toll NQX, Sydney, NSW Trevor Taylor – Toll Fleet, Perth, WAMohammad Rafiei-Darmian – Automotive, Dry Creek, SA Robert Cross – Toll Energy, Gillman, SA Robert O’Flynn – Automotive, Wagga Wagga, NSWMuberra Uzman – Toll Global Forwarding, Tullamarine, VIC Robert Sadler – Toll People, Lidcombe, NSW 40 years’ serviceNeil Evans – Toll Refrigerated, Prospect, NSW Luigi Nonnis – Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSWNeil Teys – Toll QRX, Townsville, QLD Robert Rawlings – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WANigel Maloney – Toll Transitions, Melbourne, VIC Russell Summers – Toll NQX, Cairns, QLDNino Liberato – Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC Scott Chapman – Automotive, Campbellfield, VIC Shane Leguier – Toll Intermodal, Altona North, VIC 45 years’ serviceOlivia Glendinning – Toll Global Forwarding, Auckland, NZ Francis Richard Watson – Toll Express, Perth Airport, WAPatsy-Ann Meadows – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Sokhan Keo – Automotive, Campbellfield, VIC Stacey Stanbridge – Toll Intermodal, Acacia Ridge, QLDPaul Cleary – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSWPaul Murphy – TGL Customised Solutions, Altona North, VIC Stephen Matthews – Automotive, Edinburgh Park, SA 50 years’ servicePauline Kay – Toll NQX, Townsville, QLD Terence Anderson – Toll Express, Eastern Creek, NSW Peter Broadbent – Toll Intermodal, Brisbane, QLD Tadeusz Krysinski – Toll Intermodal, Laverton, VIC JUNE–August 2012 51
  • 52. Help us fill this space Designed by / TOLL _5451Toll has a rich history spanning over a hundred and twenty years.We are opening a museum this year in Melbourne to capture themany stories which have shaped the company.The museum will showcase items from Toll and acquiredcompanies including vehicles, uniforms, memorabilia andphotography.In bringing our history to life, we are looking for submissionsand donations from around the Group. Please contact GroupCorporate Affairs with details of your items at