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pest control service in Newark DE - Call (302) 689-3950 | termite inspection end exterminator service. Ant, bed bugs, roaches, rodents and more. Rid yourself of unwanted pest now.

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Pest control newark de

  1. 1. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Newark Delaware households and business establishments are likely to experience an occasional pest infestation. When left untreated, outbreaks can pose a serious risk to an inhabitant’s health and could even degrease the value of a property. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  2. 2. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Termites can devastate the wooden beams in a home, even to point of making a building structurally unstable. Unfortunately, the insects do not limit their habitat to wood. They are now known to feed on a wide range of materials including books, insulation, filtration systems, and clothes. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  3. 3. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Many ant species, such as carpenter ants, create tunnels in soft wood, lay their eggs in the cavities, and thrive there effectively. If left for too long, a colony can do significant and irreversible damage to wooden beams. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  4. 4. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Cockroach infestations develop quickly and grow to extensive numbers. The animals are naturally nocturnal, so the number of insects that people see during the day is generally only a small percentage of a much larger population. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  5. 5. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Despite the fact that you can barely see them with the naked eye, bed bugs are very scary for most of us, given the fact that these parasitic insects feed only on blood. Like the name implies, these bugs are found in warm houses, either nearby or even inside the beds and the bedding. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  6. 6. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Rodents breed incredibly fast, so a small infestation can quickly spiral out of control. Rats and mice commonly burrow into insulation and chew holes through walls. The animals are also prone to chewing through electrical wiring which can pose a serious fire risk. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  7. 7. Pest Control Services in Newark DE Investing in pest control services is the best way to ensure that your property and the health of your family is fully protected. Many pest infestation can go unseen for a number of years, spreading disease and damaging property until the problem is wide scale and much more difficult to repair. Call Today: (302) 248-8042
  8. 8. Pest Control Services in Newark DE A thorough inspection is crucial for anyone wanting to ensure a safe, pest free home. Call (302) 248-8042 for professional pest services in the Newark DE Call Today: (302) 248-8042
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