Presentation for Linked Ancient World Data Institute

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A presentation on linked data for the Ancient World.

A presentation on linked data for the Ancient World.

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  • Major aggregation is via OAI
  • Must remember this script can only add the linkage if the hyperlinks appear within your html already. It does not auto inject, now that would be cool…..
  • FOAF (an acronym of Friend of a friend) is a machine-readable ontology describing persons, their activities and their relations to other people and objects.
  • No one has mentioned the rdf cookbook!


  • 1. Linked PortableAntiquities data for#LAWDIDaniel Pettdpett@britishmuseum.orgLinks at:
  • 2. Am I here by mistake? My stuff is British focused. But, I have Classical and geodata….You can try my β version
  • 3. The Portable Antiquities Scheme First database online in 2001 The HLF funded next iteration at £150K Holds data for over 750,000 objects Since 2006 developed entirely by speaker Huge open source cms for small finds Most recent iteration cost £48 + salary Online audience has grown 63% in last year Over ½ million visitors in 2012 Annual budget of £4,000 for web production Resource for a niche audience Big stories get huge attention spike Over 1 million pages of html content andsimilar machine readable
  • 4. Frome (Somerset) Hoard
  • 5. Crosby Garrett (Lancashire) Helmet
  • 6. Public recording of discovery: Big Society model? Citizen science? Archaeological destruction?
  • 7. <objects xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.heritage- http://www.heritage- Multiple formats"> <object> <recordmetadata> <created> <createdon>2011-01-21 15:11:18</createdon> <createdby> <appellation> <name>Frank Basford</name> <identifier namespace="PAS">fbasford</identifier> </appellation> </createdby> </created> <lastupdated> <lastupdatedon>2011-01-21 17:44:00</lastupdatedon> <lastupdatedby> <appellation> <name>Frank Basford</name> <identifier namespace="PAS">fbasford</identifier> </appellation> </lastupdatedby> </lastupdated> </recordmetadata>{"recordID":"425728","finds":[{"created2":"2011 01 21","description":"<p>Afragment of a post-Medieval cast copper-alloy crotal bell (c. 1500-c. 1650).The fragment is part of the lower hemisphere and the straight edge is one sideof the sound slit. The outer face has a fish scale design that encloses amakers mark: S G. It has a shiny mid-green patina on the outer face and adull matt green patina on the inner face. The breaks are crisp. 54.9 x 37.7 x2.1mm. Weight: 29.03g.</p>", ……..
  • 8. Other resources – same object
  • 9. Ringlemere gold cup
  • 10. British Museum record
  • 11. BM collection page• It exists on the endpoint• But I can’t find it….• Challenge for Dominic to find it by end of talk
  • 12. OAI – PMH: UK databases
  • 13. Linked data Who might our audience be? Low uptake by consumers Big impact for web resources Are we reinventing the wheel?
  • 14. Barriers for implementation -producers Knowledge Projects to emulate Staff resource Time Funding Too many ontologies to choose from…. Lack of management buy-in and vision
  • 15. Am I doing this right? Doubts: Am I doing it right?
  • 16. What I had hoped to show you: Finished website Attestations to Pleiades Partial linking to Nomisma RDFa through out all pages Content negotiation
  • 17. Someone arrived 6 weeks early
  • 18. Read Beck’s post here:
  • 19. Geonames/ Geoplanet Interoperability/ enrichmentdbpedia PAS AmazonPleiades Flickr Nomisma
  • 20. What aspects can I link to? People Places – eg Pleiades places Time Events Citations/ references Museum objects eg all BM/ANS denarii Books
  • 21. Enriched by Amazon via ISBN I use the affiliate programme in the vain hope of us making some cash! I could of course link to open bibliographic projects.
  • 22. Enriched data via dbPedia {Prefixes omitted for space} SELECT * WHERE { ?emperor foaf:page<> . OPTIONAL {?emperor dbpedia-owl:abstract ?abstract} . OPTIONAL {? emperor foaf:depiction ?depiction} . OPTIONAL {? emperor dbpedia-owl:thumbnail ?thumb} . OPTIONAL {? emperor dbpedia2:imgw ?imgw} . ?emperor foaf:page ?page. FILTER langMatches( lang(?abstract), "en") } LIMIT 1 Keep Calm riffed image: in-code-rest-php-and-json-tutorial/
  • 23. for example
  • 24. Implemented the AWLD magic script
  • 25. Friend of a friend implementationExample at:
  • 26. Rdfa implementationxmlns=""xmlns:foaf=""xmlns:dc=""xmlns:batlas=""xmlns:gml=""xmlns:nm=""xmlns:ov=""xmlns:owl=""xmlns:rdf=""xmlns:rdfs=""xmlns:skos=""xmlns:pas=""xmlns:google=""xmlns:con=""xmlns:geo=""xmlns:c=""xmlns:bibo=""xmlns:xsd=""xmlns:units=""xmlns:og=""xmlns:fb=""xml:lang="en”
  • 27. Geodata entity extraction Using YQL: Parse body of text Extract all geo entities Can be concorded to geonames ->pleiades How to:
  • 28. Linked geo data
  • 29. Power of WOEID
  • 30. Entity extraction One can extract personal names, places, concepts, relations, positions via OpenCalais Try this via Paste in text and submit for analysis I do this via curl in a php script per page
  • 31. Objects referencing place: The Staffordshire Moorlands trullaThis is a list of four forts located at the western end of Hadrians Wall;Bowness (MAIS), Drumburgh (COGGABATA), Stanwix(UXELODUNUM) and Castlesteads (CAMMOGLANNA). itincorporates the name of an individual, AELIUS DRACO and a furtherplace-name, RIGOREVALI.
  • 32. Entitiesextracted as rdfYou can try this at
  • 33. Wikipedia seedingEnabled by releasing content and data under a Creative Commons licence
  • 34. URI design patterns<id>/format/(rdf | json | csv | xml | kml)<id>/format/( (rdf | json | csv | xml)
  • 35. Mapping to CIDOC Academic research has been done University of Vienna paper -
  • 36.
  • 37. The endEmail: dpett@britishmuseum.orgTwitter: @portableant | @findsorgukTelephone: +44 (0) 207 323 8618Web: