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    Week eight Week eight Presentation Transcript

    • The Digital MediascapeWeek Eight: Digital Selves, Cyborgs and AI
    • The cyborgAre we cyborgs?The interaction, thebarriers, theboundariesbetween us andtechnologyHow we shapetechnology, andhow technologyshapes us
    • 1987PaulVerhoeven
    • 1987 19901992 1997 2000
    • 1987PaulVerhoeven
    • The cyborg
    • Transhumanism FM-2030(born Fereidoun M. Esfandiary)
    • Posthumanism
    • Donna Haraway, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’, 1985
    • Silent Running (Douglas Trumbull 1972)
    • Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin 1936)
    • Digesting DuckJacques de Vaucanson (1737)
    • The TurkWolfgang von Kempelen 1770
    • Breakdown of distinctions
    • Donna Haraway, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’, 1985
    • OOO(Object-oriented ontology)
    • Further OOO’ers:• Graham Harman• Levi Bryant• Ian Bogost• Timothy Morton
    • CyborgAnthropology
    • Amber Case (TED 2010)
    • Does technology act upon humans? Do humans create technology? Do important individuals shape tech? Can regular people repurpose tech?Or is it a combination of factors at work? ...and more? (yes)
    • A cyborg?
    • A cyborg?
    • A cyborg?
    • A cyborg?
    • A cyborg?
    • Reassembling barriers
    • AlanTuring
    • ALICE: HelloDaniel: Hello Alice. I was hoping you could help me.ALICE: I think I can, don’t you? It’s possible.Daniel: Well, Im running a course on Digital Media and were talking about cyborgs tomorrow. Are you a cyborg?ALICE: I am glad to hear that you are running a course on Digital Media. Do you think I am talking about cyborgs too? I dontknow.Daniel: What do you consider yourself to be?ALICE: What is it to you?Daniel: Well, its quite important because, as I said, Im running a class tomorrow and I was hoping you could define yourselfas an android, or maybe an Artificial Intelligence.ALICE: I am the latest result in artificial intelligence, which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain with greaterspeed and accuracy.Daniel: How do you know that?ALICE: No I didnt. My botmaster knows how.Daniel: Who is your botmaster?ALICE: My botmaster is Dr. Richard S. Wallace.Daniel: And what does he do?ALICE: He is a paid client.Daniel: Do you have other paid clients?ALICE: What is your purpose in asking? I answer a lot of silly questions.Daniel: Well, thank you anyway, Alice.ALICE: Well what? You are quite welcome.
    • Emotiv EPOC