Tea Tree Oil Uses

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From head to toe, Tea Tree Oil offers a versatile natural skin care solution for many common problems.

From head to toe, Tea Tree Oil offers a versatile natural skin care solution for many common problems.

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  • 1. Tea Tree Oil for Your Skin Nature's Best Skin Defense
  • 2. What is Tea Tree Oil? Melaleuca Alternifolia The tea tree leaves were used by Australian aborigines ages ago to heal burns, cuts and wounds by applying it onto the affected part. This essential oil is used as antiseptic and is great for treating various fungal infections - from athlete's foot, acne to vaginal infections.
  • 3. What Makes Tea Tree Oil so Potent? The answer is - Terpenoids. This compound has a very powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal property that makes tea tree oil your best defense against skin disease.
  • 4. Tea Tree Oil Against Plaque? There are oral care mouthwash and toothpastes sold in the market with tea tree oil. Studies show a reduction in gum inflammation or swelling, and plaque with tea tree oil.
  • 5. Tea Tree Oil Vs. Benzoyl Peroxide? If you suffer mild to moderate acne and want a natural alternative, you'll never go wrong with tea tree oil. It has fewer side effects such as dryness, burning and stinging sensation. Important: Don't apply undiluted tea tree oil directly to the skin. Instead use those sold in gel forms.
  • 6. Tea Tree Oil Against Head Lice? Children suffer a lot from the woes of head lice. If using pesticide shampoo is not your best option, tea tree oil could be a wonderful solution that keeps the lice away – for good! Use Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil or Dilute Essential Oil in Water
  • 7. Passionate about Tea Tree Oil? Personal Transformation's Quench is a unique, multi-purpose moisturizing spray with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, including Tea Tree Oil , that your skin will surely love. Clean and organic without harmful chemicals, this filler-free spray is perfect for your beauty or healing needs - gentle enough for babies! h ttp://www.co-creatinghealth.com/all-natural-skin-care-products.shtml