Alkaline Water Benefits


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Could alkaline water be the solution to your health challenges?

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  • Health Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water
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Alkaline Water Benefits

  1. 1. Alkaline Water: Is it just a Hype?
  2. 2. Is All Drinking Water the Same? NO The best drinking water is Alkaline water, typically found in nature's high altitude places like glacial streams, mountain wells, springs and deep wells. Not All Drinking Waters are Created Equal!
  3. 3. Why Alkaline Water ? Your body needs a balance of acid and alkaline in order to stay healthy. When your body's pH levels gets imbalanced or becomes too acidic, you will experience stress, fatigue, excess weight, pains, poor digestion that could lead to serious diseases. Alkaline water just prevents this with its super-hydrating powers that neutralize acids and flush out toxins from your body.
  4. 4. Alkaline Water for Your Body's Defense? YES Alkaline water not only hydrates the cells, but it also is a powerful defence against damages brought by free radicals. Alkaline Water just gets rid of that acid-waste that takes calcium from our bones and magnesium from our heart. Drinking Alkaline water helps in normal blood flow that's good for the heart.
  5. 5. Alkaline Water for Weight Loss? YES 3-4 Liters a Day = Healthy Body pH Level Remember: When the body is properly hydrated, you won't feel food cravings. Cravings mean that the body is thirsting for water, even if you don't realize it.
  6. 6. Turn Tap Water into Alkaline Water? Water Ionizers by Jupiter uses state of the art Bio-Stone water filter that gives you only the best alkaline water, healthy and free from contaminants. Have a peace of mind by turning your kitchen tap into a mountain stream - in 5 minutes!
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