Pay-per-click Marketing. - Is it worth it? - Tips and tricks


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Where to invest your marketing dollars. An insight into the aspects of a successful PPC campaigns and look at the various benefits of these.

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  • I've been able to successfully sell my high-ticket coaching program using long-form landing pages. My buddy Simon told me they're best used in the sales of high-margin products/services where a lot of information is required in making the purchase decision. The longer the sales page, the more marketing effort goes into producing it, although a solid long-form sales page can be used to sell almost any product/service if executed with top talent. Simon can help you setup long-form sales offers too, and if you're doing any kind of big-ticket sales you should really call him at 256-398-3835.
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  • Therefore if you had a broad match add on ‘childrens clothes’ you may show up for phrases such as ‘childrens clothes, childrens clothes for girls, childrens clothes online’ but would not show up for phrases such as wholesale childrens clothes or boys childrens clothes’.
  • Replaced ‘Product Extension’ ads
  • 1: Follow Google feed specifications, send feed to Google daily and keep close eye on Merchant Center to check for processing errors.2: See what converts well using Analytics and sales data. Create ad groups for best selling products.3: If products are not selling or converting well then avoid wasting bids and remove from campaign or move to ad group with lower bids.4: If bidding on branded products then make sure prices are competitive6: Only one store here uses a unique image – it stands out from the crowd
  • level bid adjustments by device, location (formally bid by distance beta) and time in search (Campaign level bid adjustments by device is probably the big controversy here, as I understand it you will not adjust bids targeting mobile devices at keyword level anymore. Adjusting bids at campaign and not keyword level just seems weird! Adjusting bids by location and time sounds very cool.) Adgroup-level bid adjustments by placement, topic, remarketing and more in display (Yep thats better)Ads customized for mobile (Dont we have this already?)Individual sitelink management (Way overdue. So now we dont have to guess which sitelinks are improving performance).Extension scheduling (Yep I can see how that would be useful e.g. time limited offers)Dynamic KW URLs based on user device (Ok but couldnt we do this anyway with separate campaigns targeting different devices?)Calls as conversion tracking (Ive really wanted this one for ages, very useful. Always seemed odd that we could count a ‘thank you’ page or ‘brouchure request’ as a conversion but not a red hot sales call!)Offer Extensions out of beta and available (Woohoo, I think ad extensions together with rich snippets are going to be huge in 2013)Coming soon: music and book downloads, digital to store tracking, cross-device conversions (Oh very nice)What’s changing specifically:All campaigns reach all devices. You can opt out of mobile by bidding down on the device, but you won’t be able to opt out of desktop/tablet all together (Ouch, I can see why Google has done this, partly to stop the need for having 3 campaigns (desktop, tablet, mobile) when one will do but this really is going hurt many Adwords advertisers. Im not sure how this is great for the amateur advertiser who wont even think to bid down on mobile to reduce his CPA.)Mobile bids adjusted at the campaign level (Whaaaaaatttt? Bids adjusted at the campaign level, really? Did I just read that right? I think I did. Are we going backwards in time here? We cant adjust mobile bids at the keyword level? I hope its not but it seems like a way improving revenue for Google not CPA’s for advertisers).Tablet bids equal to desktop bids (Google generalises that tablet performs similar to desktop. Generalisations arent reality and this will hurt alot of advertisers who see CPA’s higher on tablets than desktop.)Enhanced campaigns for Search or Search+Display do not offer device, carrier, or OS targeting. The enhanced campaigns for display only will continue to have device, carrier and OS targeting options. (Still trying to think what that suggests).Promote messages across all devices in one campaign (aka no more mobile separate campaigns). Ads will show on all devices by default with the ability to specify mobile preferred ads as needed. (They’ve said this in other words above. I really dont think this is a great deal for advertisers, or at least it wouldnt be so bad BUT we are going to lose the ability to bid at keyword level for mobile!!!)Bid by geographic location (i.e. targeting US but most sales come from New York), by device (i.e. a pizza place might bid up on mobile around dinner time), and by time of day (i.e. No one is in the office after 6pm so I don’t want calls coming in). (Oh ye, now this is a very good one, offers alot of flexibility for advertisers).Sitelinks=> add in at the campaign or ad group level, it is a per-link (not group) approval, edit inline and retain performance, per link data, can do mobile preferred/disabled, dayparting now available. (Way overdue. Will provide alot of valuable insight)App extensions=> mobile and tablet extension (use to be mobile only), allow mobile preferred (or disable mobile), dayparting now available (Like it, very cool. A big bonus for those wishing to push their apps).Call extensions=> Call metrics is now free (in US, UK DE), advertiser’s own phone number allowed in desktop/tablet call extension, dayparting is now available, allow mobile-preferred (Great, if its really free, for advertisers where the phone call is key, this is brilliant news. Seems like alot of revenue to lose though, rather than ‘free’ I wonder if it will actually, count as a click with the cpc being that of the keyword searched for?)Offer extensions=> extension dayparting available, replaces offer distribution start/end dates (Like it, I can see this becoming very important)What’s not changing:Separate search and display campaigns still a best practiceAccount hierarchy not changedKW match types not changedNetwork targeting options remainQuality Score calculations not changingKW bidding remainsDevice, OS and carrier targeting for Display remainSmartpricing for AFS in Display not changed
  • DCO – Display Campaign Optimiser – set cost per acquisition and system finds best placements to boost conversions.
  • 2% of ecommerce spend in 2010 – 11% in last qtr of 2012 in USA.42% growth in m commerce in Australia in 2012. $5.6 billion estimited m commerce in Australia in 2012 according to eBay / PayPal study.
  • Monitor conversion rates by device type and adjust bids up and down accordingly.
  • Pay-per-click Marketing. - Is it worth it? - Tips and tricks

    1. 1. GOOGLEADWORDSTIPS, TRICKS &Richard Greenwood – Senior Digital StrategistDejan SEOSTRATEGIES
    2. 2. Optimisation: modifying an account to improve its performanceOptimisation can include:• Adding/removing: keywords, ad groups, campaigns• New ad creatives• Changing campaign settings• Changing landing pages• Changing structureGoogle Search Network
    3. 3. WHY OPTIMISE?Some reason for conducting optimisation tasks:Traffic: Increase traffic volumes to your siteBranding: Increase brand recognition & recallPerformance: increase conversion or decrease avg. CPCStructure: Improve account structure and manageability
    4. 4. Prevents ads being shown for particular keyword phrases thatinclude words not relevant to products on your site.For example. If you sell designer girls childrens clothing youmay wish to exclude:• Brands you don’t stock: e.g. next, pumpkin patch• Irrelevant keywords: wholesale, boys, cheap, used,patterns, sell.• Unwanted location keywords: uk, usaNegative Keywords
    5. 5. TIP 1: SEARCH QUERY REPORTSLook throughsearch queryreportsregularly tofind negativekeywords
    6. 6. TIP 2: NEGATIVE KEYWORDSAd Group Keyword Negative KeywordKeyword (Broad) Keyword1, Keyword2 -”Keyword1″, -”Keyword2″Keyword (Phrase) “Keyword1″, “Keyword2″ -[Keyword1], -[Keyword2]Keyword (Exact) [Keyword1], [Keyword2]Proper Keyword Attribution
    7. 7. TIP 2: NEGATIVE KEYWORDSAd Group Keyword Negative KeywordBlue Sneakers Buy blue sneakers - red, - greenRed Sneakers Best red sneakers - blue, - greenGreen Sneakers Green sneakers online - blue, - redExample: Differing products variants (broad match)
    9. 9. TIP 3: ACCOUNT STRUCTUREReplicateyour sitemapstructure!
    10. 10. TIP 3: ACCOUNT STRUCTUREKnowing the difference between:Navigational, Informational &Transactionalkeywords
    11. 11. TIP 3: ACCOUNT STRUCTUREThe stats!80%10%10%Search Volume Breakdown:InformationalNavigationalTransactional
    12. 12. TIP 3: ACCOUNT STRUCTUREInformational: Navigational: Transactional:Running shoes Nike running shoes Buy running shoesWhale watching Jims Whale Watching Whale watching ticketsPlasma tv LG plasma tv Cheap plasma tv
    13. 13. TIP 4: AD GROUPSHow to structure the keywords in your ad groupsproperly!
    14. 14. TIP 4: AD GROUPSYou wouldn’t let you office get like this (I hope…)
    15. 15. TIP 4: AD GROUPSThis is much better!
    16. 16. TIP 4: AD GROUPSBad example:
    17. 17. TIP 4: AD GROUPSGood example:
    18. 18. TIP 5: PRODUCT LISTING ADS (PLA’S)• Create a Google MerchantCentre Account• Product Listing Ads can now becreated directly from theMerchant Center.
    19. 19. TIP 5: PRODUCT LISTING ADS (PLA’S)• Keep feed fresh and accurate• Boost bids on best selling products• Lower bids on poor performing products• Be competitive on price• Promote key selling points such as free shipping• Make your pictures stand out
    20. 20. GOOGLE SEARCH NETWORKBest Practices Campaigns• Separate Search and Display Campaigns.• Create tightly themed ad groups of between 1-15 keywords• Adjust bids by device (mobile, PC or tablet)• Set ads to “rotate evenly”
    21. 21. GOOGLE SEARCH NETWORKBest Practices Ads• Put keywords in Ad title and/or copy• Strong calls to action: Buy Now, Order Now, Get a Quote, etc.• Match your Ad to your landing page!• Include USPs: Free Shipping, High Quality, etc.• Include Prices, promotions, etc
    22. 22. GDN (GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK)92% - Number of Australian internet users reached12.5 Million – Number of unique users each month8.75 Billion – Number of page views each month
    23. 23. GDN (GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK)Display advertising lets you• Create all types of ads - text, image, interactive and video ads.• Place those ads on websites that are relevant to what you’reselling.• Show those ads to the people that are likely to be mostinterested.• Manage and track your budget, campaigns and results as yougo.
    25. 25. GDN (GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK)115% Growth!from 2011 -2016
    27. 27. GDN (GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK)Remarketing
    28. 28. GDN (GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK)Best Practices• Separate Search and Display Campaigns.• Create tightly themed ad groups of between 1-5 keywords• Avoid dynamic keyword insertion• Include negative keywords• Test multiple ad formats in all available sizes• Utilize targeting methods to reach different audiences
    29. 29. GDN (GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK)Tips• Focus on Conversions, not CTR• Increase max CPC on high-performing sites• Decrease max CPC on poor-performing sites• Exclude sites that have low ROI
    31. 31. DEVICE BIDDING• No longer possible to have separate mobile and desktopcampaigns with new Enhanced Campaigns• Adjust bids up or down by device type based on conversions.
    32. 32. MOBILE71% - Of users expect a mobile site to load as fast if not faster thanon a PC or Laptop33% - Will go to your competitors website rather than try reloadinga malfunctioning mobile site46% - Will NEVER return again after a bad mobile site experienceSource:
    33. 33. MOBILEAdd CallExtensions.Call extensionsincrease avg.CTR by6-8%
    34. 34. MOBILEAdd SitelinkExtensions.Sitelinks increaseavg. CTR by30%
    35. 35. LANDING PAGES
    36. 36. LANDING PAGESCall To Action:Make itvs
    37. 37. LANDING PAGESCall To Action:Use directional cues >vs
    38. 38. LANDING PAGESPut critical informationABOVE THE FOLD here to see where the fold is on yourwebsite for different screen resolutions
    39. 39. LANDING PAGESRemove of your copy.vs
    40. 40. Relevant landing pages not only increase conversions but should also boost qualityscores which can reduce your CPC and therefore lower your CPA (cost per acquisition).Boosting Quality Score050104020306URLPage Heading H1 -H2Call to actionMeta TagsPage TitleBody Content
    41. 41. Thank you for your Attention !Any Questions?Connect@conversiongreen@dejanseo