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How to Hook a Job in Social Media


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Learn how to build a successful social marketing campaign and how you can use social media to land a job.

Learn how to build a successful social marketing campaign and how you can use social media to land a job.

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  • Isn’t a new concept. Relationship Network
  • Isn’t a new concept. Relationship Network
  • Isn’t a new concept. Relationship Network
  • Isn’t a new concept. Relationship Network
  • **Q42012 Recommendation: Jive Promo 40%; Industry 40%; Customer 20%
  • **Q42012 Recommendation: Industry 45%; Jive Promo 35%; Customer 10%
  • Source:
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Hook a Job in Social Media April 2013 @deirdrewalshThis presentation was delivered to The University of Texas Public Relations Program.
    • 2. This is Me
    • 3. Use social at work? Found a job via social media? Currently create social content?Are interested in going into social after graduation?
    • 4. Agenda• Social Landscape• Tips for Social Media Success• Roles Social can Play in a Crisis• How to Get a Job in Social Media• How to Use Social Media to Get a Job 9
    • 5. The Social Landscape
    • 6. Technology-enabledconnections
    • 7. game-changing technologies. 70s: Mainframe Computing Flickr: scriptingnews
    • 8. game-changing technologies. 80s: Personal Computer Flickr: myoldpostcards
    • 9. game-changing technologies. 90s: Internet Flickr: Steve Rhode
    • 10. game-changing technologies. NOW: Social
    • 11. 1.3 million tweets in 6 days
    • 12. $100 billion market cap.
    • 13. 28 hours a week arewasted by knowledgeworkers writingemails, searching forinfo, trying tocollaborate.
    • 14. 10 Tips for Social Success
    • 15. Facebook: Jive Focused Content Exceeds Expectations• Jive Promotional content dominated brand activity (48%) and corresponding engagement was staggering (60%) suggesting followers are responding positively to Jive-centric content over simply Industry content• Posts with calls-to-action hit high engagement marks for the quarter• 3 out of the top 5 highest performing posts included a call-to-action BRAND ACTIVITY BY TOPIC ENGAGEMENT BY TOPIC Office Hero Office Hero 1% Follower 0% Follower Engagemen Engageme t nt Customers 3% 0% Customers 11% 12% Jive Promo Industry 48% Jive Promo 28% Industry 60% 37%
    • 16. Twitter: Followers Want Industry Expertise• Industry related content received nearly 2X its fair share of engagement• Customer content received slightly more than its fair share of engagement suggesting that Jive customers/external networks are responding positively to such content• Engagement for Follower Engagement increased by 5% over Q4 2012 BRAND ACTIVITY BY TOPIC ENGAGEMENT BY TOPIC Office hero 0% Office Customer hero Customer 10% 7% Follower 12% Engageme nt 10% Follower Jive Promo Engageme Jive Promo 38% nt 33% 25% Industry 40% Industry 25%
    • 17. 4. Social DNA Employees Mgmt. everyone is impacted by social virtual social media team with contacts in key departments Support Agency employee social media guidelines Spredfast Sales social media trainings empowered and rewarded R&D Marketing participation Public Relations Corp.31 © Jive confidential
    • 18. 5. Create a content plan32
    • 19. Live Tweeting from EventsVarious Types of ContentContent Creation & Syndication Encourage ConversationCall to Action: Try Jive 33 © Jive confidential
    • 20. Social is no long “free” LinkedIn Ad – Traditional Right Rail Wish you could duplicate yourself? Jives social business solutions help companies increase employee productivity by 15% .Facebook Ad – Promoted Post34
    • 21. 6. Humanize the Brand35
    • 22. 7. Don’t Just Make Noise. Tell Stories.37
    • 23. 8. Listen. REALLY Listen.The social web provides insight into what is being said about yourcompany, products, markets, and the competition. Social media managementis more than just mass media. It’s about building valuable relationships.38
    • 24. 3.3 billion mentionsof brands per day
    • 25. Two most commonly used words: THANKS SORRY
    • 26. And it’s the lawCheck out
    • 27. 9. Have Fun – Play Games, Bridge Worlds42
    • 28. March Madness Meme Contest for our customers
    • 29. Connect OnlineAnd OfflineEX: This is me, showingTweets on 7-storyNASDAQ building duringOur IPO
    • 30. 10. Report on Your Results! Goals Metrics Demand Gen • New Names • Engaged • Opportunities Awareness • Impressions (confirmed and potential) Loyalty & Engagement • Fans, Followers, Members • Engagements • Satisfaction, Buying Behavior Global Expansion • User Groups with 20+ members49
    • 31. Role of Social in a Crisis
    • 32. 5 Roles Social Can Play in a Crisis• Source• Catalyst• Employee Communications Channel• Customer Communications Channel• Resource51 © Jive confidential
    • 33. Source
    • 34. Catalyst
    • 35. Employee Channel
    • 36. Customer Channel
    • 37. Resource “Our [community] going offline is like our entire call center being down – it’s the worst thing that could happen.” Joe Hines, Knowledge Management Program Manager Business Initiative Understand trends, provide staff with timely/relevant information
    • 38. Social MediaJob Hunting
    • 40. Understand the Job.Just because you <3 Facebook, doesn’t mean you “get” social mediamarketing.• Social Media and Community Managers… – Writer – Presenter – Cheerleader – Therapist – Game Maker – Trainer – Researcher – Strategist – Governor – Analyst – …………..60
    • 42. Think Before You Post62
    • 43. Add Value Online, Develop Your Rep Write about what you know and love63 © Jive confidential
    • 44. LinkedIn: Create a Marketing Brochure of YOU• Photo: smile, look professional, easy to see your face.• Headline: Job | Value | Experience• Location: put where you WANT a job• Create a unique URL (
    • 45. LinkedIn: Create a Marketing Brochure of YOU• Summary: – Passion, work philosophy, call to action – Write in first person – Include bulleted specialty list• Job Listings – describe what you did, not what company does• Get recommendations and skills endorsements – Teachers, peers, coworkers, supervisors – Recommend them and customize request65
    • 46. Build Your Network (Online and Offline). Follow-up with People You’ve Met IRL66 © Jive confidential
    • 47. Build Your Network (Online and Offline).67 Ask for Introductions