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Open Data - Where can it take us?
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Open Data - Where can it take us?


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Open Data presentation at iQuest's Inaugural National Public Sector IT Leaders Forum in Dublin, Ireland …

Open Data presentation at iQuest's Inaugural National Public Sector IT Leaders Forum in Dublin, Ireland

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Deirdre Lee Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), NUI Galway Copyright 2011 Digital Enterprise Research Institute. All rights reserved. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 2. Promotional art for Batman #608 (Oct. 2002, second printing) Pencils by Jim Lee and inks by Scott WilliamsEnabling Networked Knowledge
  • 3.  “In God we trust. Everyone else bring data”  Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New York City “My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of in Government. Openness will strengthen our and promote and in Government”  President Obama, US "This revolution in government will make it easier than ever before for the public to make between providers, and hold government to account for the of key public services.”  Prime Minister David Cameron, UK Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 4.   924 datasets  4409 datasets  >8200 datasets Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 5. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 6. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 7. First workshop of National Cross Industry Working GroupOpen Data First Irish Open on Open DataGoogle Group launched launched Data Week Fingal Open 18-hour Open Dublinked Apps4Fingal Data launched launched Data Challenge launched deadline Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 8.  : data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone.* : data and information produced or commissioned by government or government controlled entities.* Not sensitive or private information but core public data on transport, infrastructure, education, health, crime, environment, etc. *Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 9.  Resources:  oil, gas, skilled workforce, infrastructure, etc. Data is also a valuable resource! A by-product of day-to-day governance Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 10. 1 Governing Body2 Agency Agency Agency 3 Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 11.  Freedom of Information request handling Internal reporting Service indicators submission Queries from neighbouring agencies Queries from the public or media Requests for Open Data Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 12. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 13. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 14.  Providing easy access to public data can encourage:  comments, feedback, critique, insights, recommendations, queries.... Two-way discussion Enables government to respond to real-time needs of citizens Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 15.  Depends on datasets… To highlight deficiencies, mistakes and inaccuracies within government? To rebuild trust between citizens and government, identify room for improvement, encourage new solutions, and remove inefficiencies. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 16. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 17.  Have a simple page on your website Use an open community data catalogue  The Data Hub (  Irish CKAN ( Set up catalogue using own software   Set up catalogue using Open Source software   Berlin Open Data Use a national Irish data catalogue Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 18.  Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 19. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 20. ★ Web  Wide access  Google can index it  People can find it themselves Open License  Regulates reuse of data  Helps maintain provenance  Strengthens business reuse Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 21. ★★ Machine-readable Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 22. ★★★ Freedom of how to process, analyse and visualise data Proprietary:  Word, Excel, PDF Non-proprietary:  CSV, XML, JSON, Microdata, RDF Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 23.  CSV – Comma-Separated Values  More open (and simpler) alternative to Excel format  Can be opened in and exported from Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Google Refine, … KML – Keyhole Markup Language  Simple format for presenting geographic data  Can be opened in Google Maps RSS – Really Simple Syndication  Notifications of updates of any kind  Can be opened in RSS readers and many email clients Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 24.  XML – Extensible Markup Language  W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard, 1997  established, reliable, ubiquitous JSON – Javascript Object Notation  IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard, 2006  great for web APIs  very simple; very fashionable right now RDF – Resource Description Framework  W3C standard, 2004  great for data integration  steeper learning curve Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 25. ★★★★ Unique identifiers enable others to point to the data.  <>  < example/gtd-4.html#forecast20101113> Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 26. ★★★★★ Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 27. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 28.  Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 29. Governing BodyAgency Agency Agency Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 30. Governing BodyCommon standards Agency Agency Agency Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 31.  Title Description Category License Quality Format(s) Granularity Format Time Period .... Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 32. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 33. Org:BlanchardstownHospital hosp:childrensWard hosp:hasWard Org:hasOrgType Org:hospital Org:hospital Org:hasOrgType hosp:hasWard Org:StJamesHospital hosp:cardiacWard Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 34.  Massive Industry Adoption Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 35.  Develop a domain model Populate your data model Design URIs Build pages Apply layout and decor CSS Test and iterateMike Atherton, ‘Beyond the Polar Bear’ Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 36.  Modular for publishing standard Open Data, based on Open Source components. Deployment  On-site  Hosted service (in the cloud) Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 37. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  • 38.  Mailing List  Workspace  Open Data Publishing Pipeline (ODPP)  Enabling Networked Knowledge