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Linked Open Government Data

  1. 1. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Linked Open Government Data Deirdre Lee eGovernment Domain (DEG), DERI 21st March 2012 Copyright 2011 Digital Enterprise Research Institute. All rights reserved. Enabling Networked Knowledge
  2. 2. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Linked Data Enabling Networked Knowledge
  3. 3. The Web.. Distributed InformationDigital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  4. 4. Why Linked Data?Digital Enterprise Research Institute Cities:Dublin Geo:hasLargestCity 84421km2 Geo:IslandOfIreland Geo:hasCapital Geo:area Geo:locatedOn EU:RepublicOfIreland EU:RepublicOfIreland Gov:hasDepartment Gov:hasTaoiseach Person:EndaKenny IE:DepartmentOfFinance Enabling Networked Knowledge
  5. 5. Why Linked Open Data?Digital Enterprise Research Institute Org:BlanchardstownHospital hosp:childrensWard hosp:hasWard Org:hasOrgType Org:hospital Org:hospital Org:hasOrgType hosp:hasWard Org:StJamesHospital hosp:cardiacWard Enabling Networked Knowledge
  6. 6. Two Key IngredientsDigital Enterprise Research Institute 1. RDF – Resource Description Framework Graph based Data – nodes and arcs  Identifies objects (URIs)  Interlink information (Relationships) 2. Vocabularies (Ontologies)  provide shared understanding of a domain  organise knowledge in a machine-comprehensible way  give an exploitable meaning to the data Enabling Networked Knowledge 6 of 46
  7. 7. 5 Stars Of Linked Open DataDigital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  8. 8. Proof PointsDigital Enterprise Research Institute  Massive Industry Adoption Enabling Networked Knowledge
  9. 9. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Open Government Data Enabling Networked Knowledge
  10. 10. Open Government Data (OGD)Digital Enterprise Research Institute  Open Data: data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone.*  Government Data: data and information produced or commissioned by government or government controlled entities.*  Not sensitive or private information but core public data on transport, infrastructure, education, health, crime, environment, etc. *Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Enabling Networked Knowledge
  11. 11. Open Data TimelineDigital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  12. 12. 216 Registered Data Catalogues ( Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  13. 13. Open Data InitiativesDigital Enterprise Research Institute  Catalogues ,,  Best practices  TBL’S 5-star, OKF Open Data Handbook  Standards  DCAT, ADMS, INSPIRE  Working groups  W3C eGov IG, W3C GLD WG, OASIS TGF TC, Irish NCIWGOD  Projects  LOD2, LATC, Citadel on the Move  Legislation  EU PSI Directive, Irish Public Sector Reform Plan Enabling Networked Knowledge
  14. 14. Digital Enterprise Research Institute Linked Open Government Data Enabling Networked Knowledge
  15. 15. LOD CloudDigital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  16. 16. Linked Data by DomainDigital Enterprise Research Institute Distribution of triples by domain Distribution of links by domain Enabling Networked Knowledge
  17. 17. (US)Digital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  18. 18. Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  19. 19. Catalunya, Zaragoza (ES)Digital Enterprise Research Institute /site/dadesobertes?newLang= en_GB /risp/buscar_Risp Enabling Networked Knowledge
  20. 20. Brazil, Chile, Netherlands...Digital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  21. 21. EuropeDigital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge
  22. 22. EuropeDigital Enterprise Research Institute  European Public Sector Information (PSI) Platform, to raise awareness and exchange good practices. More planned activities under CIP are foreseen.  LOD2- FP7 project to increase public access to high- value, machine- readable data sets generated by European, national/regional/local public administrations.  The Linked Open Data Around the Clock (LATC) FP7 Support Action supports interested partners to publish and consume Linked Data.  Digital Agenda Stakeholders’ Day: “Priority #3: Beyond raw data: public sector information, done well”. A discussion on what is next in Open Data  Provide Semantic Interoperability Center Europe (SEMIC) as a possible trusted registry infrastructure for vocabulary, metadata schemas and EU URI management (semantic assets)  Investigate ways of improving access to EC information Peristeras, V. ‘From Open to Linked Government Data’, http://linkeddata.future- Enabling Networked Knowledge
  23. 23. W3C Government Linked Data WGDigital Enterprise Research Institute  Task Force Community Directory,  Outreach: Technology_Policy_Leaders  Outreach: Civil_Society  Task Force Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data  Charter 2.2.1 Procurement  Charter 2.2.2 Vocabulary Selection  Charter 2.2.3 URI Construction  Charter 2.2.4 Versioning  Charter 2.2.5 Stability  Charter 2.2.6 Legacy Data  Charter 2.2.7 Government Linked Data Cookbook  Task Force Standard Vocabularies  Charter 2.3.1 Data Catalog Vocabulary – DCAT ED, UC&R ED  Charter 2.3.2 Data Cube Vocabulary – QB ED, UC&R ED  Charter 2.3.3 Terms for describing people – People ED  Charter 2.3.4 Organizational Structures – ORG ED  Charter 2.3.5 Geography and Spatial Information Enabling Networked Knowledge
  24. 24. The 7 Best Practices for Producing LOGDDigital Enterprise Research Institute 1. Model the Data 2. Name things with URIs 3. Re-use vocabularies whenever possible 4. Publish human and machine readable descriptions 5. Convert data to RDF 6. Specify an appropriate license 7. Host the Linked Data Set Publicly and Announce it! Enabling Networked Knowledge
  25. 25. How the BBC makes WebsitesDigital Enterprise Research Institute  Develop a domain model  Populate your data model  Design URIs  Build pages  Apply layout and decor CSS  Test and iterate Mike Atherton, ‘Beyond the Polar Bear’ Enabling Networked Knowledge
  26. 26. BBC OntologiesDigital Enterprise Research Institute  Programmes ontology   Wildlife ontology   Sport ontology   Links to LOD Cloud, e.g. DBpedia, WWF, etc. the-polar-bear Enabling Networked Knowledge
  27. 27. Linked Data LifecycleDigital Enterprise Research Institute Enabling Networked Knowledge