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1 Orbit Overview En 150dpi

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management System Taking the Guesswork out of Vendor Managed Inventory and SCM
  2. 2. Electronically-Enabled Supply Chain Management (e-SCM) Streamlining the procurement and order fulfillment process between suppliers and their customers in the chemical and process industries, is critical to a companies success in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. A number of case-studies have found that manual ordering processes cost companies an average of $75 (60 EUR) per Proven Results order and can yield processing errors on the average of 5 to Companies using ”Electronically- 10% processes. Add on rush order costs, shipment costs and Enabled Supply Chain Mana- emergency manufacturing runs, and the cost of a manual gement” have found up to an: supply chain management process becomes substantial. 80% reduction in order entry time Electronically automating this process is the key. Depending on the supplier’s and customer’s needs and infrastructure, this 20% reduction in expedited could start with the automated reading of inventory levels of shipments product at the customer facilities, and continue throughout the entire ordering, manufacturing, fulfillment and invoicing pro- 60% reduction in order cesses. processing time e-SCM is normally accomplished by using ”Vendor Managed 20% reduction in number of order Inventory” (VMI). changes 30% reduction in safety stock e-VMI 75% reduction in invoice errors Electronically-enabled ”Vendor Managed Inventory” can be defined as: ”A partnership-based concept of supply in which the vendor (supplier) controls the delivery process for the buyer, based upon the electronic interchange of inventory and planning data.” The benefits of a ”collaborative VMI relationship” between suppliers and their customers can be very substantial for both parties. Potential Benefits Potential Benefits Reduced risk of ”stock outs” | Elimination of expedited shipments Reduced risk of ”stock outs” | Elimination of expedited shipments Reduced operating costs | Improved operating efficiency Reduced operating costs | Improved operating efficiency Improved inventory management | Reduced inventory balances Improved inventory management | Reduced inventory balances Better customer retention | Instant information availability Better customer retention | Instant information availability Faster recognition of stock level deviations | Elimination of safety stock Faster recognition of stock level deviations | Elimination of safety stock Elimination of tank monitoring labor costs | Increased customer satisfaction Elimination of tank monitoring labor costs | Increased customer satisfaction
  3. 3. Orbit Logistics’ Data Management Network ”Reducing the complexity and increasing the accuracy of the ordering Process.” Sophistication The Orbit Logistics’ Data Management Network is very flexible and easily adaptable to supplier and buyer requirements. Sophistication can range from basic to fully automated. A basic setup could be called an ”Information Only” system and might have the ability to automatically read inventory levels and issue reports to the buyer and supplier. At the other end, the most sophis-ticated setup could be a ”Totally Customized Integrated, Automated System”. It could have the ability to com- pletely interface with both the supplier’s and buyers ERP systems to your for automated inventory level readings, history, demand fore- requirements! casting, order-creation, order-change, ship notice, shipment status, delivery receipt, and even invoicing and reconciliation. Even an Orbit has many unique options emergency E-mail, SMS, pager alerting system with built-in available to make your job easier. requirement for acknowledgement can be incorporated. For example, the ”Consigned Stock Billing Module” (CBS) can very accurately keep track of the Turnkey System Installation and consumption of product for the needed billing cycle. This eliminates Service the inaccuracy of flow gauges and scales and substantual record Orbit Logistics is unique in this industry, in its capability to supply keeping. a complete ”turn-key” system. This is a very important point, as it means there is a single company responsible for the entire The ”Automated Multi-Reorder-ing system. In addition to supplying the ”Data Management Network”, Module” allows a second de-livery Orbit Logistics will design, install and maintain all equipment to automatically be ordered, even needed at the customer’s sites. And Orbit Logistics stands alone when there is an ourstanding order, in being able to supply this worldwide. not yet delivered. Combine innovations like this and Worldwide Coverage your own specialized needs custom- designed into the system will allow Europe, North America, South America, Asia and even Africa, the Orbit Logistics Data Manage- Orbit Logistics has installations in all these places. Today, it’s ment Network to lower your pro- common for suppliers to deliver product on multiple continents; cessing errors and operating costs we have some utilizing our system on 4 continents. Doesn’t sound and increase your productivity and too difficult, until you realize all the differences from country to your customer’s satisfaction. country... Different Networks Different Global Standards Multiple System Language Requirements Different MES, ERP SCADA, DCS Systems ,
  4. 4. www.o rb itlo g .c o m Who we are Orbit Logistics is one of the leading international solution providers for remote, real-time data acquisition, processing User Benefits and management. The company specializes in end-to-end solutions for inventory control and management. Real-time Orbit Logistics offers their custo- remote monitoring and control solutions for plants, and systems mers a customized solution tailored for improving plant operation and service are other areas of to their individual requirements. expertise offered by Orbit Logistics. All tasks within a project and even beyond are covered, from process Orbit Logistics has offices in Europe and North America. measurement, communication, Orbit Logistics Europe GmbH, located in Leverkusen, Germany, IT-service, data base design, and utilizes an experienced team of about 40 highly trained data mapping to field service. Even Engineers and Technicians to offer a broad and comprehensive with Orbit Logistics’ comprehensive solution to the process industry. offering, high investment costs can be avoided by utilizing a lease program based on a low, monthly What we do fee. This eliminates unforeseen expenditures. Acquiring accurate data in a timely manner is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory. Measurement systems as well as Bar code and RFID solutions are employed as needed to meet this requirement. Standardized communication technology such as Ethernet, WLAN, analogue and digital modems, and GSM/GPRS are used in combination for the remote data transmission process. Secure data access is possible via the Internet as well as through local Intranet networks. The Orbit Logistics system offers a broad variety of options for the processing and integration of data joining existing infrastructures with their standard ASP software solution. The offering is scalable from only Internet-portal visibility and alert functions up to fully automated reordering and invoicing for consigned inventory by integrating with commercial software systems such as SAP ®. Strategic partnerships can provide direct ERP connections to more then 200 trading partners. References More than 200 corporations from different process industry markets rely in Orbit Logistics solutions today. A few examples are: Bayer Material Science | BASF | Celanese | Dow Chemicals | Degussa | PolyOne | DSM | Orbit Logistics Europe GmbH Maybachstraße 27 Siegwerk | UPM | 3M | Brenntag | Lanxess | Ciba | D - 51381 Leverkusen Elemica | Polymer Latex | Johnson Diversy | Phone + 49 (0)21 71 - 360-0 Oxxynova | Johnson Polymers | Omya | Rheinkalk | Fax + 49 (0)21 71 - 360-500 E-Mail: europe@orbitlog.com Orbit Logistics Americas, LLC. 2620 Chandler Grove Drive Buford, GA 30519 Phone +1 678 - 608 3196 Fax +1 866 - 365 5584 E-Mail: americas@orbitlog.com