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  1. 1. Ms. Snyder’s Class Newsletter Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1 Principal:Ms. Susan Hamner Assistant Principals: Mrs. Connor and Mr. Hilliker Reading Plans for February This is an overview of what the students will be learning in Reading over the next few weeks in order. Please note that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change depending on how students perform on mini-assessments. Each of the topics listed below will have an exit ticket with them that will count as a grade: Main Idea and Supporting Details Vocabulary Terms: ease, propose, portable, undertaking, penetrate, durable, indebted, ingenious February 25th – February 10th – Contents Evaluation Comparing and Contrasting Texts Compare and Contrast Elements of Texts 1 Figurative Language Plot Structure CGA 2 Results 2 Main Idea February Book Challenge 3 Homework 3 Vocabulary Terms: nuzzle, trepidation, refuge, grapple, ridicule, tempest, countermand, luminous Sixth Grade News 3 i-Ready 4 Upcoming Dates 4 Reading Plans 1 Centers Vocabulary Terms: ease, propose, portable, undertaking, penetrate, durable, indebted, ingenious th February 18 – Context Clues for Unfamiliar Words Again, these plans are tentative and subject to change. Feel free to contact me if you should have any questions. Centers Upcoming Events Literacy Night – Thursday, February 13th from 6-7 pm Class Pictures – Thursday, February 13th This is an overview of some of the centers that the students will be required to complete during the hour long center time. It is during this time that I pull small group for instruction and remediation. Students not being pulled into small groups during this time are expected to complete specific tasks based on the standards for this nine weeks as well as areas of weakness based on the last CGA results. These centers include: Text Dependent Questions on Black Cowboy, Wild Horses – Test in 2 weeks. Text Dependent Questions on Pioneer Girl – Test to be determined. Theme – Students will read leveled stories and determine the theme of them. Vocabulary – includes Boggle, Up Words, Bananagrams, World’s Worst Pet App and other activities. Leveled Science Texts
  2. 2. Page 2 of 4 Ms. Snyder’s Class Newsletter CGA 2 Results Dear Parents, Last month, students took CGA 2 for Reading. This was an assessment to determine what standards the students have mastered and what standards we need to work on. Overall, the students did fairly well. The majority of the students demonstrated improvement when compared to CGA 1 and the baseline CGA. You should have received a copy of your child’s scores for CGA 2 already. If not, please let me know and I will send home another copy. If you have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to contact me about it. I will be happy to explain it to you. Below you will see the class’ overall results on each standard as well as a brief description of each standard. The students are familiar with this so they should be able to discuss it with you. If you would further information, you can also visit You will need to select NGSSS Reading/Language Arts and then select 5 th grade. This site will further explain the standards to you. Standard Elementary School’s Mission is to provide educational excellence at our school, in every classroom, for every student, every day.” Standard Average Score LA LA LA Shades of meaning (loud and blaring) Knowledge of antonyms, synonyms, homonyms Determine the main idea Determine cause and effect relationships 71.4% 91.3% 56.1% 61.1% 67.2% At or Above Standard At or Above Standard At or Above Standard At or Above Standard At or Above Standard LA LA LA LA LA Determine text structure Average Score LA Author’s use of figurative language “Sheffield LA Using context clues to determine unknown words Compare and contrast elements of a text Determine theme of a text Use affixes and roots to determine words 62.7% 64.1% 77.2% 65.1% 77.0% At or Above Standard At or Above Standard At or Above Standard At or Above Standard At or Above Standard
  3. 3. Ms. Snyder’s Class Newsletter Page 3 of 4 February Book Challenge Parents, You may have noticed that I am no longer collecting the home learning journals as a method of tracking student reading. I am now requiring students to complete a book log to be turned in as they complete it. I am trying to make them more accountable for their own learning. Students are aware that they must read 25 books or 3,750 pages in order to meet goal for the year. Students who meet goal for the year will be able to participate in the end of the year Reading Celebration. Students who have not met this goal will not be permitted to participate. So, please encourage your child to read nightly. If they log in 115 pages per week, they will be on track to meet goal. In order to encourage them to read, I will have a contest each month and the top class will earn a prize. For February, they have selected to win a class period of games. So, the class that reads the most pages will be given a class period where they will be permitted to play games. I will count their pages for the month of February and the winning class will be informed at the end of the month. I am resending a copy of the book log for you to print as needed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you! Pick up a good book and read  Homework Reading homework will continue to be sent home every Monday and due each Friday. I may be including an additional passage each week to provide extra practice for areas of weakness for the class. However, in recent weeks, I have had quite a few requests for additional copies of the homework to be sent home several weeks after the due date because a child has not turned them in. I will no longer be able to do this. Homework is kept in the same place in my classroom each week and students know where this is. They are reminded daily to grab the assignment through copying the agenda each day. I will have extra credit opportunities throughout the nine weeks but I can no longer track down assignments weeks after their due dates. I am also having a problem with students not writing their names on their assignments. I frequently have to check with students to determine whose work is whose. Please make sure your child is putting his/her name on their homework. Thank you for your help!
  4. 4. iReady Contact Information: Ms. Snyder Phone: (904) 696-8758 ext 167 E-mail: Text: (904) 403-3680 Remind 101 Text (858)914-4235 with the message @2021c Our school was recently given iReady Reading for student use. This is an excellent site that pinpoints a student’s reading strengths and weaknesses. Most of the students have been taking a test on the site and I have sent the results home for those who have taken it. Activities are then designed for students based on those test results. Since this is a web-based programs, students can use this site at home and are encouraged to. The website address for this site is Students may login using their student number with a capital S in front of it as their username and password. Students have been logging in this site all year so they should be able to login on their own. If you need their login information, please feel free to contact me. Upcoming Dates February 13th Class Pictures and Group Pictures Literacy Night 6-7 pm February 14th Nine Week Awards 9:00 am Cafeteria February 17th No School February 19th Early Release Day Ms. Snyder’s Homeroom Class List The following is a class list of my homeroom students for Valentine’s Day: ABDULMALIK A. DYLAN A. GREGORY A. DAVIS B. JAYLEN C. TRISTAN C. HALEY C. LEILANI D. MOHAMED E. MARK E. JAMES G. DAVID H. CELINA P. CALEB P. SHANNON R. MATTHEW S. SAVANNAH W. JAMES W.