Varsity Scouting for LDS Teachers


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Steve Whitehead prepared this presentation for a Court of Honor on April 15, 2007. It introduces the Varsity Scout program to an LDS audience as we apply it to Teachers in the Montgomery Village Ward.

Given its age, some aspects of the presentation may be out of date or deprecated.

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Varsity Scouting for LDS Teachers

  1. 1. V The VARSITY SCOUT Program
  2. 2. The lingo Scoutmaster Varsity Team Coach Patrol Leader Captain Program Managers ???? Adults: Youth: Committee Member Program Advisor Troop / Patrol Team
  3. 3. Varsity Scouting has five fields of emphasis: Advancement . Varsity Scouts use the same advancement program as Boy Scouts. There are no Varsity scout ranks, although there are additional Varsity scout awards. High Adventure/Sports . Includes high adventure and sports and is supported by 27 program features. Personal Development . Varsity Scouting promotes growth through spirituality, leadership abilities, citizenship, social and cultural attributes, physical fitness, and Duty to God. Service . The emphasis is on service, with the intent that it become integral to one's daily experience. Projects are conceived, planned, managed, and carried out by individual Varsity Scouts and/or the Varsity Scout team. Help with Eagle service projects. Special Programs and Events . Varsity Scouts take an active part in special programs and events at district, council, regional, and national level. Coordinate activities with Boy Scouts and Venture Crew. The Program A program manager is assigned to oversee each field We  overlap
  4. 4. The AWARDS Varsity letter Denali award Eagle Scout Duty to God
  5. 5. <ul><li>The requirements are: </li></ul><ul><li>Be a registered Varsity Scout team member. </li></ul><ul><li>While a team member, actively participate in or accomplish at least one high-adventure/sports activity to the satisfaction of the Varsity Scout Coach. </li></ul><ul><li>Have an attendance record at team meetings and activities of at least 75 percent for three consecutive months. </li></ul><ul><li>Satisfy the Varsity Scout Coach that you know and live by the Scout Oath and Law. </li></ul>The VARSITY LETTER
  6. 6. Be registered as a Varsity Scout Team member. Advance one rank toward Eagle. If you are already an Eagle Scout, earn a Palm. Hold leadership positions in a Varsity Scout Team for at least six months. (a) While serving as Team Captain or a Program Manager, act as primary leader on at least two activities. Program Managers should choose activities in their field of emphasis. (b) While serving as a Program Manager or Team Captain, demonstrate shared leadership skills by participating in supportive roles in each of the three remaining three fields of emphasis. Satisfy the Team Captain that you know and live by the Varsity Scout Pledge. Complete a progress review. The DENALI AWARD
  7. 7. As a Varsity Scout I, will: Live by the Scout Oath (Promise), Law, motto, and slogan; Honor the dignity and worth of all persons; Promote the cause of freedom; and Do my best to be a good team member. Varsity scout pledge But most importantly: Have a good time! n.b. Ask your son about “Brotherhood Nights”