Job Opportunities related to Associates Degree in Criminal Justice


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Studying online associates degree in criminal justice can improve your standard of living. This degree gives you a chance to enter in various job opportunities, both locally and internationally. As an associate degree graduate, you have to know the different careers suited for your course. Jobs related to this course vary depending on your skills and professions.

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Job Opportunities related to Associates Degree in Criminal Justice

  1. 1. Job Opportunities related toAssociates Degree in CriminalJustice
  2. 2. Studying online associates degree incriminal justice can improve your standardof living. This degree gives you a chance toenter in various job opportunities, bothlocally and internationally. As an associatedegree graduate, you have to know thedifferent careers suited for your course. Jobsrelated to this course vary depending onyour skills and professions.
  3. 3. Distinct careers of associate’s degree incriminal justice encourage every studentto pursue their studies. What are theavailable careers that you might engage inafter finishing this course? For furtherinformation, here are the overviews of thetopic:
  4. 4. Criminal Justice CareersGraduates in this degree have a chance to be apart of criminal justice field. This career rangesfrom local level law enforcement to federal andstate agencies. Law enforcement careers allowyou to choose whether you want to be an FBIagent or youth probation. Most employees havetwo reasons why they want to have these jobs.
  5. 5. Some are gifted with skills and some justwant to help other people while earningbig monthly income. Entering the criminaljustice field is an essential step in reachingyour desired career. Once you finishedassociates degree in criminal justice,you can choose any job you prefer as longas it fits to your abilities and skills.
  6. 6. AFT AgentsThese AFT agents, also known as Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms Special Agent works forthe Federal agency AFT to inspect criminalviolations related to firearms, explosives,tobacco, alcohol and arsons. These agents arealso active in preventing and combatingterrorism. They also examine unexplainedbombings and explosions in the society. If youwant to become an AFT agent, you have to passthe mental and physical fitness examination.
  7. 7. Correction OfficersEmployees in correction offices work inpenitentiaries, jails and prisons with inmates.Prison workers in most Federal and State officesmust attend college and have a previous jobrelated experience. If you opt to become a federalprison worker, you are required to attend at leastfour years while 2-4 years for state workers.
  8. 8. Crime Scene InvestigatorsThese investigators accumulate and examineevidences at crime scenes. If you want to be a partof these growing careers, you have to train ininvestigative procedures. These proceduresinclude searching, managing and preserving crimeevidences. Most investigators are sworn policeofficers and trained in forensic science. They areoften graduates of least two or four years ofcriminal justice programs.
  9. 9. Court ReporterThese reporters are responsible for wordtranscript of court and various legalproceeding. These fields require at leasttwo years of studies, depending on yourrecording method. Court reporters are alsoobliged to attend programs that have beenapproved by NCRA or National CourtReporters Association.
  10. 10. Jobs related to associates degree in criminaljustice also include probation officer andpolice officer. Their job is to enforce the lawand protect the citizens in their jurisdictions.These different job opportunities can changeyour lifestyle and monthly income as well. Bean excellent and professional law enforcer nowby finishing your associate’s degree incriminal justice!