Online Degrees Baptist Offered by Several Schools


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Some students prefer studying online than going to any other far-from-home college or university. There are many types of universities and colleges that offer an online degree. These are the Adventist, Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Protestant, Southern Baptist and the Wesleyan. One of the most popular among these type of schools is the Baptist Colleges.

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Online Degrees Baptist Offered by Several Schools

  2. 2. Some students prefer studying online than goingto any other far-from-home college or university.There are many types of universities and collegesthat offer an online degree. These are theAdventist, Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Church ofChrist, Lutheran, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Protestant, Southern Baptist and theWesleyan. One of the most popular among thesetype of schools is the Baptist Colleges.
  3. 3. The Baptist College or University offers an onlinedegree for some students who are far and have along distance. Those students who have a callingto enter and join the ministry or even a service-based career such as nursing, counseling orteaching can have an answer by gaining theircollege degree through one of the many BaptistColleges that offers an online course. This canhelp the students to provide with an accessibleoutlet to follow the student’s belief and faith andearn a college degree.
  4. 4. What is your dream career? An online collegedegree can locate the student for his exceptionalcareer growth and higher earnings throughout thestudent’s life. Most of the students are veryconcerned about the position and the salary thatthey might get when they finish their studies.Before choosing an online degree that is offeredby Baptist colleges, the student should considerthe wants and needs of his life.
  5. 5. What degree level do you want to take? Most ofthe online Baptist universities and colleges haveonline offers such as associate degree,bachelor’s degree and masters’ degreeprograms that are designed to conquer everystudent’s career aims and goals. Choosingadvanced degrees will put the student to upperpositions even management positions and ahigher salary.
  6. 6. What course fits your interests? Universities andcolleges sometimes do not offer their wholedegree and course catalog online. Every collegesand universities do not offer the same programs.The students should first choose the desired areaof study before selecting a college or a universitybecause the online degrees that are offered inmost online Baptist colleges are limited.
  7. 7. The degrees and the courses that are offeredin Baptist colleges finds to do some thingssuch every course is related to the principlesof the Word of God and Christian living to awide range of lay ministries. They alsoprovide an understanding of the place of thelocal church and the contribution of Baptiststo gospel works.
  8. 8. They develop a foundation to build a philosophyof Christian ministry as a dedicated lay person.The Baptist colleges that offers online coursescreates an awareness of various ways of carryingout God’s will in the church or in a church relatedministry. And lastly, they instill an appreciation forthe gospel ministry as a personal undertaking forall Christians.
  9. 9. One of the most popular degree courses that arebeing offered by Baptist colleges is the MasterDegree in Bible. This includes courses found inindividual book studies that are not being taughtgenerally on the undergraduate level such asGospel ofJohn, Typology, Proverbs, Archaeology, MosaicWritings, Eschatology, Psalms and BibleGeography. A thesis with a 10,000 words is alsorequired on a practical area of ministry. Abachelors degree from a Bible or Christian collegeis required for entrance into a Master’s degreeprogram. Any other situations will be consideredon an individual basis.
  10. 10. A Master Degree in Education is also anexample of a course that is being offered bysome Baptist schools. This course includesadvanced courses in History of ChristianSchool Administration, ChristianEducation, Theology of ChristianEducation, Advanced Counseling, StudentEvaluations, and Introduction to Philosophy.The required thesis on a practical area ofChristian education is composed of 10,000words. A bachelors degree from a Bible orChristian college is required for entrance into aMaster’s degree program. Any other situationswill be considered on an individual basis.
  11. 11. Another online degree that is beingoffered by some Baptist college is theOne-year Bible Certificate. This course isgeared toward lay leaders and youngstudents who are not yet ready or not yetable to move to Lancaster for Bible
  12. 12. These classes are the heart of our Bibledepartment and will equip you with tools toadequately know what the Bible teaches. Each ofthese classes will transfer into any four-yeardegree program should God lead you to furtheryour training. For entrance into the One Year BibleCertificate program, a high school diploma or GEDcertificate is required.
  13. 13. Most of the bible colleges and universities offeronline degrees that can be taken by far students.Those who don’t have time in going to school, theyjust study with the help of their computer or laptopwith an internet connection. Maybe it is easierbecause the students don’t have to go out to go toa school. They just stay in their house and they cangather information from the web and study online.The most popular disadvantage of this schooling isthe students that studies in a school, knows morethan these students who are studying online.