PMPA Presentation, Product Innovation


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Ray Attiyah's presentation from PMPA, April 2011. Innovation, the Mother of Success.

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PMPA Presentation, Product Innovation

  2. 2. Product Innovation Pyramid§  Most value added activity
  3. 3. Successful New Product Launch1.  Know your customer’s behaviors better than they do2.  Establish best product positioning3.  Simplify4.  Be Nimble5.  Communicate Customer Centric Bene ts
  4. 4. Expand Your Thinking§  A product is a part of a process BUYER BENEFICIARY USER
  5. 5. A WOW Product Launch§  What Goes Well 1.  The product meets or exceeds needs of the buyer, user and bene ciary 2.  The bene t is well communicated 3.  Conversion & adoption is smooth and swift
  6. 6. A Weak Product Launch§  What Goes Wrong 1.  Needs are not well addressed 2.  The bene t is not clear 3.  Resistance & slow adoption
  7. 7. Step 1: Customer’s Behaviors
  8. 8. Customer’s Behaviors§  Solves a problem previously accepted as normal§  Eliminates or condenses a step§  Simpli es ownership§  Improves performance Establish New Standard
  9. 9. Customer Behaviors§  The buying experience §  Order automation/customization §  Lead time/ exibility§  The handling experience §  Packaging/labeling §  Shipping/delivery §  Warehousing solutions§  Customer Service §  Warranty/service/solutions
  10. 10. Blue Focus
  11. 11. Step 2: Product Positioning Innovation Value AddCommodity
  12. 12. Product Positioning§  Commodities §  Many providers of like items §  Little or no differentiating bene ts §  Price centered purchasing behavior§  Commodities rarely establish sustainable relationships
  13. 13. Product Positioning§  Value Add §  Competing providers of like items §  Differentiating bene ts others can easily copy §  Cost/bene t purchasing behavior§  Relationships based on ability to continue to add value
  14. 14. Product Positioning§  Innovation §  New way to solve a problem §  Unique supplier §  Dif cult to duplicate §  Purchasing behavior based on dependency§  Solutions cement relationships
  15. 15. Take Charge§  Break out of the victim mindset §  You have more ability to in uence a customer than you think §  Add value §  Solve problems §  Demonstrate an understanding of the entire process §  Demonstrate and understanding of your customer’s business
  16. 16. Innovation ProductsElite Service Set a New Standard
  17. 17. Step 3: Simplify
  18. 18. Simplify§  Case Study: 3M Easel Pad §  Well known brand §  Industry standard
  19. 19. Simplify§  Observation §  What happens before product is used? §  Display area is needed §  What happens after the product is used? §  Paper is posted, requiring tape or tacks §  Tape or tacks damage walls
  20. 20. Simplify§  Opportunity §  Eliminate the need for a stand §  Eliminate the need for tape or tacks
  21. 21. Simplify§  Case Study: 3M Easel Pad §  Solution §  Product board includes a stand §  Post-it paper for af xing to walls
  22. 22. Simplify§  Case Study: 3M Easel Pad §  3x price of standard easel paper
  23. 23. Step 4: Rapidly adjust
  24. 24. Adjust with the Courage to stay BOLD§  Review assumptions§  Listen to feedback§  Don’t over-react to initial negatively §  Low lead-user rates§  Focus on entire solution, not only technical aspect
  25. 25. Step 5: Communicate Customer CentricBenefits
  26. 26. Step 5: Communicate Customer Centric Benefits§  Details of Grapefruit Diets§  Anyone under a grapefruit diet plan would not hesitate to term it a great fruit diet plan for the virtues. A grapefruit diet menu lets you the freedom of eating as much as you like to while silently helping to burn fat. So, here are the directions to grapefruit diet.§  Drink 8 glasses of water every day. And how much do you consider a glass would contain? A glass should contain 8 oz and by 8 glasses a dietician means that you need to drink 64 oz or 2 liters.§  Eat till you are full without leaving or eliminating anything§  Dont change the quantity of grapefruit or its juice intake for anything as it is the thing that kindles the burning of fat.§  Cut up on coffee intake and give up eating white vegetables and potatoes. So also desserts.§  Foods fried in butter are okay and you can use that butter too. There is no restriction on meat too.§  Repeat the course in stretches of 12 days with a 2 days break thrown in.§  Remember to stick to the grapefruit diet plan for at least 2 ½ months for it to show credible results.
  27. 27. Step 5: Communicate Customer CentricBenefits
  28. 28. Your Wow Launch§  Your product solved the customer’s problems§  The bene t was communicated in the customer’s language§  Conversion issues were addressed in advance§  Adoption is swift
  29. 29. Finding time to Innovate & Take Charge§  Run – Improve – Growtm §  Leadership’s most value added §  Solve problems your customers don’t believe are problems