SAP Customer Relationship Management


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Defiance offers productized services, project business and social CRM as part of its SAP CRM service offerings.

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SAP Customer Relationship Management

  1. 1. SAP CRM Organisations are faced with better informed customers who want products faster, at a lower cost, better quality and most importantly a higher degree of customerfrom Defiance service. Today, we are in what Forrester terms the “age of the customer”. According to Forrester, “…Brand, manufacturing, distribution and IT are all table stakes.Enabling 360 degree connect The only source of competitive advantage is the one that can survive technology fuelled disruption – an obsessionwith your customer. with understanding, delighting, connecting with and serving customers.” Customer Relationship Management can offer this competitive advantage by helping organisations deliver personalized experiences to customers, differentiating their brand and building customer loyalty in the process. In the context of manufacturing industries, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has a unique set of challenges. Marketing dollars can be wasted because various activities cannot be evaluated adequately. Services are seen as burden instead of opportunity to drive business. Proposals do not often consider customer requirements and lower the probability of bringing out the right product and options.SAP CRM has emerged as the solution of choice to provide organisations with the speed, agility and flexibility required to protect their market share.
  2. 2. DEFIANCE CRM CAPABILITY Defiance offers productized services, project business and social CRM as part of its SAP CRM service offerings. With our SAP CRM solutions and services we cover core CRM functionalities of CRM like Sales, Marketing and Service integrated with Analytics, Web 2.0 Services, eCommerce and Portals & Collaboration tools. Our technology expertise includes mobile applications, integration with non-SAP developments like Java or .Net, and Duet and Enterprise Duet. Our consultants have extensive experience in working for automotive, pharmaceutical, CPG/Retail, Oil and Gas and Utilities industries. SERVICES Productized Services CRM Rapid Deployment Solutions I UI Enhancements I Migration Tools Consulting and DevelopmentCRM Solution Architecting & Consulting Team I Development CenterPORTFOLIO Social CRM Social Media Listening I Social Media Integration I Portals & CollaborationOVERVIEW TECHNOLOGY Mobile Applications I Non-SAP Development & Integration INDUSTRY Automotive I Pharmaceutical I CPG/Retail I Oil & Gas I Utilities industries PRODUCTIZED SAP CRM SERVICES CRM Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) Defiance CRM RDS is a pre-configured CRM solution based on SAPs latest CRM product leveraging SAPs industry Best Practices for Marketing, Sales and Service that can be delivered within a short time frame for a low fixed price. CRM Starter PackagesBENEFITSQuick time to value The CRM Starter package which includes Accounts & Contacts Management, Lead Management and Activity Management is the basic platform on top of which all the other packages are built. The prototypeImplemented in 6-8 weeks offering includes CRM Starter functionality only. The various other packages which can be built on top of the Starter Package includeLow Risk Marketing, Quick Sales, Extended Sales, Basic Service, and ExtendedPre-configured, pre-tested, Service packages.Pre-documented solution CRM Add-onsFlexible Defiance offers CRM add-ons such as User Interface Enhancements,Select essential Marketing, Sales and BI/BO-Integration, Data Migration and Mobile Solutions. Defiance providesService processes User Interface Enhancements that include Google Maps integration, Linkedin Integration and Xing Integration. Defiance offers BI/BO-IntegrationScalable & Extendible with Business Objects Dashboards and SAP NetWeaver BusinessBased on market leading SAP CRM 7.0 Warehouse. We also offer Data Migration Service using SAP BO Data Integrator and LSMW & ELM apart from mobile CRM solutions.
  3. 3. CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT THROUGHOFF-SHORE/ON-SITE MODELDefiance has a mature, proven off-shore and on-site model to provideconsulting and development to cater to specific client requirements. Ouron-site consulting team works closely with off-shore coordination. Defianceadopts a flexible on-site/off-shore ratio depending on the requirements andcomplexity with 80% offshore ratio for projects that are less complex andmore than 60% onsite deployment for highly complex projects. The hybriddevelopment model offers the best benefits of both pure onsite and pureoffshore models in terms of faster development and implementation,optimized costs and higher efficiency.SOCIAL CRMToday, social media is having a significant impact on every facet of today’sbusiness. Product performance, pricing, and customer experiences are nolonger under the direct control of companies. Forrester calls this “The Ageof the Customer”1. (Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer, DEFIANCE SOCIAL CRMJune 6, 2011, Forrester Research, Inc.)In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage forcompanies is knowledge of and engagement with customers. Companies BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHERneed to invest in real-time customer intelligence, provide best customerexperience and service in a collaborative environment, know customersbetter, understand their influence and create useful content and Defiance has the capability to supportinteractivity instead of one-way marketing. a social CRM strategy with its end-to-end offerings. Defiance focusesGiven this dramatic shift in customer power and the free movement of on holistic social media solutions forinformation, organisations have to adopt a fundamentally new approach to listening to and engaging with theengaging with your customers. This requires a very different online community. Our integratedcustomer-facing approach, a move from traditional customer relationship technology solutions seamlesslymanagement (CRM) to Social Customer Experience Management (SCEM). translate the strategy into workingTraditional CRM solutions, integrated with cutting-edge collaboration systems for your sales, marketing andplatforms, leading social media listening tools, state-of-the-art analytics service teams.and seamless mobile access provide the foundation for long-lastingcustomer experience and top-notch service. • Social Media Strategy, Listening and Analytics servicesIn addition to the usual sources of (structured) data organisations need touse social listening tools to get real time insights from customers about • Social Media and Analyticscompetitors. This will help build products and services based on actual Integration to SAP CRMcustomer needs. The listening center can also serve as an early-warning • SAP CRM Consulting andsystem and as a source for customer support. Development • eCommerce Integration (SAP and non-SAP)Blogs Business • Integration of Portals & Units Collaboration Tools (e.g. MS CRMMessage SharePoint)Boards • End-to-end Mobile ApplicationSocial Data Development including Security and Device ManagementNews BISOCIAL LISTENINGMEDIA TOOLS BRAND
  4. 4. Scenario and Business Challenges The customer was running his entire operations on SAP ECC 6.0. The“BUSINESS EXCELLENCE. customer was using Excel spreadsheets for managing sales data and theDELIVERED.” unstructured sales data was causing confusion within the sales team.With CRM functionality for There was no central repository for sales data which resulted in the loss ofleading player in Hi Tech opportunities. There was also no timely follow-up on leads and accounts which had a negative business impact. Because the sales team wasIndustry maintaining sales related data in separate datasheets, it was not possibleDefiance provided basic CRM to prepare forecasts or reports. The customer required the CRMfunctionality from within SAP ECC 6.0 functionality without having to make a heavy capital investment in a CRMby leveraging the existing infrastructure specific product for its Sales Team Management.with no additional license or hardware The Solutioncosts for the customer. The customer Defiance leveraged the existing infrastructure with no additional license orwas a leading player in the hi-tech hardware costs for the customer to provide basic CRM functionality fromindustry with several billion dollars in within SAP ECC 6.0.revenue and manufacturing anddistribution operations spread over Defiance helped segregate leads and opportunities using differentmultiple countries required basic document types. A user friendly report to capture lead or opportunityCRM functionality. status was also developed. In addition the report provided data on the follow up action and date by when it had to be executed. The solution also provided for incorporating additional data required by the customer as text fields and carrying out the text validation. The solution also included implementation of Prospect Account Management functionality. The documents were stored in the SAP Content Server using ArchiveLink interface. Business Benefits The customer experienced several benefits through Defiance’s solution to offer basic functionality by leveraging existing SAP ECC 6.0 infrastructure and licenses. The solution also addressed all the pain points experienced by the customer while using the earlier arrangement to manage sales data. • Reduction in complexity and cost of operations in Sales Data Management • Tracking of Lead and Opportunity status made easier through Analytics/Reports • Easy allocation of additional fields by enabling users to add text fields based on configuration • Reports for easier tracking of contact person associated to sales prospect/existing customer • Avoiding data redundancy by making use of existing data WHY DEFIANCE? Defiance provides high quality CRM services at affordable prices by combining excellent functional and process know-how with high quality technical skills. Defiance offers productized services and packaged solutions to lower risk and decrease implementation times. Defiance is able to react fast on the latest innovations and market trends with its strong relationship with SAP development and field organization. We have the flexibility of a small company with the solidity provided by the backup of an international multi-billion dollar enterprise. To know more about Defiances SAP CRM solutions and capability write to us at Visit to know more about our other offerings.