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  • 1. Change Oracle APPS Password - FNDCPASSWith Product Family ATG version H Roll Up 3 , Oracle Introduced New Option inFNDCPASS which is ALLORACLE to Change password of all Schema providedby Oracle Application products. These are basically below three categorypassword–These are mainly schema password for products like AP, GL, AR (These arealso termed as of mode ORACLE )–Password for APPLSYS and APPS (Same password for both schema) . This isalso called as Apps Password (used during CM startup)–Password for account APPLSYSPUBHow to change Oracle Applications Products/Schema Password including APPS?As most of you might already be aware that you use FNDCPASS utility onConcurrent Manager Node.FNDCPASS logon 0 Y system/password mode username new_passwordWhere MODE is SYSTEM/USER/ORACLE/ALLORACLE (Introduced with patch4745998)Will ALLORACLE mode change other schema passwords like CTXSYS, MDSYS,PORTAL..,SYS, SYSTEM, SCOTT, Application User like AtulKumar …. ??No ALLORACLE mode will change only schemas mentioned in paragraph 1 andwill not change passwords for schemas like CTXSYS, MDSYS, SYS,SYSTEM…..Is previous Mode SYSTEM/USER/ORACLE still available with FNDCPASS ?YesHow to get ALLORACLE mode in FNDCPASS ?Apply Oracle Apps patch 4745998
  • 2. What files to change after changing Apps Password ?You use FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager SYSTEM APPLSYSWELCOME to change Apps Password–Once you change apps password you need to change apps password stored infile at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg–In some instances you might have to change in CGIcmd.dat at$ORACLE_HOME/reports60/server–You also have to change in any custom concurrent manager start up script (Ifyou have any)Added on 14th August 2007–If you have configured E-Business Suite with 10g Application Server SSO/OIDthen after changing APPS password, update provisioning profile with new appspasswordoidprovtool operation=modify ldap_host=oid_host ldap_port=oid_port ldap_user=”cn=orcladmin” ldap_user_password=password application_dn=”orclApplicationCommonName=app_name,cn=EBusiness,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext, dc=realm_name” interface_connect_info=db_host_name:oid_port:SID:apps:apps_passwordlikeoidprovtool operation=modify ldap_port=389 ldap_user=”cn=orcladmin” ldap_user_password=welcome1 application_dn=”orclApplicationCommonName=VIS11I,cn=EBusiness,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,dc=co,dc=in” changing Apps password bounce Concurrent Managers.