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Appsdba interview question

  1. 1. APPSDBA INTERVIEW QUESTION 1) How to Check the memory of the system while the time of Linux Installation ? 2) How to assign hostname to a node ? 3) How to assign IP to a node ? 4) which are the files where kernel settings and security limits are stored ? 5) How to check the swap space and physical memory ? 6) How to do ftp from one node to another node ? Give Eg 7) How to do copy between two machines ? Give Eg 8) Give steps to enable ftp and telnet services ? 9) How to do confiugre nfs server and do a nfs mount from the client machine ? 10) whats the use of TOP, ps commands ? 11) How to create user and groups in Linux ? 12) How to see if user and group already exists ? 13) How to check the release version of OS ? 14) How to check the kernel version of OS ? 15) How to check OS is 32bit/64bit? 16) How will you check whether required os level software has installed? 17) what is the command to check required rpms are installed? 18) How will install and upgrade rpms in linux? 19) What is oraInventory?default location for aix , Linux ? 20) what is oratab ? 21) How can you check the groups to a user belong ? 22) What is configuration file?(config.txt) and where is the default location 23) What is rapid install? 24) Explain Single Node and Multi Node installation ? ( Exp preinstall and postinstall tasks ) 25) Explain single user and multi user installation ? 26) What is difference between express install and advanced install ? 27) What is difference between fresh database and vision database install types ? 28) What is minimum / approx. disk requirement for 11.5.10 for vis and fresh and stage ? 29) What is staging area ? How you set up staging area ? 30) Is it possible to install apps without staging area ? 31) How will check perl, java versions? 32) where is location of staging logs ? 33) How can you clear the system after an incomplete installation ? 34) Whats the difference between ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_HOME 35) what is default port pool? what is default range and till what range it support? 36) If some of pre-install test has failed what will you do? 37) If the installtion has terminated before completion What will you do?
  2. 2. 38) What are post installtion tests done by rapidwiz?39) How will you check rapidwiz version?40) Describe how will you do multinode installtion?41) What are things will be checked during post installation tests?42) What are required in post installtion steps additionally?43) Where is the location of the Rapidwiz logs?44) How could you Install technology stack alone?45) What are the software require to maintain oracle application onwindows ?46) What are the Technology Stack Components?47) What are the software required for Install Oracle Application on unix orlinux machines ?48) How can you check the version of Oracle Apps ?49) What is Oracle Apps ?50) Explain three tier architecture in Oracle Apps ( Including loginworkflow and middle tier services )51) What is OATM ?52) What is Oracle Jinitiator ? How can you check the jinitiator version ?53) Where is location of Oracle Apache Cache and modplsql Cache ?54) How many oracle Homes are there in 11i and what are they?55) What is oracle applications technology layer ? what and why are thesecompnonents used for ?56) what is Oracle Application Object Library ? How it differs for end user,developer and system admin ?57) what is OAM ? What is OAM Login URL ?58) What is Oracle Applications URL and Ebusiness Suite Apps LoginURL ?59) Which is the script location is Oracle apps for middle tier and db tier ?60) where is the concurrent manger log and out location ?61) what are environment files ? what are the different types of env files,and locations on both tiers ?62) what are context files and locations for both tiers63) what is APPLPTMP and APPLTMP ?64) what are they key environment file parameters ?65) which is the script used to start and stop apache and concurrentmanager ? Tell the steps66) Brief out the file system for Oracle Applications Ebusiness Suite ( andexplain each directory structure,its contents )67) Whats the difference between APPS,APPLSYS,APPLSYSPUBusers ?68) what are the diff types of users available is oracle apps ?69) What is Multiple Organization ? How can you check if MO is enabled ?70) How can you check if multiple languages are installed with oracle apps?
  3. 3. 71) How can you check if an oracle apps installations in multi node or single node and in which node each services are running ? 72) How can you check how many database are up and running in both linux and windows machines 73) How can you check if concurrent manager and apache server is up and running 74) Where is apache access log and error log location 75) Where is the location of Oracle Alert logfiles and Trace files ( Give complete path ) 2) =======1. How can you know no of cpu running on Linux server.2. How can you know the apps system is autoconfig enabled3. How can you know your apps system is implemented as shared_appltop.4. Can you start the database from middle tier .5. What are the configuration files for form server,web sever,admin server andversion of java,web sever,patchset etc6. How to check cpm is running or not .7. Types of patches in Apps and steps to apply the patch8. Steps to do the cloning9.Some sql and plsql questions10. Difference between datafile and tablespace11. What do redolog files contain12. What does control file contain13. What is shared pool14. Recovery questions