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Mobile recruiting


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  • 1. Unique benefits of Mobile  Mobile is first personal mass medium  Permanently connected  Always carried  Built in payment channel  Available at creative impulse  Has most accurate audience info  Enables augmented reality
  • 2. Mobile is as different from the internet, As TV is different from Radio
  • 3. Breakout of Mobile web  Staying current with latest trends  Location based benefits- timely information on your      business Another avenue to reach job seekers on the go Mobile career site serves as likely first touchpoint for job seekers Best tool for location specific information (ex: career site Several ways for recruiters to use (ex: paid search) Greater traffic to job oppurtunities
  • 4. Reaches you when you sleep  We have heard that we sleep with mobile phones  Latest research reveals that people not only take their phones to bed with them but two out of three actually keep the phone on & connected to receive SMS or calls at night
  • 5. Why Mobile for Recruiting? Traditional Marketing Job Boards Employer Job seeker Web Social Media Mobile
  • 6. Contrast Mobile phone & PC PC  30 minutes Task  Planned use  Sitting  Have time  E-mail  Creating info  Focused attention Mobile 30 seconds task Unplanned use Standing/walking in hurry SMS consuming info multi tasking
  • 7. Facts about mobile  The rate of mobile web growth over desktop internet in 2        years has grown 2000% Mobile search is growing more than 200% year on year It is expected to overtake searches on desktop PCs by 2014 By the year end 2012 more smartphones were sold that PCs If you deliver news & alerts, only through mobile you can reach 33% of the planet 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching TV By 2010, mobile had passed every other technology in it’s number of user subscriptions In April 2012 it had 6 billion in a planet of 7 billion
  • 8. Users want two things  They want the mobile accessibility  They want better personalized services – apps & web apps Mobile cannot be ignored anymore nor in Business neither in recruitment
  • 9. What candidates expect?  Search & matching job alerts  Track application status  Location based services  Company info & connections  Easy way to apply  Tips for a good application  Contact & communicate with recruiter  Career related events  Sharing on social media
  • 10. The question: “Should a company have a mobile site?” Is the same irrelevant as it would be asking “Should a company have a webpage” The right question is: “How can we improve our services through mobile & attract more user/customers by doing so?”
  • 11. Conclusion  Mobile cannot be ignored by any industry or company if it doesn’t want to be wiped out from the business in the next 5 years.  It is replacing the traditional web & it is doing it really fast.
  • 12. Thanks