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  • 1. “To spread our wings over the world"
  • 2. “We create a working environment in which employees are respectedand are trained to maximize their skills. We seek to provide reliableproducts to our customers and will never compromise on cost forquality. We will maintain our leadership position in the energy drinkmarket. Through this we aim to increase profitability and become abrand which is well known in energy drink market”
  • 3. "We are dedicated to upholding Red Bull standards, whilemaintaining the leadership position in the energy drinkscategory when delivering superior customer service in a highlyefficient and profitable manner. We create a culture whereemployees share best practices dedicated to coaching anddeveloping our organisation as an employer of choice."
  • 4. 1)Core ideology; a. Core purpose b. Core value2)Envisioned future: a.BHAG b.vivid description
  • 5. •Austrian businessman 10 years to graduate fromVienna University with a market degree•Mateschitz discovered the drink that would laterbecome Red Bull•Mateschitz teamed up with "Krating Daeng"inventors, Chaleo and Chalern Yoovidhya, andlaunched Red Bull in Austria in 1987
  • 6. • In 2004 Mateschitz purchased the Formula One team Jaguar Racing from the Ford Motor Company and eventually named it Red Bull Racing• He also owns a NASCAR Sprint Cup team called Team Red Bull• Mateschitz belongs is among the 400 richest people on earth, according to Forbes magazine.
  • 7. There are two types of activities include;. Support activities. Primary activities
  • 8. • Firm infrastructure• Human Resource Management• Technology development• Procurement
  • 9.  Inbound Logistics operations Outbound Logistics