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Html5 storage suggestions for challenges.pptx


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HTML5 Storage - Suggestions for Challenges

HTML5 Storage - Suggestions for Challenges

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. HTML5 Storage -Suggestions for Challenges Client side storages, making applications powerful, faster and work offline.
  • 2. Web Storage Questions striking our mind??● What is it?● What we were using before it?● Why should we use it now?● Are they sufficient enough for our application?
  • 3. What is web storage?● Client-side storag● A standardized and native API that works the same way on any browser.● Originally included in the Web Applications 1.0 specification, it has now its own specification called W3C Web Storage.
  • 4. What we were using before it?● Cookies for client storage.● Cookies sent in every HTTP request.● Data sent unencrypted.● Size is very small (approximately 4KB).● Limited number of cookies stored per domain.
  • 5. Why should we use it now?● Data not included with every request, but used only when asked for.● Store large data(5MB approx.), without affecting performance.● Data stored in key/value pairs and a page can only access data stored by itself.
  • 6. Types of Web Storage● Local Storage ○ Data stored is available to all scripts within domain and persist even after browser is closed.● Session Storage ○ Data stored is available only to the script that stored the data and data is lost on closing of browser.
  • 7. Are they sufficient enough for our application?● Works fine with application with less client side data storage and manipulation.● Complex to manipulate data using javaScript at client side when data is in bulk.● Due to manual manipulation, high chances of poor performance and browser compatibility
  • 8. Browser Support for Web Storage● IE 8.0 and 9.0● Firefox 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 and 40● Safari 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0● Chrome 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0● Opera 10.5, 10.6 and 11.0● iOS Safari 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2● Android browser 2.2
  • 9. What are its alternatives?● Client side structured storage (database).● WebSQL Database (Sqlite).● Indexed DB.
  • 10. Web SQL Database● A real, relational database implementation on the client(SQLite).● No need to write browser dependent code.● Pure SQL Query.● But, the specification is depricated.● Need to transform JavaScript objects into relational schema.● Not object driven.
  • 11. Indexed DB● Allows fast indexing and searching of objects.● A NoSQL database works directly with JavaScript Objects.● Works in asynchronous mode. This allows to work inside event driven module of JavaScript.● Cursor APIs, Key Range APIs, and Application Code for Query Mechanism● Need to write browser dependent code at some instance for smooth performance.
  • 12. Browser Compatibility for both Databases● WebSQL ○ Chrome 4+ ○ Safari 4+ ○ Opera 11+ ○ iOs 5+ ○ Android 3+● Indexed DB ○ Chrome 11+ ○ Firefox 4+ ○ I.E 10
  • 13. Application Cache??● ApplicationCache- HTML5 interface for caching.● Offline browsing- users can navigate your full site when theyre offline.● Speed-cached resources are local, and therefore load faster.● Reduced server load- the browser will only download resources from the server that have changed.
  • 14. Some details● Works on one manifest file.● Need to add mimetype to server.● Three major sections a. CACHE b. NETWORK c. FALLBACK
  • 15. Browser Compatibility● Application Cache (appCache) ○ Chrome 4+ ○ Safari 4+ ○ Opera 11+ ○ Firefox 4+ ○ I.E 10 ○ iOs 5+ ○ Android 3+ ○ Opera Mobile 11+
  • 16. Discussion !!● It seems that after using these things in our application (as per required) we can make application work offline. ri8??● Your opinion ??
  • 17. Experience sharing● Offline Application requirement.● Can be achieved.● Required : no user dependency at all.● Problem with the current technology !!
  • 18. Experience sharing(Contd...)● Ultimately "old is gold." Java Applet was the solution for me.● Still problem with some cases.● Issue 1: registered as a bug in java official forum.● Issue 2: Cannot access the close of browser.
  • 19. Some more problems.● Theoretically speaking javascript works fine for every browser.● True, but sometimes behaviour slightly differs.● Majority cases css issues with browsers.● Eg.Difference in look of gmail in chrome and firefox (have a look at scrollbar :) )
  • 20. Questions ?? Feel free to ask.
  • 21. Thanks...