ABOUT US   Jasma Engineering, established in 1984 has its registered office in Mumbai INDIA. We are primarily engaged in D...
PRODUCTS   LPG Bottling           LPG Chain Conveyors Systems:               Dry Chain:                                   ...
LPG PalletisingGlass Filled FRP Bar:                             Holding Cables for Pallets:                       Lower &...
Jasma Brochure
Jasma Brochure
Jasma Brochure
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Jasma Brochure


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Jasma Brochure

  1. 1. ABOUT US Jasma Engineering, established in 1984 has its registered office in Mumbai INDIA. We are primarily engaged in Design, Development, Re-Engineering and Supply of Spare parts, Tooling, Components and Equipment to various Engineering Industries. Our presence can be felt in more than 15 countries in the market segments of LPG Bottling and Palletising Plants, Steel Plants, Petrochemical and Refineries, Wire and Cable Industries and General Engineering Industries etc. Our products are well received and accepted for quality and timely execution of contracts in France, Hungary, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, U.A.E., United States, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya, Thailand, Egypt, and other nations. Development of new products and newer applications has always been the buzzword at JASMA. Our strength is in understanding the correct requirements of the customer and evolving the appropriate solutions. We specialize in the custom-based items; with specific emphasize to develop & re-engineer the product and systems to match international standards. We have latest technology at our disposal including CNC machines, usage of new grades of material, well established Quality Systems, ensuring products of better performance at the most optimum costs. We have successfully supplied more than 2000 different products to more than 60 customers worldwide. At JASMA we believe in adding value to our customers in terms of Cost Benefit, Timely Delivery, Product Performance and Service. Its always a win-win situation working with us. JASMA is a One Stop Solution for all Engineering Spare Parts. Strengths: ●Providing customized solutions for over 25 years for variety of industries ●Offering parts as per samples / drawings / specifications at optimum cost ●Quick Responses & Timely Contract Executions ●Quality at par to International Standards Credentials & Acclaims: ● Recipient of Export Excellence Award & Star Performer for more than 10 years from the Engineering Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Commerce - Government of India ● Most of our customers has recognized and reaffirmed our dedication towards customer satisfaction, quality and service www.jasma.com ● Government recognized Export House
  2. 2. PRODUCTS LPG Bottling LPG Chain Conveyors Systems: Dry Chain: Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron Cast links manufactured in specially developed grades of Ductile Iron casting, appropriately alloyed, to achieve good wear and abrasion resistance characteristics. Links are Machine / Shell / Lost Wax moulded ensuring consistency. Pins: Alloy Carbon Steel duly Heat Treated =Riveted Pin: CC600, CC625 =Rivetless Pin: Oval Pin- F801, Cylindrical Pin -Key Hole Slot Wet Chain: Sheet Metal Fabricated from Medium Alloy specially rolled plates, duly heat treated. Alloy Steel heat treated Bush & Pins are Press Riveted. =Fixed pin: CC600, CC625, 3, 4 & other pitches Sprockets: Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron castings duly heat treated to achieve high tensile strength and good wear and abrasion resistance property to suit variety of chains. =14 teeth/13 Teeth - F801 =Simplex/Duplex/Triplex for Roller Transmission Chains LPG Filling Head / Clamp / Gun: =Pneumatic operated filling head for manual and semi/automatic filling stations =Manufactured from combination of high strength Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Copper Alloy and Engineering Plastics =Light Weight & User Friendly =Designed to suit various valves Anti – Static Wear Resistant Liners (Wear Strips): =Mounted on the tracks over which the chain travels increasing chain life. =Special Antistatic grade of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) for LPG installations -Various shapes Rectangular, Square, Trapezoidal, “C”, Special shapes, Curves etc -Excellent Wear & Abrasion resistance -High impact strength -Very low coefficient of friction -Self-lubricating Property Pulley: =Spheroidal Graphite Ductile Iron Cast and Machined. PTFE Thread Sealant Tapes: =PTFE Thread Sealant Tape: Virgin PTFE in white of Yellow line LPG Grade =Spools: 10 & 30 meters =Width: 10 / 12 mm www.jasma.com
  3. 3. LPG PalletisingGlass Filled FRP Bar: Holding Cables for Pallets: Lower & Upper Closing Parts/ Hooks:=Pulltruded Sections using: =Cable: - High Strength Wire Strand; Multi-Core Forged and precision machined Carbon - High Strength Glass Rovings Construction, High Carbon Wire Steel Upper & Lower Hooks (Holding Parts). - Polyester / Epoxy /Special Resins - Press crimped in end fittings withstanding These are welded on the pallet frames.=Shapes: Triangular / Rectangular / Round / T=Adhesive filled & Doweled End caps required pull off loadEnd Caps: =Springs: - End flat ground compression coil type=Steel Fabricated: High Strength, Minimal - Spring Steel Electro Galvanized or Stainless Breakage Steel=Casting: Spheroidal Iron Ductile precision =Split Washer/Spacers: casting - Carbon Steel precision machined and electro galvanizedSteel Plant = Tooling: Cutting, Shear Blades and Knives = Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic = Rollers: Guide, Forming, Rolling = Gears, Couplings & Shafts = Resistance Welding Electrodes = Nozzles = Cooling Systems for DR plant = Drag Chains (Dummy Bar)Wire, Cable & Conductor Industries = Rolls: Sector, Guide, Forming; Twin/Three Roll Rolling = Embossing and Marking Wheel = Hot Rolling Rolls = Furnace Door Lining = Hard Coated Wire Drums = Filtration Systems = Wire Drawing/Straightening Dies www.jasma.com